Made For Each Other by older-wiser

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Fiction | Female, Hardcore, Male, Romance

They had been together for a little more than ten months, off and on.

They shared tremendous affection for one another, but they both knew it was the sex that kept bringing them back together.

She was fantastic in bed. He was fucking unbelievable.

And they were both horny as hell 24/7.

The first time they went out together they didn't make it to the restaurant, but ended up naked, tangled in crisp, lilac-colored sheets. Neither of them had planned it, the stars just must have been aligned or something.

Even though they had only recently been introduced, right from the start that first night out they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Maybe it was the full moon.

She couldn't believe it. They'd been together less than two hours and she was massaging this guy's cock through his pants and loving it.

Their kissing was so soft and romantic. Gliding all around, their mouths opening and closing with smooth wet lips and sweet, warm, saliva-scented breath.

She had never been so turned on just from kissing. He felt as if he were floating.

He gently sucked her tongue, and in return she slowly, easily fucked his mouth, giving him all the tongue he could possibly want.

It was unbelievably tender and quiet and oh-so-sexy.


Her pale blue panties were totally soaked, yet still she felt a new trickle running down each time she heard a quiet groan rise from between his smooth full lips.

Her flesh was so soft, her hair smelled so fresh, he could have creamed his jeans just about any second.

When he slid his hand inside the back of her pants and pushed his middle finger down into the warm cleft of her ass, she finally breathed into his ear, "Shit lets just go back to my place."

So that's how they began, almost a year ago.

Now, on a Friday, he was coming over for the evening, which would probably last the entire weekend.

She had candles going, the lights down low, a spicy cabernet and that expensive bourbon he loved.

Nat "King" Cole was singing "Tenderly" from the CD player.

She was perfect.

Sweet smelling but not perfume-y, hair up with carefully arranged wisps that made her look and feel like a goddess--or one of the intoxicating elves from "The Lord of the Rings," she giggled (she had begun sipping the wine forty-five minutes ago).

She wasn't bi-sexual, but if elfin Liv Tyler ever wanted her she'd have her panties off in two seconds just for a chance to feel those amazing lips.

Right now, though, she was all beautiful bare feet and naked legs, loving her own silky thighs as they pressed together, then feeling the cool air between them when they separated. No panties, bra-less. Her only clothing, a thin, tight, very short little black dress with a remarkably low cut neckline.

While she padded around putting the finishing touches on the apartment, a thought floated through her alcohol-influenced mind. It was completely unbidden, and it stopped her.

Nat Cole sang, "You took my lips, you took my love so tenderly," and she felt warmth spreading across her chest.

Did she love him?

No, not Nat Cole, she fell into the sofa laughing (no more wine!).

The man whose body she loved, did she love him?

This fantastic big strong guy who could make her totally thrill when he overpowered her, pushed her to her knees and forcibly fucked her from behind--god what a cock.

Oooo she wanted him deep in her right now!

One of her hands silently found its way between her soft thighs under the black dress and began just barely touching the wetness, sliding a little, hardly even moving, just the tip of one finger.

Now her mind flooded with a powerfully familiar image of him fucking her from behind. Steadily, then harder, then shoving her face to the mattress, his strong hands twisting her arms behind her and pulling them back, pinning her wrists against the sides of her ass.

Grunting, straining, driving his cock all the way in, driving it deep, always so deep! Pounding her again and again, pounding her ass till she felt herself starting to cum--shit! oh goddam shit!--and bucked against his strength, shuddering, thighs jerking, and cried out, her pussy rushing to clench and release a thousand times.

The little black dress was halfway up her ass now, exposing her wet pussy, and her hand was more active. She pulled at her pussy lips, rubbed her clit very gently but so fast (oh god his tongue on her soon!), and finally fucked two long fingers up the soft wet opening, the place she was dying for his thick cock to plunge into.

Oh god she was so totally ready. (She knew the wine had done her in.)

Mmmm, she loved the feeling when he pulled his big cock all the way out of her throbbing pussy from behind, away from her ass and thighs. She could hear his breathing as he turned her around and grabbed her head with both his hands. Then looking down at her, he forced his eight hard inches between her lips and shoved his cock down through her gasping mouth.

(He really was eight inches, she measured it once.)

God his shaft could get so incredibly HARD.

She devoured him, eating his big dick sloppily, sucked him loudly as he fucked her beautiful face and filled her warm mouth with her own creamy pussy juices.

Oh god, she was so wet and swollen, her ass was tingling--and he wasn't even here yet!

This fabulous man. Did she love him? Did it matter? Could she love him? Had she ever been in love with anyone?

Her mind stilled and was silent as her relaxed fingers wandered slowly around her pleasure spots.

Love? She had no answer for herself.

He would be here any minute


They had been in bed for about two hours.

He looked wonderful as always. Dark, fit, with thrillingly dangerous eyes, and that big great-looking cock.

Her appearance captivated him as always. Couldn't take his eyes off her. All soft curves and smooth fair skin.

He stroked every part of her body, cupping and feeling her breasts, sliding his warm hands up the underside of her thighs, raising and spreading them.

He pinched and twisted her pale pink nipples till she had that indescribable look of sexual-pleasure-from-pain on her face.

When he saw her face like that his cock stretched in its skin till he felt it would tear.

Their greeting when he first arrived had been brief, but that wasn't unusual for them.

She presented him with the whiskey, and he was truly touched.

Two fingers of bourbon later, the little black dress was above her breasts and his fly was open with his semi-erect cock hanging out.

From there it was a short walk to the bedroom.

Kissing ever smoothly and gently, her arms were tight around his thick neck with her fingers in his dark hair. Her naked legs were hooked around his waist, and she could feel his erection bouncing up and hitting her very wet pussy as he carried her to the bed.

