William and Ann Ch. 3 by jack831

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Fiction | Incest, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young

William and Ann

Chapter 3

Waking up the next morning, William realized he wasn’t in his room. He looked at Ann’s hair and smelled it with a smile on his face. Her ass was still resting against his stomach as she was in the fetal position. He put his hand on her waist and ran it down to her hip feeling the womanly curves which had begun to blossom. Her body was preparing to be a potential mother. Knowing he was this close to his sister’s fertile womb and wanting to implant his seed into her to see her belly swell with his baby, her breasts to grow full with milk, her face to glow, and her hips to spread made his cock twitch and fill with blood. As it did, it poked Ann in the back of her upper thigh. The feeling of flesh against her legs caused her to wake. When she felt her brother’s hand on her hip, she knew right away what was touching her thighs.

Ann tossed the blanket off and the aroma of their sex filled the air. Will’s stale semen scent mixed with Ann’s lubricating fluids which had dried as white balls between her pussy lips. The pheromones coming from their groins reached the teens’ noses and caused instantaneous horniness.

Will rolled onto his back and Ann climbed onto his lower stomach. She started to gyrate her hips which he held, slowly moving her way down so that the tip of his dick was worked into her crack. He felt the heat being generated from his sister’s cunt and was hopeful that this would be the time he got to lose his virginity. It had been a long 17 years without knowing what it felt like to have a girl’s body impaled on his shaft. He thought it would never happen, and especially not with his sister, but was thrilled to know she was as animalistic about sexual exploration as he was.

Ann looked down her naked body and saw Will’s huge grin as he was looking her over head to waist. Her hair hung down on over her shoulders and the top of her swelling breasts, which were proudly jutting out from her chest and nipples growing firm as her body took in all the sensations of lust, love, and excitement. She felt the shaft of her brother’s cock in her crack and her juices were flowing from her pussy which acted like WD-40 as she made small circles with her hips.

Within minutes, Will’s cock head was poking out through her swollen labia and being tickled by her peach fuzz pubic hair. Ann leaned down to allow him to take a boob into his mouth and suckle a nipple. When she did, her hips moved and caused Will’s prick to enter her vagina. When she slid back, her hymen met his hard cock. She jerked with surprise, but the thought that her brother’s mouth was surrounding her budding breast, she was in control, her body was being loved, she felt love for the boy under her, and she was now in high school, so she pressed back downward again and shoved her hymen harder into the pole sticking inside her. After taking a deep breath and looking into the eyes of Will below her, she said, “Let’s do this.” She slid up one more time and came down hard on his cock, breaking through her maidenhead, and joining the ranks of unknown other siblings who chose to take each others’ virginity. The slight pain she felt shot through her as she rested on William’s chest heaving in exhilaration and exhaustion.

William, having lost his virginity, buried deep into the tight vaginal canal of his sister, trying hard to keep from shooting a load into her before getting to enjoy the actual act of fucking her, kissed Ann fully on the lips. “Thank you, Sis. You mean so much to me. I’m so glad it was you that shared this with me.” His eyes filled with tears, as did Ann’s. Her teardrops fell onto his cheeks and she wiped them away. Sharing such an intimate moment was the greatest thing these coupling siblings had experienced together in their life. Ann imagined that her mom was looking down from heaven giving them her blessing. It was a bond that would never be broken or forgotten. She knew her mom would approve since it was an act of love, passion, and consensual desire.

Ever so carefully, Ann began to piston herself onto her brother’s manhood. Her hair was gently swaying with the motion she created. The small amount of blood from her broken hymen had blended into the other fluid flowing from her newly-opened body cavity. The tight squeeze she had on the rod of flesh inside her was giving her feelings she had never thought existed. William’s pre-cum was leaking from the tip adding more lubrication to the slick hole he had penetrated. His hands roamed up and cupped Ann’s breasts. He gave them a gentle press and then moved his arms around to hug her close to him. His chest hair was tickling her firm tits, and she started to laugh. The laughing was causing her to clench her stomach muscles and vaginal canal. All that tightening was just way too much and Will knew he was about to cum.

“Ann, I’m going to cum. Can I come inside you? I really want to.”

She had just enough time to nod once when he blasted his baby-making sperm high and deep into her cervix. He grunted and groaned as he tensed up with every shot of his seed. In his mind, he saw the sticky white substance leave the safety of his seminal tube, enter the warmth of Ann’s fresh womb, and stick to the sides of the squeezing wall of her uterus. He imagined his sperm begin swimming up to the entrance of her cervix in search of an egg to penetrate. At this very moment, he could be impregnating his little sister. They could be making a baby right then and there. The kinky taboo act was so erotic to William that he nearly passed out from blood loss to his brain. All his blood seemed to be flowing to his penis which was now throbbing. He remained stiff and embedded in Ann. He rolled her onto her back while she was still impaled on him. He wanted to continue living in the moment and ensure that Ann enjoyed it as much as he did.

The warmth created between the two of them seemed to fill her bedroom. He pushed into her a few more strokes, then slowly and cautiously removed himself from her. Will got on his knees to adore the beauty before him. He looked down and noticed the mix of white and pinkish red tinge drain from her. He wanted to remember this scene forever. He wished he had brought his camera in to capture the event on film, and he figured he would keep it close for the next time, IF there would be a next time. However, by the look on Ann’s glowing face, he knew it was highly likely.

Knowing this was something that would never happen again, he wanted to taste her virgin blood. He laid on his stomach and without any prior training except with what he had seen in “Hustler” and “Penthouse” magazines, he told Ann to bend and spread her knees. She did as instructed. She put her head on the pillow, closed her eyes, felt the juices of their sex seeping out of her and over her fine hairs toward her asshole. The next thing she felt was her brother’s wet tongue lapping at her deflowered pussy catching the flow before it reached the bedsheet. This wicked, sensual, erotic, and loving act on the part of her brother was getting her wetter merely thinking of what it must look like from a different view.

“What does it taste like? Is he enjoying it? What does it look like?” These thoughts flooded her mind. Never did she consider that those fluids, which didn’t come back out, could invade her released egg and create a child. She basked in the moment and when Will’s tongue caught her clit, she shivered with bliss and squirted out the remnants of what wasn’t clinging to the wall of her uterus. Will’s mouth was now coated in their sex juice. He moved up over his sister to allow her to join him in the flavor of their union. She locked lips with him as he snowballed with her. Tasting herself mixed with her brother’s semen sent her over the edge and she climaxed with a face smeared with blood, semen, and her own cum juice.

Exhausted and overjoyed, she relaxed on the bed in total bliss. William got up and suggested they go shower to keep their dad from knowing what was going on. She agreed and got up to jump back in the shower, this time with her loving brother.


Rating: 93%, Read 46098 times, Posted Feb 05, 2009

Fiction | Incest, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young


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