The new roommate Pt. 2 by luckyliving

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Threesome

Me and Amber have been great friends for a while now. We share everything and have been through the worst and the best with one another. I can confidently say that I love her and want nothing more in life than for her to succeed. She is beautiful. Medium dark brown hair. Beautiful brown eyes and a smile that could light up the night sky. We had a few drunk night encounters that we would rather just forget but things happen and it wont ruin our friendship. I secretly hope that something along those lines would happen again… Our most memorable one was when we went to that bar and played pool. She looked amazing that night when I picked her up. Flowing black button up shirt showing just enough cleavage, tight, lightly colored jeans, and her hair was straightened and almost looked red in the light of the bar.

We laughed and enjoyed our night. Our drinks and bar nachos. As we close the night down she had told me that she wanted to see my new place. I take her back home thinking nothing of it because I hadn't drank much because I had to drive her back home. She looks around as we walk in and takes in the aroma that is me. She plops herself down on my couch and I could tell she had a bit much at the bar. I asked if she wanted any water to which she politely declined. Amber took her cute hoop earrings out and set them on my coffee table and leaned back into the couch. I sit next to her to comfort her through the tough times that led us to go out and drink in the first place. I place my arm around her and she leans in to me. I could tell she needed the comfort. After a few minutes we get up and head out so I can get her in bed to wake up on time in the morning. As we sit outside her place chatting about the events of the night and about what life has dealt us recently we come upon the subject of sex and love and emotion. Without much hesitation she inquires about what I am packing asking if she can compare it to her current mans. I think to myself "Well there is pretty much one way you can do that." She breaks my train of thought asking me "Are you hard right now?" I respond with a nod and watch as she moved close to me and slides both of her hands down my pants before I can even grasp what is happening. She feels the girth. The length. And I can see a small smile form on her lips. She tells me I am slightly smaller than her man but just barely. She then leans close to me whispering in my ear "Kiss me." she pulls her hands from my pants as I grab ahold of her face and bring her close to me. I felt her heartbeat, her passion, and her lust. I think to myself that tonight this cant go further than right here. I plant a kiss on her lips as our tongues reach out to explore each other. She tasted sweet and it felt like and eternity locked in that kiss but we finally pull away and I tell her to have a good night and ill pick her up bright and early. That night had sparked something. It wont ever be pursued or talked of but it happened and it left me with butterflies for a few days after.

After Natalie and myselfs exploration of each other began to escalate into a more common occurrence we both get hit with some bad news. Within a day of our news Amber texts me and tells me that she is going through some tough times too. I bring up the idea to the two of them for us to get away from town for a weekend. To relax and to drink and just chill with each other. Amber is hesitant at first because she knows of me and Natalie but eventually Natalie talks her into it assuring her that everything will remain PG. Natalie packs an overnight bag and I get some of my things together in a backpack and we hit the road to grab Amber. About an hour into our trip the girls conversation dies out and I see Natalie in my mirror passed out across the back seat and Amber glued to her phone playing a game or messaging someone. I grab her hand and force her attention. She drops her phone and looks up at me pain in her eyes. "It's going to be ok hun. You will always have me and I'll be there for you through anything" I said to her. She squeezes my hand and nods and smiles. "Get some sleep. We will be there in about two hours." She starts to fade out and is finally asleep.

We pull up to the hotel. I park in the valet area and let the girls sleep. I head up to the counter to get our room key but the attendant said that they are out of the two full bed rooms and if I would be ok with a single queen. I ask if they had and upgrade with two bed. Again no. How about an upgrade with a king bed? She smiled and said yes. In room hot tub and steam shower. King size bed and beautiful view of the ocean. I say sure sounds nice. I pull the car around the side of the building as the girls begin to stir and awaken. I informed them of the loss of a bed but we got a room upgrade. Natalie and Amber wouldn’t mind individually I've slept full nights with each of them separately but never both at the same time. Both of the girls didn’t seem to mind the switch to the single bed which was a sign of relief for me.

