Masquerade Party by graylover

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Angie Vu Ha is a playboy playmate, sexy super model and a DJ. She is a hot sexy vietnamese woman. I flew Angie to Dallas to be the DJ at my masquerade party in Preston Hollow. It is 1 am and the party just ended with everyone leaving. Angie and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. In our conversations her rape fantasy was revealed and I decided to help her fulfill it. Wearing a mask I go upstairs slipping into her bedroom. Her back is to the door so she does not realize I am there until I grab her shoulders and spin her around. She sees me and starts to scream but, anticipating that, I put one hand over her mouth and the other holding the back of her head. " SHUT UP." I say sternly.

She nods her head and relaxes. As soon as I let go, she makes a run for the door. I grab her by the arm and drag her back into the room. I grab her chin and I say, " you fucking bitch, now you've asked for it" I grab a handful of her blouse and tear it apart popping buttons everywhere. I pull a knife from my pocket and slip it up under her bra. Her eyes get big and scared as she sees the knife. I pull the blade to me and cut her bra. It flips aside exposing her breasts as I reach down and cup one and bend down to kiss it. She starts to fight but I grab a nipple hard and pull her down on her knees. I work her blouse and bra off.

I stand in front of her, staring down at her stroking myself as I anticipate what was to come. I'm heavily muscled with a thick waist and a torso covered in dense body hair. It thinned as it reached my stomach and trailed down to a long, thick cock that, even when fully erect, hung low due to its weight and length.

She is staring at me, I liked them to see my body fully nude, I have found that some women seemed to find it terribly exciting and liberating to be taken by a very well endowed and experienced older man. They all struggle at first, but once they feel my length and thickness sliding inside them without resistance, they enjoy it. And there is nothing better than feeling their tight bodies begin to respond to me on top and inside of them.

I chose them carefully to ensure that they would be nice and tight around my cock - I love the feeling of their pussies stretching to accommodate my massive size, watching their eyes widen in discomfort and fear at the feel of me, and then watching them start to sweat as I enter them completely. I prefer asian women due to their small vaginal openings and narrow tunnels.

My erection was massive already, just by staring at her. Her eyes are wide as she watchs me reach for the lubricant to use and begin to spread it liberally over my cock. I love being able to slide deep without any foreplay, and the look of shock on their faces when I do is always exciting. It also makes it more enjoyable for them, and harder for them to hold back their climax.

She stands moving over to the bed and I push her bending her over on the bed. I pull her arms to the side and press to the bed . I grab her skirt, pulling it and her panties down over her butt. She squirms as I start rubbing and admiring her beautiful ass. I rub and give her a quick spank ... rub ... spank. I jerk her skirt and panties down and slide them under her feet. I grab her ankles and jerk them wide apart exposing her pussy and ass. I rub my hands up and down her inner thighs. I move up and nudge her pussy and she flinchs when I do this. I cup her pussy in my hand and rub up and down, my finger sliding up and down over her clit.

" You like this, don't you", I ask? She shakes her head "no" as I roughly rub her pussy some more. I can feel her getting moist. " You're lying to me. Your pussy is telling the truth." As I rub I can see her tighten as she involuntarily gets turned on. I spread her legs wider, slidding between them behind her and rub my hard cock up and down her slit. " Tell me to fuck you", I command. She shakes her head "no" and I slap her ass. " NOW, Tell me you want my cock in your pussy!" I slap her ass again. I push her harder into the bed. "NOW", I yell as she goes limp, giving up. " Put your cock in my pussy", She whimpers.

My breathing becomes heavier and deeper. I smile and say, " as you wish ... my dear", My cock pushs aganist her pussy, aganist her small tight wetness, pushing, I was grunting ' uuuuuhhh! uuuuuhhh!' then I feel my large bulbous head push past her labia. The head pushing into the small mouth of her vagina, as the pain starts to tear through her body. " OMG! WHAT A MONSTER! " She screams. Her pussy has never been stretched like this ever. It slids in slowly, forcing her to scream, " OMG! OMG! IT HURTS! PLEASE! PLEASE IT HURTS! OMG!" and gasps with searing pain. " Noooo... Noooo." Angie half screams as I steadied myself, then I clamp my hand over her mouth as I thrust into her, the pain tearing through Angie's body as the long thick hard cock pushs part way into her small tight wetness, her body going stiff with shock, with the excruciating pain.

