Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine 4: Little Sister's Naughty Treat by mypenname3000

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Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine

Story Four: Little Sister's Naughty Treat

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

“That's it, Clancy,” groaned my twin sister, her naked ass wiggling at me as she lay bent over the hood of the 1969 Camaro I was repairing in the garage. “Just slide that cock into me. I need it. I'm fucking going crazy!”

“Shit,” I muttered, my dick out in my hand.

I was about to fuck my twin sister. Nancy's trimmed, brown bush dripped with juices as it peeked out between her thighs, the slit of her pussy framed by her lush legs. She looked over her shoulder at me, her brown hair spilling over her face.

“I know you need it, too,” she moaned. “How much pussy have you gotten since this began, Clancy?”

“None,” I groaned, pressing the tip of my cock into my sister's cunt. Feeling the incestuous warmth of her juices. Her silky hairs spilled over the tip of my cock. “Shit, Nancy.”

She had just walked in and said, “Want to fuck?” I had thought she was joking, but now...

Now I was too horny after three weeks of quarantine. The only women I'd been around were my mom, my twenty-one-year-old twin sister, and our two younger sisters, Renee and Linda. I was spending all my time rebuilding this old car in the garage, trying not to think about hooking up with girls and how much I wanted their sweet, sweet pussy.

Now here was my twin begging me. It was incest. Wrong. Forbidden. Yet her silky pubic hair and hot cuntlips felt amazing against my dick. I knew she was no virgin, but I never thought she'd be such a horny slut she'd come in here begging for my cock.

“Ram into me, Clancy!” she moaned. “I need it. I fucking need.”

I groaned and thrust into my sister's snatch.

Her hot, tight, juicy cunt slid over my cock. She gasped, her head tossing back. Her pussy clenched down around my dick as I buried with ease into her depths. My balls smacked into her bush. My jeans rustled around my ankles. I gripped her hips, shuddering at how tight and wet she felt around me.

She wiggled her hips, stirring her cunt around my cock. That naughty twat massaged my dick. Her brown hair rustled down her back. She felt amazing. Her snatch squeezed about me. She held me tight. She loved my cock with her twat.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, holding her hips and drawing back through her snatch. “Jesus, Nancy.”

“Mmm, Clancy!” she purred as I thrust back into her. “Oh, I need this. Fuck me hard. Dump that cum in me. I want a big load of jizz in me.”

“Holy shit!” I gasped and thrust into my twin sister. I had no idea she was such a whore. “What about...?”

“I'm on the pill!” She clamped down her cunt around my dick, increasing the silky friction. “Now dump that jizz in me, Clancy. I love the feel of cum in me!”

I groaned, thrusting harder into her. The incestuous rush of fucking my twin and jizzing in her swept through me. This was wild. Crazy. Intoxicating. I pumped away at her with hard strokes. I buried into her again and again. Her twat squeezed about my dick. Her pussy felt amazing around my cock. I reveled in the thrill.

I pumped away at her. I buried my dick to the hilt in her cunt again and again. I pounded her hard. The pleasure swelled in my balls. It was incredible to experience. I groaned, the pressure rising and rising, a swelling need to erupt.

I shuddered, thrusting away at her. I fucked her hard and fast. My balls buried into her again and again. I groaned, stirring up her snatch with the ferocity of my strokes. The car's shocks groaned as it rocked. My crotch smacked my sister's rump.

“That's it!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, that's fucking it. Ram that dick into me, Clancy!” Her moans echoed around the garage. “That's so hot. That's so fucking amazing. I love it. Don't stop. Bury in me. Oh, my god, that's amazing. Yes!”

Her pussy squeezed around my dick. Her hot cunt held me tight. I gritted my teeth as I plunged to the hilt in her twat. My hands slid up her body, brushing the bottom of the baby doll t-shirt she wore. I loved the feel of her skin while her juicy snatch massaged my cock.

My balls tightened. The pressure in them swelled and swelled. I hurtled towards my orgasm, so ready to dump my load in my sister's cunt. It had been too long with just my hand. Now I had pussy around my dick.

My twin sister's pussy. The taboo rush alone made this intoxicating. I groaned, coming closer and closer to erupting. I slammed into her, my nuts smacking into her bush. She groaned and thrust back into me, her pussy massaging the tip of my dick. The ache swelled there.

“Fuck, Nancy!” I groaned.

“I know!” She shuddered. “Ooh, Clancy, I should have known you'd fit in me. Incest is amazing!”

“Uh-huh!” I panted and slammed to the hilt in her again. And again. I plundered her cunt, aching to jizz in her. “Let me feel your pussy go wild about my cock. Goddamn, your twat was made for my dick.”

“We are twins!” she whimpered. “We shared Mom's womb. Oh, god, that's good. Just...Just... Fuck, Clancy!”

