Extortion So Sweet by Moran

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Fiction | Blackmail, Coercion, Masturbation, Spanking, Teen Female, Teen Male

Extortion So Sweet

Kev Heterson was pissed.

Here it was the middle of the hottest summer he'd ever experienced in his fourteen years and he was being expelled from his cushy air-conditioned bedroom. And why? So that his mom's precious little sister could have it while she stayed with them for three weeks, scouting for work here in the city.

Yep, some woman he could barely even remember was sentencing him to the pool house. No A/C out there, just an ancient fan that had somehow managed to survive two decades without breaking down.

Stupid Auntie Dale, thanks to you it's gonna be hell, Kev scowled internally as he dumped the two bags that held all his clothes and the stuff he'd need onto the hardwood floor of his "cell", then glared over at the narrow bed he was going to be sweating to death upon for the next twenty-one days.

"This fuckin sucks." he muttered.

"Bad language!" hissed a stern voice and he whipped to the left and gaped at the reedy figure crossing the threshold into the double-roomed cabana.

"Ugh..." and his scowl deepened, "Go away, beat it."

"Make me, asswipe." his next door neighbour stuck out her tongue as she shouldered past him.

Three inches shorter then his own five foot ten, Tia Jalone was petite without being frail, a trim, narrow-shouldered dusky-skinned girl with her dark hair chopped short just below her ears. Despite her young age she was Captain of her soccer team, and it was a well-worn Razorbacks uniform she was currently dressed in; grass-stained jersey and mud-flecked shorts. The fourteen year old girl had just come from a morning game and she smelled like it.

"Whatcha doin, Kevin, running away from home?" Tia asked in a vaguely surly, completely uninterested tone as she pulled open the pool house's bathroom and eyed the gleaming chrome of it's shower stall.

"None of your business, Jalone. Now again, get out."

"Not gonna happen, Kevin-"

"Kev! My name is Kev!"

"Uh-huh, sure." she rolled her eyes and gave him a firm shove toward the exit, "You know the rules, Kevin, me and my dad have got permission to use your guy's pool, just like your family are allowed to use our sauna. Well, except for you, 'cause you stink up the place."

"Your pits are what reeks, Jalone." he snarled back as she put her back into it and managed to thrust him out of the cabana, "This place is occupied-"

"Yeah! By me! Now beat it, I gotta seriously shower, and then I'm doing laps in your pool for the next twenty minutes, so no hanging around to gawk at me in my one-piece."

"No chance of that! I like my girls with full-grown tits--uck!"

That last grunt came as the air shot out of his lungs, Tia had sucker punched him in the gut, not too hard mind you, but hard enough.

He dragged in fresh breath and spat back at her "Bitch!" but the door slammed shut between them half way through the word.

Kev stared at the solid oak barrier for several long seconds, then there came the muffled roar of the shower igniting and he hissed out an exasperated breath and turning on his heel stalked away. Forget her! And forget stupid bedroom-stealing Auntie Dale! Forget ALL of this! I'm going to go call Randy and see if I can bunk at his place for the next three weeks. Might cost me a few back-issues of Playboy, but--but...

And he jerked to a halt halfway back to the house.

Wait, this is MY pool house now! Mom and Dad told me it was all mine for the next three weeks, made a big thing about my needing to experience being independent, they called it my sanctuary, my fortress of solitude, sure I know they were just running a line to keep me from putting up too much of a fuss from getting evicted from my own room, but they said what they said: the pool house is MINE now! So, since I have to sleep out here, since it's MY property now, then nobody can force me out, the rules have changed! And that means that pushy bitch is leaving if I have to drag her out of there by her man-cut!

And turning back around in a huff he squared his shoulders and headed back to the cabana. Face a mask of fury, he twisted the door knob and pushed back inside.

"Tia, you-" but the angry tirade died in his throat as he caught sight of the girl that had evicted him, as she hadn't bothered to close the door to the bathroom and now stood in all her glory in the curtain-less shower stall.

Stood in all her hot sudsy pink glistening naked glory, head lulled back with her dark brown eyes rolling back into their sockets while one hand tightly gripped her perky cone-shaped left tit, it's nipple like a fat strawberry pinched between two fingertips, threatening to pop since she was squeezing it so hard, while the other hand was between her legs, working furiously amongst the folds of her baby-smooth pussy.

Sweet mother of fuck...! She's...she's getting herself off!

