Haley just wanted a quiet drink with Mom and her big Sister by JSipes7798

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Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Wife


This is a continuing saga from the: IT JUST HAPPENED series. If you want more background before reading, then refer back to: It Just Happened, It Just Happened…. Again and It Just Happened….Again….And Again.

The basic information from those stories is: Jim and Lucy have three grown daughters; all of them beautiful, and all of them married to older men. Each daughter had initially married someone their own age, only to replace them after a couple years with someone closer to their Dad's age.

Cathy moved in with her parents while divorcing her second husband and a weak moment leads to an incestuous coupling between her and her father. Lucy has an incestuous affair with her older brother, David while nursing him through a work related injury. A month later David comes to visit Jim and Lucy for a week and is caught having sex with his niece, Cathy, and the ensuing ruckus end in a family orgy with all joyously participating.


Cathy’s final divorce decree is at last signed and she receives a generous settlement from her ex-husband. She and her mother have spent the last three weeks viewing properties for Cathy to buy for her new home. They had just returned home from viewing a property when the phone rings. The caller id reveals it is Lucy’s youngest daughter, Haley.

“Hi, sweetheart; what are you up to?” Lucy asks in a cheerful voice.

“I need to talk with you, Mom,” Haley answers in a gloomy voice.

“What’s wrong, Haley? You sound like your whole world is crashing.”

“My stupid husband is neglecting me again, but I don’t want to go into it on the phone. Can we meet for a drink or something?”

“Did you want to meet right now?”

“Yes, if you can get free.”

“Well…Cathy and I just got back from House Hunting. Is it okay if she comes along?”

There is a short pause and then Haley says, “Sure…why not? We can’t keep any secrets in this family anyway.”

Lucy is bewildered by Haley’s response. She usually didn’t sound so downhearted. She is normally bubbly and happy-go-lucky. Haley’s husband is in his 50’s and he finds it getting harder to keep up with a young wife half his age. Her sexual appetite seems to increase with age and his stamina is decreasing. They both knew they may face this problem some day as he aged, but they have only been married a couple of years. Haley’s restlessness has come much sooner than she expected, and she needs her Mother’s guidance.

“Listen, Haley….If you would rather I come alone, your Sister will understand.” Lucy says.

“No…it’s okay. In fact the more the merrier,” Haley replies.

“Very well…we can both leave right now. Where would you like to meet?”

“How about the Hilton Hotel near your house,” Haley suggests. “It has a nice quiet lounge where we can get a good stiff drink and talk.”

“Oh…A good stiff drink. That sounds like it is going to be much more than just a casual mother-daughter chat.” Lucy exclaims.

“It is. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes,” Haley answers and then breaks the connection.

Haley is anxiously waiting in the extremely busy lobby of the Hilton Hotel when her Mother and Sister arrive. There is an abnormally large crowd checking in at the reception desk because a large pharmaceutical company is holding its national sales meeting over this weekend. Cathy is the first to reach Haley and gives her a big hug. Lucy finally pushes her way through the crowd and joins her two beautiful young daughters. She hugs Haley. They exchange pleasantries and then try to find a quiet corner to talk.

“If I had known it was going to be this crazy at the Hilton I would have suggested meeting someplace else,” Haley shouts above the chatter.

“Well…Do you want to go somewhere nearby?” Lucy asks.

“No…I think I would rather get a good strong drink and just chill for a while.”

The three women make their way to the lounge. They look like Sisters. All three have similar figures and they each dressed fashionably young. However; Haley is 24, Cathy is 27 and Lucy is 48. Haley is wearing a white silk blouse and a dark skirt that hugs her round little butt. The top button of her blouse is unbuttoned allowing a nice view of her ample cleavage. You can vaguely sight through her blouse the outline of a black lacey bra with little blue flowers. Haley is known to wear matching bikini panties and is probably doing so today. Cathy follows wearing a navy blue elegant pleated notch V neck dress. Lucy is bringing up the rear wearing a black Mark Scroll Off-the-Shoulder Dress.