" You're hurting me. Stop!" She whimpers. I groan " UUUUUHHHH..UUUUUHHHH" as I push further into her, I feel her pussy is well lubricated. I feel a part of her liking it. I thurst hard into her driving the head of my cock deeper into her, “ OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!” Angie screams again. " Oh! Baby, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight!" I pull completely out of her. Looking down seeing my shaft covered in blood and her juices. Then with the head barely touching her lips again, she feels herself wanting to cry and run out of the room. “ OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!” Angie continues screaming. She let's me proceed, I lay on top of her and begin to kiss her shoulders, then lightly kissing her neck. She feels my hands roving over her body, cupping and lightly squeezing her breasts, running across her back and laying gently between her legs. Slowly she feels my head leaving her back moving back up to gingerly lick and kiss her neck. She feels her breasts growing very sensitive under my touch, sending new and exciting feelings throughout her body,

" AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" she screams. But, this time, I did not stop there.

Pausing only for a moment, I continue downward, letting my tongue flow easily down her back. She feels every muscle in her body tense as my tongue caresses her skin. As I reach her ass, she feels my hand slide around and touch the crease of her leg, sending shivers through her entire body. Again sliding slowly down, She feels my warm breath now against her inner thighs. Closing her eyes she imagines me between her legs and my soft kissing of her skin. Slowly she feels me move my tongue up towards her pubic area and, in a move that almost caused her to moan out, feels me touch her gently with my tongue. She lays her hands on the bed and gently fingers the covers. Ever so slowly, I let my tongue probe her shaved mound. A slight dampness and continuous involuntary twitching on her part tell me where to touch, lick and kiss. The taste was fresh and intoxicating, slowly inserting my finger into her wet warm velvet box; I came to the realization that she was very small and very tight. More excited than ever," You've never have experienced a monster cock before, have you?" I softly whisper in her ear.

Angie nods her head no, she whispers " First time with older man and monster cock." " I'm going to make it nice for you honey. I'm going to show you things you've never dreamed of." She had no idea that here was a 52 yr. old wealthy lawyer and business mogul making all of this fuss over her, was making her fantasy come true. Angie was very quiet, I gently rubbed my 9 inch long thick rock hard cock aganist her clit and pussy again. Angie moans " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh," and shivers. She whispers " Oh God, your cock iss so long and thick that it would not fit." I gently rub my 9 inch long thick rock hard cock aganist her clit and pussy. I slowly begin to push the bulbous head inside her again, she is so small and tight. The walls of her pussy are small like a straw, I literally was unable push more then the tip in. The lips of her pussy were wet, but her slit was so small and so tight, the more pressure applied the more pain, she screams " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH!"

As I pull back some, she grabs the covers in her fists. I try again, but she was soooo tense. I tell her try to relax, and Angie blushs. The more I try to penetrate her the harder my cock grows. I decide to use more KY gel on my cock to help open the tight walls of her pussy. I lubricate her pussy with my finger, then thrust the bulbous head aganist her slit, the shaft sinks four inches into her. " STOP!", YOU'RE HURTING ME! STOP!" I pull out of her, then she feels the bulbous head poking aganist the tender lips of her cunt. As I lightly kiss her back, my hand slips between our bodies and I position the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. I groan " UUUUUHHHH..UUUUUUHHHH" as I continue pushing into her, I feel her pussy now is well lubricated. I feel her relaxing and part of her liking it. I thurst hard into her driving the head of my cock into her stopping at her cervix, “ OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!” Angie screams. " Oh! Baby, I'm all the way in!" I pull completely out of her.

We kiss again, with our tongues fucking each other's mouth, and the aroma of her pussy got stronger making me even hotter. I grab her ass with both hands causing her to spread her legs further apart. Then with the head barely touching her lips again, I drive my hips forward using all of my weight. Her lips resists, and then splits to allow the hard thick instrument enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal stretching and tearing her. Again driving itself all the way in filling her. I wasn’t surprised when her whole body was jerking in response to the white hot searing pain of the thick instrument slicing into her small tight tunnel stretching, tearing, and scraping the walls. She screams " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back a few inches, I see lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the bed.

