A D in Calculus by Just_A_Common_Guy

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This is my first story, so please give be as honest as you can be when you give your opinion of it. This is a work of fiction.

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Isaac, I’m 19, college student in the Dominican Republic, a country in the island of the Hispaniola, that is shared with Haiti, among the bigger Antilles in the Caribbean(if anyone doesn’t know). So let’s start with the story.

It all happened on one of the worst days ever, a Friday to top it all. I just received my grades for a class, D in Calculus, so I was really angry since the teacher told me that that there was nothing he could do to help me. The worst thing was that my grandfather was probably going to kill me, and if I was left alive probably force me to drop out. So my only thought was: “Fuck it. Tonight I’m getting drunk!!”

So I started my slow walk home when all of the sudden I have my eyes covered by a very familiar pair of hands. As usual Ana will then get really close so I could feel her breast right in my back since that usually tells me it’s her because I always say the name of about 10 girls before hers but today was not a day for that.

“Hey Ana”

“Ok. What is wrong with you Isaac?”


“Oh, come on, I have told you not to hide things from me.”

I turn to see her and stop for a second to gaze at her body: 5’8, long light brown hair, a light tan skin, a pair of 34 D tits that give any guy a lot to want to do to them, and an ass that lack words to describe how beautiful it is. Her amber eyes make you want to stare for hours not minding anything around you. Today she was wearing her usual worn out jeans with her red Converse snickers and a red T-shirt. As usual of her she is not wearing makeup, since she says she doesn’t have time to put on before getting to college.

Now let me explain something about Ana, I’ve known her for about 6years, I meet her when I was in the swimming team where she practiced and then started competing a lot with each other. Eventually we started a relationship, if it can be called that since we were just 13 years old. We ended the relationship because she was moving to Santiago (second mayor city in the Dominican Republic) and I was staying in Santo Domingo. Plus we were 14 so we didn’t know much about relationships, less about long distance ones. But we kept contact over the year and meet each other every time we where visited each other city, sometimes having a sleepover at my place, but just as friends since usually one of us was in a relationship. Last year I came to live in Santiago to attend college and we became closer friends (she has a boyfriend).

“So what is wrong with you?”

“Like I said, nothing is wrong. So let it be.”

Then all of the sudden she starts tickling me all over. She knows how much I hate that.

“Ok, ok, I’ll tell you, but you have to stop that.”

“Then what is your problem?”

“Somehow I have a D in Calculus, so you know what that means with my Grandfather.”

“Yep, I know. So can I have your computer when he kills you?”

“Hey. You don’t have to be so mean.”

“Well, you did me the same joke when I found about my C in physics, so it was payback time. Anyways, where you going now?”

“Home. I was planning on calling you after I had finished the bottles of Vodka and Tequila certain someone left in my apartment three weeks ago and said was coming to help me drink it.”

“So let certain someone come help you drink those bottles.”

“So lead the way, someone.”

It took us about 10 minutes to get to my apartment. The first thing I do is throw my backpack right into the couch and tell her to wait while I get the bottles and a couple of glasses.

“I say let’s start with the Vodka, and leave the Tequila for later. In my state I need it raw, so you want cranberry or orange juice?”

“Neither. I’ll drink raw tonight too.”

I noticed a sad tone in the way she said that, but didn’t say anything. I took the bottle and the glasses and sat next o her in the sofa. We spend the next hour joking about how my grandfather was going to kill me and how I have gotten that grade, passing the bottle between us. Every now and then I noticed a sad tone in her voice, but still said nothing about it. Eventually bottle was empty and I was feeling already better.

“I don’t know about you Isaac, but if we are going to drink the tequila, we will need to eat something so we don’t get drunk that fast with it.”

“So you want to order something, pizza or Chinese?”

“It will be better if we cook something. How about fried plantains and meat? I know you always have meat in your freezer.”

“Ok, but you know my rule: if I cook, you wash the dishes. Deal?”

“Ok.” She says with a light nod.

As I am getting up, I notice a tear in her cheek.

“Ok. What is going on with you?”

And with that she burst into tears right into my shoulder.

“He…*sob*...Denise…*sob*.on our apart…*sob*...ment….I saw…*…..”

I take her head from my shoulder so I can see her. I clean her tears softly and notice her amber eyes are starring right into mine. What happened next I not was expecting and cut me totally unaware: she gives me a forced kiss, to the point that she forces her tongue into my mouth. I comply with my tongue, but then remember who is it I am with, so I stop the kiss, and push her away gently. I notice that her eyes are no longer as watery as before.

“Ok. What the hell was that just now? You know I respect you Ana, even more when you have a boyfriend. So can you explain to me what just happened?”

“What’s more to say than just a kiss between friends.” She says to me with something of a sarcastic tone.