The lounge is packed wall to wall with men and women sales reps attending a national sales meeting. The trio discovers that there is standing room only as they elbow and push their way to the bar. Someone pinches Lucy’s butt as she follows her daughters through the mischievous horde. The lounge is too crowed for Lucy to determine who the guilty party was who pinched her cute round bottom. She is both offended and flattered by the pinch.

Haley stops midway down the bar and says something to man having a drink. He uses his elbows to make a space for her to belly up to the bar. She shouts something else in his ear then points to her Mother and Sister. The man shouts some orders to a companion and the two of them reach out for Lucy and Cathy and drag them up to the bar. They are all quickly swallowed up by the happy hour crowd.

The man introduces himself as John and his companion is Larry. John then offers to buy each of them a drink. Haley asks for a Bloody Mary and Cathy requests a Margarita. Lucy feels awkward letting a strange man buy her drink, but he insists. She shrugs her shoulders and reluctantly orders a Tom Collins. They try to engage in casual conversation, but it is so loud in the lounge they only end up shouting at one another.

Haley wants to tell her Mother that she is getting frustrated in her marriage because she is not getting enough sex. Her Mother is only getting bits and pieces of the conversation. Haley tries repeating, but it is futile. Haley shouts above the noise that she just needs to get fucked really good. And as luck would have it, a lull in the noise occurs and the whole bar crowd hears her declaration. Haley, her Mother and her sister all three want to evaporate into the anonymity of the crowd.

After a while everyone returns to their chatting and drinking. Haley’s remark is forgotten. Haley does get to explain to John that Cathy is her Sister and Lucy is her Mother. No one believes that Lucy is actually old enough to be the Mother of these two beautiful young women. Several of John’s friends gather around and marvel at the fact Lucy is the Mother and Haley and Cathy are really her daughters. They all appear to be so close to the same age.

Larry orders the next round of drinks and the fraternization continues. Lucy is not a big drinker and is already feeling the first drink. She tries to decline the second drink but is voted down by her two daughters. After their second drink, both Haley and Cathy are well into a party mood and agree to a third round.

Lucy is dizzy headed after two drinks and feels like her legs are turning to rubber. She is basically held up only by the crush of the crowd around her. She can’t move an inch in any direction. That why she is startled when she feels someone slide their hand up her dress and begins to slowly massage her pussy. She tries to move away from the errant hand but the crush of the bodies around her keep her from moving.

A single finger from that hand slides under the edge of her panties and finds its way into her already drooling pussy. She can’t determine the source of the offending hand and finger. It gracefully slides in and out of her pussy while gently circling her clit. She feels heat rising from her neck and face. She has trouble catching her breath and thinks she may faint. Within minutes her body is shaking and trembling with a marvelous orgasm. The phantom hand is flooded by her orgasmic juices. She swoons and almost passes out. The soothing hand mysterious disappears as quickly as it had appeared. Lucy grips the bar and waits for her sanity and sense of balance to return.

Cathy is vaguely aware of a man behind her intermittently rubbing his hard cock against her butt. At first she finds it annoying, but after the second drink she is beginning to warm up to its feel. She estimates it is quite large because head seems to extend above his beltline. The man leans in whispers to Cathy his name Bill and he is with the pharmaceutical company. He offers to buy her another drink. She smiles and accepts.

The man excuses himself to go to the restroom and asks her to save his place. She readily agrees and immediately finds herself missing his hard presence against her butt. When he returns she finds herself unconsciously pressing her butt against his hard cock. Bill takes her hand pulls it behind her back and places it on his hard cock. She squeezes it and slowly strokes it as she casually sips her drink. She can tell it is not only long, but has a somewhat thick girth. The crowd is still so substantial, no one is aware of their erotic interaction. The man extends his arm between Cathy and Haley to place his drink on the bar. When he retracts his arm he drags it across Cathy’s breast and gives it gentle squeeze. She feels her panties inundate with her vaginal fluids.