Then I drive forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix again. I draw back and start slamming into the tightness as she howls pitifully " OMG! AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH!" Her body and legs are quivering uncontollably with each impalement. The feel of her tight small pussy milking my cock sends shivers of excitement through me. The pain was intense and shocking to her. She feels my large hairy balls resting against her pussy lips and she realizes she has taken all of me again. The feeling of fullness was shocking and exciting to her! She was proud of herself for taking my full 9 inch cock. I pull out then quickly thrust all the way back in. Building a rhythm with long deep strokes until I feel sheathing and unsheathing of my full 9" on each stroke. Her pussy spasming with each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement.

Tears were streaming down her face as her tight canal is stretching, being scrapped and tearing by the sustained ramming I was inflicting on her. Gradually, the continued ramming of my cockhead gives to her cervix causes it to open a little, and I was able to push into her womb. It feels great, having her tight pussy grasping the entire shaft including the base of my cock, convulsing from the trauma, continuely spasming as her whole body heaves from the sobs and screams she was emitting " AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! "

I gently wipe away the tears on her cheeks, I place my left arm under Angie's shoulders, holding her close as my right hand softly strokes her hair. My lips touching hers in a long, soft kiss. Slowly, Angies's arms move up and around my back, pulling me close as she liftes her legs and wraps them around my hips. I continue kissing Angie and softly massaging her soft supple body with my free hand. She starts returning my kisses as she caresses and rubs the back of my neck. I whisper in her ear, " You just became a woman." Slowly her hips begin moving in time with me as I slowly move deeper inside of her. " Ooooohhhh." She moans as she nuzzles into my shoulder. " Oooohhhh...Oooooooohhhhhh...Mmmmmmmmmm."

The moans of escatsy continues. They are moans of one body responding to another. Moans of acceptance. " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh." She continues responding to my gentleness. Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ooohhhhhhh." She was moving in time with my hips and thrusts now, her pace increasing as I did, her pelvic area grinding against mine. She feels the stirrings deep inside her. Slowly, she is becoming very aroused. " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" She clamps her mouth onto mine, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as I did the same. Our tongues intertwine as the pace of our thrusting increases. " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!" Angie moans as she digs her nails into me, leaving long red scratchs down my back. She feels the raging fire of arousal growing inside her, feels her body responding more and more to my attentions. " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Angie groans as her body is wracked by multiple orgasms. Her entire body shaking, pushing me over the edge as well. " Oh God!!" I moan as I begin shooting my load into her. Angie is still in the throes of her own orgasms as she feels the heat of my sperm filling her. The throbbing and jerking of my cock inside her causing her to groan as her orgasms begin abating. " Mmmmmm." Angie sighs, holding me close, her legs wrapped tight around my hips, as the trembling of her body slowly ceases. I collapse on her with a sigh of contentment. Angie opens her eyes seeing my face above her, feeling my softening cock still inside her. I roll off her, smiling at her.

I ask Angie to kneel on her hands and knees on the floor I whisper to her, " Let me fuck your tight virgin ass." " NO! Please not there! It will hurt!" she answers. " Let me finish making you a woman, baby. I will be gentle." I respond.

I part her legs, sliding between them. Angie feels my hairy thighs rubbing aganist her thighs. I part the cheeks of her ass, licking my finger then I slide my finger up and down the crack. Stopping at the pink bud of her ass, I lightly rub it causing her to jerk and moan " nnnnnnnooooo! please don't!" " Relax baby," I then slide my finger in her tight asshole in and out slowly, and while it did hurt at first, I knew exactly how to distract her by tweaking her nipples or slamming my hard cock back into her cunt really hard and deep. She begins to love the idea of me filling her tight ass and pussy at the same time, and she soon learns to love feeling my finger inside her that way.

I tried a couple times to push my hard cock in with little success. As much as she wants to please me, she was really afraid. I tried to be gentle. I lubricated myself well and placed the tip of my cock against her asshole, and worked it gently, stretching her a little at a time. I tried to be a little more assertive, lubing it and telling her to relax while I tried to just push my way in. That might have worked if I had been less considerate, but I wanted her to like it, and each time she tried to like it, she panicked. I had her bent over the bed and when that did not work out, over a chair. I laid her down on the floor and put her legs in the air, and when that was unsuccessful, I put her on her hands and knees doggy style. I tried to make her feel more in control of the situation by sitting down and having her sit on my cock as if she were sitting in my lap. Pain again, and panic, " OMG! STOP, Please STOP!" SHE screams.

