My Girl and Me by Irishpassion

Rating: 80%, Read 17499 times, Posted May 06, 2009

Fantasy | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Submission, Threesome, Toys, Written by women

My sub and I were in bed, well technically ON the bed rather than in it. She was between my legs, my hands in her hair, her mouth tight at my pussy, licking and kissing, her tongue flicking my clit. I wouldn’t let her back off or stop, and she was doing a good job of it for me. At my command, she slid a finger inside my sopping wet pussy, then added another and started pumping them in and out, adjusting her rhythm as I instructed. I let her continue for several minutes and then had her turn around so that her pussy was over my face and I could do to her what she’d been doing to me.

As she lowered her pussy down, my lips immediately found her clit and my hands grabbed her ass cheeks to hold her to me. I knew she went wild when I got after her clit, so I concentrated on it with lips, tongue and teeth, teasing her unmercifully by alternating the attack on her sensitive bud. I would suck on it, and then flick it with my tongue, stopping that to next dip to her pussy to lick up some of her juices and taste the sweetness of her before again returning to her clit to nibble on it, her taste and smell all over my lips and chin. A finger slid into her slippery hole, instantly coated with her slick wetness, so I added a second finger and began to fuck them in and out of her, enjoying the wet sounds they made in their movements. She was humping my face, almost ready to cum, her mouth still glued to my pussy, lapping frantically as her passions rose.

Pulling my fingers from her, I ran them back between her ass cheeks to her tiny hole, smearing the wet juices from her pussy around it. She moaned and tried to push back against my finger but I wouldn’t allow it, I had other plans for her and reached under the pillow my head was on for the vibrator I’d stashed there earlier and slid it into her ass before turning it on. One hand working the vibrator in and out, the other back with two fingers buried in her pussy, my teeth were nibbling at her clit, and she was over the top. She shuddered and shook through a couple of orgasms before I had my own, her body twitching and jerking as she came all over my face, my tongue swirling and lapping her juices as fast as I could. As she started to calm down, I rolled her off me and turned around so we could cuddle up spoon fashion to catch our breath. We would play again in a while.

We rested and caught our breath, curled up spoon fashion for a few minutes; my hand cupping one of her breasts as I gently kissed and licked the back of her neck, tasting the tanginess of her sweat and breathing in her warm smell. I felt the nipple in my hand start to harden as she wriggled against me restlessly, and I knew she was ready for more play. I slid my hand down her side to her hip, enjoying the feel of her soft smooth skin, and pulled her back more tightly against me, whispering in her ear that I was going to fuck her with the strap on next, first her pussy, then her ass, and would she like that?

She moaned her agreement as I slid two fingers into her pussy, running them over her clit and giving it a quick pinch as I did so, making her hips jump. After a few quick pumps of my fingers, I ordered her to get the strap on and put it on me. Being a good girl, she jumped up and quickly pulled it out of the drawer where I kept it, stepped up to me as I stood up, and proceeded to put it on me. She was trembling as she worked and I knew she was hot and ready, she loved it when I fucked her with the eight inch dildo strapped to me and a vibrator in my hands.

I had her get on the bed on all fours, her backside presented to me, completely open to whatever I wanted to do to her. I moved up behind her and positioned the dildo at the lips of her dripping pussy, rubbing it up and down in the moisture and teasing her clit with the head of it. It was quickly coated with her juices and as I slid it slowly into her, she moaned and gasped, pushing back at me to encourage me sink it into her to the hilt. I grabbed her hips, holding her in place as I continued to use short strokes with the dildo to fuck her, gradually sinking it further into her as she squirmed and tried to match my strokes. I reached forward and grabbed her breasts, pinching and rolling the nipples between my fingers. She was matching my strokes, her ass weaving invitingly in front of me, so I picked up the vibrator, and turning it on, started teasing her asshole. She started to gasp as she felt it sliding into her, the strokes opposite of the dildo in her pussy, her body starting to shudder in a massive orgasm.

She was lost in what I was doing to her, so she never heard the door open; but I did, and turning my head, saw Master enter the room. He stopped and a slow grin spread over his face as he took in the scene before him. He started shedding clothes as he silently approached the bed, and as his pants slid down, I saw his cock already starting to rise to hardness. I grinned as he stepped up and climbed onto the bed in front of us, his cock waving in her face as I continued to fuck her pussy. I told her to open her mouth and as she did, master pushed the head and about four inches of hard cock into it. He matched my rhythm, face fucking her as I fucked her pussy with the strap on and her ass with the vibrator.

Master pulled out of her mouth and with a grin, told me to replace the vibrator with the strap on as he moved around behind us. I pulled both out of her, and without missing a beat slid into her ass with the dildo. Master moved up behind me and reaching down found me wet and ready for his hard cock. One smooth push buried him into my pussy to the hilt, and he rammed it in and out, enjoying the wet, hot, and tight fit as he always did. His strokes pushed me further into her as well, and she was nearing her climax, her breath coming in gasps. Master left my pussy for her mouth again, making her suck and lick my juices off his hard length as she began to shiver in wave after wave of orgasms. Her body shook as if in a high wind, little screams and moans escaping around master’s cock as she came again and again, her lips and tongue busy cleaning him.

