Sissy the Redhead: The College Plan Pt VII: The Finale by Cumhammer

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Fantasy | Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Prostitution, Young

Sissy the Redhead: The College Plan Pt VII: The Finale

The last few weeks have been unreal. That night after my mom confronted Charlotte about everything, Jim had come home. Charlotte and Mom sat him down and explained that he was basically going to be providing for all of us now, but there were two tradeoffs. First, he and his wife wouldn’t have to go jail, and second, he had three women to choose from whenever he wanted them. Sure, he would have to share them all with my sixteen year old brother, Luke, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, that night, one of the first things he wanted was to watch as my big brother performed a replay of that morning’s “rape” scene.

My mother insisted that was fine, but as he watched, she wanted him behind her, filling her up with that giant cock of his. He didn’t argue. So I just sat back and fingered myself, content to watch everybody doing their things. It was sooo hot! Seeing my mom get fucked and cum over and over, watching my brother ass-fuck our neighbor as hard as he could as her face turned red, then purple with his hands around her skinny little neck. I thought she was going to pass out for a minute,and looked over at Jim to see if he was worried or angry, but the sight of her getting abused had put a look of lust on his face like I’d never seen before, and he was railing my mother harder than I’d seen him fuck me or his wife, which was perfect for mamma. That’s just how she liked it.

When Jim saw his wife, who was on the edge of unconsciousness, squirt out a heavy stream of cum that spattered all over the front of my young brother, and my brother took his cue to release her throat so she could inhale a harsh, sexy gasp of air as she shuddered and moaned in passion, he yelled,

“AHHH! God! I’m going to cum!”

Of course, my mother had been waiting for this. She spun around on her knees, grabbed his huge pole and started jacking it with both hands, right toward her face with her mouth hanging open and her tongue flopped out. She had her extra hot, slightly cross-eyed look on her face, which no man (or woman) can resist, and Jim unleashed an unbelievable shower of thick white spray all over her. It was the most I’d seen him ever shoot, and he normally shot more than any one I’d ever seen in the movies. He was a fucking cum-god, and watching my mother practically drown in his juice made me cum, too.

She was gurgling and chocking, trying to gulp down everything that landed in her mouth, but she was failing. Cum was gushing out of her mouth every time she tried to swallow a spurt. It covered her open eyes, soaked her hair, glazed her entire face, and ran down her huge tits. It dripped down off her pussy lips and pooled up on the floor.

I couldn’t let that go to waste, so I jumped up and ran over to her. First I sucked up what I could from the carpet, I even licked at it, lapping it up on my hands and knees like a cat licks cream. Then I ran my mouth all over my mother’s body and face, filling up my mouth until I couldn’t hold any more. I walked over to where Charlotte was still trying to catch her breath, and my brother was still pounding away at her asshole. She opened her mouth wide, and I spit about a cup of her husband’s seed down her throat.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” she said, her voice thick with the cum still sliding down.

Then I went back to my mother, and sucked up another full mouth load for myself to savor, swishing it around before swallowing it all. My brother finally shot his load all over Charlotte’s belly as he watched his thirteen year old, tiny little sister feeding on all that cum. Mom licked that all up, then let Charlotte lick what was left of her husband off her face and body. Everyone went to bed tired and satisfied that night.

Ever since that night, Mom, Luke and I pretty much moved in. We still kept our house, but all our clothes and favorite possessions now filled the three spare rooms in Jim and Charlotte’s huge house. With three women, the house was always immaculate, and Luke took care of all the odd jobs and yard work. All Jim had to do was go to work, deposit his pay checks in the bank, and keep filling us girls up with that huge shaft in his pants, and all that sweet cum in his balls. All in all it was a good situation.

Then the other day, at the dinner table--we always ate well, with mom and Charlotte cooking, because we all needed lots of energy for the non-stop sex we had--the subject of college came up. Mom said she had never really planned on being able to send us on her bartender’s wages. Jim said that he made plenty to support all of us, but couldn’t afford to send two kids that weren’t even his to college. No one argued with that. The subject kind of dropped after that, and we went right back to our normal routine of fucking like depraved animals, which, given the circumstances, we were.

But the question stuck with me, and being the conniving little slut that I was, I devised a new plan to make all the money we’d ever need. Maybe enough for Jim to quit his job, and stay home fucking us girls like we needed.