“That doesn’t answer my question. But why did you do it?”

“Because I wanted. Didn’t you like it?”

“Yes, I liked it, but still caught me totally unaware. So tell me what happened.”

This time she didn’t sob or let her amber eyes get watery. This is the kind of girl Ana is: she can change her emotions at a moment’s notice, to truly hide her real feelings. She told me that today she had gotten out of class early for a change and was able to get to her apartment, which she shares with a friend named Denise, early and had seen her boyfriend having sex with Denise. She was left speechless and decided to walk it off, until she could fully grasp the situation at hand, and that is when she found me and noticed that I was real pissed. It seems she forgot what happened and decided to lighten my day. All this time she had been repressing those thoughts, until I asked what was wrong with her, where she started crying. When I clean her tears she had a sudden strong urge to kiss me, which she did. She felt a little bad that I pushed her away, but she knew it was bound to happen.

“Wow. So you just felt the urge? Damn.”

“I know. I think it was because we never had a real serious relationship in the past except as best friends. I have always liked you Isaac, maybe even say that I love you, but I never found the moment or the right opportunity: either one of us was dating or had a relationship.”

“I have always liked you more than just a best friend, but like you said, never had the opportunity to say it to you.”

With that she kisses me, but this time I also push my tongue into her mouth. I feel her hands all over the back, which I also comply. All of the sudden I feel one of her hands move to my now hard cock that. I decide to stop everything. Once again I find myself staring into her amber eyes and notice she is about to ask me why I stopped, which I stop by putting a finger on top of her lips.

“I know what you’re about to say. And I really am enjoying this but I must ask you something: Are you sure about this Ana? Since I last recall that you are still a virgin.”

“I know you are asking me this so I’m not hurt by anything that happens later. I understand your intentions, and I am completely sure that I want my first time to be with you Isaac. I love you, Isaac.”

With that she stands and grabs my hand and leads me to my room. She pulls me to a kiss while she passes her hands all over my back; I answer with the same movements all over her back and ass, without grabbing it. I break the kiss to take off her shirt slowly. I kiss her while I take off her pink bra, to where I spend about 2 minutes trying to unfasten until I hear a giggle from her.

“Nervous? You know you shouldn’t be. Now imagine me.”

She then puts her hand on her back and unfastens it in her first try and throws to the floor on top of our shirts. I stare now at the beautiful pair of tits I have in front of me: a perfect light tan color, a little lighter than her body, but with no visible tan line; her areolas have about three quarters of an inch in radius; her nipples have hardened for about half an inch long. I suddenly realize she is blushing.

“Don’t stare at them that long. Touch them, if you want.”

“Sorry about that. I was just admiring how perfect and beautiful they are.”

And with that I grab her left breast while I circle my tongue around he hardened nipples, hearing excited moans from her. I gently bite her nipple, to what I hear a stronger moan come from her. With that I change breast and start biting her right nipple, while she removes my hand from her other breast and guides it towards her pants. I stop to see her face.

“I know you want me to go down there now, but you have to let me guide you, so you really understand what you have been missing all this years.”

“Ok Isaac. I know you have experience in this. You don’t have to remind……………..m……e…”

She starts moaning again as I continue to nibble on her nipples, making them even harder that before. I then start to kiss my way down her belly, stopping for a moment in her belly button where I introduce my tongue for a moment, to what I feel a shiver and a moan all over her body. I stop at her belt to raise myself to better position to take off her pants and shoes. I start by taking her left sneaker and sock slowly, to which I kiss all over. I do the same to her left foot. Her moans now have become more exhilarating than before. After I have unbuckled her belt and taken of her pants I notice she is wearing matching pink panties that have an extremely visible wet spot and her clitoris already pointing through them. I slowly pass my hand over her slender legs while kissing them in my movement towards her panties. I grab them with my mouth, without before passing my tongue over her erect clit, to what I hear an excited moan from her. I pull her panties all the way down with my mouth (with a little help from her). She has a little bit of short hair over her pussy, giving away that it has been recently shaved. I softly kiss her outer lips while reaching my tongue slowly to her clit. Her moans have become more erratic than before, rising every time I touch her clit. I reach a hand and grab her clit between my thumb and forefinger, while I reach her inner lips with my tongue. Between her moans a “Yes” and “Oh, Isaac” is being heard, which I assume are signs that she is getting close to her orgasm. I continue my tongue and finger movements while I use my spare hand to reach her breast, which I squeeze gently on each. She then starts to arch her back and grab strongly the bed sheets I feel her orgasm and back my face a little from her pussy.

