Chrissy, Max the Dog, Mom and Me by butliquor55

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Fiction | Bestiality, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male

Lying on the floor watching a beautiful, blonde seventeen year old woman screwing your loyal Black Lab is just icing on the cake for what you have witnessed this afternoon. Seeing the long blonde hair hanging over her face and Max the dog humping her like there is no tomorrow, makes your dick swell up. Chrissy has really taken to fucking him. She and Judy, my sister, had experimented with this and Chrissy couldn’t get enough.

Having learned how to relax and let Max knot with her, she loved to have him fill her with gallons of dog cum. When the knot would pop out and cum would flow from her for several minutes. After a couple fucks from Max, she was used up.

I, however, was hard as a rock and ready to explode. Just as Chrissy started to suck my cock, the door to the kitchen opened and my mother walked in. I didn’t notice her when she walked into the den, until she screamed”Art, what the fuck is going on here?”

My fucking heart stopped and I figured I was dead! “Um, I was just teaching Chrissy how a guy likes to be treated.”

“Bullshit” she said. “I can see the dog cum running out of her and Max is over there cleaning off his dick, and you’re trying to choke the poor girl. I can’t believe you let me catch you two this easy. I’ve suspected this was happening, but I thought you would be more careful.”

Now I didn’t know what was going to happen. What was Mom going to do?

“Well, I guess I had better help finish this and show this young lady how it’s done.” She said as she started to unbutton her blouse. She threw it off exposing a pretty lace bra holding a forty year old pair of 34B’s. As she peeled off her jeans and stood there in her bra and panties. It was then I saw how perfect my Mom’s figure was. She worked out regularly and it sure showed. She is hot!

Max came trotting over to her and started trying to mount her. He looked like he had done this before


“Stay down Max, you’ll get yours later” she said and then kissed Max on the lips, sucking on his long tongue.

I almost came right there!

“Come over here Chrissy” she said “Let me show you how to do it right.”

“Art, you have a very nice cock, bigger than most, but not too big to work with. We should be able to work with it very well.”

I smiled getting a compliment like that and I think it swelled up a little more.

“Honey, you come over and stand in between us that should work best.” she directed.

I stepped between them and Mom grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. “It excites them if you just lick the head and swirl your tongue around the head. Then stick it in your mouth and suck a little, but don’t show them all you have yet.” With that my Mom swirled her tongue around the head of my dick and then sucked about half of it into her mouth and worked it up and down. When she went down my cock, she would stick her tongue out and run it along the underside of my dick. Holy fuck, it felt great!

My head was spinning as I had not figured that Mom would ever do anything like this. I figured she would scold me and tell Dad. I never thought she would be this open sexually.

“Now, you do it dear” she said as she grabbed Chrissy’s head and directed it to my manhood. “Just like Mom did” she directed.

Chrissy opened her mouth and swirled her talented tongue around the head of my dick and looked up at me and smiled. She loved this as much as me! She sucked my cock with all the energy she had left.

“Well, after seeing how well you handled his tool, lets show him what we got” Mom said as she looked at me and grinned. She held my cock at the base and opened her mouth and took my entire cock into her mouth and throat all the way to my balls! Then she stuck out her tongue and licked my balls with it. She squeezed the base of my cock and that was all that kept me from shooting cum all over the room. Over and over again she took me all the way into her mouth and I was beginning to get weak knees and wanted to cum. As quick as she started, she stopped.

“You can’t cum yet, son. We’re not done with you yet” she said. “Look Chrissy, squeeze it here and he won’t cum until we want him to. Here, you try it.”

Chrissy grabbed my dick and she repeated the deep throating Mom had started.

“Hey, this girl’s a natural” Mom said as she witnessed the best Chrissy had to offer. Time and time again my dick plowed down her throat and she continued at a rapid pace.

I was moaning and wanted to cum, when Mom said “Let him cum on your face, baby. Let him shoot it all over your pretty face. Don’t worry, Momma will clean you up.”

That was it for me, I let it fly. Cum sprayed from deep within me and spurt after spurt covered this gorgeous girl’s face. Cum covered her forehead and both cheeks. She had a mouthful and swallowed it and begged for more. I know I had never had an ejaculation of this magnitude. I thought I might pass out!

When it quit spurting cum, Chrissy’s face was almost covered. I smiled.

“Wow, son that ranks up there with the best I have ever seen. I’m impressed.” Mom smiled. “Now let’s get her cleaned up.”

Mom started licking the cum from Chrissy’s forehead. Every time she got a mouth full, she swallowed it. I took my finger and scrapped the cum from her cheeks into her mouth. Chrissy moaned and swallowed all I could give her. Then Mom came around and started licking her cheeks and started kissing Chrissy. They swapped cum and looked at each other. Their tongues met and they kissed each other deeply.

“Wow” was all I could say as I watched.

Chrissy started to massage Mom’s tits and she removed her bra. Chrissy started to suck on her nipple. I watched as it grew to be about an inch long. She worked on one tit with her mouth and massaged the other with her hand. It responded just like the first one had.

I couldn’t stand it. I reached over and ran my fingers around the waist of her panties. When I got them over her beautiful hips, I worked them down to her ankles and took them off. They were soaking wet and I had to smell and taste them. Gosh, they smelled great and tasted the same. I looked up and saw that I was face to face with the place my life had begun. It was beautiful, shaved clean except for a small strip at the top. Short but neat. Her pussy was beautiful and had a small diamond just above her clit. I was mesmerized and just stared at it.