Her pussy went wild around my dick. That hot, tight, delicious sheath rippled and writhed around my cock. I drew back, her hole sucking at my dick. My balls tightened. The depraved delight of my twin sister's snatch rushed through my body. I slammed back into her, the pressure bursting at the tip of my dick.

“Fuck, yes!” I howled and came in my twin sister.

I gripped her hips as I dumped my jizz into her snatch. She whimpered, her pussy writhing and convulsing around my dick. Her hot flesh sucked at me. Stars danced before my eyes. I groaned, pumping load after load into my sister.

“Oh, give it to me!” she moaned. “Oh, give me all that wonderful cum. I need it. Flood my pussy!”

“Shit!” I groaned, pumping all the spunk I had into her twat, not caring if I would knock her up. She better be on the pill, but...

The pleasure slammed into my mind. I trembled there as her cunt worked out the last of my jizz. I panted and she groaned. Her head lowered as she gasped for her breath. I shuddered. Savoring the buzzing afterglow of incestuous sex.

It was a rush fucking my sister.

“Oh, that was what I needed,” Nancy moaned. “God, I think I can go another three weeks without going crazy.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted and pulled out of her. I stumbled back, my jeans about my ankles almost tripping me, and leaned against the wooden workbench. The garage felt so stuffy now. “We're not going to...?”

“Oh, no,” Nancy moaned, my cum already bubbling out. She pulled up her purple panties and covered her rump. Then up came her jean shorts. “This was just me scratching an itch.” She snapped her fastener closed. “Mom should be done with her afternoon delight with dad and the strawberries should be done stewing and ready for making them into jam.”

Our family lived in a large house, and we were all finding ways to be busy and not drive each other insane. Dad was working in his office, discovering how to work from home. My eighteen-year-old sister Linda was hanging out in there with him working on her stories. She wanted to be a writer or something.

Though she would never let anyone in the family read them. Too embarrassed.

Mom was canning and making jams and working on crafts. She had her own workroom on the first floor. Nancy had always been into crafts. The pair of them had been making things since she was a kid. Making decorations, baking, canning. Nancy was as good a cook as our mother.

Renee, our nineteen-year-old sister, liked to spend her time on her phone on social media while sunbathing. She had gotten one hell of a tan over the last three weeks. She was out by the pool right now sunning herself.

“I can't believe we did this,” I muttered as I drew up my boxers.

“Mmm, it was fun,” Nancy said. She headed for the door that led to the kitchen. “You should totally boink Renee. She wants you.”

“What?” I asked.

“Renee. She's got a big crush on you.” Nancy paused at the door. “Mmm, imagine getting your dick in her. You two could be having a lot of fun. No reason you have to go stir crazy for pussy for the next month. I just needed a little itch scratch. Don't expect me to be back any time soon. But Renee...”

Then she slipped through the door and closed it.

“Damn,” I muttered.

I stewed over that for a long time, shocked by it. Renee had a crush on me?

I found myself drifting to the back door of the garage. I opened it and spotted my younger sister lying on the chaise lounge, sunglasses on, her oiled, tan body gleaming. She wore a small, red bikini, her legs long and lithe. She had sandy-blonde hair, the closest to Mom in coloring. Dad had black hair, which Linda had inherited. Nancy and I were in between them with our brown. Renee's round breasts looked delicious in her bikini, and her stomach flat and toned. She did exercises every morning, wanting to stay limber.

I slowly moved to her.

She turned her head at my approach. “Hey, Clancy. Bored working on that car.”

I shrugged. “Bored lying here.”

“Mmm, it's relaxing.”

Did she really have a crush on me? She didn't seem so. Was Nancy messing with me? She liked to do that. I could almost believe she had sex with me just to trick me into making a pass at Renee and embarrassing myself.


“You look flushed,” she said. “Working hard in there?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, staring at her body. God, she was sexy. How had I never really noticed before just how hot my sister was? Nancy's words echoed through my mind. Could Renee and I have something? It wasn't like I could just whip out my cock and say, “Want to fuck?”

Guys didn't get away with that with girls. They weren't wired the same.

Renee started playing with her phone. Not sure what to say, I drifted back to the garage to try to work on the car. But I couldn't focus on anything. My mind was full of the wildest ideas imaginable. They consumed me.



Three days later, Renee still filled my mind. Linda had finally re-emerged from her self-quarantine in her room—the stress of this damned disease had gotten to her. She seemed happier than I had ever seen her, bouncing about the house before she vanished upstairs with Dad to work in his office. Mom and Nancy then disappeared to work on crafts in the workshop.