Soon his clothes were gone also.

That was two hours ago.

She had been captured by his romantic gentleness as they began, and by his perfect sense of timing as they slowly, gradually evolved to a mutually satisfying sexual brutality.

He had already shot a load of cum on her breasts.

She had asked him to masturbate while she watched.

Pre-cum was slinging everywhere. Long strings hanging from the swollen helmet head of his cock flew in circles as they broke loose, and she thrilled every time one of them landed on her breasts or her stomach, or---oh Jesus---on her face.

She drank in the image of it all, loving the way his big arms were flexed and his balls were flying forward and back as he stroked himself for her pleasure.

He growled, leaned toward her, and she watched the streams of white fly onto her tits.

For her there was nothing like it in all the world---his warm cum lashing her, then hanging and falling from her nipples.

While he was finishing, shaking the last of the load from his prick, the thought occurred to him that this was probably the only woman he had ever known who could really be called "insatiable."

He wasn't sure she could ever get enough.

He just hoped he had enough to keep her coming back.

She wrapped her hands around his wrists and pulled him forward till he flopped face down on the bed. He sighed and relaxed as she tenderly, lovingly kissed her way across and down his back, over his ass.

Tugging on him from under his hips she quietly said, "Raise up," and he pulled himself up on his knees for her.

She was wonderful.

Kissing and licking and nibbling his balls from behind, using her warm breath to excite him.

Then he couldn't feel her touching him and he wondered for a second what she was doing when he groaned loudly---Ohh!---at the surprise of her rigid tongue pushing down into his butt! His groan made her giggle through her open mouth while her tongue stayed busy digging into him.

She didn't fool herself with all her giggling. Her swollen pussy was pulsing and throbbing. Seemed like lately her sex drive was just totally out of control. She was doing his ass because it made her feel so wicked and nasty and totally sexed.

God she was cumming again right now, ohhh fuck!

They did a fabulous 69 that lasted forever, gradually moving from licking, teasing, and tongue-stroking to full-mouthed pussy-eating and deep-throated cock-sucking.

They moaned and talked dirty, rolling and rolling around her bed.

Him on top, choking her as his hips shoved his cock down her throat.

Her on top, mashing and rocking her cunt on his face, desperate till she got herself off, squeezing his face between her hot thighs.

Then lying on their sides, each of them groaning, whimpering, burying their face into the other's crotch.

Lying back, breathing hard, they talked quietly, touched each other just a little.


He thanked her again for the bourbon. She went and brought it to the bedroom and poured him a drink.

When he had finished and set the glass down, she crawled between his legs and took his nearly flaccid penis in her hands. Gentle once again, she stroked and teased and stroked and pulled him back to a full, rock-hard erection.

Mouth opening, so sexy just for him to see, she lowered her head onto him, exhaling through her nostrils, taking almost all of his long thick cock into her throat.

Sliding her mouth back off him, she ate at his big soft head with her full lips, pressing and pulling, scraping him with her teeth just the tiniest bit, so gently, just enough to make him crazy.

God he'd never been sucked the way she did him. She licked his shaft so slowly all the way around and from bottom to top. Deep-throated him, letting him feel the soft warm flesh of her throat rubbing and pressing against him.

Her warm wet mouth and her loud breath were on him, then pulling off with suction.

On, then off, over and over, never in a hurry.

She didn't want him to cum, she wanted to make him feel like he would die if he couldn't bury his cock deep in her swollen pussy.

Soon they were fully entangled again, moaning and cussing and rocking her bed.

His cock was thick, long, hard, and sensitive to the slightest touch. It jerked and flexed involuntarily every time it brushed against any part of her luscious flesh.

He fucked her and stared at it as it pushed through that heavenly entrance created by the swollen folds of her pussy. His eyes narrowed and he watched even more intently as it slid back out shiny, so wet, covered with her pussy cream, its huge veins bulging.

They finished with him on his knees between her legs, holding her waist. Her feet were pulled back and her knees were pointed at the ceiling.

Looking deeply into her eyes, loving her shaking breasts and those fat swollen nipples that drove him wild, he lifted her ass off the bed and drove his cock into her luxurious pussy.

He pulled all the way out, then drove into her again, back out and deep into her again, and again, eventually creating a steady rhythm.

She thrashed and pushed against him. Ground her tight ass onto him, sometimes matching his rhythm, sometimes messing it up and creating an angry, animalistic showdown.

For a helluva lot of people it would have been the fuck of a lifetime.

Shit, the fuck of the century.

They screwed, and fucked, and banged each other, both of them gasping and crying out.

She clenched her teeth and urged him on with more filthy talk, telling him how she was going to suck his cock all night, how she wanted him to shoot his thick cum all over her.

Hissed at him how she was dying for his hard wet cock to explode inside her mouth and on her face so he could watch his cum dripping off her chin, and that got him.

"AAaaahhhh!" he exploded in her pussy, giving her all that he had left, both of them rocking and pushing, making it last till from deep within her she felt an orgasm cumming once again. Muscles tightening, her pussy squeezed him half a dozen times then flooded over his big cock as she groaned long and loud, trembled and shook.

He was big enough that when he wrapped himself around her, holding her, she could almost disappear into him. Felt like that, anyway.

He kissed her ear.

She listened to his breathing.

The question of love returned to her.

Once again, she had no thoughts.

What she had were feelings. Consuming, powerful, deep, and lasting.

Her eyes flooded with tears as he tenderly nuzzled the back of her neck.

"I love you so much," she whispered.

Rating: 91%, Read 14256 times, Posted Feb 14, 2010

Fiction | Female, Hardcore, Male, Romance


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