“Oh Yes!! Oh Isaac!! I’m Cuming!! I’m Cuming!! I’m Cuming!! ”

As her orgasm hits and I received a load of pussy juice into my face, most of it in my mouth. I continue my tonguing and nibbling of her clit and pussy, to prolong her orgasm. Her moans are now faster and more exhilarant than before, indicating her second orgasm, which was stronger and lasted longer that her first. She stood still with her back arched for about 2 minutes or so until she slowly lies down on the bed, still breathing heavily. I raise myself to see her face and find her with her eyes shut tight and a big smile. As soon as I have my eyes at level with hers, she opens them, where I notice that they now have a different kind of luster that attracted me even more (which I believe was impossible with her body). I stare at her eyes for about a minute, until she starts kissing me, where she closes her eyes, and I follow. She then pushes me from top of her, while still holding the kiss between us makes us turn and then throws me on the bed.

“It’s my turn know to please you, Isaac.”

With that she starts kissing me again, this time rubbing her hands all over my chest and stomach. She then follows to kiss my neck, then nibbling my left ear, while massaging my right ear softly. This continued for about a minute or so, when suddenly she started kissing her way down over my chest and stomach, stopping over my noticeable rock hard cock. She then continues down while slowly taking of my shoes and socks, and then unbuckles my belt and take of my pants. She then starts moving her way up to my boxer, moving her hands slowly all over my legs. She grabs my dick through the fabric, touching the head softly right on top of the wet spot left by the pre-cum and starts to jerk me off. She stops to take my boxers by the waistband, which she then slides down my legs and off.

“Wow. And it is shaved.”

“Well, I learned to always be shaved, just in case of certain ‘situations’.”

“And it’s big. Maybe later I will measure it.” She adds with a small giggle.

She starts jerking off my dick with her left hand, while massaging my balls with her right. She stops jerking my dick, holding her hand on the head; she then passes her tongue from the bottom to the tip of the head, which she then kisses, and continues to lick it all over. With the licking and the ball rubbing I am just about to explode when she starts taking my dick into her mouth. She starts moving her tongue all around the head, pushing me even closer to cuming. With every movement of her tongue she pushes my dick more into her mouth, while backing just a few inches before taking more. At this point I start breathing heavily, which she interprets that I am close to cuming, where she starts sucking with more strength than before. I start feeling the semen forcing itself out from my balls, with continuous spasm all over my dick.

“Oh shit!!! I’m cuming!!”

With that I catch her by surprise with the first shot right into her throat, to what she just keeps sucking, taking it all in. After the fourth and final shot of cum she slowly slides her mouth out, still licking my dick all over, producing spasm all over my body with every lick. She then let’s the head out of her mouth with a small ‘pop’ as her lips kiss it. She stands up and jumps on top of me, forcing a kiss to me. After about 5 minutes of passionate kissing, she breaks it off and stares into my eyes, letting me stare into her beautiful eyes as well. She gives me a big smile.

“Did you like the way I pleased you, Isaac?”

“Did I like it? I loved it!!!”

With that I kiss her while grabbing her left tit slowly. She responds by grabbing my almost hard dick with her hand and starting to jerk it. I slowly move my other hand over her back, feeling shivers with every movement of my hand. She starts moaning right into my mouth, also taking her hand away from my dick to wrap her arms around my neck. I pull her on top of me, still kissing, so my dick is right in front of her pussy. We are at the edge of the bed, her feet hanging in the sides of my legs. I break the kiss for a moment before doing anything else. Her face shows that she knows what is coming, but her eyes just tell me that she wants it.

“Are you ready? It will hurt just a bit at the start, or so I’ve been told.”

“It’s ok. I’m ready. I want this Isaac. I want you”

With that I raise her and turn her around to lay her down on the bed. As she is lying down, I place my dick right at her outer lips, rubbing it all over her pussy, hearing moans from her with every movement. I slowly push it inside, discovering how tight she really is. I pull out and continue the slow thrusting motion, each time getting deeper into her, getting a louder moan with each thrust. As soon as she has my entire dick inside, I increase my tempo, receiving louder moans from her. With my new speed she starts moving her hips to match it. I move my left hand from her hip to massage her tits, but I’m suddenly pulled into a kiss, causing me to lose my balance and speed. As soon as she had me head locked into a kiss, I increased the speed, to meet her hip movements, which she hadn’t slowed down with the kiss. I break the kiss to stand up, but she wraps her hands around my neck, forcing me to carry her, still having my dick in her pussy.

“I ...want …to… be….on top…. now.” She moans into my ear.

I turn around, still carrying her, and sit at the edge of the bed where she pushes me until I fall into the bed. She places her hands over my chest and begins moving her hips, moaning with each movement. I put my hands on her hip and start thrusting slowly into her, where she starts to increase her up and down motion, until I can’t keep up with her because of my position (I had no leverage). Her moaning is now more rapid and louder, meaning she is reaching her orgasm. I move my hands slowly over her stomach to grab her tits, to which she increases her moaning and force of her hands over my chest. I begin feeling my balls ready to explode, so I start thrusting my dick deeper into her. With that she gives a shout of pleasure indicating her orgasm.