We grab our bags and head up to the room. We enter to see the blinds open and a beautiful view of an overcast sky and a beautiful ocean. This is the first time Amber has ever seen an ocean and the wonder on her face was adorable she drops her bag and goes and sits in front of the window and just stares. I grab her bag and set everything on the floor by the bed. She spins around to me as says "We have to go down there. I want to touch the beach, and the ocean, and I want to feel the cool ocean mist on my face." Me and Natalie chuckle and say ok. Its about 80 degrees outside but that means the ocean will be pretty cold. Amber rushes to the restroom to change into a swimsuit and flies out hurrying me and Natalie along. We head into the restroom at the same time and as my boxers leave me Natalie reaches over from behind me and grabs a firm hold of my cock. She rubs it until its hard and then maneuvers herself in front of me. "We don’t have time for this. Ambers gonna get pissed." I whisper. She lets out a devilish grin and takes my entire length into her mouth without so much as a gag. She holds it there for a second and then releases me. As she stands to her feet she leans in close to me and whispers into my ear "I know I just love how you taste." We both finish getting dressed, which is extremely challenging with my newly acquired erection. As I flip it up into my waistband and put a shirt on to hide it we exit the restroom to an excited Amber. Amber grabs both of our hands and rushes us out of the door and down to the beach. I was right about the temperature. It was freezing probably close to 30 degrees but Amber insists on getting in anyways. She asks me to join her. "Fuck it" I say "At least there is a warm shower in the room." Amber grabs my hand and Natalie grabs the other and I look at her inquisitively. "Not going to be the only one here to not get in." She smiles at me. We all run full speed at the surf. Amber gets knocked over by the first wave. Natalie the second. And I finally manage to get taken down by the fourth. I break the surface of the water to hear both Natalie and Amber screaming because of the cold. I laugh at both of them and we all rush to grab our spare clothing and head back up to the room. As soon as we get into the door I start the shower and the in room hot tub. The tub was more than big enough to fit all of us but I figured Amber would want her privacy. She grabs some cloths and goes to lock herself into the bathroom to warm up. Me and Natalie leave our suits on and slowly lower ourselves into the tub. I get pins and needles all over as my body adjusts to the heat. Natalie is sitting across from me and I can see the pleasure of warmth wash over her as well. We both just sit there in silence and enjoy the tub. Amber walks out of the bathroom while we are still sitting in the tub with her eyes covered. Natalie and me both just giggle and let her know that we are clothed and told her that things would remain PG. She uncovers her eyes and lets out a sign of relief. As soon as she can see she heads straight for my bag where the alcohol is kept. Se brings out the three bottles and grabs some cups from the bar in the room. She brings our drink over to us and says cheers. As we clink our glasses together and take our shots of whiskey the vacation seems to be exactly what we all needed. We all let out a breath of relief.

After me and Natalie had gotten changed we all sit on the bed and turn on the tv. We order some crappy movie and get room service. With Amber on my left and Natalie on my right both stuffing their faces with food I found myself as happy as I could be…. But for the first time in a long time I take notice of Amber. She's sitting in booty shorts and a thin tank top. She has a light complexion. Sexy long legs. I could see her tiny nipples poking through her shirt. Her still damp hair hanging to just above where her perky tits are. I feel an elbow on my right side from Natalie. She raises her eyebrows a few times and smiles. I smile back and shake my head no. Me and Natalie had discussed bringing in a third a few times. Usually when the topic came up we ended up just having crazy sex until both of our lust was sated.

With our food consumed and all of us slowly becoming intoxicated we decide its time for sleep. I lay down in between the two girls. Ambers head on my left arm Natalie's a little higher on my right. Amber looks up at me and drunkenly thanks me for the much needed vacation. I kiss her on the forehead and say anytime. Her cheeks light up red and she smiles at the small token of affection and buries her head back into my chest. Her arms stretches out across my stomach and makes contact with Natalie. Natalie reaches her arm up and places it gently on Ambers arm. This is such peaceful bliss I think to myself. I look over at Amber to see her face buried in my chest and smile. Then I look at Natalie and she's looking up at me with hope in her eyes. I look back toward Amber and just shrug. Giving Natalie permission to try but I didn’t expect anything of it.