Master grinned at me and ordered me to remove the strap on and lay down, which I did quickly, legs spread wide as he liked. I was ready for whatever master had in mind and soon found out as he ordered my girl to go down on me. She turned around and found my clit immediately with her lips and teeth, licking and sucking, nibbling at it until it was tender and sensitive, then sliding her tongue between my pussy lips to taste my juices as she teased me. My hands found her hair and used it to hold her in place while her tongue explored and played between clit and pussy. Master gave her a slap on the ass and ordered her to raise it up for him; putting her on her knees and displaying her dripping pussy and ass to his gaze. He drove into her pussy as far as he could in one long thrust; she squealed and doubled her efforts at pleasing me, working the vibrator into my pussy and turning it on, timing it’s movements with master’s rhythm.

She knew what I liked, sucking and nibbling on my clit while she worked the vibrator in and out of my pussy, driving me higher and higher towards those same crashing waves of ecstasy that she had ridden just a few moments ago. Master was pounding in and out of her, fast and hard, and she was almost ready to cum again, as was I. I thought master was getting close too, as he had increased his pace again. I felt the first wave of ecstasy roll through my body, moaning out my pleasure as she also started to cum. Both of us shook as the sensations took over our bodies, master pulling out of her and moving around so that his hard cock was aimed at both of us and letting his hot cum spurt over us. Much of it I caught in my mouth, and what I couldn’t catch, I was quick to lap up with my tongue or scoop up with my fingers. I so love master’s sweet taste. I reached for master’s cock with my mouth, asking silently to be allowed to clean him, and was rewarded with his approval and a shift of the hips that brought him to me.

I used my tongue to lick away the last drops of master’s cum, and then tasting her juices coating him, I licked and sucked until I couldn’t taste her any more, and master told me to stop. We lay on the bed curled together, but I knew we weren’t done yet, master was here now.

Master didn’t give us long to rest, but I wasn’t interested in resting anyway, just the sight of my master made me wet and hot, and when his hand in my hair guided my mouth to his semi erect cock, I eagerly began to lick and kiss the length of it, as always relishing the taste of his skin. Master told our playmate to go down on me while I pleasured him, and she settled between my wide spread legs and buried her face in my pussy, her tongue flicking and licking. Master was hard and growing in my mouth as I sucked on his shaft, his hands holding my head right where he wanted it so that he could fuck my mouth, his strokes long and slow to start as he buried his length in my throat again and again. He began to stroke in and out faster, stopping me from doing anything but sucking on his hard cock as he rammed it down my throat over and over again.

Master pulled my head back from him and rose; stepped around the bed so that he was behind my girl and slapped her ass as he ordered her to get up on her knees and drove his cock deep into her pussy in one swift hard stroke, sinking all but the last two inches into her before bottoming out. She moaned into my pussy as he began to drill into her, his long strokes pulling him out until just the head was inside her and then driving forward again. After a dozen strokes, master pulled out of her dripping pussy, and ordered her away from mine. With one long thrust, he buried himself to the hilt inside my wet heat, groaning as he felt me close around him, my muscles squeezing his whole length.

I called her to me and had her sit on my face so I could eat her sweet pussy as master fucked me, his strokes in and out getting faster and harder, and holding nothing back. As she settled over me facing master, my lips, tongue and teeth found all her most sensitive spots to play with. Her breasts were at a perfect angle for master to grab a nipple with his teeth and worry it into almost diamond hardness, while he fucked my eager pussy. We played with each other for long minutes, driving each other higher and higher, making the desire flame uncontrollably; until master told her to get the strap on again.

She jumped up and got it as master pulled out of me, following his instructions to put it on me and then mount me and ride it, while master again filled my mouth with hard cock to suck and lick. She settled down onto the dildo slowly, as if fucking a real cock, working it in and out as my hips raised to meet her; and when she started to rock back and forth, master again got behind her and worked his cock into her ass an inch at a time. He very quickly went from long slow strokes to fast and hard ones, pounding in and out of her as she moaned and writhed above me, the strap on I was wearing also pounding in and out with every thrust of my hips. She was moaning and gasping for breath as she started to cum, her whole body shaking with the force of the orgasms rolling through her one after another as we fucked her from two directions at the same time.

As her body slowly calmed from her release, master pulled out of her ass and ordered me to remove the strap on and get on my knees before him. I knew what he wanted, and hastened to obey, tossing the strap on onto the floor and presenting my ass to master for his pleasure as he told her to get the vibrator and use it on my pussy. Master laughed as he entered my ass, commenting that he knew I was a hot little slut, he could smell my arousal, and pushing all the way into me in one long smooth stroke. I reared up against him, loving the feel of him inside me as his cock filled me. He pushed me back down and grabbed my hips, holding me so that I couldn’t move except as he directed, his rock hard cock drilling in and out of my tight ass as she fucked my pussy with the vibrator. The two of them matched rhythm together, one sliding in as the other slid out, and it didn’t take long for me to feel the first waves of pleasure roll through me.

My body tried to buck back against masters, tried to swallow the vibrator further into me, but his strong hands held me in place as they fucked me the way he wanted and I felt the pleasure rise and consume me. My mind went blank as the sensations flowed over and through me, my whole body became one huge orgasm, shaking and shivering as they kept on. I felt the strongest spasm yet overtaking my body, and screamed as it drove me deep into the pleasure roaring through me. Master gave me two very hard thrusts and drew his now huge cock from me, flipping me onto my back as he started to cum, his sweet juice splattering in my mouth and on my face and chest. He had our playmate hand feed me his cum with her fingers, allowing her one small taste, the rest going to me. When she had got as much as possible with her fingers, I had her lick the last few specks of masters cum from my breasts. Master ordered us to the shower, where we took turns washing him, and then each other, getting ready for the long night ahead.

Rating: 80%, Read 17499 times, Posted May 06, 2009

Fantasy | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Submission, Threesome, Toys, Written by women


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