Leaving Renee to go sunbathe and me to think about my nineteen-year-old sister's nubile body. She wasn't the baby of the family like Linda. Renee was the one that just got ignored. Left to do her own thing. The loner. The gril who rolled her eyes at any hint of family activity.

Nancy claimed Renee had a thing for me, but I had seen no sign of it. She just played on her phone and worked on her tan. Sometimes she'd swim in the pool, going back and forth, her legs kicking. She looked so sexy as I watched her through the garage window, my hand stroking up and down my cock.

Fucking Nancy had somehow made me hornier for pussy. For girls. Like I had almost gotten used to a monkish existence of masturbating again like I were a freshman all over again. Then she had given me a taste and I'd lost all self-control.

I wanted Renee.

Today, I watched her emerge for the start of her sunning ritual. She usually slept in until noon since classes had been canceled. Time had lost all importance without the routine of going to school. She sat down on the lounge, wearing her purple bikini today. She had a few different bathing suits. I swear, she must have ordered some new ones off of Amazon or something.

I opened the door to the garage. Nancy might have been fucking with me, but I had to make my move. I had to enjoy my little sister's cunt. She stretched her back as I walked over. She heard my approach and glanced at me, her sunglasses making her expression unreadable.

“Hey, bro,” she said. Her legs stretched out. “How goes the car?”

“Slowly,” he said. “You need any help putting on your suntan lotion.” I just had to go for it. It was an innocent-enough offer. And yet it held the potential to be naughty.

She seemed to be eyeing me up. She bit her lower lip. Then a smile spread across them. She wore a glossy, pink lipstick. Her hands rubbed at her thighs. Then she grabbed the bottle and tossed it towards me.

“Sure,” she said. “Have at it.” She stretched out on her back.

I blinked at that. The front? God, maybe Nancy was right.

Renee breasts rose and fell, cupped in the small, purple triangles of her bikini. Did Mom know how skimpy her bathing suits had gotten? Was she too busy trying not to go crazy that she hadn't noticed what Renee was wearing?


I sank down on the chaise lounge beside Renee's and didn't hesitate. I had put suntan oil on a girl before. Several girls. It was a great way to get them excited. Going to the pool or beach was always something I loved to do with a girl. They had the excuse to wear as little as possible, and I got to touch them to protect them from burning.

I started with her arms, massaging Renee. She just smiled as I did, looking relaxed. My fingers slid over her skin. I wasn't completely sure that she wanted anything more from me. She might have thought this was innocent.

That her brother couldn't be lusting for her. There was still the possibility Nancy was fucking with me. I glanced at the house, almost expecting to see her peering out the kitchen window or something.

Arm done, I boldly put my hands on her leg. I rubbed the oil into her skin. She purred as I did that then grabbed the bottle. She squirted the amber liquid on her stomach and smeared it over her abs and up towards her breasts.

I frowned at that.

“Mmm, you got a good touch,” Renee said. “I hear you give good massages. Least, that's what a few girls say.”

“Oh?” I asked. “You talk about me with your friends.”

“We talk about a lot of guys,” she said. She smeared the oil around her breasts, massaging the protective liquid into those lush tits.

Damn, maybe I had misread this. I was hoping to do that last.

“Girls are always gossiping about you guys,” she said as I worked my lotion down her other leg, reaching over her to do it. I slid up towards her crotch, staring at that Lycra. I didn't see any blonde curls peeking out. She must have it bare. I could see her cameltoe. “We know who have the small cocks, the big ones, and the ones that spurt off in five seconds. The guys that go down. Why do you think you get a lot of dates.”

“Really?” I asked, massaging her inner thigh.

“Uh-huh,” she said, rubbing at her arm. Then she rolled over, her front done. She casually undid the knots of her bikini top. “You got a reputation, Clancy. A good one. Girls like you.”

“Damn,” I said. “Guys just lie about what they do. Brag. Claim they've bagged way more girls than they have.”

“Sad,” she said. “Do you brag?”

“Always,” I said and rubbed my hands over her back. “But I don't have to lie about my conquests.”

“No, you don't,” groaned Nancy. “I heard you fucked the MacMillan sisters on the same night. Did them one after the other. They got real catty after that.”

I grinned. “That was a fun party.” My hands worked up and down her back, rubbing at her flesh. Her skin felt so silky. “How about you? Missing boys?”

“I guess,” she said and then let out a groan as I rubbed at her shoulders. “You do have a good touch.”

“Always like to leave my girls satisfied,” I said. “So, no boyfriend, huh?”

“Who dates any longer,” Renee muttered. “The guys just want to pump and dump. Every girl's so eager to prove she's all grown up, she lets herself get run through by a dozen guys.”

“And you?” I asked.

She shrugged. “My fingers are just fine. For now.”

