Toxic Oz by FINC

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Horror, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Submission

The brilliant white plane dipped its nose as its four jet engines throttled up in power. The RAF Vulcan bomber was at 10,000 feet, the scorching Australian sun shimmering off the white metal. The V winged aircraft flashed in a perfect sky like a mile high lighthouse beacon. A clipped public school accent of the pilot crackled in his microphone flight mask.

“I’m beginning run. 4 minutes to target, everything fine over.”

The bomb doors were open now; a single big blue cylinder awaiting release. A distant voice crackled back in his earphone. “Roger flight 14 dusting is a go, over.”

The pilot gripped the flight stick tightly his instruments readings critical as his plane began to swoop down. The altimeter spiralled down 10, 8, 6, the height dropping by the thousands in mere seconds. He levelled the stick near supersonic speed the plane ridiculously low to the tree line.

“T-1 minute I can see target, release in 40… 35… 30…”

His breathing increased the big white bird like an aboriginal god; the engine roar covering a hundred humid, swamp filled, but deserted square miles. Only one feature stood out; his target.

Ahead the land rose up, a boil on a flat jungle world. The hill was like a crooked witch nose on her green face.

“15 seconds to target….10, 9, 8.” He pulled back on the stick, the bomber rising showing its open under belly, the canister awaiting release.

“3, 2, 1,”

“That’s away, tally ho, repeat tally ho.”

The jet increased to full afterburner the whine turning to a screech as the plane engines spat fire as it climbed and made rapid escape from the target.

The canister fell, hurtling towards a creaking, buzzing canopy. 100 feet from the ground it exploded the whole hillside smothered in an enormous sickly yellow cloud.

The pilot didn’t see the detonation; his sweating face locked straight ahead the vibration of the stick in his hand as the plane increased its distance from ground zero at desperate supersonic pace.

Above top secret, test site B northern Australia. Ministry of defence united kingdom.14 August 1969

T+1 day. Bomb detonation was inconclusive. At this time no evidence of primary objective achieved, however impact radius continues to increase. Estimate 1000 square miles and rising.

T+3 days. Professor Hilts and ground survey team 36 hours overdue, radio contact lost. Recommend Australian Government be informed of project “Triffid” in its entirety and immediate assistant requested on quarantine.

Summer 2009.

Sammy stood with her hands on her hips head to one side. She liked adventure and adrenaline rushes but maybe this was too much?

“I’m not sure; it looks kind of risky to me?” She said looking back at metal and fabric aircraft.

The man shook his head walking around his flying machine smiling and pulling at the struts theatrically.

“Its absolutely safe trust me, I’ve flown it thousands of times.”

Her eyes wandered over towards the decrepit hangers.

“Doesn’t exactly look like you run an airline here?” She said sceptically.

The young man laughed, “on the contrary, we have 6 of these babies in the sheds. It’s just that the rainy seasons almost on us. I guess I’m in more need of the cash. Everyone else has hauled ass now the tourist buses have stopped.”

He continued his pitch, “but don’t worry’ you won’t get short changed. No ones queuing up so I can show you a real tour of the wilderness.”

Sammy gave a sarcastic smile as if to say “gee thanks!” Twenty, pretty and blonde Sammy had being backpacking all summer. She lived in Adelaide and didn’t see any point heading off around the globe. Not when she had so much to see back home. It had been a great summer of camping, swimming in the ocean and the occasional flirt with the many other happy go lucky tourists. On this day she’d stopped her jeep half way between distant towns in the northern territories at what the sign claimed was the “Ultimate thrill ride at tree top level!”

Now she was getting the hard sell from the eager but not unattractive backwoodsman pilot.

The pilot was definitely keen on the idea. Out here on his own no customers for days. Now this hot babe had pulled up. And man she was hot.

He admired her as she examined the micro light kite more closely. She was petite but with a curvaceous figure in fabric hot pants. Very firm big breast locked under a t-shirt. Those were definitely real beauties; looking melon size on her frame but in keeping with her woman like hips. She was cute too a pretty high cheekbone face with the over the shoulder flowing blonde mane.

He smiled at her again and she smiled back as his mind whispered,” she’s sure built for fun mate.”

“Fine!” she said.

“Hu what? Oh….oh great no problem miss.” His mind was distracted and his thoughts stopped wandering over her body. “I’ll fire her up then?”

Sammy headed back to her jeep to lock it as he began pre-flight checks. Once she was sure it was secure she sauntered over to the machine. The man smiled and shook his head. “Were not in the city now miss, more chance of a croc trying to get in to your wheels than somebody else.”

She had to agree. She’d been driving all day and not seen a sole on the sticky hot tree shrouded road.

“Its VIP treatment today,” he laughed’ the engine now roaring the man handing Sammy a crash helmet. “We’re fuelled for a long trip.”

To start with the micro light was a noisy nerve racking experience. Its vibrating frame ran up to the seat as Sammy sat in front of the pilot. His seat was slightly raised allowing him to look over her shoulders; his head darting from side to side as he just missed the tops of huge wide foliaged trees.

“Jesus!” Sammy thought her nerves jangling, hands gripping to white knuckles. She looked back a little worried. The man gave her the thumbs up as he increased power, the machine raising it nose and pulling higher. The view was spectacular and the micro light made lazy turns catching the breeze helping keep the machine aloft.