Long after this moment Kev still wouldn't know exactly why he did what he did next, perhaps it was the super high-tech generation he lived in, the instinct to record surprising turns of events digitally for posterity was hard-wired into his psyche. But for whatever reason, suddenly his cell phone was in his raised hand, flipped open and in proper position as if it had materialized there from thin air, and it's built-in video camera was recording.


Tia hadn't picked up on his return to the pool house whatsoever, she was much too enraptured in her masturbation. She was heading toward ecstacy full throttle now, as always, it was easy as pie for her to reach orgasm, especially in the shower, and the Heterson's pool house had the best shower, it was powerful and loud, like she was standing in the path of a waterfall.

Lucky for Kev...

Holy fuck! was the only conscious words Kev's shocked mind could manage to form now as the fourteen year old bathing beauty before him slowly turned away from him, putting her front fully under the torrent, and giving the gaping teen, and his camera phone, a perfect view of her curvy ass. It had been half-covered in suds before, but now as the water coursed down her back the white foam washed away, leaving both creamy buttocks gleaming and perfect. Muscles rippled in Tia's narrow sides and supple legs, she was in near-perfect shape, like something out of a fitness clothing catalogue, minus the clothing, as her red and white soccer uniform was long discarded onto his bed--MY bed!

That snapped Kev back to reality as he focused on the grimy shorts and wrinkled jersey cast carelessly onto his formerly immaculate double bed. Mud was actually dripping off of Tia's clothing and onto his pillow. Jeez, I'm gonna have to change the whole thing, dumb bitch is gonna pay!

And how!

A wide jack-o'-lantern grin splitting his face now, he turned back to regard the small rectangular screen of his phone which had never wavered from it's target. The monster hard-on turning the front of his blue jeans into a tight knot managed to get even harder at the thought of uploading this vid to the internet and then sitting back to watch Tia Jalone instantly turn into spank-bank material for a million horny guys worldwide.

And speaking of spanking it! he zoomed in on Tia as her high-pitched cries began to penetrate the white noise roar of the shower, her ass was flexing and her legs were wide, he stooped and tipped the camera up and actually managed to get a shot up between her legs of her madly-working hand tunnelling into her pussy, three fingers burrowing knuckle-deep in a near-blur. Tia was actually swearing now as the orgasm began to break, "Oh yeahhhh! F-Fuck yeahhhh! Sooooo good! G-Go! Yes! Shit YES!"

And with that final declaration she gasped and her hands fell free, she staggered forward gasping and fell against the tiled wall beneath the shower head. Kev allowed his camera to catch a few more moments of her heaving shoulders and bowing legs as the waves of ecstacy poured through her, then it was over and Tia shrugged the water out of her hair and staggered around, a satisfied smile upon her cherub face.

With a triumphant sneer Kev did a final zoom in upon her face and captured her happy expression morphing in a rush into a horrified look of shock. Then he hit STOP and the the hourglass spun on the phone's screen as the vid was saved.

"Kev--Kevin?! What the hell!" the girl gasped and threw up one arm to cover her small breasts, while the other struggled to the shower knob and twisted it off.

The torrent vanished and she was staggering forward, index finger quaking in terrible anger at him, "You fucking pervert! How dare you! This is the end of you, boy!"

"You might want to cover up." he gestured absently at her very bare bottom half.

Tia gaped down at her nakedness, gave off a strangled squeak, then snatched up a white cotton towel from the rack and wrapped it tightly around herself.

"What the hell is WRONG with you, Kevin! When I tell my father about this--and your parents too! Oh, you are SO in trouble!"

"I am?" he chewed his bottom lip as he peered downwards at the object in his hand, "Huh, wow, you know what? I don't think I'm going to be."

Her chocolate eyes flashed, "You SO are! For example, my dad is gonna beat you into a bloody sack of broken bones and--wait, what is that...? Is--Is that your phone?"

"Uh-huh!" he nodded fervently, "And...there! Done!"

An arctic chill shot up-and-down the girl's spine like the bony finger of Death itself.

"What--What did you do?!"

"Filmed it." he snapped his phone shut and finally raised his victorious eyes to lock gazes with her own saucered ones.

"It? What--me?!"

"Yep. And babe, you were fan-fuckin-tastic! A real porn star!"

She staggered back a step, "You--You filmed me while I was--was-"

"-while you was finger-fucking yourself blind, all sudsy and squealing like a piggy, yep, neighbour!"

"You jerk!" she raged and moved forward, fists raising and murder in her eyes, "You're going to delete that right now!"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Sure, I can do that.", and he tossed the phone a foot into the air, caught it deftly as it spun back down, "Not that it'll do you any good."