Wait, Renee was a virgin? Of course, innocent Linda was, but Renee? She always dressed so trendily and was going out with her friends. I assumed some pimply-faced sophomore was giving it to my sister. Nancy certainly had lost hers by eighteen. We'd both lost ours at the same party, though to different people.

“What about you?” she asked as I worked down towards her rump. “The girls haven't been banging down your door, have they?”

“All hiding at home.”

“Pity,” she said. “You must be just dying for them.”

“Yeah,” I said, wondering where my sister was going with this.

Then, to my shock, Renee rolled over. There was a boldness to it, her unknotted top spilling from her breasts. Her breasts quivering. Her nipples thrust up hard and pink from the center of the pale patches on her tanned tits. Despite the aggression of the action, her face looking pale. Scared. Her arms started to cover herself up.

She wanted to be that seductive minx, but I could see the virgin vulnerability. The fear that she had gone too far. That she was about to embarrass herself, but that she ached for me too much not to try. She wanted it. This was her chance to seduce her big brother, and she was going for it.

How long had she felt this way? How long had she wanted me?

This throbbing energy pulsed through the air around us. My chest felt so tight as she lay there trembling, her plump boobs jiggling. She had a gorgeous body. Just perfect. Spending quarantine with my little sister...


“Clancy,” she whispered. “I... Do you...? Am I...?”

“You're fucking hot, Renee,” I said, knowing what she was getting out.

A smile spread on her lips. Some of her tremblings slowed. “Really? Compared to those senior girls you date.”

Maybe it was the fact I hadn't seen a girl outside my family in the flesh in three weeks or maybe Renee was just that hot, but I didn't hesitate to say, “They don't have anything on you, Renee. These tits...”

I grabbed her breasts. I cupped her boobs with bold hands, feeling the slick tanning oil. I squeezed them, reveling in their perky plumpness. In the pliant delight of her silky flesh. She shuddered as my thumbs swept out and brushed over her nubs. She squirmed, her legs rubbing together.

“Clancy,” she whimpered. “Oh, yes, yes, Clancy.”

“How long have you wanted this?” I asked. I twisted her nipples. She gasped, her legs spasming.

“Years.” She bit her lip. “You're just cool. So handsome. Clancy, I've wanted you to notice me. I mean... look at how much time I spend tanning where you could see me. And... and... You were too busy playing with that dumb car.”

Her frustrated anger was so cute. I grinned.

“What?” she asked.

“You're adorable,” I said.

Her tanned cheeks darkened. She pulled off her sunglasses, her brown eyes trembling as she stared up at me. Her breasts rose and fell with her quickened breathing. I squeezed her tits and bent down. I claimed my little sister's mouth.

I kissed her with hunger. My tongue thrust into her mouth while my thumbs rubbed at her tits. She moaned, squirming on the chaise lounge, the vinyl strips creaking beneath her. She whimpered, her tongue playing with mine. She tasted so sweet. Felt so amazing.

My little sister wanted me. Goddamn, I wished I had realized it sooner. If Nancy hadn't told me, I would never have noticed. I would have spent quarantine fucking around with that dumb car when I had a cute, sexy little sister to play with.

I pinched her nipples, my oiled fingers sliding around those nubs. She quivered and moaned into our kiss, her lips waxy smooth with her lipstick. She trembled, the chaise lounge creaking. Her toes curled as she groaned out her delight.

I broke the kiss and smiled down at her. “So you got a thing for your big brother, huh?”

“Mmm, yes,” she said. “Linda can be a daddy's girl all she wants, I'd rather play with my hot brother.”

“Poor her, stuck with dad in his stuffy office and not out here having fun.”

“But lucky me,” groaned Renee, her boldness returning. She had a fearless streak to her. “So you're going to do it? Take my cherry. Make your little sister into a woman.”

I winked at her, my dick throbbing. I had only deflowered one girl, and it had been a disaster. I hadn't gotten her ready enough. That would change. I released Renee's tits, ready to give her the most amount of rapture possible.

I popped off my t-shirt. She stared at me, licking her lips. Her thighs rubbed together, those cute tits jiggling. I loved tan lines on a girl. They made her more exciting. Those pale triangles amid her tanned flesh revealed what she kept hidden from all eyes but me. Seeing a treasure no other guy was lucky enough to see.

I settled between her thighs, my dick throbbing in my jeans. The day was getting warmer and warmer, but I didn't care. I slid my hands up her oiled stomach to her tits. I groped them as I leaned down and kissed her again. I savored the incestuous thrill of making out with my little sister.

My twin had wanted a quick fuck. A one-time thing, but I could feel Renee wanted more. She lamented about no one dating. She wanted a boyfriend. A brother. Someone who wouldn't dump her for the next girl.