He tapped on Sammy’s shoulder pointing to the west.

“Nothing that way for 500 miles,” he hollered, “just jungle.”

“Government property” he then shouted wagging his finger. “No entry!”

He then pointed to north turning the machine that way following a snaking small river. “We’ll keep out of their way.”

As they went the tree canopy remained constant and time passed so quickly. When she finally looked at her watch she realised they’d been airborne almost an hour. Sammy felt a little uneasy as the miles increase without sign of road or ground feature.

“What if you have to land?” She said loudly over the whining engine. The man smiled shaking his head. “Why would I want to that?” He shouted back with a mischievous grin.

As if she had been reading his mind in that very moment he saw his target.

“There!” He pointed and the girl suddenly saw the river open on a small stretch of grassland surrounded on all sides by jungle forest.

“Hang on” he whooped and the engine began to stutter as he angled to land.

Sammy felt her stomach jump like she was in freefall as the machine amazingly seemed to rise up on its nose, descend rapidly and bump onto the stretch of grass. Within moments it had run to a halt along the shaded but beautiful river bank

The engine stopped and the noise quickly subsided. The pilot was already taking off his helmet and climbing out; Sammy’s temper rising. He’d just dropped from the sky like a stone. But she had to admit she had been excited by the rapid heart stopping landing deep in the wilderness.

He pulled a basket from behind his seat and placed it on the ground. “Tucker,” he said with another smile. He gave the impression that this was a practiced routine as he opened a beer inviting her to join him.

Sammy straightened her clothes wiping her hair from her face.

“This wasn’t part of the tour,” she said suspiciously.

He sat back shrugging his shoulders. ”Well for special tourist there always something extra.”

“Special?” Sammy said smiling. He nodded, “you’re special aren’t you? And she laughed in no doubt that his special had something to do with her been young, pretty and busty. But he was quite charming, a little arrogant for her maybe, but kind of an outback type, all crocodile wrestling sinew and tan.

She sat down in the long grass looking at his pre-designed feast and smiled.

“Smooth move,” she thought to herself,” real smooth move.” She took a sip of her beer as he looked at her with intent. He moved closer towards her. Sammy still undecided if to let him steal a kiss.

Suddenly the man gave a howl and jumped up in shock. “Jesus I’ve been bitten!”

He reeled back Sammy also on her feet looking in horror at the ground.

“Can you see it?” He gasped his hand reddening. Sammy shook her head unwilling to get any closer. He gritted his teeth looking at the wound. He appeared very worried.

“We best get back,” he said, clearly feeling pain in his hand. “Come on leave the stuff lets just get airborne.”

As he fired up the engine and spun the micro light around his face looked pale and he was sweating more. Sammy was going to suggest they didn’t take off, but the noise of the engine increased to fever pitch and within moments the kite was almost pointing vertical the propeller groaning; the earth pulling away.

He levelled out the wings wobbling more than she remembered on the inward journey. He looked around getting his bearing and pushed the stick down the micro light dipping then zooming off over the trees.

Sammy kept looking back at the pilot. He appeared as if he was half asleep. The kite bucked and the she screamed the jolt shaking him back into consciousness. He wiped his head seeming confused. “No worries miss,” he said in a less than confident voice.

The flight seemed to take ages now, the man’s head lolling from side to side the aircraft wings matching his to and thro motion. The nervous heart stopping ride reached the hour with no sign of the airfield.

Sammy was scared and confused “Is this the way back?” She just couldn’t tell. It was wide expanse of green in all directions. Any second she was convinced they’d just nose dive into the bush.

The man seemed confused himself wiping his brow eyes searching the horizon. He was cursing. He was losing track of time and his vibrating fuel gauge was saying he’d travelled far further than needed to get back home.

The pilot began to cough and hold his chest.

“I...I...can’t…” He looked shocked as if realising the impossible was happening, his plane bucking and coming dangerously close to the tree tops. But he regained control his engine now on full throttle as he searched for home in desperation.

Sammy noticed the colour of the forest had darkened for some while. A deep unhealthy green like a shadow had fallen over the land. She didn’t remember this on the way out.

She looked to the sun and made her calculations and cried back to him over her shoulder.

“We’re going west! We’re going the wrong way!”

The pilot was rocking back and forth he knew he was lost and his vision was blurring.

“I need to land,” he coughed, “we need to get down now.” But on all sides it’s was tall tree vegetation.

He knew he couldn’t turn around, his fuel wouldn’t last. He needed to keep going.

He banked the micro light and gunned the engine towards a silhouette on the horizon. Ahead about ten miles there was a raised outcrop. The only obvious feature as far as the eye could see. It was a hillock around a flat jungle landscape. The trees and land made a strange face profile; the tree sprouting, nose shaped hill was the highest point. He headed for that.

There was no where to land except in this less dense hillside. He was a good pilot he knew he had a chance as long as there was some ground to aim for.

The little aircraft began to stall as he slowed; the wings waggling like crazy his head swimming his vision so blurred. He felt like sleep was washing over him. As the girl screamed he pulled back on the stick the trees rushing up the hillside at him; the ground barely a landing patch at all. But it was better than nothing.


