Cousin Fuck-Buddy by GemmaSwinger101

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Diary | Consensual Sex, Female, Incest, Male, Masturbation

Still talking to me Cousin Gemma?

After the hot-rape session I chose not to go back into the Gang-bang Bar but loitered near the beer-garden socializing one Saturday night.

I had become a popular chick over-night or rather, over the table! So my new found status as slut of the week was a fame I bathed in, enjoying the attention and chat.

Donna wasn't here this night as she was working on the cotext share-value she claimed. Market-share and all that? Well that was ok, as I knew people; and Charlie my cousin was there and wanted me to be there, so he could put things right; about that he had fucked me when I was slutting it for anyone who wanted it.

'Gem can I see you?' was the message.

I didn't take my boyfriend Jake there; it was too sordid and a separate, hidden part of my life.

So as I was chatting with some mini-skirt chicks who had watched me being fucked the other week, my cousin Charlie walks over from a group of girls.

"Still talking to me cousin Gemma?" he asks me.

"I span round to face him with a smile.

"sure Charlie! how are you?"

"Just great! I need a fuck, and this new chick has moved in to the flats where I live. Chick called Chantelle, a real hot one! so, you are not pissed about last week...?"

I grabbed hold of Charlie's hand and walked away with him, taking him into a back-street away from the girls.

The back street was not totally deserted but was much more discreet.

Before I could ask him not to call me cousin in-front of the local gossips....Charlie holds onto my hips and looks at my tits with desire in his face.

"Thanks Gem!" he said.

"huh?" I said

Then he turns me round and bends me over, and pulls up my black-dress; the 'fuck-me and use-me', dress.

Fucked against the wall in the back-street like a whore

As I stand bent over wondering what Charlie was up to, I felt his hands grip my panties and pull them down to my knees. At least they were clean for the night.

"Charlie!" I shrieked in astonishment at his behavior.

"your the best cousin ever, Gem ! really come out of your shell now!" he said.

He unzipped his jeans and pushed his cock against my big ass.

I gasped with increasing excitement.

"Charlie? Is that your dick?"

He pushed his fingers into my cunt.

"Gem can you get wet for me?"

"yeh ok" I panted, getting rapidly wet as he rubbed inside my cunt - I slipped a hand in-between my legs and rubbed my hot-button like a horny nympho in heat.

"I'm wet Charlie..." I panted

He removed his fingers from my pussy and replaced them with his dick,which jabbed and then found my cunt hole. He slid it up me making my legs wobble and cunt suck on his dick as I cum

He held onto my hips and began fucking me from behind, sliding his big dick along my wet cunt.

"Not like this Charlie! Can we do it against the wall, face to face... please!"

I begged him as he pounded my cunt with his dick.

"whats wrong like this Gem? you are a slut".

"yeh well slut wants to be more intimate with her new lover!"

"ok then" he says and we dis-engage and I walk off his cock and towards the wall.

my panties were still around my knees so I let them slip and fall to the ground and stepped out of them.

I turn around to face him and spread my legs and I slipped my painted finger-nails down to the hem of my skirt and pulled it up to expose my-cunt to him. Then I spread my legs wider for him.

Charlie looked at my pussy. Then he pulled down the low neck-line of my dress to bare my tits.

He stepped in between my legs and pushed his cock along my cunt groove and found my cunt hole, which I pushed over his cock so he did not miss it.

"Thanks Gem" he says and held onto my hips and began to fuck me.

I smiled up at his intent face as we resumed our fucking and I felt a contentment enter me.

Charlie gripped my ass and roughly fucked my cunt banging his dick into me like I was a piece of meat!

It was passionate and raw sex, and I loved it for him!

"oh yes fuck me, enjoy me Charlie"

He garbled and choked some affirmative words as he raced towards his orgasm.

"keep breathing Charlie" I begged him as his fucking made my cunt twitch and cum for him and his erect cock.