I was gentle in all the attempts, patient and gentle and reassuring. I insisted that she just needed to relax to enjoy it. she tried to relax, but as most people realize, when you " try" to relax. She is frustrated and annoyed with herself. she wants to do this because it was clearly important to me.

I get up and leave so Angie goes to sleep, later during the night I slip back into bed with her. She is lying on her side as I lay down behind her. She wakes up and is a little confused as she feels my cock against her ass. she feels movement against her butt, as if I were slightly aroused, I was not fully erect. I was pressed into the crevice, and she feels the length of me with the head an inch or so away from her pussy. It feels pleasant, and she starts to wriggle slightly, adjusting herself against me. My cock begins to get hard, and she starts to kind of grind herself against me gently with a slow, steady rhythm. It feels sexy and sensual, very relaxed, the feeling of my cock so close to her pussy, my body so close to her, and my arms holding her tightly. We were awake, as she feels my hard cock as I match her rhythm and press more tightly against her. I stroke her absent mindedly, softly and gently with my fingers. It was very erotic to her - the contrast of my gentle, endearing touch, so different from the demanding, rough pulls and grips of earlier.

I slip my fingers down to her pubic mound and continue my soft gentle strokes, no pressure at all, just light, feathery brushes across her skin. She feels lust between her legs. Deep in her cunt, She feels the start of that familiar ache. She juts her ass back against me, attempting to position her pussy against the head of my cock. I respond by pressing myself into her closer, and moving my fingers to her labia. I continue the soft feathery strokes around the folds of her pussy lips. I tease my way up and down, strumming and brushing my fingers against her slowly, never parting the lips, never moving to her clit, and it was deliciously maddening.

She feels herself melting, liquid starting to flow from her yearning cunt. She pushes herself against me and tries to wiggle her pussy onto my hard cock. I remain still, letting my pulsing, hard cock rest between her ass cheeks, and move my other hand to her swollen, hard nipples. She has average tits, 30B, and prominent, rose-colored nipples that are extremely sensitive. She can come just from having her nipples touched, and I discovered that the first time I fucked her. I know exactly how to turn her into a writhing, begging, lusting woman wanting to be taken by an older man by playing with them. I move both hands to her tits and begin brushing the palms of my hands, then my fingertips, across her nipple tips. As she begins to grind her ass against my cock, I took her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and begin rolling them gently. As she starts to squirm more, I begin to pull and tug on them softly, allowing them to pop loose and kind of bounce free every few minutes. I alternate the plucking and pulling with flicking my fingers against the sides of each nipple rapidly but lightly.

The feelings that courses through her body were exquisite and unbeliveable, but the ache in her cunt has become an intense craving, and as the muscles inside tighten and squeeze involuntarily, the churning sensation made her squirm. My cock was so hard it aches and She feels it against her hard and throbbing. She wants to feel it inside her instead, plunging and filling her full. She arches her back, and reachs her arms back over her head to wrap her hands around my neck. I nuzzle against her, breathing into her ear, alternately blowing lightly and running just the tip of my tongue around the orifice. I had started to alternate the gentle flicks against her nipples with periodic pinches, jarring her senses and making her moan, " OOOOOOHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!."

She pushs her body against me desperately, needing to feel me in her. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and dip just the tips of my fingers into the edge of her wet velvety box. I press there, just inside the edge of the opening, teasing in and out from the swollen, wet inner walls to the puffy, outer lips, wiggling my fingers just enough for her to feel the motion. Her body was on fire and aching for my cock. She needs to feel my long thick hard cock in her. She wants me so bad, and I know I was making her crazy. As she moves against me, I continue to toy with her body, flicking and brushing her nipples, circling just inside her pussy with my fingertips only and licking and kissing her neck and shoulders. I start to press my cock against her, and she responds by grinding her body against me.

I work my cock against the lips of her pussy from the rear, dipping slightly into her wet, dripping cunt, then suddenly I plunge my fingers into it from the front instead. She didn't care how I did it, she was just grateful to feel something filling the emptiness between her legs. Just as quickly as I had pushed my fingers deep, I pulled them back out and begin to play them around her swollen clit. She feels like screaming in frustration. I begin dipping the head of my cock into her wet pussy and then sliding it back to her ass. It makes her quiver, she presses against me, wanting my cock inside her, craving to feel me filling her. The head of my cock was coated with the wetness from her pussy, and as her cream oozes out, I use my fingers and cock to smear the slippery natural lubricant around on her inner thighs and the crack of her ass. I press my wet, throbbing cockhead against her tight asshole, and continue to stroke and rub softly against the lips of her pussy and her shaved pubic mound.