“I’m cuming!!!! Oh my God, I’m cuming!!!”

With that she stood frozen for about a few seconds with her eyes closed and a grin in her mouth, all her pussy juices running down my shaft. She slowly lowers herself and starts humping me, pulling me closer to my orgasm. I was on the verge, so she only had to move a few times to make me explode. I let out a grunt followed by a long Ahhhh. As I explode she falls on top of my chest, her head in my left shoulder, her face covered in her brown hair, her eyes barely noticeable. I slowly move my hand over her face, moving the hair out the way, and kiss her. I move my hands to her hips, so I can pull her up, but she grabs my hands to stop me. She breaks the kiss to see my eyes.

“It’s ok Isaac. I want to stay like this for a while. It’s ok with you, isn’t it?”

“I’ll do whatever you want Ana. I love you.”

“And I love you.”

With that she lays her head over my shoulder and stays staring at me, while moving her hand over my chest. I stare at her beautiful amber eyes, which now have a different luster in them that makes them even more alluring than before, while passing my hand gently over her hair and back. We stay this way for a while (how long I don’t know, I was not keeping track of time) until she begins to pull herself up, slowly dragging my dick out of her (yes in all this time it got hard again, but we didn’t do anything) and stands up. I follow her ass as she turns on the air conditioner and closes the door. She then returns to the bed and lays next to me, placing her hands around my neck.

“Goodnight flaca.” (skinny in Spanish)

“Goodnight gordito.” (chubby in Spanish)

Soon after that she falls asleep, so I drag the blanket to cover us and soon fall asleep too.

I woke up the following morning to find Ana still next to, now curled up and showing me her back, having most of the blanket on her. I move slowly to sit at the edge of the bed so I don’t wake her. I look for my watch to find what time it is: 8:30 A.M.. Suddenly the phone rings. I take no hesitation on taking the receiver

“Morning. To whom I have the pleasure of waking up to?”

“Morning Isaac. It is Mr. Rodriguez, your calculus teacher.”

“Oh. Morning Mr. Rodriguez. Is there something wrong sir?”

“No, No. I just wanted to tell that there has been an error in the grade I gave you yesterday.”

“What error, sir?”

“It seems I had done the calculations on a few grades wrong, which I found by double checking yesterday, so making the long story short, your grade is not a D as I told you, but actually an B. I’m sorry for any inconvenience I must have caused you.”

“It’s ok. Thanks for calling Mr. Rodriguez. I hope you give Calculus II next semester.”

“ Well ok. We shall see about me giving that class next semester. Sorry for waking you so early. Goodbye.”

I hear the click tone and place the receiver slowly. I turn around to see if Ana is still sleeping. I catch her sitting and staring at me, with a ‘what just happened’ look in her face. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her. She breaks the kiss by pushing me.

“You are not kissing me until you tell me what just happened.” She says to me with a demanding tone. I can’t hold it and just laugh at this. She gets angry and pushes me into the bed jumps on top of me and starts tickling me all over.

“Ok..Ha-ha….I’ll tell you….ha-ha… so stop tickling me.” With that I grab her hands and stop her. “That my calculus teacher. He was just telling me that he had made an error on the grades, and that I actually have a B and not a D.” I pull her from on top of me and place her next to me and stand up. I turn off the AC and return to the border of the bed. There she wraps her hands around my neck and kisses me. I let her tongue push its way in and then push mine into her mouth. I break the kiss to stare at her amber eyes.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m really hungry, since last night we both went to bed without dinner. What will you want for breakfast flaca?”

“How about scrambled eggs. And afterwards I will like some milk, straight from the ‘source’. How about that?” With that she grabs dick and squeeze it just a little.

“Ok. Safe some for later girl. By the way, who taught you how to give blowjobs, because that one last night was…….. I don’t have words to describe how great it was.”

“You remember Maria, the girl that you tried a few times to score when we were at Physics last semester. Turns out she is a lesbian and was hitting on me until she found out I had a boyfriend. Apart from that, we became friends and she has been giving me tips and tricks for sex in exchange for something.”

“Something? And what could that be? Can I know?”

“Well maybe she can tell you when we invite her over.”

“Invite her over? And why would I want to do that, if I can have more fun just with you?”

“Let’s just say that we will need a third person to what I have planned with you and the tequila bottle from last night. “ She says to me with a big grin on her face.

And that is a story for another day.

Rating: 87%, Read 22516 times, Posted Nov 25, 2009

Fiction | Female, Male, Romance, Virginity, Young


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