I felt Charlie's cock jerk around inside my wet cunt and ejaculate his cum deep up inside me.

"ooh wow! Charlie! you naughty boy!" I laughed as we stopped fucking.

Do you need a Fuck Buddy, Cousin Charlie?

"Don't take it out of me yet, keep it in me" I whispered into his ear.

I looked into his hot flushed face as he breathed deeply for air, having enjoyed me.

"This is important Charlie! Do you need a fuck buddy? or rather, do you have one?"

"Chantelle", he said, panting. He was also nodding.

"Good. Well, if you need to tap-me for sex Charlie, I can keep you out of prison." I informed him.

He nodded.

"Got that, Gem" he said dryly and shoved his dick up me a few more times.

Hot and sticky as we where, we dis-engaged and Charlie pulled his cock out of my hot cunt which drooled his cum.

My dress-hem fell down covering my nakedness and I put my tits away as I looked happily at his wet cock.

Charlie let me admire it for a moment and I licked my lips.

"umm....want me to...?" I wrinkled my nose.

He looked at me blankly.

"you are talking shit again Gem" he bluntly informed me.

He put his cock away, to my disappointment.

Then he grabbed me by the hand and walked away with me.

"Come home with me Gem."

"To your flat, apartment? ok then" I said.

"You can spend the night." he told me.

I had pulled my cousin for the night!

The re-enactment at his flat: remember this?

One cab ride later - we went dutch and split the fair with some cab driver who knew me and smiled.

He wished me good-night Gemma!

I followed Charlie up the path to his apartment.

"There is no one around here, Charlie" I said.

"They don't want to get mugged", he grunted back.

He unlocked the door and showed me inside.

"Cant even get pissed in the park and vandalize a bus-stop shelter with-out some fucking hoodies mugging people!" he smirked.

"you asbo-job" I joked.

"they rape woman like you round here for fun"

We went up the stairs, and then up some more!

Finally we arrived at his room, and he produced his keys again to unlock the door.

"Did you get lost?" he asked.

I panted from climbing the stairs.

Door open, so I walked into Charlie's flat.

I sighed as I saw the beer cans, washing up and clothes on the floor.

Poor Charlie!

I would see to all that in the morning!

Still, I was here at the moment as an easy screw and fuck, so I walked over to the bed in the corner and gave him a twirl.

I pulled my dress off my shoulders and let it fall down around my high-heeled shoes. I was now naked in front of him.

"ah Gem!"he says...then..."you have done that before!" he smiled.

"yeh" I smiled back as I sat on his bed and tested the springs with a few bumps..

Then I lay back on his bed and spread open my legs for him.


..."yeh? got any cum left cousin-fucker? This slut cum-hole needs your hot erect cock pushed up my wet hot hot cunt! Fuck me you stud!"

"wow! Gem!"

"Do me!"

"er ok then" he says and comes over and got out his dick as he looks at my wet pussy there in-front of him.

He slides his dick up my open pussy and rams it up me. I moaned loudly as he did that, feeling my self going.

"Gem don't cum yet!"

I looked through my tits at him, puzzled.

"out of juice Mr?"

"No...:" he said, giving me a few thrusts of his dick.

"There is something....I want us to do...." he confessed.

I looked up at him with open eyes.

"I thought we were doing it Charlie?"

My mind swam with the lurid possibilities of Charlie's kink.

"It not sick is it Charlie?"

He shrugged.

"we will fuck Gem. I promise! but can you get dressed."



He pulled out of me as I sighed, and then I sat up. I stood up and stepped into my dress and covered myself back up.

Then I stood there arms folded and frowned at him.

"Gem! don't cry! can you come over here and stand against the wall..."

"sure" I said and marched over to the fucking wall. "just no dogs mr!"

I stood against the wall.

He went and looked into his wardrobe and came back with a pair of white panties.

"Remember these Gem?"

"ahh no?"

