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Thank You Dr. Joe

Meeting for drinks after work seemed innocent enough but I should have known it wouldn't work out that way with her. When I walked in and I saw her at the table with three empty shot glasses in front of her I knew she was in the mood. I sat down and I must say, the top half of her looked like she just came from a nightclub and not from work. She was wearing a red dress that had a generous portion of cleavage showing. I ordered and we small talked for a minute or two but I could not wait, I needed to see the rest of her so I ever so slyly dropped a spoon on the floor under the table. WOW!! The dress was not only low cut up top but was devilishly short down here. Her legs were crossed, no nylons of any kind and her pumps were dropped at her feet as she wiggled her fire engine red toes in my direction as if she knew my spoon dropping was intentional. I surfaced from my mission with a slight smile which apparently was the signal she needed to get started.

I came from working at home so my attire was a polo shirt and shorts. She started with a couple of subtle brushes with her toes against my hairy legs. Those feet are so soft. She then downs her fourth shot and being subtle seemed to be wasting her time. We were sitting face to face at a small booth so she was able to stretch her short legs enough to run her right foot up my thigh to the opening between my inner thigh and my baggy shorts. As she worked her toes up she noticed I was pulling one of her moves, no underwear meant her toes had pretty much the freedom to do what they wanted. She tickled my balls and yanked my now rock hard cock with her big toe and its neighbor. She stroked me a couple of times with her talented toes only to pull her foot out abruptly and ask the waitress for the check. I told her I needed to use the restroom first. She looked impatient so I decided to be just a little bit naughty, teasing her for a change.

"Wait for me right here." I said as I stuck my hand down the front of my shorts and touched the tip of my hard cock. The stickiness was very apparent so I pulled out my hand and put my fingers to her lips. She tasted the nectar and I walked towards the bathroom.

She walked in the bathroom just seconds behind me saying she needed it in her right now. "This place is slow, no one will walk in." she assured me.

Well, once I saw her standing there in her short red dress and sweet bare feet in the men's room I knew I needed her too. I held up the finger she had licked so clean just a few seconds earlier and motioned her to follow me to the stall at the end. The handicap stall always has more room. I dropped my pants to my ankles and my cock stood at attention. She pulled off her lacy red thong ( the dress was so short even she had to wear panties this time) which she asked me to hold for her as she placed them, wet spot first in my mouth. She climbed aboard, her butt cheeks resting on my thighs and her feet firmly up against the back wall. She started to bounce up and down and the combination of her pussy wrapped around my cock and the taste and aroma of her soaking wet thong was really exhilarating. I was about to explode when we heard the door open and we instinctively stopped. We sat quietly as I quickly figured out I was not the type who found public sex too exciting. The dude pissed so long that I melted down and slipped right out. We didn't say anything as she climbed off me, both of us slipping out of the men's room after the human racehorse finally got done pissing. I guess she was ticked off at me for not finishing in the stall as she left while I was paying the check. I was so wound up I couldn't believe my bad luck. I guess it was going to be a hard drive home and a necessary wanking to let loose with all of my pent up ...... Wait a minute, who is that standing by my car?

" It took you long enough, are you ready for desert? I bet you would like some pie and me, well I could use a load of hot cum to top off the night." She said in her sexiest come fuck me voice.

Luckily I was parked in a deserted area of the parking lot, not that it mattered much at that point as I was hornier than hell. I climbed in the backseat of my SUV and lowered the back seats so I could lie down comfortably. She wasted no time as she climbed on top of me, face towards my feet and started to take a seat. I guided her a bit, wanting to try something I had never done before. I guided her sweet ass cheeks toward my tongue and flicked my tongue in between to see a reaction. She shuddered a bit as I tasted her asshole and seeing that she liked it I explored a bit more. My tongue darted in and out of her sweet puckered asshole and although it was tastier than expected nothing compared to the sweet nectar of her neatly trimmed pussy.