Even on the hillside it was amazing how quickly the jungle enveloped them, drawing its arms around their splintered craft. The impact hardly affected the ancient twines and roots. Almost instantly the noise of human machines was silenced and the hum and din of the jungle took over again.

Sammy wasn’t sure how long she was out cold; but when she awoke she was on her side. Her long blond hair was entwined around her neck, head and encroaching vegetation. For a moment she imagined horrible injuries, but thankfully she was fine.

She sat up taking slow deep pants of adrenaline fuelled relief.

Looking to her right she saw the pilot still in the mangled wreckage his eyes open his mouth dripping saliva.

“Oh heavens!” She cried realising he was dead. His skin seemed bluish and she guessed that the poison bite more than the hill had done this terrible deed.

She stood up gripping a tree branch to lean out into the daylight. Below was a drop to rocks, then more jungle on a steep slope down to dark undergrowth. She held a leaf in her hand. It was a dark and sickly green the veins on the leaf raised like it was in a constant state of tension. The whole jungle had the feel of brooding midnight menace. Below towards the jungle floor the near black foliage appeared to show a dense and impenetrable land.

“I need to stay here,” she thought looking out over the trees to the horizon. “I’ll never see a rescue plane down there.” She looked at the broken kite’s tangled yellow canopy. She could try some type of sign to attract an aircraft.

In the pit of her stomach suddenly came the gnawing realisation. “Who knows we are missing?” She felt her heart beating faster. She was angry with her thoughts. ”Concentrate on positives!” She shouted to herself. She looked at the yellow fabric structure. She could make a big flag of some kind.

She reached up to the crumpled wing of the aircraft. “If I can just…” The damaged metal suddenly snapped Sammy falling back. The ground below her was muddy and she felt her feet go from under her.


She screamed as she fell on her tummy sliding into the under growth. The hill was steep and somehow she had slipped into a gulley the soft mud more like a sluice than solid ground. Sammy twisted her body as she slid faster and faster the trees whipping her face. Suddenly the green gave way to brilliant day light and she was falling, falling and screaming until she hit a running torrent.

The water was engulfing her, the babe spinning like inside a washing machine. The stream was deep and fast flowing. She bounced and bumped along tippling over more dips until finally it eased to a slow meander after its circumnavigating of the witch face hill. It then opened into a wider tree enshrouded pool.

She was spluttering, her arms pushing out, her legs kicking to the side until she finally swam to safety and pulled herself onto the muddy bank.

Gasping for breath Sammy lifted herself to her knees. She was soaking wet her t shirt clinging to her heaving breast, her ass tight shorts biting into her crack as she sat thighs together, sneakers ruined. She was coughing and panting shaking her head like a big dog might after a shore side romp. The stream this far down was now so calm the noises of the forest vibrated all around. The creatures of the jungle seemed disturbed; bird’s squawking the undergrowth audibly alive.

She looked about with a start expecting an animal to pounce. But there was nothing. Calming herself Sammy stood and looked back up to the hill side. She had slid over 200 feet before dropping into the stream. Then had travelled double that till the water finally slowed.

“Shit! It’s going to take me hours to get back.”

Suddenly the heat of the jungle seemed to overwhelm her. Her skin was perspiring heavily her mind fuzzy. Her head lolled and she realised she was going down with heat stroke.

As her knees gave way she felt a hand grip her, another on her hip. They were big hands, strong safe hands. But it was too late. Her eyes rolled as she passed out with a puncture hissing sigh.

Time passed.

When she woke she was still sweating, the dark room around her humid and fly infested. A gentle wrinkled hand was dabbing her brow. A narrow faced woman, maybe sixty was looking over her. The woman’s eyes were black and sunken into her sockets. Her features were drawn; only the remnant of an elegant pout and refined cheek remained to show she once had class.

“She’s awake,” the woman said in a matter of fact way. Sammy tried to sit up the woman pressing a hand on her blanket covered chest. ”Stay still and drink this.” Sammy took a sip of sweet water her face a little socked realising she was naked under the linen, her wet clothes nowhere to be seen. She began to babble.

“I crashed, I mean we….” She remembered the pilot. The woman nodded.

“We know,” said another voice, both had an English slant. Sammy was a little startled. In the shadows she could she the skeletal features of man maybe in his 70s or 80’s. He also had deep socket eyes, black glistening pupils, his body white and almost translucent. The blue and white of bone and veins was showing on his arms. Both were dressed in tattered fabrics, sown and re-sown together.

“Our sons found the wreckage,” the woman whispered stroking Sammy’s brow.

“Oh thank God,” Sammy said realising at last the most important point. That she had been found. The woman then gave her a playful little wink,” we also found the body.”

Sammy didn’t know what to say, why was it funny?

“They found you first though,” the man said cocking his head to one side looking at her in an uncomfortable examiner type way. “Good job really by the looks of it.”

Sammy nodded and gave a slight probing smile. The smile was not returned.

He continued. “I would imagine this whole area is restricted?” Sammy remembered back to the pilot and nodded, “Yes I think so, I….we got lost and…”

Sammy changed her thoughts asking, “Can I ask, have you called for someone to come get me?”