"They are yours! you left them that time...remember when we had summer-holidays at grand-parents house?"


"Great Gem! well there is something I need to do! Can you put the panties on."

"I have a pair in my bag, those are too small ass got bigger."

I reached into my handbag and produced by back-up panties and stepped into them. I had left my other panties in the back-street after the fucking.

Then he pushes himself against me and puts his hand under my skirt, rubbing a finger along my cunt though the panties. He spent some time doing this.

"hmmm that's nice Charlie you are getting me all wet and hot!"

He slipped his finger inside my panties and rubbed my cunt.

"you are wet down there Gem!" he says.

I looked at him curiously?

"I am going to finger you, Gem..." he tells me.

"promise you wont tell?" I said.

"yeh" he says.

So he puts his finger up inside my cunt and rubs and finger fucks me.

I rested my head on his shoulder.

"you are making me all hot. i'm going to cum, Charlie"

"Cum yet Gem?"


"now you will lick my dick."


I knelt down in front of him and he pulled his dick out of his pants.

I licked it, looking up at him.

lick lick.

"that's it Gem!"

He pulled it away from me.

"Right, now I need you to sit on the bed."

So I went and sat on his bed, knees together and looked over at him with interest.

He stands against the door watching me.

"I'm not letting you leave Gem, until you pull your panties down."


So I lift up my ass and reached under my skirt and pulled my panties along my thighs.

Then I stopped.

"I don't think we should be doing this, Charlie."

"I do."

"you promise not to tell."

"yeh. sure thing Gem!"

"ok, I guess"

"open your legs Gem, let me see!"

"so you want to see, my cunt?"


I turned my knees towards him and held up my dress hem and opened my legs.

Charlie comes over to me.

"I am going to finger you again Gem." he tells me and I lean back for him.

He pushed his finger up inside my cunt and rubbed.

I looked over to him bemused.

Then he pulled out his finger and undid his pants.

"You lied to granddad because you are not a virgin, Gem."

I shrugged.

"And the stories about you are true! So I am going to fuck you too!"

Charlie pushed his hard dick against my groove, too high up for my cunt hole.

He waited on me.

"er... don't put it in me Charlie. You might get me pregnant"

I slipped a hand between my legs and held onto his cock.

then I began masturbating his cock.

"oh yes Gem, keep doing that. Faster!"

I wanked him fast.

Then Charlie pulled his dick out of my hand.

"huh?" I said.

"Well this time i'm not cumming on your belly, Gem. This is how it should be..."

And he pushed my legs up and rammed his dick up my wet hot cunt and began fucking me real hard.

I burst into orgasm and panted.

"oh yes yes fuck me this is good!" I sobbed as his dick slid up my slippy cunt.

Charlie fucked me fast and hard and groaned as he he cum.

He slowed down his fucking and stopped.

I was hot and sweaty from the sex we had just had. So was he.

He pulled out of my cunt and sat next to me on the bed.

"That's it" he said.

I regained my senses and my tits heaved with by deep breaths as I sat up on the bed next to him.

I rested my head on his shoulder.

"you fucking slut, Gem. you held out on me and let Dan fuck you in front of me you slag!" he accused.

I sighed a deep breath.

"Safe time, Charlie. I noticed you just cum in me. would you have?"


"I would have got pregnant Charlie! And that would look dum, being preggy by my cousin like a hick!"

"I guess."

"Well I didn't let him fuck me, he just did it. And I offered you a turn but you stormed off all angry....I know you two didn't get on, but you could have fucked me Charlie.."

"Yeh, I have now Gem. Thanks babe"

and with that he gives me a big hug and kissed me on the lips, parting my mouth and putting in his tongue.

I felt the air clear between us.

"You must introduce me to Chantelle in the morning" I told him..."if you promise not to tell."

Rating: 64%, Read 30931 times, Posted Nov 11, 2012

Diary | Consensual Sex, Female, Incest, Male, Masturbation


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