Sac covering my tits! by MISTER+BIG+T

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Sac covering my tits! - Disney (Seriously) lemon by MISTER BIG T

This was a little mermaid lemon comissioned by, believe it or not, my (ex) gf. I tried to do it as fast as I could thinking to impress her. ^_^

"I'm a prince in middle of seashore with broken ships all over beach!" Erik sang, while drinking some wine.

Suddenly, he saw it.

A red piece of hair in sea. And more hair. And that hair was connected to a naked female body.

"My God! Who is that?" he thought, while beginning to leave his castle… Or whatever that huge building was.

Anyway, he got outside and saw Ariel, who had now ripped a sac and was wearing it. (THUS the name sac covering my tits…)

"Uhh…. Hello, I'm Erik. I'm a prince. Seriously. I am. Who are you?" Erik talked.

Ariel, being part of salmon and woman (Now that image haunts me forever. *shivers*) couldn't speak in human language, so she just nodded her head and smiled. Erik began thinking.

Then he asked as jokingly"Say, you have such a beatiful body, do you mind if I touch it?"

Ariel, however didn't know human language, so she just nodded her head and smiled again. Erik, was to say the least, suprised. But nearly immediatly, he came closer to her and gave her a kiss, while rubbing her neck. Ariel was suprised. Never in her life had she felt something like this. The only man who had ever kissed her had been her father, but he had this horrifying beard and the kiss was not THIS way…(Got you worried for a moment, didn't I?) Anyway, at first she was going to raise her hand to slap him, but it felt so good that she moved her hand behind his neck, rubbing it.

Erik continued kissing her, while moving his hand lower. He rubbed her back and smelled her beatiful red hair. The feeling was so soft, so lovely, that she returned the kiss. Erik moved his hand even lower, placing it over her butt and feeling how well formed it was. He gently moved his arm slowly to other side, moving his hand to her pussy. He slowly began rubbing it through the sac, turning her on very much. Ariel gasped, as her pussy made some wet sounds. Was she sick? Why did it do that? Well, she didn't care. It felt SOOOOOOOO good, she would have wanted this to continue forever. Erik moved the sac, revealing her hot pussy. He slowly rubbed it more, making Ariel moan. However, something pointy in Erik's pants caught Ariels vision.

What was it? She slowly moved her hand over it, rubbing it gently. Erik gave a large sigh and rubbed her hair. She felt around, maybe this was the mysterious thing known as penis? She opened his zipper, revealing Erik's already rock hard dick. Her eyes widened as she saw this… This huge pointy thing in his pants. Ariel didn't know why, but she liked how it looked. She gently brought her head lower and without even noticing it, gave it a kiss. Erik opened his mouth in passion and guided her head towards to suck the penis. She didn't know what to do, but fortunately she was teached. (How nice of him) She licked it around and tasted it. Suddenly, something salty, white liquid came to her mouth. She didn't know what it was, but it sure did taste good, so she swallowed.

Whatever the itch in her pussy was, it was getting unbearable. She reached down to rub it and gasped. It was very, very wet. Erik saw this and gently rubbed her down there. Ariel moaned and uncounciously thrusted towards his fingers, inserting them inside. Soon, she arched her back and screamed as she got her first orgasm, ever.


Erik smiled and removed the finger, licking off the juices on it. He then took hold of his penis, rubbing it. With smiling face, he inserted it inside her cunt. Tears came from Ariels eyes as she was getting penerated for the first time. It hurt very much, but at the sametime, it felt good. She scratched his back and moaned, squeezing her eys shut. Erik tried his best not to hurt her, but it couldn't be helped, since before this she hadn't even masturbated. (Talk about innocent and ignorant) Erik tried raising himself up to his knees, so she wouldn't feel his weight.

It did make entering her much more easier and judging from her face, much more pleasurable. Erik began moving in and out of her wet pussy, while rubbing her well formed tits. They weren't bigger than B cups, but sometimes, quality wins over size. He pinched her nipples and tongue kissed her, moving her feet up to his shoulder, allowing him to move better. She cried out loud as she felt her second orgasm. Just then, something sticky came inside her. It felt so warm and good….


Rating: 42%, Read 21875 times, Posted Oct 05, 2004

Fiction | First Time


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