Both bursts out laughing, Sammy shrinking back on the bed pulling her legs up to her chest. She was realising this was becoming “fucking weird”

“People stopped looking here a long time ago.” The old man said his chest crackling with the effort of laughing. “They decided to leave us here to rot,” the woman added. Then snorted in amusement, “but we didn’t, the last time the army came here they all died. But annoying for them we wouldn’t.”

“The army?” Sammy thought, trying to keep up with events.

“And why didn’t we die?” The woman asked Sammy; waiting for her answer. Sammy just shrugged her shoulders and they both laughed again

“Exactly we don’t know why either, all we know is that this contaminated hell hole didn’t kills us. It changed us, that’s for sure; but it didn’t kill us.”

The woman stroked Sammy’s cheek and the babe flinched and blushed at her embarrassing reaction. Her dark eyes narrowed focusing on the young beauty. “And now it hasn’t killed you.”

“It’s a miracle,” the woman added. The old man leaned forward, “No my dear it’s a gift!”

“I don’t understand? “ Sammy said sitting up pulling the cover up to her neck, covering her naked curvaceous body fully. The word “contaminated” repeating over and over in her head like an echo.

The old man wiped his brow again, paused, and then began to explain.

Sammy listened to the confusing tale. He and his wife were scientists; British military scientist. In the late 60s and under pressure from the US to become involved in the Vietnam War their government had been researching a super weapon to use in the jungle. It had been a weapon that could turn vegetation against those with the right DNA. And in this war it needed to be Vietnamese DNA.

“Imagine a wall of infected jungle drawn across the Ho Chi Min trail.” The old man a professor no less explained with more energy; his professional mind still excited after all these years. ”It would have been like toxic barbwire that the enemy couldn’t cross.”

They’d leased thousands of square miles of northern territory for their top secret research.

“Can’t go dropping chemical bombs all over Scotland,” the man chuckled. The woman nodded and he continued the tale.

“You’re in what was once the village that held capture Viet Cong.”

The woman, his loyal wife then elaborated without a hint of remorse; “our bomb test subjects.”

“You mean you poisoned them!” Sammy tone was one of disgusted.

Professor Hilts shrugged his shoulders with indifference. “When the bomb was dropped it covered the village the hillside and expanded out tree infecting tree. But something went wrong.”

He continued to explain. When he and his research team arrived they found all the test subjects dead. But that wasn’t all; the test had expanded further than they hoped and HQ was frantic that it wouldn’t stop. Then contact was lost the team one by one going insane. The professor and his wife had hidden; locking themselves away. They didn’t seem infected like the others and they planned on sitting tight and waiting for rescue. But they were mistaken in their hope. The air force napalmed the village the next day. Hidden in the cellar they had survived but the flames had made the green haze stronger. An unexpected reaction to fire meant it grew at an amazing rate.

“I guess it must have expanded so far they dare not bomb again.” He said the woman again nodding. ”After that, there was no more fire bombs dropped.”

Sammy tried to understand. “But how many years ago was that. Why haven’t you left?”

The man laughed. ”They wanted to kill us all. We were infected my dear. Oh don’t you worry they tried more than once since then. They couldn’t risk napalm again so they sent in troops. But I guess after the soldiers kept dying, going raving mad, killing each other etc they finally decided to just leave us here.”

“To rot!” The woman spat, repeating her earlier comment.

Sammy felt a chill down her spine. None of this made much sense but she realised that she wasn’t just going to be able to phone for rescue. The man stood up feeble and old he moved over to her bed and she shied further back now really uncomfortable in their presence.

“I’ve been searching for a cure for years, an anti dote of some type. You see we’ve change and need the dark green haze to breathe. We couldn’t leave even if we walked the fifty or so miles to the edge.”

“Tried it once in 72,” the woman sighed; “we nearly drowned in our own blood.”

The woman turned to her husband. She wanted to move the conversation on to more pressing matters.

“Do you think the boys will mate well with her?” She asked without batting an eyelid.

The man nodded “off course, off course.”

Sammy looked open mouth thinking. “Do you think they’ll mate with who? What meee!!!”

The old woman continued the debate. “But they’ve only ever fucked pigs and goats maybe they’ll not want….”

“Don’t be foolish woman!” The husband snapped; “you saw how they were with her when they carried her in. Practically drooling. They’ll do just fine. Then when the child is born…”

“What the fuck!“ Sammy shouted in frustration. The conversation had just turned from bizarre to surreal.

Pushing from the bed she pulled the blanket with her so it wrapped around her slim curvaceous physique and stood hand clasped to her heaving bosom.” I’m not mating with anyone, you sickos!”

The man ignored her and continued his animated discussion with his wife. “The child will be of our world and the outside world. A vaccine could be found.”

He turned to look at Sammy as she slowly edged towards the door. “They missed all our medical caravans when they bombed. We’ve been fortunate to have our research all these years.”

“And the boys have so helped build our little village back together,” the woman added.

Sammy didn’t wait to hear the rest. She burst out into the brighter but heavily shrouded daylight. The village was a mass of charred festering buildings snaked along a sick black stream. The trees curved in above, almost blotting out the sky. Ancient military vehicles were half moulded into the jungle earth and twines and Sammy stumbled over a cluttered central camp towards a rusted old jeep.

The machine was useless the steering wheel missing the metal body filled with water cans and wire traps. Sammy gave a howl of frustration still wrapped in her blanket.

