Taking the Maid 3: Collar Ceremony by Sissywoo2000

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Fiction | Asian, BDSM, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Submission, Threesome, Transgendered

She packed her few belongings. She didn't own much, mostly clothes, everything else at the boarding house was communal. She fit it all into her old Camry and drove to her new home. She arrived at the old house she had so often cleaned. Jack was ready for her at the door, smiling broadly. There were also three other cars.

Jack met her with a glass of champaign. “There is something extra in there to make you hot and help you relax.”

Lei sipped her champaign as Jack introduced her to his guests. Two men and a woman, and four others women on leashes, naked and gagged. The first man was large and the darkest black man she had ever seen. He was endtoduced as Joshua, and the pretty, pale asian girl on the leash was Candytits. Joshua ordered Candytits to 'shake!' and Lei took the pet girls limply offered hand. She noticed her second garment, if it could be called that, a ring gag that made the girl drool uncontrollably. “Show plug!” he ordered. The beauty turned around and showed off the black tail plug firmly up her tight pucker.

“Go ahead and take a closer look.” Jack whispered in her Leifang's ear. She did, and could smell the girls dripping horny pussy. She also could hear a quiet buzzing noise, which she shivered to realize was the poor, horny girls buttplug.

Next was Andrew, a short, bald white man with a busty blond Amazon, plugged, collared and with a panel gag covering her mouth. She was named Fifi. She was beautiful but looked sadder than Candytits.

The woman was a wickedly sexual dominatrix named Goddess Naomi, in heels that brought her up four inches to about 5'8". Her girls were named Foxy and Roxy. Foxy was mocha colored and Roxy was a pale skinned brunette. Plugged and collared, they were ungagged and smiling.

Foxy was slim and athletic, no breasts to speak of and pearced nipples. Her clit was also pearced and an Emerald jewel ring glinted prettily when one looked.

Roxy had very long dark hair and elfin features. She was not massively endowed but substancial, a c-cup, and was a touch softer than Foxy. But the biggest surprise when she was in the 'beg' position was that instead of a pussy was a tiny cock, locked in a pink chastity cage. Leifang was blown away, she had never seen anyone so thoroughly feminine, down to a sweet soprano bark.

Leifang was feeling the champaign and whatever was in it. When master suggested she get ready for the ceremony he agreed, and took off her clothes for everyone. They all watched the pretty girl appreciatively. She allowed each master and their pets to take a very close look at he body. She felt a thrill when Candytits shoved her face into her rear and took an illicit lick of her asshole. Her master gave her two hard smacks on the ass for her inappropriate lick. The other puppies did not lick but took deep smells of her sweet holes. Now Leifang knew why she had been instructed to wash extra thoroughly.

Properly examined by all in attendance, she was led by Jack to the center of the room and told to kneel. She looked up at him smiling as he presented her with her new collar, supple leather with a heart shaped tag. On one side it had the words “Property of Jack Chambers” and a phone number. On the other side was her new puppy name, which she had no say in choosing. She was to be called “Bubbles.”

“When you wear this collar, you will cease being Leifang Chen and become Bubbles. You will be trained in obedience and good behavior. You will speak in nothing but noises appropriate to a dog. You take on this role freely and willingly.”

Goddess Naomi held her hair while Jack, her new master, wrapped the collar around her neck. She had never felt so turned on. She enthusiastically yipped, never taking her eyes off his.

Collared, he patted her head, and then she was on all fours, a petgirl like the others. But the ceremony was not done. First, master used a thick lube on her asshole. She later learned it was a special concoction that would keep her anus slick for hours on end. Master went to the sliding door to the back yard and allowed Buster in.

Bubbles gulped, knowing what was expected of her and feeling completely debased and humiliated. Buster liked her face, and then went to where his real interest lay. His nose hit her butthole and then his tongue and she went head down ass up for him.

Buster could smell his bitch in heat, and he didn't care who was watching. Bubbles closed her eyes in shame as she let him mount her naked body. This time she had given herself willingly, not by some freak accident or miscommunication.

He was already humping, searching for her opening, and he tightened his grip on her sides. She was a bit squirmy, and dropped low, too low, and his hot, thick doggy cock hit her tight, forbidden entrance. She screamed as he pushed deep into her ass, not her pussy.