It was... an intoxicating idea. She was exciting. Delicious. With quarantine on, I wasn't dating. And after...? Well, would I need to hook up if I had a sexy, little sister that wanted only me? This rush of heat surged through me.

I kissed her harder. She whimpered, her oily hands rubbing at my sides. She slid them over my back, caressing me as we made out. It was so delicious. I loved it. I savored this wonderful delight. I kissed her with hunger.

My tongue thrust into her mouth. We danced around. It was delicious to enjoy. I loved every second of it. She sucked on my tongue, her lips wild and hot. My dick throbbed in my pants. Nancy had taken the edge off, but Renee...

Renee promised satisfaction.

I broke the kiss and nuzzled my lips into her neck. I nibbled and licked and kissed at her flesh. She shuddered and whimpered. She groaned as I smooched at the nape of her neck. I licked at her salty skin and the coconut flavor of the tanning oil.

“Oh, Clancy,” Renee whimpered.

“Mmm, just enjoy,” I growled and kissed lower, following her breast bone down to those lush mounds.

I pressed my face between them. She had a nice pair of D-cups. She had tits a little bigger than Linda's and the same size as Nancy. Mom had bigger. F-cups at least. But I didn't care about her. I wasn't a MILF chaser. My little sister's perky tits were perfect.

I rubbed them against my cheeks, letting my whiskers glide across them. Girls like that manly feel. I was glad I didn't have to shave every day so I could have that perfect amount of stubble. I squeezed those boobs into my face, reveling in them. They felt perfect.

Then I licked up to the pinnacle of her left breast. My little sister whimpered as I came closer and closer to her nipple thrusting up from her small areola. I flicked it. My tongue caressed around her nub. I loved the feel of her little nipple.

Then I sucked on it.

She gasped, her body bucking. She groaned as I suckled on her nubs. She felt incredible in my mouth. I loved how she moaned. Squirmed. I loved all the wicked sounds she made.

I was proud to make my little sister feel like this.

I reveled in it. I was her big brother, and I was making her feel good. I was making her whimper and moan and gasp out her rapture. It felt so right. So proper to do. I fluttered my tongue around her nub.

“Oh, Clancy!” she whimpered. “Oh, my god, that feels so good. I never...”

I popped my mouth off. “God, you really are a virgin.”

“Yes!” she gasped. “Why would I want some dumb boy when I can have my sexy big brother? I love you, Clancy!” Then she gasped, her jaw clenching tight. She groaned.

“You love me, huh?” I said and licked her right nipple. “Then I better make you squeal extra hard when I eat your pussy out. I want my little sister cumming as hard as she can.”

She smiled. “Really?”

“Well, you're my little sister.” I flicked her nipple again, batting it with my tongue. “I only want what's best for you. I want you to scream your head off in rapture.” I sucked her nub into my mouth.

“Clancy!” she squealed in delight.

I sucked on her nipple, loving the feel of her in my mouth. The sounds she made were so wonderful. I was glad the rest of our family was keeping busy doing dumb stuff like working and making crafts and writing. Renee and I had the right idea about how to spend quarantine.

Incestuous loving.

Nancy gave me a taste, but Renee would satisfy me. I could tell. My little sister would make these trying times so sweet. Such a luxury. I sucked harder on her nipple. She groaned, her fingers sliding through my hair. Her face twisted in delight.

And I knew her pussy was getting hotter and hotter and hotter.

My hands slid down her oiled sides until I reached the waistband of her bikini. She had ties on the corners that my fingers tugged. She shuddered and whimpered, feeling her bikini loose. I could whip it away at a moment's notice.

See that shaved twat.

I sat up and stared down at her. Her brown eyes looked up at me with such wild lust in them. She squirmed around on , the chaise lounge creaking beneath her. I grinned at her and grabbed her bikini bottoms. I tugged hard on them and ripped them away from her.

I groaned at the sight of her shaved pussy coming into view. A tight slit, paler than her tan thighs, that beaded with her juices. I licked my lips, my mouth salivating. It was such a yummy sight. A virgin twat. My little sister's cunt. Hunger for her rose in me.

“You are gorgeous, Renee,” I breathed. “You know that? The hottest of our sisters.”

“Even Nancy?” she asked, her voice tight.

“Nancy's great, but you...” I licked my lips. “Fuck, you're blonde, tanned, and naked. God, I think I'm falling in love with you.”

“Really?” Such hope brimmed in her voice.

“Yeah,” I groaned, my heart hammering. This was special. This was my little sister giving herself to me, not some slut just wanting a fuck. Even Nancy was just a whore needing her cunt filled, but not Renee. Her flirty boldness had hidden this scared, vulnerable virgin.

God, that was so appealing.

