Love is all that matters pt3 - Peter Dinklage or sisters cleveage? It rhymes. by tekace

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Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Incest

It was monday afternoon, I was driving after long day of work, going home with my sister. She was quiet, just like myself. I guess we were a bit... overwhelmed is the word Im looking for, I think. We were so happy that mom and dad allowed Jessy to quit school and so glad that they agreed with her own idea to start working as my employee, that we kind of transferred all that positive energy into something else. Something we didn't expect to happen, so now we were pretty much speechless.

We didn't do anything bad, yet, i think... but... our emotions were finally cold for a few degrees; it seemed that, in the bookstore, we were almost not ourselves. As if we were drunk a bit, tho none of us did drink any alcohol today. Happiness and love for eachother and all that teasing and fooling around transmitted into... something else, something neither of us knew how to explain. So we remained silent. Through the whole drive home. All you could've heard was a sigh from Jessy... or me clearing my throat, even tho I didn't really need to.

Once we arrived home, I parked next to dads truck, and unbuckled my seat belt. Jessy tried to do the same but the passengers seat belt stuck and she looked at me confused.

"Sorry, it gets stubborn every now and then..." I said to her reaching out to help her. I tried simply pressing it harder and pulling but it didnt't work. Then I positioned myself in front of Jessy trying to fix it, it was jammed big time, so I pulled hard while sweating all along cause in front me, once again was Jessy and all I could think of was don't look down, don't look down, don't look... and of course, I was looking down at her cleveage; and that's when I fixed the seat belt. I know cause damn metal thing hit me in the nose and it hurt as hell. Jessy started laughing like crazy trying to ask me if I was okay to which I didn't answer being real mad about the stupid seat belt as if Jessy broke it on purpose. I knew she did not, but that's what made it worse; I was planning on fixing that shit for weeks but didn't, and now my car had his cold revenge on me for not taking good care of it, and I couldn't complain cause it had every right to do so.

What happened next was.. well, let's say my nose didn't hurt too long. Once Jessy stopped laughing at me, and when she realized I was pissed, she started comforting me.

"There, there big brother... don't cry; come here." she said half teasingly, wrapped her hands around my head, her fingers interwined on the back of my head as she pulled me into a hug. She placed my face on her shirt, above her breasts and patted the back of my head. I enjoyed the treatment for a few moments, then backed off a bit and with my lips I shaped F YOU, to which she raised her eyebrow, came close to my face as if she wanted to kiss my lips; but instead she went for my ear, whispering:

"I might obey your words, big brother..." she paused there for a second then added "... you are my boss now, after all." Her lips kissed my cheek barely, leaving those words in the air to complete their mission. And oh did they complete it. I was hard in a second, luckily, she jumped out of the car, and went into the house, as I followed her with my eyes. I think there was no delusions no more, I couldn't lie to myself any longer... I wanted her, her gorgeous ass looked asstonishing in those tight jeans ... to ram my hard dick into her, fucking her as hard as I possibly could, her sweet young delicious pussy hugging my thick dick as I entered her... I wanted it so bad, there was no doubt about that. But there was also no mistake about that being completely wrong and the truth was I have already done too much damage. I should have stopped her teasing, I should have been the responsible one. She is young, 17 only... 18 next month, but still. I had to get myself together.


I entered the house, few minutes after Jess, making sure I was cool down there. As I closed the door dad came to welcome me shaking my hand and hugging me, taking my jacket as if I was a guest; I mean I was but then again not really. As I said few times now, this was and always will be my home. We chatted as we headed to the living room, we sat and dad offered me a drink which I gladly accepted. I needed it after all that had happened today... and yesterday... a whole bottle wouldn't be enough, but for now I'll satisfy my needs with one drink.

We sat there, watched champions league, enjoyed our drinks, dad offered me a cigar which I politely refused saying I wasnt in the mood. I remain quiet for the next 10-15 minutes and dad let me be, but then he broke the silence, getting up, closing the living rooms door, and sitting back in his chair, leaning forward, turning up the volume a bit, as he showed to me that he wants to talk to me about something serious I think... or at least something he didn't want mom or Jess to hear:

"Michael, I... I don't really know where to start... how to put this" he started weirdly so I waited "... you know how I am sometimes and... I can't help myself. My energy sometimes is uncontrollable and I don't know when to stop... what I'm trying to say is.... " it was obvious now he didn't know to start whatever he wanted to say to me, and it was obviously important to him so I decided to help him out before one of our ladies interrupts him and then who knows when he'll get another chance or if ti will be today, so I interrupted him myself:

"Dad... " he kept talking, mummbling something to himself "Dad!" I raised my voice so he would look at me " Easy... take it easy, Im sure whatever is that you are trying to tell me is not that big of a deal. So take deep breath, take another drink if you need and spit it out as nicely as possible, okay?" I finished trying to sound calm hoping it would help him and it did

"Im sorry that you had to see what you had seen yesterday. I was happy and I love your mom, and it was in that moment we kind of forgot ourselves, where we were and what we were doing... it's not her fault at all. I want you to know that, dont think bad of your mother cause she is the most amazing person you know. So dont judge her, if anyone blame me..." he continued to talk as I listend to him, trying so hard not to burst out loud laughing but I was failing big time. So i tried to stop him:

"Dad... Hey, dad! DAD! DAAAAD!!! STOOOP!! OKAY?!? STOP! FOR FUCKS SAKE... I dont know why are you telling me this I dont need to know that, slow down, okay? Why the hell did you think you need to say that.... " I stopped, emptied my glass and I poured myself another drink and then another, I looked at my father simply asking:

"Are you even honestly really sorry about the fact I saw... what I saw?"