The next morning, Mom and Charlotte were out by the pool, and Luke was taking turns slathering their hot, naked bodies with sun block. He was naked, too, and whenever his dick would get close enough, one or the other of them would grab it and stroke it, or slurp it into a mouth and suck on it for a moment. It was all very languid and casually sexual. I touched myself watching the scene for a minute or two before going to find Jim. It was a Saturday, and he usually slept in. After all, he had a hard weeks work, and a night of hard fucking to recover from. He was laying in bed with his hand gently rubbing his glorious cock when I entered.

“Hey, Jim,” I said. “Need a hand with that?”

“Sure, Sissy. But nothing too vigorous. I’m still pretty tired.” He leaned back and locked his hands behind his head and let me go to work on his pole. I slurped away at it, working it into my mouth, stretching my lips around it’s wide girth. It was always easier once I popped his plum sized head past my teeth and his pre-cum started to ooze out. It helped lube my throat so I could manage to slide it past my gag reflex. Once I did that, throat fucking him was no problem.

We were in no hurry this morning, so I took my time, and once I had him deep throated, I practiced a new technique I had been working on. I would keep him lodged all the way in, my nose in his pubic hair, and try to swallow. This worked my throat muscles up and down his shaft, milking him without even moving my head. I could do it perfectly with my brother, his cock was only seven inches long, and half as thick as Jim’s. Jim had a solid 11 inches to get down, and it was as big around as my ankle at the base.

But today, I did a pretty good job of it, and within five minutes, without me ever lifting my face from his pubes, I felt him thicken and throb, a sure sign he was about to blow. So I clamped my lips tight around his shaft, and sucked up really fast, releasing the head just as the first soaking spurt draped itself across my head. This was all part of my plan. I only left my mouth slightly open ( for a change ) and let almost all his cum land on my pretty little face and my thick red curls.

“How do I look?” I asked after he squeezed out the last thick white pearl onto my eye lid.

“You look fucking hot! I should take a picture.”

“Funny you should say that, Jim.” I began scooping his hot cream off my face with a finger and slurping it into my mouth. I only wanted him to see me covered in cum to make a point, I sure wasn’t going to let his delicious meal go to waste! Between bites, I ran down my plan.

“So, you must know plenty of your clients who would want to do what you just did to a hot lolita like me, right?”

“I’m sure that any man would want to, Sissy. It’s just they could get into a lot of trouble if they did.”

“Well, what if you could assure them of a safe environment, and a willing young girl who would let them?”

“What are you getting at young lady?”

“Okay,” I said, finishing my cummy meal. “I bet we could make a lot of money if we charged a bunch of rich guys to give me a bukake party.”

“What?” I could tell he thought the plan was crazy. I proceed to appeal to his greedy side.

“Think about it. If you got like, forty guys to pay us a thousand dollars each--a fair price to fuck and cum all over an innocent little thirteen year old girl in a schoolgirl uniform--we could make enough to send me and Luke to college in one night!”

“Well...” He was sounding less skeptical.

“Picture it,” I continued. “If we did them one at a time, we would take the chance of eventually getting busted. But of we do it all in one night, like a gang bang, we could cash in and get out, and everyone would be happy.”

“You have thought this through fairly well...” Now I had him, so I gave him my closer.

“The best part is, we could film the whole thing! Wait, hear me out. Everyone but me wears a mask, so no one could get fingered. You and Luke could run the cameras and Mom and Charlotte could be fluffers. You and Luke could even join in. In fact, with the size of your cock, and the amount of cum in your balls, you could be like, the star!”

He was leaning back now, with a serious look on his face. He was in business mode, I could tell...weighing the pros and cons, counting the dollar signs. I didn’t have to tell him how much an underground, illegal dvd of an underage girl involved in a bukkake gang bang would fetch. Hundreds of dollars for a quality film, I would guess.

Then he looked at me with a strange look. If I didn’t know any better, it might have been respect. “You are a very smart little girl, Sissy. I think your plan will work. We’ll have to hammer out the details, but I’m game. Only, I think in order to make it really worth while, I’ll need to find fifty guys. And your Mom and Charlotte will probably need to be a bit more involved...but I think we should do it.”

I climbed up on his chest and gave him a very long and very deep kiss. “Thank you, Jim!” then I ran out of the room to tell the others.

So here we are all tonight. The pool area is lit up with rented studio lights, and there are 53 men lounging around, drinking, smoking pot, laughing and watching my mother and Charlotte walking around in the sluttiest outfits they could find. All the men are naked and I’m so excited thinking about what’s to come.