Haley announces to her Mother and Sister that John has graciously invited the three of them to accompany him to the company’s hospitality room in the penthouse. Larry encourages them accept the invitation by adding that the hospitality room has hot hors d’oeuvres and an open bar. Everyone agrees and Bill starts clearing a path to the door. Lucy is still unsteady on her feet and is helped along by Haley and John.

The hospitality room is actually a three bedroom penthouse suite located on top floor of the Hilton Hotel. It has been reserved solely for the enjoyment of the national sales force. There is a small dance floor with a piano player and a female vocalist to provide musical entertainment. When they arrive at the hospitality room Lucy is parked at the end of a very long sofa. She is still very tipsy from the first two drinks. Haley stays with her while John make his way to the open bar for fresh drinks. He returns with another Tom Collins for Lucy and a Bloody Mary for Haley. Before his return he has taken the liberty to covertly drop a little blue ecstasy pill into Haley’s Bloody Mary. Cathy and Bill disappear into the crowd after getting fresh drinks. They are not seen the rest of the evening.

It doesn’t take long for the ecstasy to kick in. Haley has always been an outgoing person; full of energy and generally the life of the party. She insists on dancing. When John tires and decides to sit out a dance she grabs another partner and rules the dance floor. As the ecstasy takes hold she begins to hump and simulate sex acts with her dance partners. Soon there is a circle of men taking turns dancing with her. They are groping her breast, crotch and butt. She is giving it back as good as she gets. At one point she is gripping a man’s cock through his trousers and jacking him off.

Cathy and Bill have slipped away into one of the three bedrooms and lock the door. They quickly lock lips and take turns seeing who can shove their tongue furthest down the other’s throat. Bill unzips his pants and frees his eight inch cock. He places his hand on Cathy’s head and guides her down onto her knees. She is able to take all eight inches down her throat without gagging. She has had plenty of practice swallowing her Dad’s cock and her Uncle David’s cock.

After sucking Bill to a magnificent orgasm and swallowing his enormous load; he repays the favor by pushing her onto her back in the king size bed and licks her to an equally satisfying orgasm. They both strip naked and begin exploring each other’s body with their tongue and lips. For the next twenty-five to thirty minute balls are sucked, nipples are tweaked; assholes are licked and each of the two participants experiences another amazing orgasm before slipping away into a nice peaceful sleep.

Three drunken pharmaceutical sales reps pull Haley into one of the penthouse bedrooms and hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door. Every forty-five minutes to an hour one group of reps leave Haley’s bedroom only to be replaced by another group of reps. Word spreads quickly about the nymphomaniac in the hospitality room. Throughout the entire evening groups of three shuffle in and out of the bedroom. In most cases it is a group of three men, but then there is also groups with two men and one woman and then a few with two women and one man. There has also been a couple of groups with just three women. Haley manages to accommodate all and still beg for more.

Lucy has finished her third Tom Collins and is feeling no pain. She is too intoxicated to stand up so she has to ask a young woman to assist her in going to the restroom. The young lady enlists the help of two male colleagues, because she is unable to hold Lucy up by herself. A bathroom is located in each bedroom of the penthouse suite. There are other restrooms in the corridor, but they are too far away to easily maneuver a very inebriated woman. They opt to take her to the spare bedroom. The young lady enters the bathroom to further assist Lucy while two young men wait outside the door.

When she exits the bathroom the two young men lift her by her arms and carry her to king size bed. Her dress is swiftly hoisted over her head and she is strips of her panties and place in the middle of the bed on her back. A large cock is shoved in her mouth and an experienced tongue goes to work on her pussy. A third person removes her bra and begins sucking robustly on her hard nipples. Lucy wants to push the person licking her pussy away, but they are doing such a fantastic job she is fast approaching an orgasm. She caresses the person’s head with her hands and discovers it is the young woman who had assisted in the bathroom. She starts convulsing as the orgasm swiftly travels through her body.