She jerked out of her charge toward him two steps into it, halted for a second, "What do you mean, Kevin?"

"Kev." he said lightly.

"What are you talking about KEVIN!"

"You're going to pay for that. Ten spankings."

"You're an idiot."

"And you're going to be a star."

"Not if I take the phone from you, delete the vid, then stuff it down your stupid throat!"

"Uh-huh, yeah, not gonna do you any good, Tia." his eyes twinkled and he fought not to laugh, "Remember when I said done? Well, that was because I'd just finished texting the vid to my private email."

Her jaw sagged.

"That's right, your performance is safely hidden away in a private account, protected by a password that exists only in my memory."


"No buts, babe, that file is mine, and if you breath even a single word about any of this to anybody, then it's going to be all over the net faster then you covered those firm tits of yours with the towel."

Her eyes were like stone, her stomach twisting madly, Tia felt like she was going to faint, "But...but your parents-"

"I don't care. You said it: if they find out what I did then I am definitely dead meat on a stick. And yeah, that weight-lifting father of yours will pound me into a fine sticky paste, no doubt. But the vid will still be everywhere and you'll be a triple-X celebrity, a thousand guys fisting it to your quivering ass cheeks every minute from now until the end of time."

"Kevin...please...you couldn't! You--You wouldn't!"

"I could and I would, babe. And now it's twenty."

She stared at him in confusion, "Twenty what?"

"Spankings." and he moved to the pool house's only chair and sank firmly into it's armless depths.

"What?" she blinked hard.

"I told you not to call me Kevin. You did it twice, so that's ten spankings for each violation." he patted his lap, "Assume the position."

"You're nuts! I am not-"

"I think I'll call the site watch-tia-cum.com." he smiled like a snake, "Has a ring to it, dontcha think?"

She hitched up the towel, knotting it painfully across her chest, "Look, Kevi--Kev. Kev, please, let's talk about this."

"Sure, we can chat." he nodded gamely, "Once you're in position and we've begun your punishment."

"I am not going to let you spank me-"

He frowned thoughtfully, "You know what, I need to rethink releasing the vid all over the net. Yeah, I think I'm going to set up a Paypal account on watchtiacum.com, charge five bucks a stream. No downloads, oh no, guys are going to have to pay me personally if they want to watch your show."

"Kev!" tears were beginning to well amongst her long eyelashes, "I'm begging you!"

"The girls too. Yeah, I bet the hard-core lesbos will line up by the thousands to watch a well-toned, firm-assed babe like you grinding yourself off. That buzz-cut of yours will really bring in the butch crowd-"

"Shut-up!" she nearly screamed, her eyes were clenched tightly shut and her fists were thrown high.

He scowled up at her, "Don't you tell me to be quiet, I'm the one in charge here-"

"Fine!" she snapped and the arms fell to her sides.

"F-Fine?" he fought not to stammer in surprise. Omigod, does she actually mean it?!

"Yes, you...you win." and head hung low she padded over to stand before him, turned her back to him and braced herself for the punishment, "Just get it over with."

"Ohhh no, we're doing this good and proper. Assume the position."


"I'm not playing here, we're doing this all the way. You know the drill, Tia, remember when we were nine and your dad caught you using his Porshe for a slide? He put you over his knee while I watched and he wailed on you for a firm minute."

"What?! No!" the mostly buried memory flashed darkly behind her eyes for a second, "Not going to happen!

"Would you mind posing for a photo for the front page of the website?"

"Shut-up, you bastard. Okay, fine, whatever floats your perverted boat." and taking a deep breath Tia moved in and lowered herself onto his waiting lap, her flat stomach pressing into the muscles of his upper legs. She hung her head til her spritely chin pressed into the denim of his hip and took hold of a leg of the chair with her delicate hands.

Kev gazed down at her prostrate form, revelling in the feel of her solid body bearing down on his. He dragged his gaze from the back of her wet-haired head and raked it down the short length of her compact body to the rising hump of her ass. Despite the thick cotton of the towel the outline of the twin cheeks was clearly defined. It's so round and little, and it's all mine!


He raised his hand and felt her body tense as she prepared for him to begin. But he hesitated a moment and placed his right hand on the small of her back, felt the firmness of her spin, then slowly, ever so slowly, enjoying every tactile sensation of feeling her lithe body through the taut white cotton towel, he slid his palm up over her rump and down on to her bare thighs.