Jim did a great job picking out the guys. Sure, there are some fat guys, and some ugly guys, and a bunch of them have really small dicks, but overall, they are a good looking bunch of guys. Jim even asked them all to drink plenty of water for the week prior to the filming, and take lots of vitamin B-12, which is supposed to produce lots of cum. He also had them refrain form “release” for at least the day before. It was all very professional.

And I am the star. I felt so special waiting “backstage” all made up in my tailored school girl outfit: plaid skirt that stops just short of my white cotton panties, my knee high white stockings, shiny pumps and white shirt and tie. It all fit me perfectly, and my hair was put up in two very carefully evened pigtails, with just the right amount of curly cues hanging down.

Jim announces that shooting is about to begin, and everyone puts on a mask. Except me, of course, my pretty little innocent face has to be bare to receive all that cum. The men gather in a semi-circle around my “stage”, which is a low table, perfect height for fucking, topped with a lipped rubber mat. The mat is to catch all the cum for the finale. The men are to fuck me and Mom and Charlotte all they want, in whatever hole they want, but they all have to cum on me.

“Ladies, gentlemen,” Jim says, loud enough for me to hear. “Please welcome our starlet, Sissy the Redhead!” That is my cue and I walk out into the lights.

I see Jim and Luke holding cameras when I step out the door. I’m sure to look demure and innocent, I try to look even younger than I am, because that’s what these men want, and that’s what will sell. I am instantly rewarded with a deafening round of applause.

As I walk to my stage, the men brazenly reach out and touch me. They grope my tiny little tits and tight little girl ass, they shove fingers in between my legs and feel my already super moist cunt (which I shave bald for the first time today). For them, I stick my lower lip out in a slight pout, and open my eyes really wide, like I’m scared, but inside I’m thrilled. I am quivering, but not out of fear, out of desire. I want each and every cock that I see.

Like I had planned, when I reach the stage, I turn and smile my sweetest little girl smile and curtsey for them. I hear a groan of approval ripple across the crowd as I look straight into Jim’s camera and smile.

Then I feel hands all over me as men lift me up into position. They waste no time getting into the action. Before I know it I have a cock shoved into my sweet little mouth, and I moan around it with pleasure. Another cock pushes itself into my pussy and starts pounding away. I know that the first ten cocks I feel will be the VIP’s, the men who offered to pay double in order to be the first. I was to give my best effort to those men, and eat their cum as sexy as I could manage, like it is my favorite ice cream, Mom said.

So I moan and carry on like the best porn stars I’d seen, and I move my little lithe body in unison with them, like I’m in love with them. I make them believe I’m all theirs, Like I’m their own daughter and not some slutty stranger getting paid to eat their cum.

And then they start to pull out of me and cum. They call me baby as they start to squirt in my open mouth, and between swallowing, I say, “Feed me Daddy, I’m so hungry for your cum!” They coat my face, and by the last of the ten, the front of my shirt is soaked in strange mens’ jizz.

The whole time this is happening, Mom and Charlotte are on their knees sucking cock after cock, getting fucked in the ass as they move from one man to the next, looking over at me with lust in their eyes like I’ve never seen. As I take a minute to suck the cum off my shirt for my brother’s camera, they begin making out, which really gets our guests hot.

Now, the script says it’s Jim and Luke’s turn with me. Mom and Charlotte have to take a break from slut heaven and take over the cameras.

“Gentlemen,” Charlotte says. The co-stars of this production. The big one we’ll call the Cumhammer, and the young boy needs no name. But it might interest you to know that he is Sissy’s sixteen year old brother!” The gasp is audible. These men could not be more turned on.

Then my two men go to work on me good. My brother spits on my asshole, and rams his dick home, so hard it makes me grunt. He gets some cheers for that move, and he fucks me harder than anyone else would that night.

“Fuck your little sister hard, buddy!” I hear someone shout.

“Yeah! Fuck that little slut up the ass!” I someone else’s encouragement.

The next thing I know, Jim grabs me by the pigtails, and spits in my face. I give him the same cross-eyed “fuck-me” look my mom gives, and more groans go up from the crowd. then jim rips open my shirt, exposing my tits, and rips it off, leaving me with just a cute little red tie dangling from my neck.

The grown gasps again when he lifts his thickly veined log up to my face. I look into my Mom’s camera lens with a feigned look of fear and astonishment, as if to say, I don’t even know what to do with that! But the crown helps me out by shouting, “You can do it little girl,” and “choke her with that thing!”