I do not increase the speed at all, I feel her straining frantically against me. I continued to finger fuck her slowly and gently, teasing her body mercilessly, and she is aware of my cock pressing against her asshole, her attention is focused on the feelings flooding through her nipples, clit, and cunt. The movements of my fingers were slight and measured, her erect nipples and swollen clit throbbing. I continue pressing my cock into her ass with the same slow steady rhythm. She was beyond any thought other than being fucked again. She had become my asian flower in heat, wiggling, twisting, and writhing to get my cock inside. Position was irrelevant, she needs cock. I inch my cock into her tight ass, pressing steadily and slowly continuing to finger softly around her clit. As I further penetrate her virgin ass, she stiffens as she becomes aware of the pain as my long thick cock stretchs her open. I immediately thrust my fingers into her creamy cunt and continue pushing my hard rod further into her tight tunnel.

My fingers make her crazy. I knew that when she got really wet, she loves the way I finger fuck her. I shove three fingers in her deep and hard. The thrusts in a way make her feel like, she was being fucked with a cock. I hold her pussy in one hand, my thumb pressing close to her clit, fingers digging relentlessly into her dripping wet cunt. The muscles in her pussy squeezing and contracting with pleasure as I shove my fingers in and spread them slightly, then withdraw to the tips only to ram them in deep again. As I fuck her sopping wet pussy with my fingers, I continue to work my rigid cock into her asshole. She feels the intrusion, my fingers, which I was now alternately using to thrust into her wet, cunt and brush and pluck her swollen nipples, had her so excited and stimulated that it was simply a subconscious awareness somewhere in her mind.

The distraction works exactly as I intended, focusing all her energy to the burning ache between her legs deep in her pussy. She gyrates and pumps her throbbing hot box against my fingers frantically and purposefully, completely relaxing her ass and offering no resistances as I push my cock in completely. Suddenly, she realizes that I had buried my cock to the hilt in her ass. I had played with her tight puckered asshole with the head of my cock which was wet and slippery from the cream oozing from her cunt. I had teased her that way creating a pleasant, interesting sensation that was new to her. And as I stimulated her tits and pussy to the point that she was excited almost to delirium, I had slipped my thick cock all the way into her virgin asshole. She was amazed, pleased, confused, and enthralled all at the same time.

Thoughts and sensations flooded through her mind. She concentrated on how my cock feels deep inside where no other man had ever touched her. She loves the new feeling of fullness and the depth. I remain still inside her, she feels my cock throbbing, and she loves the thickness and hardness of me. Her ass was so tight and snug around my throbbing cock, she was slightly uncomfortable, She remembers thinking, the idea of me inside her that way distracted her from the minor discomfort. I remain motionless for several minutes, allowing her body to adjust, and to allow, me to savor my conquest. She feels stuffed, my cock was so long and thick and throbbing, and I continue churning my fingers slowly in her wet cunt and gently brushing my fingers across the tips of her nipples. Every nerve ending in her body is alive, with every stroke of my fingers, she feels a jolt. she was keenly aware of the connectivity of her body, because it seems like a continual flood of electrical currents coursing from one nerve to the next with every touch.

She likes the feeling of me being in her ass and her cunt at the same time, and as she turns to look at me, I thrust my tongue into her mouth, probing and sucking. She feels like she was simply melting away in ecstasy. I begin to move my cock very slowly, grinding into her, but not backing out at all, and increasing the speed and motion of my fingers in her pussy and on her nipples. She moans " OOOOOOHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!." As I intensifie the stimulation between her legs and on her tits, I begin to pull my cock back slightly, and make a gentle, short thrust into her ass. She moans again, " OOOOOOOHHHHHHhhhhh".

The feeling is unlike anything she has ever experienced, my body seems melded to her. I begin to work my fingers on her pussy and tits again, and move my tongue from her mouth to her neck, one minute fucking her mouth with it, the next licking the hollow of her neck with rapid flicks. I then begin sucking the same spot until she feels a twinge of pain, and quickly move to suck her tongue as she tries to draw away from me. I know her body well, and I tease and plucke her nipples and begin to ram my fingers into her wet pussy, pushing her toward orgasm. Her body responds just as I knew it would, sensations raging, cunt aching, and she moans, " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!" and pummel her cunt against my fingers wildly. As she tries to ride my fingers, her ass swivells and gyrates on my long thick cock Again she moans, " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!."