I worked her to directly on top of my waiting mouth and started to feast on her inner thigh paradise. I love the taste of pussy and she was extra wet and juicy at the moment which means extra tasty. I notice she has finally decided to join me for desert after the surprise of my anal exploration and she too started to feast on me. She alternated between deep throating my cock and licking my balls when she must have felt the throbbing of my now volcanic dick as she sucked furiously on one end and was wetter than ever on the other. As she got wetter and tastier, the need for release became greater and greater. She was digging her nails in my thighs in anticipation as I could not hold off any longer. When all of a sudden, voices, we heard tons of voices all around us, shit we have an audience. I shrunk quickly and we lied still until we figured out it was just the staff closing up for the night. They hopped in their cars and drove off but by then I was limp as a noodle and she was once again highly disappointed.

Despite my lack of release, I continued my feast as it is not entirely just a sex thing, I truly love the taste of her. She finally rolled off of me, exhausted from her incredible blowjob. She was lying beside me quietly except for the sounds of exhaustion coupled with the frustration of no payoff. I could feel her pussy juice all over my face still which meant I could still smell her and still taste her. I turned slightly to look at my beauty and she was lying face down, her dress up around the small of her back revealing her naked ass and her bare feet were up in the air waving like a satisfied schoolgirl reading a book. I marveled at her sweet wrinkled soles, her wiggling tasty toes and her perfect round ass which was glistening with perspiration. She looked amazingly inviting for a very annoyed little lady and lo and behold, I am growing once again and I can't resist.

I roll over and slip one hand underneath her into her still wet pussy to lube up again, she moans slightly but doesn't move. I pull out my hand, take her juices and rub them all around her asshole as she willingly spread her creamy white ass cheeks. I spread her legs and get in between them before deciding to take a quick taste. Her asshole now smells and tastes as sweet as her wonderful cunt. The aroma and taste of her perfect ass leads me to another full erection which I maneuver into her anal canal. She moans as it is tight going in but she seems to like it. I push it deeper inside her, ready to finish what she so wickedly had started with a flick of her toe up the side of my thigh earlier that evening.

She continued to moan as I pushed my rod deeper in her sweet ass. She squirmed a bit to get comfy as I pumped my cock in and out of her sweet tight hole. Apparently her pussy was linked ed to her asshole as she seemed orgasmic with her screams while I pumped and pumped some more. I reached around with each hand and held her jiggling breasts as I humped her from behind, Her nipples were as hard as a rock and she screamed louder as I rubbed them with each thundering pump. I told her I was ready and she begged for the taste of my hot load but as I pulled out to feed my hungry beauty headlights flashed our window. Thoughts of arrest killed my hard on again as surely cops were checking on the only car left at this vacant restaurant. Shit! It was just the trash truck making its rounds, we have been here for quite a while. I knelt between her legs flaccid in shame as she was now on her back, mouth wide open expecting my usual volcanic cum shot to quench her hunger. She came to her senses, opened her eyes and saw the situation.

" Headlights" I explained dejectedly

" Well, I bet I can fix that." she said frustrated but determined.

She inserted three fingers into her pulsating pussy and cupped her sexy feet together and headed towards my dangling soft dick. She started rubbing her sexy feet all over my chest, thighs and balls before grabbing my cock between her two feet and starting the milking process. She stroked vigorously yet it felt so smooth and I was hard again in no time. I opened my eyes long enough to see her lying there in her naked glory. Her face was determined for the taste of my hot cum as she smiled slyly knowing the affect she was having on me. Her tits looked magnificent shimmering in the moonlight bouncing back and forth as she pumped my rod with her dazzling wrinkled soles. I closed my eyes and leaned back a bit knowing I needed to blow, her feet moving faster and faster, my cock throbbing more and more. When, all of a sudden... she stopped, what? No! Not now I am so close.......................

She bolted out of the car like a shot, buck naked and limping around. I asked what's wrong and she responded with, "Fuck! a cramp, a fucking cramp in my foot!!"