That’s when my brother grabs my pigtails and wrenches my head back, and Jim works his monster into my tiny mouth. He is too worked up to let me take my time, and I’m glad. I gush cum all around my bother’s cock as he throat rapes me. my eyes water heavily with the pain of it, and it looks like I’m crying, which I’m sure the men love. then some notice I’m squirting cum from my pussy and pint it out. Charlotte is behind me catching it all on film.

After a few minutes of having my ass pounded by my brother, and my throat fuck deep and hard by Jim, the crowd starts chanting, “CUMHAMMER! CUMHAMMER! CUMHAMMER!” and I can sense both cock stuffed inside me are ready to blow. Luke pulls out first and comes around to my face, then luke pulls out and both boys are jacking off, the tips of their dicks resting on my cheeks, their fists moving up and down so wildly that they repeatedly smack me in the mouth and face.

They both cum at the same time, my brother hasn’t cum in four days, and Jim in five. I lose count of how many spurts are coating me after twenty, one cock then the other, form one direction then the next. The crowd is cheering, the cameras are rolling, and I’m firing cum out of my immature little pussy like a fire hose.

By the time they finish, and the onslaught of men resumes, I’m not even in my right mind. It’s all a blur of stiff dicks plunging down my throat, up my ass, in my pussy. At one time, I’m sure I feel two in my pussy at once at the same time as my ass is stuffed with a huge one. I can’t remember ever feeling so stuffed.

Cock after cock emptied out into my face and tits and ass. Cum drips from my eye lahes and nose, my pussy lips, my puffy, hard nipples. When I’m on my hands and knees, it runs down my arms and legs, and into the mat. When I’m on my back, I can feel it fill the crack of my ass as I slide around on a pond of white, sticky semen.

I can’t even see, my eyes are so coated with the stuff by the time I open my mouth for the of the 55 men to squeeze his final thick drop onto my waiting tongue. I still have enough sense left to put on one last show for all my lovers. I draw my tongue into my mouth, really slow, and make a show of swallowing the last drop like it is my favorite part of the whole night.

I smile really wide and say, “Mmmm...yummy, Daddy!” And the crowd erupts.

“Now folks,” Jim says, the cameras still rolling. “For the big finale!”

All the men gather around as Charlotte and Mom run rubber spatulas down my body, scraping as much of the cum as they can off me and into the rubber mat. As they get to my waist, they instruct me to stand so they can get everything off my legs.

“Honey,” Mom says. “Why don’t you rub yourself and cum one last time for these nice men.”

“Yes, mother,” I say in my sweetest little voice. Another gasp goes up as they realize what a family affair this all is. It only takes me a minute with the scent of all that cum in my nostrils, and the way it feels on my skin.

I start to squirt right into the pool of cum in the mat. The crowd applauds. Mom and Charlotte get me cleaned to my feet and my mom lifts one. She sucks the cum from my toes before letting me step onto a chair, then Charlotte cleans my other foot with her mouth.

I get down, unable to stand on my own, so i sit and quiver as the ladies tip the mat up and begin to pour all that cum into a pitcher. Once they fill one, Charlotte runs inside and returns with a second. They fill that about half way, then scrape the rest off the mat, which fills the second pitcher up about two thirds, total. Almost two gallons. Two gallons of cum.

My mom and Charlotte set up 12 pint glasses, and fill each up to the brim.

“Well, ladies, that’s four apiece. Are you ready?”

“Oh, fuck yes,” Charlotte moans.

“Yes, Mommy,” I say, still in character. “I’m really thirsty.” Which I really am.

So we start to drink. It tastes so good! I find I can chug it like chocolate milk. It keeps going down so smoothly. We each finish one glass, then the next. By the third, I’m getting full. It’s not that I don’t want it, it’s just that my tummy is smaller than mom’s or Charlotte’s. I look down and it’s sticking out really far.

Then I burp. Really loud. I’m embarrassed at first, but no one seems to mind, and now I have room to finish. By the time I start my last glass, Mom and Charlotte are done, and are licking their glasses out. Everyone standing around is dead silent and all eyes are on me. I chug and chug, and as the last mouthful hits my tongue and I swallow it, I smack my lips and smile.

“Thank you!” I say to the audience, my voice thick and sticky. I curtsey, lifting the hardening edges of my little skirt, and the crown goes wild.

The End

Rating: 89%, Read 29311 times, Posted Jun 05, 2009

Fantasy | Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Prostitution, Young


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