Heather Returns from California by horny+fox

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Dropping my bag at the bedroom door, I step into the bathroom to freshen up, not noticing Heather yet. I know she is there...waiting for me. After a few moments I come out and step further into the bedroom to see her relaxing on a massive four poster bed. Propped against the headboard in a sheer black dress complete with matching garters, thigh highs and of course black patent leather 5 inch fuck me heels; I find her watching me. Her 'Mona Lisa' smile adding to her air of naughtiness personified. Her hair is swept up and diamonds catch the light at her ears. For all appearances, she looks like a high-class, well paid...whore. Our eyes meet and an instant spark of fiery electricity fills the room. It's been a month since we have been together but feels like we are just picking up from where we left off.

I walk towards the bar to the scotch and pour two fingers; ignoring her. Heather smells me; the sinful mix of Grey Flannel and a scent that is uniquely mine and mine alone. The combination is intoxicating and one she cannot resist. It caresses her senses.

From the way I'm standing, she has got the sweetest view of that ass she can't wait to get between her legs. Finally, I turn towards her in doing so the silkiest expanse of skin is exposed where my collar is unbuttoned. The navy trousers and button down blue green striped shirt do me justice. In a word, I look hot and the color combination just magnifies the intensity of those green eyes. Just as I'm about to speak, Heather silences me with her finger over my lips. Then bent her finger beckoning me to come to her.

She smells me long before she touches me, the scent making her wetter. As I move to stand at the edge of the bed, Heather slides her legs to the edge so she is sitting but straddling me between them. She looks up as she slowly unzips me; never losing eye contact. Reaching inside my open fly she feels hard creamy skin with throbbing veins. At last, she has that long hard hot cock in her hand. I look down to watch her lips part; the tip of her tongue, flicking out, to lick that sweet soft slit in the head of my cock. I bury my hands in her hair sinking my cock into her mouth. The groan of pleasure ripped from my lips making her crave me more. I fuck her mouth getting closer and closer until I feel my head at the back of her throat. Locking my gaze, she slowly, deliberately, pulls me down her throat. Heather wants me to feel it; the tight entrance opening for me. The look of lust in my eyes is just too much and she watches me grit my teeth as I cum right there, down her throat.

Heather slowly pulls me out finishing with playful licks and kisses to my cock. " He missed me." She smiles. Looking at me, she carefully put her favorite toy away. " Your dinner's getting cold. Go eat." Heather pushes back up on the bed to lean against the headboard crossing her legs at the ankles. " I'm not going anywhere just yet, baby." Reaching over, she takes her glass of wine and settles back to let me eat dinner and watch tv. Dinner is relaxed as we chat about work and home. The wine is definitely going to her head and she is getting more and more turned on. Heather sees I'm done as I pour another glass of scotch. She reaches over to the nightstand taking the remote and changes the channel to an adult movie already playing. We come in on a scene depicting a hot little blonde between two cocks; one filling her mouth and the other her cunt. Heather feels herself slipping into that place of being willing to do anything I want.

She is mesmerized as she watches the scene before her. She barely hears my voice ask if she is wet. All she can do is nod. " Show me." is my only response. Heather glances over to see me slouch back in the over stuffed leather chair, scotch in hand; my hard cock clearly visible beneath my trousers. She moves down near the edge of the bed and lies back so I have a good view; the wet spot between her legs unmistakable. Lifting one high heeled foot, she props her ankle on the arm of my chair. Spreading her other leg wide, I watch her hands slowly caress her tits. Pulling and pinching her nipples. Heather can only imagine the view I must have of her spread open for me, masturbating while I watch. Not touching her has become impossible as my hand curves around her ankle; gripping her so she feels my growing tension and impatience.

Sliding her hands down her body she eventually pull her black sheer panties to the side revealing her shaved pussy. My eyes are glued on her , drinking in her French manicured nails slowly spreading her lips apart. So pink, so wet, the smell of her sex filling the room. Heather groans at feeling how wet she is. I watch two fingers slip inside her then up to her swollen clit. I watch her fingers fuck in and out of her not long watching is not enough. Trying not to lose her nerve, she turns to watch the video. Suddenly, her attention is riveted by the feel of a cold glass on her inner thigh. She looks down and see me holding the bottle of scotch against her skin. Sitting up to lean back on her hands, she looks down just in time to see me slowly nudge the bottle inside her. Heather watches as I fuck her smoothly shaved cunt with a $300 bottle of scotch. Leaning on one hand, she starts masturbating again.