“I love you, Renee,” I groaned, my dick throbbing with passion. I leaned down my hands pushing her legs further apart. They slid off the sides of the chaise lounge. Her slit parted, but not by much. She was still tightly sealed, guarding those virgin depths I wanted to plunder.

I licked my lips and then nuzzled right into her cunt. I kissed at her virgin flesh. No other person had touched her hear but me. She tasted tart. Her virgin juices had such an intoxicating flavor. I groaned as I smooched up and down her slit.

“Clancy!” she moaned, her boobs jiggling as she squirmed. “Oh, Clancy, I love you!”

“Renee,” I groaned and then fluttered my tongue up and down her pussy lips.

I gathered up her tart juices. I savored them coating my tongue. Renee tasted amazing. I licked and lapped at her with hunger, wanting more of her delicious cream. I wanted to lap up every drop she had. To make her scream her head off.

She shuddered, her breasts jiggling. She squirmed on the chaise lounge, her boobs swaying with such delightful perkiness. She gasped out her delight. I dug deeper into her folds, parting them, and slid over her hymen.

God, she had a hymen.

“Clancy!” she moaned, her head thrashing right and then left. Her boobs jiggled, two plump mounds of quivering delight. “Oh, my god, Clancy. That's amazing.”

“Better than your fingers?” I asked.


“Good. And I haven't even touched your clit yet.”


I licked up to her clit, brushing her bud.

“Oh, my god!” she squeaked as I fluttered my tongue against her clit. “Oh, my god, big bro! Yes!”

I swirled my tongue around her clit. I savored how she whimpered and moaned. The sounds she sang out were such delights to hear. She squeezed her thighs about my head, holding me to her cunt. I sucked on her bud. I loved the way it throbbed in my mouth.

I sucked. Nibbled. Loved her. I savored how she trembled on the chaise lounge, the sun warm on my back. I loved how she humped her cunt against my hungry lips. I lapped at her. Devoured her. I ate her pussy with such hunger. I feasted on my little sister's cunt.

The chaise lounge creaked as she humped against my face. She squirmed there, her breasts swaying. Her face twisted. She gasped and moaned. Her hands grabbed at my short, brown hair, gripping me tight and holding me to her virgin cunt.

“Oh, big bro!” she gasped as I swirled my tongue around her clit again. “Oh, big bro, that's amazing.”

I winked at her and sucked hard on her clit.

She gasped, fingernails scratching at my scalp. She pulled hard on my hair, my roots burning. I didn't care. My dick throbbed in my pants as I sucked at her bud. She whimpered. Moaned. Then her body bucked.


My little sister's virgin juices gushed out. A spray of her passion that bathed my lips. I drank down her delight. It was such a wonderful treat. She gasped out her ecstasy. Her boobs heaved, body thrashing.

“Damn,” I groaned and licked up her juices. I feasted on the cream pouring out of my little sister's virgin twat.

“Clancy! Clancy!” she cried out in rapture. Her words were so sweet to hear. I reveled in them as I devoured the pussy cream gushing out of her. “Oh, my god, big bro. I... I...”

I lifted my face, juices dripping off my cheek. “You want my cock?”

She nodded, her brown eyes glossy. “Take my cherry, big bro. I want you to have it. I've always wanted you to have it. I want your cock. Your dick. Your babies. I want to have it all. Oh, please, please, please, give it to me.”

“Shit,” I growled and unbuttoned my jeans.

The zipper ripped down. I shoved off boxers and jeans, standing up in the process. My cock popped up. My sister gasped. She sat up, staring at my cock. Her eyes widened. And then the wicked virgin licked her lips.

She would be a cock-sucker. I could tell. But I didn't want her mouth on my dick just now. I wanted her cunt around it.

I shoved my jeans and boxers off, knocking off my shoes in the process. My dick bobbed up and down. I peeled off my socks and then settled back between her thighs. The naughty girl actually reached down with both her hands and parted her vulva, exposing her hymen to me.

“Take my cherry, big bro!” she moaned, her eyes begging for it. “I'm so ready. Oh, my god, that orgasm was amazing. You are as much a stud as all the rumors claimed. I want you. I want you so much, Clancy!”

“Goddamn, you're sexy as fuck,” I growled and knelt down. I pressed my cock right against her cunt. I rubbed up and down, savoring the feel of her silky vulva against me. She felt amazing. My cock throbbed and ached as I found her hymen.

I thrust against her maidenhead. Her virginity stretched and stretched. She whimpered, her legs wrapping around my waist, pulling on me. She stared up at me with such need in her eyes. She ached for me to pop that cherry.

“Clancy!” she gasped.

Her hymen tore.

I buried into her untouched flesh. She gasped. I groaned. Her eyes widened. She whimpered as her sheath stretched to take my cock. I slid into her juicy depths, sliding into her heat. The warmth of her cunt swelled up my shaft and soaked my balls. I groaned as I bottomed out in her snatch.