He shaked his head with the biggest grin over his face.

"Then... Why?" he looked at me confused even more now "Whats your point with this? Why are you apologizing?"

He looked at me confused even more than I was... than took another drink and finally opened his mouth sounding as himself at last: "I have no idea. It's your moms idea... I guess she saw me wink at you when she... when we... you know. And since she is a woman, she came with this brilliant idea that I should apologise to you if I caused you any discomfort. There, I said it." I looked at him.... then burst out laughing out loud as I have never in my life. Dad looked me while trying to take another sip out of his glass but he started laughin too and spurted his drink straight into my face. We were so loud mom came running with a worried look on her face as I wiped my face with my hand. She looked at us assuming we were drunk already. Me and dad laughed some more and then I got up and hugged mom saying hi to her explaining her that we talked about just some men stuff. I dont think she believed me but she decided to let me go with that. She turned down volume a bit and walked into the kitchen, I looked at dad who looked at moms ass so I did the same... we looked as she walked and until she got out of our sight hidding that lovely ass behind the kitchen counter, than she smiled at me realizing I looked at her, then she focused on making dinner. I looked at dad who had his devilish smile all over his face. I envied him a bit, he was so lucky getting to fuck ass like that, woman like that anytime he wants... must be amazing.


I waited till the game ends to get up, I thought asking dad if I can take a shower, out of politeness, but when opened my mouth to ask him I saw him laying in the bed, sleeping, silently snoring. I kept my mouth shut and went towards the kitchen, I figured I'll ask mom.

There was she, making something delicious. I watched her for a few minutes, standing at the entrance of the kitchen. She was so cheerful, she loved cooking for us and cooking in general. Everything she did, she did with enormous amounts of love. I stepped closer, quietly, hugged her from behind and around her waist as she was finishing dinner and she moved her head to the side, as I hugged her tight, she caressed my hands around her waist, closed her eyes as we swayed like that for a moment, I couldnt resist and I kissed her neck, smelling her at the same time, peeking at my second cleveage today, only better and bigger one...her scent was from another planet, she closed her eyes and I saw her biting her lower lip, I loved when she did that... she pushed her beautiful butt into me, and kept pushing it as I kept on kissing her neck ... I dared somehow to pull her dress just a lil bit of her shoulder and with my lips touched the skin on her shoulder, that's when I heard her moan a bit and she reached behind herself all over to the back of my head, her fingers going through my hair as I enjoyed her skin under my lips, and as she was enjoying my lips over her skin, with her closed eyes she faced me, kissed my cheek and all the way to my ear, still pushing her big divine ass gently into my now obviously hard cock, swaying, dancing with me in the kitchen, she started whispering, and I felt something like deja~vu, as she said:

"Mmm, exactly what I need... but please slow down, Mike will see us again, or even worse Jessy will..." she lowered her other hand and grabbed my dick behind her through my pants, just holding it firmly, my eyes were wide open as I was listening to her words and absorbing her actions "...even if Mike catches us in flagranti again, I'll keep swallowing your lovely load till you fill my mouth with your delicious semen, just so you know it will all be your fault, cause you know very well I can never get enough of your big dick in my mouth." she moaned a bit longer as she stroked me through the clothes, and before she turned around to face me... with her eyes still closed, her lips searched mine. We kissed for a whole minute, untill something smelled strong-er than it should. Mom quickly opened her eyes, let go of my dick, trying to get out of my firm hug only then realizing who she talked to all this time... but not getting a chance to discuss anything she ran to pull the dinner out of the oven and I stepped backwards, getting out of her way, all the while feeling a bit guilty if I ruined moms dinner.... I stood there looking at her trying to save what could have been saved. She was all over the kitchen as I didnt move a muscle worrying not to make any more mess... once she finally slowed down, she collected all the courage she had and turned around with her face never being more red, some of it was cause of the heat from the oven, some of it from jumping all over the place trying to fix the dinner and some, well, most of it, was because she said what she had said and did what she did thinking it was dad. She bravely leaned her ass on the kitchen counter, looked me straight in the eyes, with a very serious/confused look. I scratched the back of my head looking at her shortly then staring at her feet, making some dumb cute faces as I whispered "Sorry..." as I expected something bad to happen, she started laughing so hard it was contagious so I started laughing with her . She stepped forward, her hands hugged me around my neck as she looked me in the eyes:

"Your mom just can't go a day without embarassing herself in front of you." she said hiding her face into my chests. I hugged her as we laughed a bit more. She kissed my chin and told me: "Go take a shower." Pointing to the kitchens door. I hugged her tight and asked: "Can I get another kiss first?" She covered her red face once more for a second but fulfilled my wish saying: "You deserved a lot more, after everything you had to deal with today and yesterday."

Kissed me again.

"I wouldn't mind getting a lot more than a kiss from you mom..." drunk a bit, horny a lot, I lowered my hand and grabbed her ass as I went for another kiss, but this time she pushed me away with a pretty smile and repeated her self:

"Go take a shower!" Pushed me out of the kitchen and patted my ass "and be quick, dinner is in 15, tell it to Jessy when you get out of the shower."

Rating: 92%, Read 13311 times, Posted Dec 14, 2018

Fiction | Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Incest


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