How Did It Come To This? Part II by UrbanSolstice

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After a few more minutes of staring, She once again opens her perfect mouth to say something, "Well, Are you going to tell me your name?" I swallow and stammer a bit, "My n-names Uhh... I'm Anthony." I mentally curse myself for how High my voice sounds. "Nice to finally meet you Anthony!" She stands up, And walks with feline grace in front of me.

"I've been here since yesterday, I was watching you." Her voice makes everything feel so happy. I furrow my brow, "Thats why I keep seeing things, And Why I felt like I was being watched last night!" She giggles, It is most possibly the most adorable sound I have ever heard. "Sorry, I had to make sure you weren't one of them."

I eye her suspiciously, "One of who exactly?" She looks like she's thinking hard about something for a moment, Then she gets an imaginary lightbulb. "I forgot that humans in this dimension are ignorant of them. I had to make sure you weren't a Darkstalker." She smiles. "What's a Darkstalker exactly?" I prod her for answers, My fear of her rapidly decreasing.

"Darkstalkers are evil, They thirst for blood. We call them Darkstalkers because they never appear during daylight." She explains. "Wait, So a vampire?" I ask. "I don't know what that is, But you may call them what you wish Anthony." I love the way her voice is, The way her tongue pronounces every syllable of Anthony.

Suddenly I feel a sharp burning on the back of my hand, I turn around and see that my water has boiled over the brim. I cringe at the slight burn on my hand. After I turn off the stove, I turn back around to Felicia, Who seems to be entertaining herself by batting a bug she found with her large paws. I can't help but smile at the adorable scene before me.

"You said you were from another dimension?" I interrupt her game after a few more seconds, Much to Felicia's dismay. "Yes, Well... Not necessarily. I'm from a parallel universe. It differs slightly from yours in a few key aspects." She looks at me with her big saphire blue eyes. "Oh, And what are these key aspects?" I stare into hers. "Well, The most crucial, And Probably most easily noticable, Is that cross-species reproduction is possible. As you can see I'm a living testament." She puts on a big smile.

"Well, I probably still wouldn't have guessed it, Anything else?" I rub my burn, Noticing that it will probably leave a decent sized mark. "Well, The Darkstalkers have chosen my universe as their own, Mostly due to my universes four hour days, And twenty hour nights." She returns to a crouching position.

"Sounds different for sure." I say absent-mindedly as my eyes begin to wander. I slowly look at her body, from her tits with the small patches of white fur that hides her nipples, down to her toned and slightly muscular abdomen. When my eyes reach her pussy, I notice I'm staring and Snap my eyes back to her's. "I uhh... Sorry." I say with my cheeks flushed. "It's fine, Just dont let it happen again." She says in her cute high voice. It almpst sounds like teasing, But I know I'm surely hearing something thats not there.

I look at the clock on my microwave and see that its half past eleven. "Shit, We've been talking a long time!" I exclaim. "Yet there is still much to explain Anthony. You should sleep, I think I've chosen you. If I don't change my mind, Then you have a long day ahead of you." I nod and start to walk to my room, My high completely gone. "Good night Felicia." I say and then continue to my room.

My eyes open, My ears tingling at the disturbance. A soft mewling noise is coming from somewhere in the house. I stand up and tip-toe to my door, As I open it, I swear I can hear the silent hinges creak. I continue my silent venture through my house, When I locate the source of the mewing. It's my living room. 'Must be Felicia.' I think to myself.

I see her, Writhing around on the living room floor. She seems to be having a nightmare. I watch silently for about a minute before I dare taking a step closer. Felicia is asleep, she wears a frustrated expression. I notice that her tail is wrapped up to her stomach and is lightly flicking and nuzzling her pussy. I almost choke on the air I'm breathing when I realize it, Felicia is in heat!

I watch her sub-consiously rub her pussy with her tail in a desperate attempt to sate the aching in her loins. 'She must have been hiding it when we had our talk!'

I'm about to walk away when I get a mischevious thought. I cautiously reach out my hand, After about a minute of inching my hand to her pussy, I finally feel her fur. It's the softest thing I've ever felt. I continue to softly rub my hand in her fur, 'This isn't a bush, This is just beautiful.' I touch her slit accidentally with my hand, After she mews a bit louder, I gain more confidence and slowly trace her pussy slit with my finger. I make the mistake of sliding my middle finger in her pussy, And then I get a surprise.

Felicia meows and pounces on me, Her hot rough tongue licking my face. "Please, Help me?" She purrs into my ear over and over. She starts sliding her tail along her clit and then she kisses me deeply. Time stops as I return her kiss, I don't care about anything but her lips, Her soft full lips pressing into mine. We continue passionately kissing for a few minutes before her tongue demands entry. I happily allow it and roll my tongue on hers, our tongues raging war for control, Neither losing nor winning.

I feel incomplete as she breaks the kiss, I look into her beautiful eyes. Her expression is one of passion, And intense lust. She reaches her soft paw to my pants, Fumbling with my zipper. I help her, Smiling at her confused expression. I expect her to use her paws, but instead, She reaches her tail around her and wraps it around my rock hard cock. The fur of her tail is softer than silk and she starts to jack me off with her tail. I moan deeply at this brand new sensation and I'm about to already cum. She licks the head of my dick with her scratchy cat tongue and I can no longer hold it in.

I gush several spurts of hot thick cum onto her tongue and face. She makes a cute mew noise as I blow my load, Cumming harder than I've ever cum in my life. After several more salty ropes of my steaming seed, I'm finally finished. My cock is so sensitive that when she licks the cum that leaked onto the head of my dick I shudder violently. I lay there, Catching my breath as she cleans all my cum from my dick and her face.

"You're so good Anthony, Your cum tastes like a salty tuna!" She purrs deeply, Licking her lips and fangs (Which she hadn't nicked me with yet) I smile, "You can have all you want." I pull her into a long tight hug. I don't know why, I just feel like her in my arms is what makes me whole.

She meows again, "Anthony, My pussy... It needs to be filled!" She whimpers and flicks my cock with her tail. "I think I can help you with that, kitten." I smirk, The nickname kitten is just perfect!

To Be Continued.....

Rating: 92%, Read 32678 times, Posted Aug 03, 2012

Fiction | Bestiality, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Oral Sex, Romance, Solo, Teen Male


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