I sat there and looked down at my again flaccid appendage before asking if she was okay. She hopped back in the car still rubbing her sexy left foot and said she was fine. Unfortunately that last mishap killed the mood for good, which we both seemed to realize, so we had finally given up on our sexual quest. We put our clothes back on and since she had a friend drop her off that evening, she needed a ride home. We normally flirted constantly, but frustrated and disappointed, we were only up for small talk on the ride to her house.

I pulled in her driveway and asked if I could use the restroom before the half hour drive back to my place. We walked inside and she said I could use her spare bathroom as she was going to take a shower and get some sleep.

"Just lock up after you leave sweetie." she said in a dejected tone.

"I am sorry, I know you...." I stammered, trying to apologize but she kissed me on the cheek and smiled before heading to her bedroom at the back of the house.

"Another time sweetie." I heard her say as she walked away.

I left her guest bathroom and headed to the front door when I noticed a magazine on the kitchen counter. It was a Cosmopolitan magazine and although I never buy them I am fascinated by the crazy articles they have in them sometimes. I heard her soaking in the shower so I paged through it real quick when something caught my eye. Someone had written a letter to some doctor in there who has a Q & A column. The question was:

"Dr. Joe, I am worried about my boyfriend. He loves to have sex in very public places but the smallest distraction will cause me to stop him abruptly, sometimes two or three times a night. If we are headed home it isn't a problem but many times this will happen before he goes to work so I need to know if doing this will cause some kind of problem? Is it possible that this backlog of semen will cause a problem for him?"

I had to know this answer to this after our mishaps this evening. I read on and the answer from Dr. Joe (who surprisingly is not a real doctor at all,when I researched him later) was that there was no danger but that if there was an erection several times without release, when the release finally occurs it quite possibly would be "volcanic like."

I am standing there thinking to myself, "I almost came four times tonight and no release. If this doctor (a doctor of "sexycology" is what he claimed to be; which isn't a real thing apparently) is right, who am I to keep this "volcanic like" event to myself. That sexy little dynamo in the shower was with me every step of the way tonight and she deserved a payoff. Dr. Joe convinced me I had to share this with someone other than my right hand so when I heard the shower shut off I knew I had to act fast.

The hair dryer started so I was able to move freely about without detection. I circled the question and answer and jotted a read this on her magazine page, putting it on her bed. I looked on the floor of her bedroom where her dress and panties were discarded and I couldn't help myself as I picked up her panties and held them to my nose. Her sweet pussy smells heavenly and thinking about the taste of her, how she feels with that warm pussy engulfing my cock...... WOW!!!!!!!!! I was rock hard again. If Dr. Joe is right I am running around with Mount Vesuvius ready to blow.

I slipped out to the kitchen and sat on the counter waiting for my beauty when I thought to myself, what if she doesn't see the magazine? She may have a heart attack if she sees someone sitting on her kitchen counter in the dark. I knew part of her nighttime ritual was a glass of warm milk before bedtime so I emptied out her milk carton and jotted another note, attaching it to the emptied out milk bottle which I put back in the fridge. I turned off all the lights, stripped naked and slowly stroked my cock while sitting on her kitchen counter, anticipating what was soon to cum.

I heard her rummaging around in the bedroom and imagined what she was changing into. I was hoping for some type of sexy lingerie or better yet, she says she loves being naked so maybe....As it was stone silent in the kitchen except for the faint sound of my cock being stroked, I was able to hear the magazine picked up and I assume read through. She probably wondered why I was torturing her as she thought I had left for the night. She came into the kitchen and opened the fridge and read the note:

" Sorry, no warm milk tonight but there is another warm substitute waiting for you on your kitchen counter."

I hit the light to see her turn around looking sexier than I could have ever imagined. She had a pink half t-shirt on that had Betty Boop on the front of it. The t-shirt was tight enough to outline her enormous breasts and glorious silver dollar nipples. The thong panties she had on were so small in the front that little bits of pubic hair peaked out of their pink lacy home. The sight made me throb that much more which increased the squirts of pre-cum I was using to lubricate my stroking efforts. She seemed to be pleased with this potential milk substitute as a huge smile ran across her face.