“Are you going to look at it, or lick it?” Mom purred.”Go ahead son, It’s OK”.

I leaned in and kissed my way around my Mom’s pussy. This was supposed to be forbidden territory and the taboo just made it that much more exciting. I stuck my tongue into the slit just below her clit and ran it all the way to her asshole. I worked my tongue up and down and around until I had her whole crotch soaking wet. Then I made my attack on her clit and sucked it until it grew to about the size of my finger. Then I plunged my tongue into her pussy and worked it over with every trick I had learned.

Mom cried out with pleasure and Chrissy had to hold her down to keep working on her tits. She was writhing around on the floor like she was having a convulsion. Her juices were running out of her like she had sprung a leak. I lapped up all I could until she calmed down and laid there trying to catch her breath.

I don’t think any of us knew what to say about what had just happened.

Finally Mom said “Your father and I have been wondering when this day would come. We have discussed it and kind of had a plan on what to teach you and Judy about sex. We have always been open sexually, and have tried about everything we wanted to. This was not what we thought it would be like.”

“Judy and I have been experimenting for about six months, Mom. We figured that if we experimented with each other, we would be better lovers. We also figured we wouldn’t be the class sluts from having so many partners. Chrissy is one of the few who know our situation and she’s like one of the family” I explained.

“Well, she is definitely one of the family now!” Mom giggled. “Seeing you two about to go at it just set me off and I had to have some. Gosh Chrissy, you’re beautiful and I look forward to working with you more. Oh, yes, this is far from over. Once I break the news to Bob, he will want to join us and we will teach you kids all we have learned about sex and people. The sex with Max surprised me. We didn’t try dog sex until just the last couple of years. Max is great too, isn’t he?”

Oh, God, Ms. McDonald I thought you would be so ashamed of me for fucking the dog. I was ashamed and ready to be ridiculed by people when you found out. Do you mean you won’t tell on me?”

“Tell on you, girl I’m going to help you experience all that old Max has to offer. And don’t call me Ms. McDonald, call me Gina. He will give you orgasms you could only dream about. Speaking of which, I need one after all that oral sex.” Mom said as she got up on all four and looked at Max. “Here boy, Momma needs you.”

Max’s ears perked up and he practically ran to Mom. She patted her butt and he went to work. Max licked her pussy and asshole like it was honey and he was a bear. In about two minutes Mom was moaning and begging to be fucked. She patted her ass and said “Now baby” and Max knew what that meant. He immediately mounted her and started thrusting. He was like a wild dog and couldn’t find the spot. That was when Chrissy reached in and grabbed his cock and pointed in the right direction. As soon as it touched her pussy and he felt the heat he began thrusting as fast as I had ever seen.

Mom moaned as he entered her and filled her pussy with cock. He set some kind of record for screwing a woman and in a couple minutes he was knotted to my Mom. You could tell he was pumping her snatch full of doggy jizz and she loved it.

Chrissy watched in awe as Mom was filled with Max’s cum. In a couple minutes both of them just laid still and enjoyed it. Finally Max got up and began to tug on the knot. Chrissy tried to calm him but Mom said “It’s OK, he knows it will come out now.”

Max tried again and sure enough the knot popped out and cum ran everywhere. Chrissy was amazed at how big Max’s cock was after fucking Mom. She asked Mom if it was always like that.

“Yes” Mom said “Now’s the best time to suck it. He will really cum for you know. Go ahead, try it. Just hold it above the knot and he’ll surprise you. Try It.”

Chrissy crawled over to Max and slid under him. He looked down at her and licked her face. She responded by licking him back and she sucked on his tongue. He let her go because he knew what was going to happen next. She grabbed his cock as Mom had told her and she started to suck on it. She said it was very warm and smooth and tasted good. As she worked on it Max began to shoot spurts of cum out of his dick. This continued and Chrissy was trying to swallow as much as she could but it just kept coming.

“This is fucking great” she cried “Fucking great. I love it.”

Cum ran down her face, neck and tits like a river. Mom leaned over and started sucking Chrissy’s tits like returning the favor Chrissy had done for her earlier. Chrissy moaned and kept sucking.

My dick was starting to arise and I was wondering what was next.

Mom said “Art, I know you need to get off, but I am not going to fuck you. I have had second thoughts about fucking my son and your father and I are not sure what will happen. I won’t do it without his blessing and he’s not here. So, please don’t be mad at me. I have to have that discussion with you, Judy and your father. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mom. I understand. I have to save some for Judy when she gets home later anyway. Boy is she going to be pissed that she missed this!” I said.

“Yes she will be” Chrissy said “We’ll have a hard time making it up to her. But it will sure be fun to try!”

“Judy is another thing we need to talk about when father is home.” Mom said. “It looks like there will be some long family discussions in the near future. Chrissy, you’re one of the family now so this includes you, too. Be prepared to be involved. Now, let’s get cleaned up and make some dinner. This could be a long night.”

Mom was right, things would never be the same. Probably better, but not the same. I am looking forward to it.

Rating: 94%, Read 210189 times, Posted Dec 24, 2012

Fiction | Bestiality, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male


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