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Hey there my name is Tom. I work in a big big building. 80 floors to be exact. I'm just another number cruncher. nothing important to my job. I'm twenty four, married to a gorgeous wife and i have a 2 year old daughter named Sandi. It was just another tuesday afternoon up in my 74th floor office. Sudenly i had the feeling that i had to take a piss. so i got up and left the room. there wasnt a bathroom on my floor for some stupid reason so i had to go down to floor 72 because the one on 73 was out of order. I opened the door and walke dinto the empty mens room. The door thudded as it closed behind me. I walked to the urinal and unzipped my pants and started to go. just a few seconds later a large man that i didnt know walked in. I looked at him and he smiled and nodded as i did the same then i went back to concentrating on the task at hand. as he walked up he took the urinal right beside me. Kind of strange because there was four other empty ones and two stalls. But anyways, he walked up and spread his legs a little getting ready to do his thing. But then when he took it out i noticed, how could i not. It was Humungous!! At least 9 inches when soft. I was sudenly so embarased of my small 6 1/2 incher. I realized that i was getting hard. I didnt want him to notice and tried to hide it but i couldnt. I had never had a gay urge in my entire life until now and i jsut needed to stroke it. I needed to jerk off rite there. I tried to make it look like nothing because i thot i would come with hardly any proding on my part i was so horny. But it diddnt come to easy and from taking side glances at his big cock i was almost there when he looked over at me.

"what the fuck are you doing?!?" he asked harshly but still not putting away his massive cock.

"umm...nothing...i was just leaving" i said trying to zip up and get out of there before he could start to kick my ass. As i turned and tried to leave he said in thei rough voice

"wait a minute" and he pulled me back to him. I noticed that his dick was still hanging out of his fly and was starting to harden itself.

"well it didnt look like nothing. It looked like you were getting off looking at my big cock. Is that what was happening? Was it?!?"

I quickly nodded not wanting to get hurt.

"I bet you were just thinking of how it would feel to have this cock in your ass wouldnt you, you fucking whore?"

Before i could say anyhting he swung me and pushed me up against the urinal. I was horified at what was comign next but also so turned on. As he pushed me harder against it my cock was being pressed against the hard clay of the urinal. The pain felt strangley good. i felt him rip my pants down without undoing the belt and heard him say

"you just look at the wall and dont make a sound and you'll have what you want soon enough."

I was scared. My bottom lip was trembeling. I didnt know if this was what I wanted. Did i want to fantasize about his giant dick inside me, or did i want him to pound my ass until it was raw and sore. He was now ripping my boxers down to make a puddle on the floor. He got up and was now aligning his hard cock with my little ass. He didnt lube first or anything. This was going to hurt like hell. Just before he was going to thrust into me. When i felt he was going to he put one hand on my shoulder and put his mouth next to my ear. I could feel his stubble against my ear lobe.

He said two words that i will never ever forget for the rest of my life...."have fun" And then he ripped into me with one thrust. I let out a silent scream because I didnt want to be caught and the pain seemed to imense to make any noise.

"yea bitch. You like that? I'm gunna fuck you till you can't sit anymore. Your assholes gunna be so sore and raw"

I was in agony. My teeth clenched. My face scrunched up. I was just trying to get through this as fast as possible but that wasnt going to happen. He just kept grunting away. Each time going in a little farther. He reached his arm around the front of me and grabed my cock with his big hand. Sqeezing it. The pain was horrible. Between my sore asshole and my crushed cock i was devestated. But somehow, it felt good. Him thrusting into my ass was starting to feel good and the pain of my dick being crushed in his massive hand wasnt feeling to bad. I began to squeel a little each time he got into me farther and he laughed.

"you are a fucking whore arent you? your just a little cock hound. I bet after this youll be beggin for it every day."

"mmmmm...o yea..fuck my ass"

"call me daddy bitch!"

" oh! fuck my ass dady! fuck me haaarrrd!"

"o ho ho little slut" he said and he stopped thrusting. I turned my neck to him and starting throwing my ass back at him. Trying to get myself off.

"hold on, youll get it soon enough"

with that he reached around front of my tearing off my shirt and tie and throwing it in the corner. He put a hand under my legs on each thigh and lifted me. I was a little suprised to be in this giant mans grasp with his cock still filling my ass. I looked down and saw my little dick gently swaying frum the motion of being picked up and beneathe that i saw somthing else. He was only half into me. I was full but it was only half in.

"fill my ass with your cock daddy. put the rest in. I want you to fuck my ass. Slam me and tear, ruin my little hole"

I couldnt believe i was saying this. i wasnt gay. I had a wife and daughter. He laughed a little and said " well, you asked for it." and he let me down hard. I screamed a little as four more inches of cock breached my ass.

"ooooooooooo fuck yes. come on daddy. Pound me, make me scream. Cum in my ass so hard that i can taste it. ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeaaaa dady. Please."

He was lifting my off of him fast. His Dick was coming in and out of my ass so fast that i could hardly see it. my eyes were closed. my arms lay limp at my sides. i bit my bottom lip and leaned my head back on his shoulder making a low moan. He was grunting alot.

"Your a fucking whore. you jsu tlove the cock, dont you? well dont worry youll get your share. and with this tight little hole you might get some other peoples shares to."