I knew she was flooded with desire, and desperate to cum. Nothing matters to her except that insane insatiability. She wants me slamming into her, ramming her with full long deep thrusts, forcing her body to respond. I pull my fingers out of her quivering pussy and grab her nipples and hold them between my thumbs and forefingers as I begin to ram into her newly penetrated ass. She was screaming, " OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO", " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!." She feels the length of my cock slide about half way out, and then feels me slam back into her, causing her body to jerk and scream again." OOOWW, that hurts," AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW."

It is painful, and it is uncomfortable. It is intrusive. I pull her nipples as if I were milking her tits and I pull my cock about three quarters of the way out at the same time. She moans, " OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO" as I continue milking her nipples, and she feels me slamming my cock back in deep, then start slamming in and out of her ass like a pile driver. She is screaming, " OHHH! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH!," " Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH! UUHHH! MMMMMMM!".

It was not hurting really, she is conscious of being full in a way she never had experienced, and the sensation was so different from my cock in her cunt. She feels her insides tugging against my hard thick shaft, and as I pull out, it feels like my cock was scraping the walls of her asshole. She guesses, I knew that her ass was very tight, and that it would be painful, because when I pull the length of my cock almost all the way out again, I shove my fingers right back into her empty, wet, aching cunt.

I move them to the spot close to her swollen tender clit, I knew would make her cum every time, and I begin to work on her. As she becomes hot and frantic again, I begin to fuck her in the ass. I pull almost all the way out, then slam back in deep. I had her nipples and her cunt on fire again, and she is aware of pain as I continue to give her, her first ass fucking , she is again beyond caring because it was minor compared to the pleasure coursing through her body. I pump in and out faster like a pile driver, periodically grinding and rocking my cock, She guesses to loosen and stretch her muscles some. As her body adjusts, I begin to slam into her with long deep strokes. I pull most of the way out, then plunged back in a few times, then settle into a rhythmic, steady long deep strokes. This was the moment when she really knew and accepted that not only had I put my cock all the way up her ass; I was really, actually fucking her in the ass. She feels her asshole tugging against my rod with every stroke. She feels my balls slapping aganist her pussy, Wap, Wap, Wap.

I'm enjoying the tight grip and pull on my hard, swollen rod, I increase my tempo again. As I masturbate her toward orgasms, I fuck her ass deep and hard. I want to make sure that her first time taking it up the ass was one she would never forget, I keep changing from one type stroke to another. I fuck with short, quick jabs, then deep, long penetrating strokes, grinding gyrations and rapid, hard deep pumps. I feel her close to cumming, I begin to hammering my cock into her ass the same way I pounded her pussy. I withdraw my cock to the head and then plunge it back in deeply in rapid fire motion, fucking her ass with demand. The same demand she had felt in her pussy. Shockwaves of pain from the unexpected assault on her senses fought with waves of ecstasy exploding in her body while she came all over my fingers I had thrusted back into her cunt. " OMG! OMG! OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO" she was groaning.

As her body quivers with pleasure, I ram my long thick cock into her asshole with complete abandonment...slamming harder and harder into her tight ass. I was in excatasy fucking her tight virgin ass so completely, I want to make sure she understood how it would feel when I pounded her instead of making love to her gently. She realizes that being seduced by an older man was thrilling and a totally different experience. That my timing was perfect and intentional. She guesses that I knew that while she was cumming, the elation would distract her. " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!" she groans.

Within seconds after she cums, I explode, my load filling her ass. In addition to the strange sensation of my cum flooding her ass, she feels my cock throbbing and jerking in her ass sending pleasure sensations through her body. Then a sudden, intense burning sensation from the salty cream. Her ass was raw and sore, she had not realized it until that moment. I pull out quickly, leaving her empty and sore and satisified. We wrap our arms around each other, and I hold her close and tight, basking in the feeling of complete satisfaction and oblivion that comes after really great sex. Experiencing rough sex with an older man, having her ass fucked for the first time, will not be her last time.

Rating: 78%, Read 7353 times, Posted Oct 26, 2013

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