The cock in her mouth explodes releasing an enormous amount of cum down her throat. She is able to swallow it all. As soon as she sucks the drop of sperm from the cock, it is replaced by the woman’s pussy riding her face. The young man sucking her nipples immediately shove his large cock in her pussy and begins rough fucking her. She has two more amazing orgasms before the young man pumps four powerful streams of cum into her sated pussy. The young lady riding her face floods her mouth twice before rolling off.

Lucy’s head is spinning from the alcohol and three magnificent orgasms. She lies there in bed as the trio dress and leave the room. She is too drunk and too weak to get out of bed, but she soon learns there is no need to get up when she hears the door open and another trio enters to use her body some more. She loses count of the coming and going. Sometime later she loses consciousness.

When the first light of morning floods through the bedroom window of the penthouse, Cathy wakes up and looks around the room trying to figure out where she is. She sees Bill lying in bed next to her and remembers the wonderful evening they had spent together drinking, dancing and making gentle love to each other. She studies his naked body and admires his beautiful flaccid cock as he softly snores. She reaches over and caresses first his balls and then the shaft she had enjoyed most of the night.

She leans over and sucks him into her mouth and waits for his cock to grow into the fullness she enjoyed so much the night before. Her tongue flicks out and licks at the slit in the top then swirls around the head of it, occasionally taking time to catch her breath. Bill starts to stir as she swirls her tongue around the head and then down the length of his shaft to his balls. Cathy grasps Bill’s balls in her hand and gently fondles them and he attempts to spread his legs wider as her mouth descends even further down the shaft of his stiff cock.

Cathy feels the firmness of Bill’s shaft in her hand and the smooth skin as it slides over her tongue. She can’t suck a whole lot of it because it is bigger than what she remembers from the night before, but she sucks what she can, moving her mouth up and down and using her tongue to stimulate him where she can.

Bill finally wakes up and smiles as he watches her mouth working over his cock. He is still amazed that it is happening; let alone how fucking great it feels. This is what he imagined when he first saw her in the lounge the previous evening, but never dreamed it would actually happen. Up and down her head bobs as his cock vanishes and reappear from between her soft lips. He can feel himself building towards orgasm as her hand closed on his balls, squeezing them softly as she worked his cock with her mouth.

Before that happens, she suddenly stops and crawls up his chest and straddles his face. She lowers herself down above his face. The smell of her sex is intoxicating. Instinct kicks in as he slides his tongue inside her wet pussy. His tongue continues to move in and out of her as her hips move in rhythm, sliding her wet pussy over his mouth. He intuitively shoves his tongue deeper into her warm wet pussy, seeking her little joy knob. He locates it and clamps down with his lips. He sucks it deeper and deeper as he begins viciously swabbing it with his tongue.

She shudders as he continues licking her pussy, moving his tongue up and down both sides of her swollen lips. As her moans become louder and her body begins to quiver, he focuses on her clitoris with his tongue and pistons two fingers in and out of her slippery vagina. She feels electrical vibrations spreading throughout her entire body. Those sensations turn into electrical jolts as her orgasm breaks free and engulfs her whole body with wonderful convulsive wave after wave. She experiences one last shudder then collapses by his side. He holds her tightly as she slowly recovers.

After she sufficiently recovers, she slowly crawls up and straddles his waist. She reaches between her legs and seizes his hard cock and rubs the head around the wet slippery lips of her pussy. After it is well lubricated she rises up, impales herself and slowly slides down his cock, burying it deeply in her wetness.