She turned, her breathing heavy, her stance like a trapped tiger. She sensed a new presence close to her.

Suddenly her wrist felt the grip of a powerful hand. She screamed and spun. The blanket dropped from her, the babe naked, sweating and contorting as she tired to pull away.

The creature holding her wrist made her scream more. The man was a huge rotund ball. Fat arms and legs forced into too small clothes. His bare feet black with dirt, his form made more grotesque by his small head on a bull type body. His grip was amazing, easily lifting her towards his bulldozer frame. He was smiling and laughing excited by his catch.

The two old evil scientists had appeared at the door pleased with their son

Well done “Beefy,” they said clapping their hands in pride. ”Do you like her boy?”

The” boy” lifted his fat arm higher still gripping her wrist and she stretched for him till only one toe touched the floor. Her body firmed, her ass clenched, legs elongated to sexy pins. Her big tits were firm and proud thrusting upwards as she arched her back. She gave a sensuous groan pulled so easily into an examining posture.

He grunted saliva dripping from his fat lipped mouth as he smiled and nodded.

“Yes mother I do.”

“Well go on then boy,” Dr Hilts added.” Go and mate with her.”

Sammy screaming increased, shaking her head as Beefy nodded again, pulling open his baggy pants, ripping the cord so they dropped. Sammy could see down, but his overhanging belly hid what was there. He dropped her to the floor, Sammy on her ass his big bulk moving down on her.

It was impossible to push him back and she felt like she was under some avalanche or rock slide. She was gasping, her hands smacking at his shoulder. She tried to punch up to his pin head but the reams of skin acted like a wall pinning her onto her back. She groaned as her thighs opened his body in between her legs. “Hell it was difficult to open then that wide!” Her ankles tried to hook somewhere on his massive ass. He was rutting forward making stupid grunting noises, but she felt nothing. His cock appeared to be limp and she only had the sensation of flabby flesh on her sweet mound.

He was becoming frustrated as he ground himself onto her, making Sammy grunt with his weight. She was desperate to get him off as she was struggling to breathe. He felt like a boulder on her chest.

“What the hell is he doing?” She heard the professor say in frustration.

Beefy continued doing his best, grunting away and his mother encouraged him. “That’s it dear like a piggy,” but to no avail. Sammy could see his little eyes angry but also confused and frustrated. The awful creature clearly couldn’t get it up.

“Oh thank God,” she thought aware that nothing was happening of any importance around her pussy.

Suddenly she heard another more confident but nasally voice. “Get the fuck off her you half wit!”

Sammy gasped for air, now able to breathe as Beefy rolled from her, a hard boot kicked in his side. “I said get off her you fucking retard!”

Standing over her was something she could never imagine. Was she dreaming all this impossible stuff? The voice came from an angry shrivelled torso. It was a nasty dwarf type creature. She shook her head refusing to accept the sight. Pushing with her legs she moved her seated ass towards the undergrowth.

“Were do you think your going?” It hissed again.

The new brother took two big strides to catch her. Then its arms reached down. “Oh God,” the awful dwarf was coming closer now its spindle hands also gripping her and taking the opportunity to maul her tits. “Twin” grunted in desire pulling her up. “Dwarf” was groaning in delight as he felt her flesh for the first time.

The pin head sibling rolled away his bigger, older brother or was it brothers were not to be messed with. Twin was over six foot four of muscled and scars. His face was deformed but hidden well by long black hair. Down his chest at the point just below his rib cage his “dwarf” sibling sprouted from him. The nasty dwarf torso had a shrivelled head like some voodoo witch doctor curse. With its alien ET like body it spewed out of from just above the twin’s big belted trousers. The dwarf rubbed the bulging fabric and left Sammy in no doubts he possesses similar reproductive equipment of his brother, though probably smaller proportions.

“Stop wrestling bitch,” the twin growled through rotten teeth. His voice was deep and booming. He bent down gripping her wrists, then held both her arms up and wide, lifting her to tip toe. She shook her head in horror his belly mounted brother now able to fondle her big tits with ease. With his withered hands he was cupping them, lifting them, his little dirty mouth slavery over teat and dome.

It’s difficult to describe the reaction of Sammy to this new brother. Screaming wouldn’t do it justice. It was like she was on the downward run of the biggest rollercoaster ever. Her screams went on and on until she seemed to loose sense of the here and now.

“Oh yes lift her higher yes that its mggghhhhh!” Shouted the excited dwarf; in an evil child like way. His mouth sucked on her right tit with vigour. He bit hard pulling her nipples while his hands kneaded both breast with angry claw like motions “Mmmf, yesss dirty big udders like a fucking cows.”

Sammy’s extreme funfair scream was slowing, like an exhausted note on a trumpet. Her sexy mouth changed to an oval of discomfort as the dwarf took more of her nipple deep in its mouth. Sammy had fabulous big DD breasts and the dwarfs face was buried in her balloon cleavage almost choking itself on the big teat end in its mouth.

Its claw hands cupped Sammy’s tits together as it raised its head. Its torso pushed forward trying to kiss Sammy on the lips. She pulled her head back thrusting her tits out more towards it. The big twin lifted her higher by the stretched arms until her toes left the ground. It was now impossible to stop the awful dwarf. Its hands ran down her waist over her shapely hips then one hand under to her crotch, its little fingers slipping apart her slit.

