Katelyn's Orgy by deaths_child

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Fiction | Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Pegging, Romance

Katelyn was tall girl with straight red hair and fun grey colored eyes. She was a well know Pokémon trainer, everyone knew her where ever she went. They thought they knew her every secret but there was one that not even her best friend knew. Katelyn loved to fuck her Pokémon, she was always having orgies with them.

She had a Scizor, Garchomp, Arcanine, Lopunny, Tauros and Blastoise. They all had large bulging cocks that would send pleasurable sensations throughout her. Katelyn couldn’t wait for tonight so she could have one of her Pokémon orgies. Giggling with joy she rushed to her Hotel suit already fumbling with her Pokeball belt.

The second she entered the room she released her Pokémon. They all surrounded her and Katelyn walked up to Garchomp and started to kiss him. Garchomp reacted with wrapping his arms around her and kissing back shoving his tong down her throat. Lopunny came up behind her and stared to take off her clothes sliding her pants and underwear off.

Lopunny got down on his knees and parted Katelyn ass cheeks licking at her puckering hole. Katelyn mad an mmm sound as she felt Garchomp take off her shirt and start playing with her breasts. Another hand touched her shoulder and she looked over to see Blastoise in full erection in fact all her Pokémon were hard and ready.

Katelyn’s Pokémon back off as she instructed them in the positions she wanted them in. Lopunny was laying on his back so she could straddle him. With Lupunny’s cock buried deep into her slick pussy she bent forward so that Arcanine can push his cock into her tight asshole.

"Aaahh fuck yeah" Katelyn moaned “Blastoise come here and let me suck you".

Blastoise walked over with his large throbbing member and slid it into the girls waiting mouth. He pushed forward making Katelyn deep throat him. Arcanine’s cock was fucking her ass deep when he was forced deeper into her as her Tauros mounted him. Arcanine howled as Tauros’s large cock found its way into the dog Pokemon’s tight hole.

Katelyn was moaning and grunting around Blastoise cock, she felt the push of Arcanine’s and Tauros thrusts made Lopunny’s cock go deeper. Lopunny fucked up when she was forced down. Blastoise grunted as feeling the girl’s skilled mouth on his cock. Giving a shock cry Blastoise felt Scizor’s large dick pierce into his ass.

Blastoise loved getting his ass fucked and started to rock back and forth shoving his cock into Katelyn’s mouth then being penetrated by Scizor. Blastoise was the first one to cum and shot his load down her throat. He moved away from Katelyn so that Scizor could keep fucking his ass.

Garchomp moved in front of the girl and she happily took the cock that was shoved into her mouth. All the while Lopunny and Arcanine fucked her holes. She was tight around both cocks that penetrated her squeezing them as an orgasm flooded her body. She felt Arcanine’s knot at the opening and felt him start shoving into her. This cause muffled screams as Garchomp’s member was being sucked off.

Tauros grunted and started to fuck hard which caused Arcanine to fuck harder and she to have Lopunny’s cock press against her womb. Lopunny cried out as he came into Katelyn, filling her womb then spilling out into her pussy. She squealed with delight and kept sucking and licking Garchomp’s massive cock that was deep in her throat.

Tauros and Arcanine came simultaneously their seed exploding from their cocks. Tauros’s cum filled Arcanine’s asshole which making him whimper in delight. Katelyn’s Pussy and ass was now full of cum but she still had one more Pokemon to get off. Tauros climbed off of Arcanine and when his member slip out of his ass cum started to slowly dribble out.

Arcanine was stuck in Katelyn till his cock soften enough. She was bobbing her head up and down on Garchomp as he made excited noises feeling her tong swirl around the tip of him. Blastoise gave a moan of pleasure as Scizor grunted releasing his seed into the shelled Pokemon’s trembling ass. Watching Blastoise’s pleasure made Katelyn Suck faster and heard Garchomp groan.

He started thrusting his hips forward fucking Katelyn’s mouth and they both grunted as they pleasured each other. She licked and sucked him, his orgasm building and building. Garchomp gave a loud growl and his cum shot down her throat in hot gushes. She swallowed it down expertly loving his taste.

Garchomp pulled from her mouth as Arcanine was finally able to slip out of her ass. Katelyn stood up on shaky legs so that Lopunny could get up. Cum spilled out of her body emptying out her womb and her ass leaked with Arcanine’s seed. The girl took her abused body to the shower and got cleaned up. When she was finished she stumbled to the bed and passed out when she hit the mattress, her Pokémon all around her on the gigantic bed.

The next morning Katelyn awoke to her furry pile and smiled at her slumbering Pokémon. She found Lopunny laying on his back and decided to suck him. This awoke the Pokémon and she did this to get them all up and awake for more fun.

Rating: 59%, Read 37646 times, Posted May 25, 2015

Fiction | Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Pegging, Romance


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