Holy hell did it hurt, being stretched like that so suddenly. She was grateful for the lube at least. Buster was fucking her hard and fast, pounding deep and growing. Master was soon there with her. “Good girl. Breathe and relax. That's it, that's my good girl.”

Bubbles was in pain, but desperately wanted to be his good girl, and tried to relax. It helped, the pain lessened and she began to feel an odd pleasure, unlike when she was taken vaginally. She realized that the dog now had claimed her virginity, fore and aft. Only her mouth had been given to a man first. No matter what, that would always be true.

Buster began to work his knot against her hole and she felt it pop in with a great stretch. And then she felt the orgasmic pressure as his knot ballooned inside her and they were stuck, again. She did not know how long, but he felt even larger than she remembered.

Bubbles' pussy was spasmimg in pleasure, rolling through her body like thunder. She was pressed into the carpet as Buster turned the tie. It was now that the other puppy girls were allowed to approach. She was aware of noses and tongues finding her backside, she propped herself up enough to look in the happy, beautiful face of Roxy, whe lay on her back and started kissing her.

Pure lust was overtaking all of them. Tongues found pussies and assholes. After making out with Roxy, her puppy sister Foxy took her place. She squirmed under the girl hanging from the dog cock and managed to get her lips to Bubble's quivering pussy. In the mean time, she had her own face in Foxy's bald puss. She licked it, her first taste of feminine parts, and the two were soon deep in a lewd threesome with the dog. Bubbles' own tongue tasted her from clit to plug, before focusing on the places that made Foxy shudder.

While the threesome with the dog played out, Roxy had pulled out Jack's cock and began giving him expert head. “She's such a well trained little sissy, Naomi. You must be proud.”

“Yes, I've invested a lot of time and money in her, but it's been worth it. The trick is orgasm denial. She knows she will never cum like a boy again and she's always so horny! It makes her pliant and extra submissive.”

The other two, Candytits and Fifi also started sucking the cocks of the other's master. Goddess Naomi was masturbating to the whole scene.

Bubble's couldn't stop cumming! She was afraid she wasn't doing a very good job for Foxy, just because between the girls expert tongue and the ever increasing load of hot dog sperm filling her guts, she couldn't concentrate.

Soon the girls switched around. Fifi attended Goddess Naomi, Candytits gave Bubble's a sloppy cum kiss, followed by Roxy before she lay with her feet over her head and presented her rear to Bubbles to lick. She didn't taste bad, she thought, not like Bubbles expected she would.

The pressure kept building inside her belly as spurt after spurt after spurt of hot doggy jizz filled her, locked inside her by the massive knot that sealed them together. Soon, the other puppies were fucked out and went and laid at their masters or mistress feet, content. Bubbles had been stuck for a half hour, and had cum an unknown number of times. Buster was still giving her a dog cum enema. Master came over and she looked up at him with an expression he recognized. She was fuck-drunk. He felt her swollen belly. “So much doggy sperm. I bet that's uncomfortable.” He sat with her, petting her head as she moaned and occasionally shook with orgasm. They were less constant now, but still shudders of pleasure came every few minutes.

Buster started getting restless around the 50 minute mark, and someone called him over. Bubbles squealed in surprise and sudden pain as she was initially dragged by the ass and then forced to crawl backwards. Then a female voice, Mistress Naomi called him to the other side of the room.

Tears flowed. The masters all laughed as poor Bubbles was more humiliated than she thought possible. Finally after ten minutes of calling the male dog from one side of the room to the other, Master Jack ordered a stop to it. They had their fun, and he didn't want to risk her injury.

She lay whimpering another fewinutrs before feeling another pull, this time as Buster's knot shrank enough and began to leave her.

A loud, wet pop rang through the room, and she was finally free. The masters applauded. A final bit of humiliation. A cherry on top.

And she slumped, half conscious and glistening with sweat. Master gently made her lift her hips as he placed a towel under the poor puppy. Dog cum ran freely from her well fucked hole. “I'm so proud of you.” he whispered in her ear and never had she wanted such praise more.

She was unaware of what happened over an hour as she basically passed out. She vaguely felt the dog collar being removed. She then slept, and dreamt about dogs fucking her hard and long.

Rating: 94%, Read 30079 times, Posted Aug 21, 2020

Fiction | Asian, BDSM, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Submission, Threesome, Transgendered


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