Just after he said that another man opened the door and stood there staring. But my dady never stopped pounding my ass. I was so embarassed. I tried to close my legs and get down but daddy kept fucking me. He looked over at the man by the door who was just staring dumbfoundedly.

"Jesus christ Al shut the door."

The man named Al stepped in and shut the door. He stayed looking at us for another second and then began walking over to us loosening his tie as he did. he undid his pants and let them come down to his knees but left his shirt on with the top button undone.

"Put him down here steve." Said the man named Al. I was so proud. My daddys name was steve. He dropped my feet to the floor but still leaving his cock in my ass. Then He pushed my head down towards Al's Big boner. Almost as Big as Steves I'll bet. I was scared. I didnt want to suck a cock.

"Suck his fucking cock or ill stop fucking your ass and we'll tell the whole office that your a fag. now do it!"

With that I shot my head down into his lap and took his cock into my mouth. It was big and hot and smelt kind of nasty like he hadnt washed it that morning.

"oohh yea. Boy this bitch sure can suck" said Al.

"I dunno" my dady said to him. "I've only had his ass so far"

so far. he said so far. so was I going to get my Dady's shit covered dick in my mouth next? I didnt realy care because i realized it was fun. I was bobbing me head up and down as my dadys slammed his cock into my ass. I was pushing myself back into him to have him slam me back towards Al again. If I could moan I would but my mouth was stuffed with Al's 10 inches of manhood. I began to stroke his shaft as i ran my tounge around his head. He was moaning and leaning back supporting himself on his arms. I could hear my daddy grunting and I took my lips off of Al's Cock to yell

"oh yea daddy fuck me harder!"

"shut up bitch and suck his cock!!" he yelled at me and i did as I was told. After a few minutes of this my dady put his hands on my chest and picked me off of Al's cock. I didn't want to leave. It tasted so good. Then my daddy picked me up like he had before and i thought how can i suck Al's cock from way up here? then i realized what was happening as Al got up holding his boner and began making his way to me. My eyes grew big in terror.

"no i can't take that to! Your going to ruin me!"

"well in all fairness you did tell me to" My daddy said with a smirk.

Al Possitioned his cock against my hole rite next to dadys and spread me out a little more to get part of his head in there.

"this'll be good wont it bitch!" said all and he grabbed my cock with one hand and make me let out a low scream and throw my head back. Then, he dropped me. Daddy dropped me onto both their dicks. A combined width of 6 inches. I wanted to scream so loudly but i didnt. I passed out. Only for a second but i passed out. The pain was so bad. They began fucking me odly but ended up having a system where Al would thrust in as Daddy dropped me. It hurt so bad. I thought that my pleasure was ruined. That it would never feel good again. But as they grunted while thrusting into me it began to feel good again. I moaned a little and Al laughed.

"quite a slut you've got here. We're tearing him right open and he jsut moans."

i was still laying limp. But sudenly my back arched. I put my hands on Al's shoulders and put my head back on Daddy's.

"ohhh yes!! come on! fuck me my two daddys. Fill my stomach with your cum. Fill me right up! i never want to be able to sit again! yes! yes! o god yes!"

this must have turned them on because right away they began moving quicker and then almsot at the same time they thrust into me and i could feel their cocks spasming.

"no! in my face!" i said and daddy let go of me as i jumped down grabbing both their dicks by the base and aiming them at my open mouth. it shot all over my face. Their glorious seed. I tried to catch and swallow it all but couldnt. It tasted so good. Kinda funny but still so good i couldnt get enough. After they stopped cuming i put daddys cock in my mouth and began sucking and milking it for all its juices while still stroking Al's with other hand. I started liking all the shit and blood off of his dick and swallowing it. I loved it. Next I did the same to Al's cock. After I was done I lay back on the floor. They laughed at me and Al said

"well I can see how much of a slut you are and you wont be needing these." Then he took my clothes into the stall and tried flushing them down the toilet. they were to big but they were at least soaked. I reached down and felt my asshole. The combined blood and the first load of semen they shot into me was starting to leak out. It felt kinda good but i felt so good without them inside me. I slipped a finger in. two fingers. three fingers. eventually i had my whole hand into my ass. I started pushing in and out and began to moan. I still hadnt cum and needed to desperately. As I fucked my ass with my hand Al walked up and kneeled down picking my head up and shoved his alreayd hardening cock into my mouth.

"I almost forgot what i had to do" and then he began pissing down my throught. I was suprised at first but then began trying to dirnk it. It was impossible and lots spilled out down the sides of my lips and onot my chest. then he got up laughing and shaking the last few drops off onto my face and started walking out the door zipping himself up as he went and saying to steve

"I cant believe what a whore you found."

I realy didnt care what they called me. I was in heaven. As i vicously pounded away at my not so little hole with my fist i felt it building inside of me. Just before i came i bent my head down to my cock, a few inches away and opened my mouth. It all shot up into my throught. higher than it had ever gone before. I choked a little but then swallowed it. mmm my cum tasted good to. After this fit of orgasm i was so tired. I fell asleep right on the bathroom floor. my fist in my ass blood and cum dripping out around it. piss and come all over my face. It was the best day ever.

Rating: 64%, Read 20904 times, Posted Feb 20, 2005

Fiction | Gay


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