" Cum for me." I whisper edging her closer. " Please." I whisper. I know she wants it, wants me, inside her. " Not until you cum for me." The thought of how erotic this must look is too much and she finally slips over the edge and cum for me. Shaking, groaning...exploding; the bottle slowly fucking her. As she comes down from her high, I slowly slide the bottle out of her. The neck glistening, she watches me take a sip licking the rim of the bottle. Still holding the bottle I kiss her hard. My mouth tastes so good. The mix of scotch on my lips with her juices is intoxicating. Heather tries to pull me down between her legs. Her muffled, " Fuck me." escapes our mouths. My laugh is laced with teasing her. I push her to lie back and she gasps as she feels cool liquid spill between her tits. She looks up to watch me pouring scotch on her body.

" Don't move." I set the bottle aside and quickly undress. Poised on the bed with a slightly arched back, she feels the sensuous cool liquid set a path down her body to pool at her navel. Watching me watch it slither down her skin tears a desperate groan from her lips. " I need your mouth on me, please." I set the bottle aside. Suddenly, that amazing tongue is lapping up the scotch between her tits. She nearly flies out of her skin when she feels me lick at her nipples through the sheer black fabric covering them. Heather's body arches up off the bed. " Please, I need to cum again." " You're so fucking greedy. It's just all about you isn't it." Her laugh is cut off short as I drop to my knees between her legs and bite her through the drenched sheer fabric of her panties.

" These have to go." I state, with a low commanding voice. The room is filled with the sound of sheer material ripping. She groans, "Yes. Yes! Do it." " Shut up and hold your legs open wide for me." She immediately obeys, loving me dominating her.

Like a starved man I eat her pussy. She hears and feels the licking, sucking and teasing bites. " Fuck, Glenmorangie never tasted so good." " Fuck me, please." She pleads. All she hears is a muffled, "No." Heather is going out of her mind with wanting me.

Heather feels my fingers tease the hungry entrance of her pussy. Then suddenly they plunge inside. Heather almost came up off the bed trying to hold herself open for me. Then I pull out to spank her cunt. It's just sensory overload as I alternate eating her, spanking her and finger fucking her.

" Is this want you want, baby? Me using your cunt for my pleasure?" " Yes! Yes...please make me cum!" She looks down, loving seeing me there. " You wanna cum, honey?" " Yes, please yes!" " Then fucking cum for me, you slut." One of my dripping wet fingers slides into her ass. I suck her clit. Another finger pushes inside. Fucking her ass, she explodes; cumming apart. I feel it. I feel her pulsing for me. With my fingers still inside her I move up to kiss her. She licks her juice from my lips. The moment turns somewhat tender as we share her taste. Then my fingers are in her mouth as I watch her licking and sucking them clean. It amazes me what she will do when she is so aroused.

Unexpectedly, Heather slides away from under me to turn over; on her knees. Her ass in the air. " Fuck me. Give it to me, now!" She tosses over her shoulder; looking back at me. Her big, brown eyes filled with lust. " You're such a fucking demanding bitch."

I slap her ass. My hands dig into her hips and violently I drive into her, to the hilt. Heather drops her head down to the bed to get the best angle. I know she wants me to roughly fuck her deep. Arching her back like a cat in heat I nail the spot. The one that makes her cum over and over. Makes her scream louder and louder. My hand slides up the arch of her back to grasp her hair. I pull hard forcing her head back to look at me. Moving closer, my mouth at her ear. I know how to show her who's in control. " You're so fucking loud. Is it because you just love getting fucked like this or because deep down you're just a slut?"

" Both," is her breathless reply. Hearing me talk to her like that does her in and she cums again. I drive all the way into her, digging my fingers into her hips and pulling her hair. " Fuck you're going to make me cum." "You want it bitch? You want my cum in your pussy?" " Do it! Yes, do it. Fuck me, fuck me. Fill me up." And then she feels it...me cumming deep inside her. Filling her.

We both collapse to the bed. I move my weight off her to lie next to her, my thigh over hers and my arm around her waist.

" That was amazing," She says turning slightly to look at me. I rest for a moment caressing the smooth curve of her upturned ass and whispers, " That ass is mine in an hour." Playfully slapping her ass I get up for a quick shower. Heather goes in after me and when she comes out I'm in bed naked and looking well-fucked. Exhausted, she lays next to me. After a few moments she hears, "Come here," as my arms pull her against me. We both fall into a spent sleep.

Rating: 59%, Read 7643 times, Posted Jun 11, 2014

Fantasy |


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