I leaned down on my elbows, feeling the vinyl strips of the chaise lounge. She hugged me tight, pulling me down to her lips. I kissed her with my mouth stained in her tart passion. I loved the feel of her breasts rubbing into my chest. My sister's cunt squeezed about me.

I shuddered and pumped away at her cunt. I plunged in and out of her, reveling in every plunge into her snatch. Every thrust into her twat. I reveled in the heat of this moment, savoring the bliss of fucking her twat.

She kissed me with hunger. Her tongue danced over mine. Played with mine. I shuddered, loving the taste of her. I pumped away at her, fucking her with hard strokes. Her cunt squeezed about my dick. She held me tight in her snatch, her pussy clenching about me. It was incredible. I groaned, savoring the taste of my sister's lips on mine.

She groaned, her tongue playing with mine. It was incredible to enjoy. She whimpered, clawing my back with her fingernails. I slid into my sister again and again. The chaise lounge creaked beneath us. She moaned into the kiss, her thighs squeezing about my sides.

I broke it. “Damn!”

“I know!” she gasped, clamping her cunt down around my dick as I thrust into her. “Clancy! Clancy! I love you!”

I kissed her again, savoring the thrill of being in her. That tight pussy held me tight. It was amazing. I groaned, thrusting away harder. Faster. I buried my dick into her. I plunged to the hilt in her cunt again and again.

My balls tightened as they smacked into her taint. She shuddered beneath me, gripping my dick on the pullback. She wanted my jizz splashing into her snatch. I could feel it. She wanted me to fill her just like Nancy.

Only I knew Renee would want it over and over again.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” gasped my little sister, fingernails biting into my back. “Clancy! Clancy!”

“Are you going to cum?” I asked her, staring into her brown eyes.

She nodded, this huge grin on her face. “What do you think?”

“That you're going to explode on my dick. Just burst in rapture.”

“Mmm, yes, yes, that's perfect.” She squeezed about my dick. “Oh, yes, yes, that's amazing. Just fantastic. Oh, my god, I love it.”

“Good!” I groaned. “I want to feel that pussy spasming around my dick. I want you cumming hard on my cock.”

“Uh-huh!” she moaned, squeezing about me. “Ooh, I'm getting there. I love this, big bro!”

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down for another kiss. I buried into my sister's cunt, her tongue dancing with mine. I loved her aggression. She was so playful. So sexy. She might be a virgin, but she wasn't shy. Oh, now, she was a horny girl that wanted her passion. Her cunt clenched down on me.

She squealed. Her pussy writhed around me. That wonderful cunt spasmed about my dick with passion. I shuddered as I buried into her. My balls tightened. Her pussy rippled around my cock, massaging the tip with her incestuous silk.

I broke the kiss and growled, “Fuck!”

I erupted into my little sister. I spurted my cum into her depths. She gasped in delight, her pussy spasming around my cock as I basted her. Pleasure hammered my mind. Taboo ecstasy erupted from my dick again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her pussy going wild about my cock. She sucked at me with taboo hunger. “Oh, Clancy, I want it all!”

I kissed her again, our lips sealing together as we trembled through our incestuous orgasm. The pleasure blazed through my mind. I loved her. I savored this moment. I fired the last of my cum into her and hit the peak of my pleasure.

Then I collapsed on her. I kissed her as I came down from my climax. I savored it. My tongue danced with hers as our breathing slowed. I just wanted to luxuriate in this as my cock softened in her pussy. I could stay cuddled with her all day long.

But what if someone saw us? Eventually, our family would wander out of the office and workshop. Nancy would approve, but Mom and Dad...?

I broke the kiss. “Want to go work on the car in the garage with me.”

She grinned. “Yes.”

I slid off of her and grabbed up our clothes real quick. She stretched and snagged her tanning lotion bottle. My cum spilled down her thighs as she sauntered to the garage, her ass delicious, the pale triangle left by her bikini giving her rump such character.

I hurried after.

The moment we were in the garage, she was on her knees sucking on my dick fresh from her cunt. She moaned, nursing on it, getting me hard. It didn't take much. I swelled up fast as she nursed on me. I groaned, loving it.

“Fuck, Renee.”

She just kept nursing. In a moment, I was fully hard. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock. My balls tightened. I could feel a new load of cum building in my nuts. I would gladly have dumped it into her mouth, but she had other ideas.

She popped her mouth off my dick. “Mmm, all nice and hard.”

She grabbed the bottle of tanning lotion and then squirted it on my cock. I groaned at her touch, loving the feeling. But why did she stop? I was about to ask when she hopped up, spun around, and bent over the hood of the Camaro. Her pale ass clenched.