Sammy began to make high pitch protest again feeling the spiny fingers testing her entrance muscles ability to resist.

Beefy was now cowering behind his parent. That’s if you can ever imagine a 25 stone man cowering behind two frail old pensioners?

“It’s not fair” he whined I saw her first.

The mother corrected him. “Well no it was Snake who actually found her my dear.”

“Well Snakes not here is he,” the nasally dwarf replied in between mouthfuls of Sammy teat. The bigger twin added a single word in agreement as he let her dangle. ”Yeah!”

The professor raised his hand a little nervous now. “Maybe you should wait boys I mean Snake did say he….”

“Oh fuck him” the dwarf snapped back, his twin again adding his agreement. ”Yeah!”

Sammy was still thrashing and screaming over their conversation and the dwarf cringed at a high pitch wail from the busty stretched girl.


He struck her across the face making her gasp but pause in catter-hollering.

“Shut the fuck up! “He said through gnashed teeth. It did have the desired effect, taking the edge of her frenzy.

Sammy’s arms felt like they would pop from the sockets, her tits were been squeezed together and she looked down in disgust at the little bizarre face. Its spindly body looked like some ancient bark covered branch. All segmented and ridged.

Suddenly Twin had become bored just holding her for his brother. He turned then lifted her over his massive shoulder hands around her legs the dwarf angry he couldn’t grope higher than her thigh. “Hey give her back.” He demanded.

But Twin just lumbered like an elephant towards a crumpled wooden building. Nearly three decades living in this wilderness and he’d never seen a body like this.

The professor came hobbling after, arm raised. “Stop boys. I do think we should wait for Snake.” Sammy was looking back at him, wailing demanding she be let down. His wife called for him to stop been a kill joy. “Let the boys have their turn.”

She then turned and gave Beefy a reassuring pat. “Never mind dear, never mind.” The big buffoon whimpered with frustration that his chance had passed..

As they reached the building Twin pulled his blonde prey from his shoulder holding her arms behind her back. He bent her forward as his brothers little fingers quickly wrapped cords around her wrists. The big man then pulled her shoulders back and she stood upright the dwarf delighted again as he was now able to reach around holding both her big breast feeling the weight; his bony hands looking like some cupped bra.

Sammy looked up at the heavy overhanging canopy. The dark underside of the forest trees were accentuated against the brilliant daylight above. “Oh God no ones going to find me down here,” she thought wincing at her continued breast examination. And with that Twin pushed her inside the shack.

Once in the building Sammy was unceremoniously flung onto the fungus covered 30 year old mattress.

This big barn like room was clearly the brothers”hole” and was littered with brick-a-brack they had collected. There were old vials and instruments from the expeditionary team. On the wall were bloody uniforms and rusted old military rifles. They had the carcass of a huge crocodile; head still intact hanging like a curtain. And to her horror a number of skulls were decoratively placed wearing army helmets or fashioned into oil lamps. The bed was three old prisoner beds spliced together and showing years of half hearted repair. The cracked fly meshed windows allowed beams of light to fill the fetid dank wooden den.

The twins looked at her the dwarf rising and falling on the panting chest of his big brother. Both were admiring the view. Sammy looked amazing. Naked the sweat glistening on her body like she’d been dipped in oil. That wondrous blonde hair like a lion’s mane framed her cute face. She was beautiful with narrow nose and sharp features.

Sammy too was panting her body undulating from smooth legs up over her full hips, then in to that tight waist. The boys drooled looking at her heaving tits. Big and round like melons the dwarfs claw handprint still showing as a reddening shadow on one side of her pendulous bust.

“Now look…” Sammy said in an indignant tone. Then she stopped herself. What was she planning on doing? Was she going to threaten them with law? She realised how ridiculous her arguments would be. What could she say to dissuade a man, no more like “two things” that had blood spattered kit and remains of soldiers on their walls.

Twin was unfastening his braces letting his boiler suit type clothes drop.

“Oh God... I… oh shit….”She was realising that events were out of her control and she was been swept along on the tidal wave of insanity.

As soon as its pants had fallen the dwarf wasted no time in gripping its own hard cock. Its member maybe 5 inches long sprang up like a trap door, the thin shaft gnarled and bark-like similar to the rest of its body. Below under its stone like balls its brother body continued a few inches till the groin was reach. There Twins bull like cock was semi erect lifting and sniffing towards her; razing its head like an animal perched on two hairy bulbous spores.

The twin, like some huge long haired rock band roadie moved forward. Its brother, hanging from it waist like a baby harnesses monster. Sammy was pushing her body up the bed looking for some way of escape. As the twin bore down on her she wished she had chosen not to have an adventure that day.

From the broken old medical van the hot babe’s screams of refusal could be heard above the hum of the jungle. The professor and his wife; his loyal assistant for so many years were mixing test tubes. They’d taken a sample from her blood before she had woken and now they could see it react under the microscope with the green death agent that had held them here so many years.

“Incredible,” The professor said the faint holler of Sammy drifting into the van. “Her blood is actually breaking down the agent. She’s not just resistant. It seems her blood actual kills the virus.”