His hard-on was threatening to burst free of his jeans now, the feeling of her hot tight flesh was driving him wild. And who knew that blackmailing her into the contact would make it feel so incredible?! A month earlier he had felt Sarah Gobbins bare leg while they kissed beneath the bleachers at Lunch, but that hadn't been even close to this good!

"What are you doing?" Tia called up at him, "We just agreed to the spanking!"

"And that's just what I'm going to give you: a proper spanking." and gripping the edge of the towel he pulled it up, exposing her bare ass fully.

"Stop! Don't do-"

"Shut-up! I'm not going to tell you again! I'm in charge here, not you!"

Tia clammed up and shut her eyes.

He took a deep breath and lowered his hand onto the right cheek, eyes watching raptly as her ass tightened up as he made contact. Forget about her thighs, this was a hundred times better, so firm while still so soft, and the perfect curve of the buttock was like magic. He stroked her like he'd stroke his own dick at the start of a jerk-off session.

"Just get to it, Kev-" SLAP!

Tia screamed in shock, she hadn't even noticed his hand letting go, and the first impact from his palm had felt like getting shot, she had totally not been ready for it.

"That's one down and nineteen to go." declared her neighbour and she felt the hand leave her smarting cheek again.

"Wait! I--I don't think I can do this-"

"Too bad!" Whap! "TWO!"

Tia jerked even harder then the first time and yelped.

"We've got a ways to go, Jalone, so you'd better bear down." warned Kev.

She took a deep breath, fighting back the tears, and letting go of the chair's leg she steadied herself with hands flat to the floor, then dug into with her bare toes on the other side, braced her legs.

"There ya go, babe, that should help."

She cracked her eyes for a second, "Kevin, look, please, can't we talk about-" WHAP!

And she clammed up for good this time and just prayed for it to be over.

Kev was as good as his word, he delivered all twenty promised slaps, and not just to the one cheek, nope, he varied, first hitting one for a few, then moving to the other for the next series. And for the final three he really put his back into it and nailed her on both at the same time, right at the bottom where the perky cheeks met her legs.

She was gasping by the end of it, her shoulders heaving and her thighs quivering, but he was finished with the spanking and she finally was able to relax. Kev watched enraptured as her rosy-cheeked buttocks untightened and spread, giving him a peak at what lay between them. He couldn't resist and slid a slow finger down the trench of her crack and gave her bung a gentle prod.

"Poor Tia, it's gonna be hard to use this for awhile, isn't it."

"Wha--don't touch me there!"

"Don't act like nobody has. Your ex-boyfriend Jordan, he bragged in the locker room about going in your backdoor."

"Jordan Rantusso was NEVER my boyfriend!" she snapped and struggled off of him, up onto her feet, dragging the towel back down over her lower half, but not before giving him a nice look at her well-shaved groin, "We went on two dates and all he got was my knee in his balls for trying to grab my breasts. No boy has been in ANY of my doors, and certainly not that dork! I'm a virgin and proud of it!"

Good to know, Kev filed the claim in his memory.

"Now, get out!" she ordered, turning away and heading for his bed, "You've had your fun, I'm getting dressed."

She grabbed up her shorts and turned back, "And I'm going with you to your PC to watch you delete the vid from your email account."

He raised an eyebrow at her and folded arms across his chest, "Tia, I think you misunderstand."

She stared at him in confusion, "What, are you trying to go back on our deal? You bastard!"

"What deal, exactly?"

"I let you spank me twenty times and you delete the file."

Kev chuckled, "What? No, the spanking was punishment for calling me Kevin, remember?"

Her eyes flew wide, "But-"

"You called me it twice after I ordered you not to, so that was ten spankings for each violation. I didn't say a word about deleting the file."

Tia paled, she licked her very dry lips, "You bastard..."

He shrugged, "Not my fault you weren't paying attention. Now, let's get down to business, you want to discuss the price for not turning you into an internet jerk-off sensation, right?"

"You can't. Please, it's wrong."

"Right or wrong don't mean anything, babe." he replied as he stood up from the chair, his knees creaking from having to bear her weight during the spanking, "It's all about I have something you want, the vid, while you have something I want."

The Captain of the soccer team was afraid to ask the question, but out it tumbled in a rush nonetheless, "And what do you want?"

And Kev Heterson smiled darkly, "Everything you got, babe, everything you got."

To be continued...

Rating: 89%, Read 27304 times, Posted Jan 16, 2010

Fiction | Blackmail, Coercion, Masturbation, Spanking, Teen Female, Teen Male


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