Natalie begins to slowly scoot Ambers arm up and up with the back of her hand making contact with Natalie she had her breasts in mind. Without any struggle from Amber I'm thinking she must be asleep already. As the back of her hand makes contact with Natalie's breast her hand extends so her palm can grasp Natalie's breast. My eyes widen and my cock wakes up instantly beginning to already get hard. Amber is groping Natalie without making much movement and I can see the pleasure and happiness on Natalie's face. She smiles at me slyly and removes Ambers hand from her breast and begins to move it south down my body. Both of their hands in tandem descending my body. The sensation that has overcome me has me fully erect before they can even get their hands down my pants. Natalie guides Ambers hand to the outside of my gym shorts and begins to rub it up and down. Natalie lets go of her but she continues to rub on her own while Natalie slides her fingertips beneath my boxers. Amber lifts her hand and joins Natalie under my boxers. I lift my backside off the bed and they both slide down a side of my boxers and gyms shorts. With my cock fully exposed to them under the covers they both take a hold on it. Natalie at the tip lightly stroking my head and Ambers hand at the base, lightly moving her hand up and down and occasionally grasping my balls in her hand. Natalie lets go of me and rolls on top and over me to begin kissing Ambers body. She starts at her neck to which Amber gives and approving moan and I grab a handful of Natalie's ass and begin to massage it. Natalie takes off Ambers top and exposes her perfect little tits. B cup maybe a little smaller than Natalie's. But her nipples were perfect. Perfect small size, darker than her skin and perfectly round. Natalie grabs Ambers right breast and sucks her left nipple at the same time. Ambers breathing starts to become labored and I move my hand under Natalie's shorts and remove them in one quick motion. She leans up and removes her own shirt sitting completely naked now. She kisses down Ambers body and arrives at her shorts and takes them into her teeth. Amber lifts her ass and with the help of my hand underneath she slides ambers shorts and panties all the way off. Both of the girls were naked now and my shorts were down to my knees. As I shimmy my legs back and forth to remove my shorts Natalie throws the blankets on the ground exposing all of our naked bodies.

Natalie slides her hands between Ambers legs and spread them wide open. I lean over Amber and suck on her nipples while massaging her tits. Natalie starts to eat her out and I can feel Amber twitch under our combined pleasure. Looking down and seeing Natalie eating her pussy got me wishing that these girls would get on top of me. Almost like she read my mind Amber pushes me back and slides away from Natalie. She pins me down by my chest and smiles at me devilishly. And turns to face Natalie and mounts my face. With my mouth buried in her pussy I begin to eat her as best as I could. I could hear her moan and at the very moment I feel my cock penetrate Natalie's mouth. While Amber grinds her pussy into my mouth I can feel Natalie take me in over and over and deep as she could. Natalie lifts her head off me and the girls make some unspoken agreement to switch places. With a speed that I didn’t think possible Natalie was now grinding her pussy into my face and my cock was inches from Ambers mouth. Amber began to lick and suck on the tip almost as if trying to tease me but eventually she starts to go lower and lower. She takes in as much as she could then comes back up for a breath of air. She drives back into it and starts sucking my cock as fast and vigorously as she could. While my tongue fucking Natalie I feel her body start to shake and she begins to orgasm in my mouth. After she is done I feel Amber stop sucking and start to climb up on top. Natalie leans forward to help guide my cock into Ambers pussy. As I penetrate Amber I shudder at her tightness and the pleasure that comes with finally fucking this beautiful woman. She slides all the way down my cock and sits there for a second adjusting to my size. Natalie leans back up and grinds her pussy into my mouth harder than ever. I reach my hands up to massage her breasts and Amber starts to bounce on my cock. She's taking it slow but it feels so amazing and if she went any faster I would cum in seconds. I feel Ambers feet plant into place right by my hips and her hands plant on my chest. I don’t think I can take her going any harder. She starts to bounce up and down with such speed that Natalie starts to cum in my mouth again. The pleasure I'm bringing Natalie as well as the sensation on my cock I cant hold it any longer. I try to struggle to warn Amber but Natalie cuts off any attempt at talking. Amber can sense that its time and she bounces even faster and I cum inside her. I feel her put me as deep as she could as my cock pulses and pulses inside her tight pussy. She screams at the warmth that now fills her and digs her nails into my chest to brace for her own orgasm. She keeps bouncing up and down and I can feel her body shake all over and I can feel her warmth mixed with mine on my cock. Natalie gets off my face to finally give me a chance to breath and she gets her face right next to Ambers pussy as she lifts her body off of me and lays down on the bed. Natalie eats all the cum that she can get out of Ambers pussy and Amber is sitting there and moaning the whole time.