“My dear could it be true?” He so wanted to cure his wife. She’d been his best student at Oxford and when they married there was scandal but he didn’t care. She was as beautiful as she was a brilliant biochemist. Thirty years trapped in the jungle had been her reward.

His wife was surprised but confirmed his diagnosis. ” If we can isolate those cells we might be able to cure ourselves.” She then tutted as Sammy’s vocal refusal broke her train of thought.” Damn it boys, “she continued in annoyance,” can’t you shut her up?”

As if in reply the noise from the other shack went quiet and the professor finished his wife’s thoughts. “It could cure us,” he agreed. But aware that they had evolved to live here added. “Or it might just kill us too?”

Back in the twins shack Sammy had stopped hollering. She was finding it difficult to make any understandable noise. She was sat on the bed back against the wall, knees together. Twin was straddling her; the whole bed groaning as he sat across her thighs. His cock now angrily erect was like a big brown marrow thrusting up to a weeping eye hole. The foreskin was drawn back and the whole sickly brown skin looked like it never saw the light of day.

His cock was long and fat. The 8 or more inch long monster was pressed between her tits pushing her back into the wall. The greasy length was pumping up and down between her fantastic fleshy valleys. Her tits were gently wobbling up and down massaged and animated by this big truncheon.

But Sammy couldn’t look down; she could feel drool dripping from her chin onto her round bust. But her head was held tightly upright by two spindly hands. No wait four hands, the twin’s big paws on her shoulders and around the back of her head. As they held her the dwarfs stiff cock was been stuffed with vigour into her lovely sweet mouth.

“Suck it! Suck it you big titted blonde bitch!” The nasal shrill of the tiny horror filled the room

Sammy’s eyes were crossed focusing on nasty hard length. The dwarf was wriggling his torso and pumping into her gargling throat. Sammy wanted to pull out but all the hands on her head forced her to keep almost to the beast hilt as he gyrated; his member bouncing about inside her skull.

She coughed and spluttered the rigid cock rubbing the top of her mouth pushing deeper.

Sammy’s crossed eyes widened in horror. “Mmmmf!”

“That’s it little miss perfect choke on it,” the angry goblin snarled. But Twin could see she was indeed choking on it; her eyes rolling. So he pulled back releasing his hand. He also pulled his little brothers spiny claws from her too. Sammy gasped immediately spitting the cock from her mouth. The taste had been disgusting, his end dripping pre-come almost instantly it had touched her soft fleshy lips.

“Hey fucker!” The dwarf snapped, his prey becoming more distant.

“It’s my turn!” Twin replied and raised his body onto his knees, the big cock rising up through her cleavage like a rocket from a silo about to launch.

Now able to look down Sammy was open mouthed with disgust. “Oh shit ohhh!” She made a noise of panic just before his tip pushed into the hot mouth, his hands now back on her head pulling her onto him.

“Suck, suck, suck!” He growled Sammy rocking heavily back and , her tits bouncing, the bed squeaking, her mouth now very full of brown greasy skinned cock. “Oh God,” she thought; “this is worse than the last one!”

As the twin pumped her mouth, above over her head the belly sprouting dwarf was jerking his own frustrated cock. “So close. So fucking close!” He snarled in annoyance. But then he increased his wanking, while grunting loudly. His satisfaction was returning. He liked the view below. The blonde hottie was amazingly swallowing so deep he thought his brothers cock might pop out of the back of her skull.

“Yes go on swallow him all the fucking way, yes, yes, ugggh ugghh!” His hand was tightly wrapped around his cock pointing straight over her as he milked himself to explosion.

“Oh I’m comminnnggggg!!” He shrieked in a high pitched voice Sammy gulping to choking point on big brother.

Her eyes looked up for a second, a bad mistake. The dwarf was spraying over her head into her hair. The spattering white filth was showering down, hitting her face on her lashes and nose. She tried to shake her head but was not able. Twin was holding tight continuing to pump her throat and she had to concentrate on not swallowing too far while dwarf jerked three then four more streams into her lovely blonde tresses.

The twin pulled out his long wet cock glistening from her spittle effort. Sammy coughed and spat. She shook her head cum flying everywhere. “Uggh, cough, you filthy little bastard!”

But her cussing was cut short and she yelped as the big creature gripped her ankles and yanking her down the bed onto her back. With her hands still tied behind her she arched her back presenting two mountainous domes; nipples pointing to the roof.

The room was incredibly hot and she glowed in the dim half light. Her head was swimming and she felt the light headed sensation again like when she was at the jungle stream. “Oh please,” she thought, “please let me pass out again!”

But it wouldn’t happen. She groaned as Twin crawled up and over her. His body opening up, her until now, tightly closed thighs. His big waist pushed her kness so achingly wide she groaned with muscle sapping effort. He was over her now and she could see then feel his cock on the inside of her thigh. As he pushed between her splayed body his tummy buddy rose up over her hips, then above her tits. He had a big grin on his face, drool dripping from his jaw onto her breasts. His claw hands reach for her heaving globes but were swatted away as bigger firmer paws of his brother wanted their turn.

As Twin gripped her tits like handles to steady him, he pushed his hips forward and slid his fat sickly brown skinned cock all the way up inside her.