She begins a slow rocking motion as he fondles her breast. He rolls her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. She starts rubbing her clit with her right hand and begins rocking faster and faster. She can feel his cock expanding and pulsating as his balls start churning and boiling toward his explosion. She has a mild orgasm followed by a major orgasm just as his balls erupt sending a flood of sperms deep into her womb. She falls forward onto his chest and he pulls her tightly to his bosom as they both ride their orgasmic union. After they both recover, they roll on their backs and savior the afterglow.

Cathy feels everything is warm and wonderful in the world. She would be content spending the rest of the day snuggled in Bill’s arms. Bill feels the same, but he has responsibilities that he must attend to this morning. Bill looks at the clock and realizes it is nearing time for him to attend the sales meeting breakfast with the rest of his team. Bill has neglected to inform Cathy that he is the National Sales Manager and is expected to attend the breakfast and give opening remarks.

They quickly takes a hot shower together; not taking the time they both want to further enjoy each other’s body. Cathy finishes getting dressed as Bill calls room service and orders coffee and Danish rolls for her. They go out into the common area of the penthouse to wait for room service to arrive with his coffee and her continental breakfast. The common area with the open bar is littered with mounds of trash from the company partiers the night before. There are empty beer bottles and dirty drink glasses on the bar and every table.

They sit and chat for a while before it dawns on Cathy to question the whereabouts of her Mother and Sister at that moment. Five seconds later a bedroom door opens and her Mother staggers out. Her hair and dress is disheveled. As she approaches Cathy and Bill, they notice cum running down the inside of her leg. Cathy get a napkins and rushes to clean her up.

Bill looks at Lucy and says, “Wow…what the hell did you do last night?”

Lucy shrugs her shoulders and answers, “I’m not really sure. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. However; I do remember thinking several times that I was experiencing some of the most astonishing orgasms.”

“Mother!” Cathy screams. “Don’t say another word. It sounds as if you are still intoxicated.”

“Does anyone know where Haley is right now?” Lucy asks looking questioningly first to Cathy then to Bill. “The last time I recall seeing her, she was dirty dancing with several young men.”

“I don’t remember seeing her at all after we arrived in the hospitality room,” Cathy says.

“Well…I think our first order of business should be to locate Haley,” Lucy demands.

Bill suggests they first search throughout the penthouse before panicking and notifying the hotel staff. She is obviously not in the common area and she isn’t in the room that Bill and Cathy joyously shared. Lucy rushes back to double check the room she had occupied the previous night and find she is not there either.

Bill crosses his fingers and says, “The only other place she can reasonably be is the third bedroom. Let me go check.”

Lucy and Cathy push past Bill and rush to the third bedroom. As soon as they enter the room they are over powered by the strong smell of sex. Haley is lying nude in the middle of the king size bed covered from head to toe with dried cum. Her hair is matted with dried cum and sperm is oozing out of every orifice, including her mouth. She opens her eyes and smile at her Mother.

Bill enters the room and sighs, “Thank God you found her safe. Do you want me to call the hotel staff to help you?”

Cathy places her hand in the middle of Bill’s chest and begins gently pushing him out the bedroom door. She smiles and says, “You go attend your National Sales Meeting. We can handle it from here.”

Bill leans in and gives her tender kiss on her lips and says, “Can I call you later?”

“You better,” She tersely answers closing the door.

Lucy and Cathy help Haley into a hot shower; soaping and scrubbing away all the signs of her ecstasy induced night of adventure. She is so sore she can barely walk. They are able to locate her shoes, skirt and blouse. Everything is located except her panties and bra. They were apparently taken as party souvenirs.

As the three exhausted women make their way to their car; Haley turns to her Mother and says, “Mom…I know I started the night complaining about not getting enough sex, but I can safely assure you that last night I indulged in enough wild lustful sex to last me for quite some time.”

Lucy puts her arm around her youngest daughter, hugs her close and says, “I know what you means, sweetheart. I had a very pleasant evening myself.”

Rating: 92%, Read 41400 times, Posted Apr 25, 2018

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Threesome, Wife


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