She practically ran to the counter and without pretense wrapped her sensuous lips around my shaft. My pink clad darling always claimed she loved sucking cock and this seemed to prove she was not just saying that for my benefit. I eased off the counter and wanted to head for the bedroom but we only got as far as the couch in the carpeted living room. This, at least, allowed her to kneel in comfort as I looked down to see her perfect ass thrusting with each gulp. I was stroking her hair in time to her bobbing back and forth on my cock while I looked at her sexy wrinkled soled feet begging to be licked. Mount Vesuvius was about to blow so I then leaned back and pictured her this evening, the many looks of my cock sucking temptress;

The look of her walking in that men's room, short red dress, bare foot and ready to fuck.

The sweaty naked goddess lying there in my car after an incredible blowjob.

My short perfect naked goddess with her feet swaying in the air, her ass calling for my tongue.

The sexy girl looking for warm milk in her tiny pink t-shirt and panties. and

Last but not least, that smile on her face when she saw me on her kitchen counter, that devilish little smile.

I was ready to explode on that smile and explode on that smile is an understatement of what I did. I started to unload and she gulped furiously. She swallowed as much as she possibly could but her lips had to release my still erupting cock before she drowned in my cum. Dr, Joe was right, I was really built up, so I continued to spurt on her face and shirt when she collapsed on the floor before me. I spewed a few last streams and felt a release like I had never felt before. I opened my eyes and looked upon my devilish angel as she licked her lips savoring the warm treat she received. She looked amazing with cum on her nose and right cheek as well as in her hair. There was also as much cum on Betty Boop's face as hers. Betty now looked like a very happy member of the "Got Milk" campaign. Now filled with my spunk and seemingly satisfied she was lying there on the floor with her legs spread and she had almost ripped her lacy thong as she had three fingers deep while the other hand happily cleaned her cum soaked face, licking her fingers between cleanings. I was in awe of my sticky pink clad enchantress and amazingly I was rock hard again. My cock tingled when I stroked it one last time and the last shot had no distance so it just imploded all around my cock like lava around the great Mount Vesuvius. I could barely see my pubic hair as cum was thick and sticky engulfing my crotch completely. She heard my last moan, glanced up and quickly crawled over and licked me clean, even sucking softly on my soaked pubic hair for every last little drop.

She convulsed every now and then due to the three fingers she stuck deep inside but I had to repay the favor she did for me,myself. I finally composed myself from that incredible eruption and I made a beeline to her juicy slit. She quickly moved her hand and let me do what I do best. I munched and feasted on her wonderful pussy paradise after discarding her drenched panties. Her well groomed but full bush was soaking wet which only intensified the flavor. I love the amazing aroma and scintillating taste of her beautiful pussy and after this intense evening she was especially juicy as the taste of my cum seemed to intensify her orgasms. She overflowed with wetness as my baby is a squirt-er and I lapped up her pussy juice as hungrily as she had my cum just a few minutes ago.She came once, twice, three times for the lady. I can't believe how good her cunt juice tastes, the nectar of the gods I say. Amazing!!

She was so exhausted from this eventful evening that she fell fast asleep on the couch as I was cleaning up. I glanced over my shoulder before leaving and saw her sprawled out on the couch; her hair mussed up, bits of my cum on her upper cheek where her tongue could not reach, her Betty Boop t-shirt with several white stains all over Betty's smiling pink face. She had no panties on, legs spread wide, still soaking wet, so inviting, so tasty looking, I really gotta go.

Until next time, my sweet. If I start building up now and keep thinking about her all day long, Mount Vesuvius will be ready to blow again later tonight. Thank you Dr. Joe, your answer inspired a perfect end to a long and sometimes frustrating evening.

Dr. Joe, you are one magnificent bastard!!!!

Rating: 82%, Read 17273 times, Posted Feb 03, 2013

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Foot fetish, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex


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