The immediate gut filled feminine wail and the ecstatic masculine growl were thunderously loud. But even that couldn’t travel the 100 or so miles to the micro light hanger. There the empty remote station had new visitors. Two military helicopters stood rotors gently turning, engines on idle; their black shapes silhouetted against the dusk sky. Men in green combat fatigues were examining a hire jeep, others searching through the excuse for an office looking for flight logs.

A rugged looking man with camo paint streaked across his face turned to a senior suited official.

“The radar blip tracked was very small. It may have been one of these cowboys who broke the cordon? But if so, why?”

The official didn’t answer just turned to look out at the jeep. He was visibly annoyed and could think of many reasons. Stupidity, bravado or more worryingly they could be working for another government.

“How long have we been letting civilian this close?” He said in anger. His department had almost forgotten about this place, it had been that long.

The soldier picked up his weapon and strode past. He signalled his men with a theatrical rotor blade movement over his head. As the soldiers hurried back to their ships and the helicopters began to power up he replied.

“The more you make restricted the more people want to know what’s in there. What would you have do quarantine all of northern territory?” He didn’t much like these clandestine types. Nothing ever seemed to be their fault.

They ran to the deafening military bird now unable to speak above the dim. But it didn’t matter both knew the shadowy officials answer would have been yes.

Back in the shack the sensation of the Twin’s stiff fat cock sliding up her made Sammy moan like a wounded animal. His tip pushed all the way to her limit, his hands on her tits, big paw grips of flesh. As he slid out then pushed back in, the dwarfs torso moved up her flat tummy. Its awful body was between her and the Twin. His spiny hands unable to grip her jugs had not given up. They now tried to hold onto to her long firm teats. But the bigger brothers twisting mauling constantly broke the pink nuts free only for the dwarf to grab again like it was some game.

Like Sammy, Twin also moaned like a big bull type beast. The feeling of been inside her wondrous body unimaginable up until moments ago. Her elegant frame was putty in his hands; the girl’s hands behind her back, her spine arched presenting him her melons to squeeze. And the noises; her gasping big lipped pouts of sensation mixed with the tight “slopping” fit of his cock up her shaft.

The dwarf was tittering with delight as he moved faster and faster up and down her body. The big man was making the bed creak and pitch as he increased his rhythm. Sammy rolled her eyes, tongue out concentrating on accepting each hard deep thrust. She was trying to zone out from the indignity. She didn’t know which was worse. The rampant pummelling her pussy was receiving or the gloating dwarf with his grandstand view of every indignant expression on her face.

“Ugh, uggh, ugghh!” She was grunting uncontrollably, hair over her face nipples pinched till numb her breast pushed up under her chin. The twin continued to fuck hard up her, deep and forcefully the bed groaning as much as Sammy.

Suddenly his cock slid from her with a wet “slock” noise and Sammy wriggled to break free. But it was pointless the big titan easily spun her around onto her face. He pulled her ass up, her head still on the filthy mattress and then gripping her hips pushed his cock all the way back in her pussy. As it reached its limit she felt the hands of the Dwarf on her prize rump. It was kneading and squeezing pulling her checks apart examining her pucker asshole as his brother pumped back and forth.

“Oh, oh, oh, ooohh fuck fuckkk!” Sammy was gasping biting the mattress at each hard thrust. On her knees, face down, a monster fucking her from the rear.

“Oh God, no please not in there!” She coughed between ruts as she felt dwarf spittle on her anus. The little man was hard again watching such arousing scenes. He pushed his cock head to her ass, holding it tightly. Sammy groaned looking over her shoulder in horror the dwarfs cock pushing in her asshole. As he rutted forward, his brother gave that extra push and he felt the sensation of it sliding up her rubbery back tube.


Twin gripped her hands pulling then back making her arms scream in effort; lifting her shoulder and head. With his other hand he gripped under her holding a dangling udder his rhythm now hurried and intense. He was delirious with pleasure. On her waist she felt the claws of the dwarf his own cock stabbing like crazy in her ass. He was whining in delight her tight anal walls making his cock feel for him and Sammy like it was twice as thick as they knew it to be.

Sammy was groaning with room filling resonance. Her body rocking forwards her arms cantilever support letting her tits hang down, the big bags swinging back and forth. Both cocks were sliding in and out simultaneously a rhythmic double shafting, her anus on fire her pussy slurping on a rotten thick sausage of meat.

“Oh my ass is on fire!” she thought, desperate for it to be over.

The little man spunked first, her hot tight void unbearably arousing. Her ass muscles were squeezing him so much he thought his eyes would pop out. He desperately thrust up making her gasps and stopping her strong muscles shitting him out. Just in time, his balls tightened his cock spitting a long grateful stream into her bowels. His fingers bit into her wobbling ass as he snorted and grunted like a pig.

Sammy groans turned high pitch; her eye lashes flaring her ass feeling the sticky deposits arrive. She made a gasp of indignant rage but in seconds felt another eruption inside her. Twin was coming also. Her tube was awash with his spunk the hot friction fucking suddenly cooler more lubricated as he smeared himself all along the inside of her pussy tunnel.

The panting beasts held her tight on them still pumping as they began to relax. Making sure both emptied every last drop inside her; before finally extracting themselves from their lover.

“Oh Jesus…” Sammy groaned to herself realising she’d only been here a few hours and the family had so many devilish plans for her. “How the hell am I going to get out of here?”

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