After she is done Natalie looks up to me and says "If she gets your cum inside her then so do I" She smiles at me and mounts my cock in reverse cowgirl. After Amber had gathered her breath she comes up to me and starts making out with me. As our tongues explore each other I can hear the slapping of Natalie's ass slamming down into me over and over again. She turns around on top of me without letting my cock even fall out of her to watch us make out. After a few minutes she grabs Ambers head and brings it close to where me and her intersect. Natalie lifts herself off me and grabs Ambers head and forces it down onto my cock. Amber gags a bit but she keeps going. Natalie lifts her head and then slams it back down. Over and over Amber is taking my entire length into her mouth. Natalie lifts her head one last time and tells her to kiss it goodbye. Amber gives the tip of my cock a tender kiss and Natalie lowers herself back onto my cock. As I plunge deep inside her I grab Amber and bring her chest to my mouth so I can play with her perfect little nipples. Natalie brings her legs over my stomach so she is straddling me and she begins to spank her ass. With ever slap Amber lets out a pleasured moan. As I feel Ambers body up and down and explore every inch of her tits I can feel myself start to swell up inside of Natalie. I lift amber off of me to tell them that I am cumming again. Amber brings her head down by Natalie's pussy and she waits patiently. Natalie starts bouncing faster and faster. I cant hold it back any longer. I cum inside of Natalie's pussy but as I shoot my first Rope she pulls my cock out of her and puts it in Ambers mouth. Amber tries to resist for a second letting a rope of my cum shoot over her face. As she grabs the base of my cock and being forced down by Natalie she takes the third. And fourth and fifth into her mouth. As I shoot my sixth she makes a sounds of muffled concern. And seventh and eighth finally overflow her mouth and she let cum start to drip out down my cock. Amber lifts her head and swallows all that she can. Natalie brings herself down to my still erect cock and begins to lick up all the extra cum. She then grabs Ambers head and presses their lips together pushing the cum that she gathered into Ambers mouth. Amber accepts it all gladly. Playing with it briefly in her mouth and then swallowing all of it. "Can't let any go to waste." Natalie says playfully.

We are all three exhausted at this point and the girls crash back down next to me and are breathing heavily. We rest there for a few minutes before Amber dives off the bed to find the blankets and covers us all up. I kiss her on the lips with a burning passion and she kisses me back just as fervently. I lean over to kiss Natalie with just as much passion which she returns with the same. She girls heads lower onto my chest. Natalie's arm on Ambers hip over me. And Ambers focused right in the center of my chest. Feeling my heartbeat and my breath. We all three drift off into a deep sleep.

After we wake up in the morning Amber is gone and me and Natalie are sitting in bed wondering where she could have gone. All of her things were gone so I was terrified that we had crossed a line last night that ill never be able to recover from. I fumble around to find my phone to call her. Just as I find it I head a keycard slide into the room and Amber steps through. She had brought coffee and breakfast for us from the breakfast downstairs. She smiled at both of us "Good morning lovers." she says with a sweet smile on her face. We both sit up and say good morning back.

After we had finished our breakfast she grabs my arms and drags me out of bed still completely naked. She grabs my flaccid cock in her hand and looks up to me and kisses me and says thank you. She releases her hold on me and grabs Natalie. She gently kisses her and says thank you and brings all three of us into the large shower to begin another day of relaxation and pleasure.

Rating: 94%, Read 26039 times, Posted May 22, 2019

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Threesome


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