“I want you to take all my virginities,” she breathed. “I want to do everything with my big brother!”

I groaned and advanced. I placed my cock against the divide between her butt-cheeks. I slid it down and down until I found her asshole. A shiver ran through me. My little sister was so intoxicating. So amazing. How could I not fall in love with her?

I found her asshole. She moaned and threw a smoky look over her shoulder full of invitation. I grinned at her, planted my hands on the hood of the car beside her, and thrust. Her tight anal ring resisted, but I wouldn't let anything get in the way.

“Oh, big brother,” she moaned as her asshole widened and widened. She bent low over the hood. “Oh, my god. You're... you're... Fuck!”

My cock popped into her bowels. Her velvety sheath engulfed me. That tight, hot, delicious asshole gripped me. Lubed by the tanning oil, I went deeper and deeper into her depths. She whimpered, her tanned back arching. Her bowels clenched around me.

My brown bush pressed into her rump. She let out a breathy sigh. Her hips wiggled, stirring me around in her. She panted. I let her get used to me, just savoring her asshole wrapped around my dick. She panted and then sat up, pressing her back into my chest.

My hands found her tits. I drew back my hips as I groped those perky mounds. She moaned in delight, her tight asshole squeezing about me. My balls savored the friction massaging my dick. I wouldn't be lasting long in her ass.

I slammed back into her, and she gasped, “This is better than my fingers.”

“You play with your asshole while masturbating?” I asked, thrusting away at her.

“I couldn't thrust my fingers into my cunt, could I? I wanted you to have my virginity.” her bowels squeezed tight about my cock. “Ooh, I wanted this. I wanted your dick to fuck my asshole. My pussy. I wanted it all.”

I smiled and squeezed her breasts. “You'll get it. Whenever you want.”


I pounded my little sister in the ass. I fucked her hard and fast. I slammed into her with powerful strokes. I buried into her again and again, the pressure in my balls swelling with every stroke. The ache built and built at the tip of my cock. It was amazing to fuck her in the ass.

The shocks groaned as the car rocked. I fucked into her hard, my crotch smacking into her cute rump. She moaned, her hips moving, stirring her bowels around my dick. Everything about Renee was intoxicating. My fingers kneaded her tits. I slid my digits up to her nipples.

I pinched them hard. I twisted them.

“Clancy!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, yes! Ass-fuck me. Pound me in the ass! Ooh, big bro, how does it feel to have your dick in your little sister's asshole?”

“Amazing!” I groaned, pumping away at her hard and fast.

I slammed to the hilt in her. I buried with such force into her ass. it was amazing. Just a delicious treat to enjoy. I groaned, her bowels squeezing about me. She massaged me with that tight asshole. She worshiped me.

And I loved her for it.

I fucked her asshole hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. Her asshole clenched down on me. She held me tight as I sodomized her. I reveled in fucking her. She squeezed about me. She gave me such rapture. Such pleasure. It was intoxicating to fuck her bowels. It was a rush to bury into her again and again, my balls tight with a fresh load of cum.

“Yes!” I growled. “Oh, fucking shit, yes!”

“Clancy! Clancy!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, I'm going to cum. This dic... Your cock!”

I pinched her nipples and twisted them. She gasped. “Do it. Let me feel that ass going wild!”

I slammed into her and she gasped. Her bowels went wild. They rippled around me, sucking at me. I shuddered, feeling that pressure at the tip of my dick hitting that breaking point. My nuts boiled. My cum fired out of me.

“Shit, yes!” I grunted.

I flooded my sister's asshole. I pumped my jizz into her bowels while holding her tight. She squealed, her bowels milking my dick while the rapture of cumming in her a second time blazed through my mind.

“Clancy! Clancy! Oh, my god, I love you!”

“Love you, Renee!” I groaned, dumping more and more of my cum into her asshole. I basted her with all the jizz I had. “Fuck, you are sexy.”

“Mmm, speak for yourself,” she moaned, leaning back into me. I held her and nuzzled into her neck, her blonde hair caressing my cheek. “You're such a stud. Such a fucking sexy hunk. God, I'm glad you're my big bro.”

I licked up to her ear. “I'm glad you're my little sister.”


Renee was helping me out a lot in the garage as Quarantine headed into its second month. Not much car work was going on, but that didn't stop us from working up a sweat. My little sister was one dirty girl.

Anal, ass to mouth, deep-throating, and more. I must have fucked her in every position and on every part of the garage. She snuck into my room at night to drink my cum. I ass-fucked her in the shower.

The family didn't notice. They all had their own things to amuse themselves. Boring shit. Not me. I was getting all the pussy I needed from the little sister I loved. And when quarantine ended, we weren't stopping.

No fucking way was I letting a girl this exciting get away.

To be continued in the next Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine...

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