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Cindy age 33 never married has a degree in Business Finance and a Law degree. It is a cold March morning, she is in her bedroom, searching for some jobs on the Internet since she wanted to change jobs. She wanted a corporate lawyer job. She had finished a prestigious law internship. She then finally found some luck! She saw the ad, on TV for a Business Seminar and it stated that business tycoon John Malone was the keynote speaker. She browsed through my profile, and it stated that I'm 55 divorced six times, self made billionaire, CEO of Malone International, Senior partner of a large law firm with offices in major cities and an international law office in London. She quickly picked up her iPhone and begin dialing the number. She then noticed the seminar is being held in downtown Dallas.

The phone begin ringing, and it quickly went into voice mail. " You've reached the Malone Law Firm. We are unable to come to the phone, right now but please leave your name, number, and a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you." The voice mail box said. " Hello, Mr. Malone, my name is Cindy and I am calling about the business seminar. So, that we can further discuss if I can attend. Thank you." She then hung up the phone . Cindy is eager for a phone call back.

It is not very long until she heard back from Mr. Malone himself. She is so anxious, yet excited and picked up the phone hesitantly. " Hi is this Cindy?" I said in a friendly, yet seductive voice. " Hi, this is She, may I ask who is calling?" " Hi Cindy, this is John Malone, you left me, a message about the seminar, well the seminar is full.

If you can stop by later tonight, so we can chat about possible getting you in." I said invitingly. " Thank you, very much Mr. Malone, I appreciate it. I can most certainly come over to your residence tonight. What time works for the you?" She asked innocently. " How does 7:30 sound?" I said enticingly. " 7:30? That's perfect! I look forward to meeting you." She said. " Excellent. See you then, Cindy." I said, in a mischievous tone. " Goodbye Mr. Malone. Take Care." She immediately ended the call to avoid anymore nonchalant flirting with me.

It is 5:30 by now and my house is located in the exclusive area of Dallas, Preston Hollow! My god, she is so excited to drive there. She quickly begins to pick out an outfit, she wanted to be a little flirtatious with her outfit. She picked out a rather modest, yet sexy black and white flower printed dress that stopped just above her knees and to accompany it she threw on her favorite pair of white converse. Her shoulder length hair graces her face, she proceeded to put just a bit of makeup on so she can look presentable. She is always content with her features, an attractive face, black hair, and dark brown eyes. She is a bit on the curvier side, she stood at 5'6 and took a glance at herself in her full-length mirror one last time before heading out the door.

She got in her 2015 BMW coupe, her beamer is a beautiful dark blue navy color, with black interior leather seats and a large sunroof. I quickly hopped in, put on my Spotify playlist, and proceeded to drive down towards Preston Hollow. She rang the doorbell and waited patiently until I opened the door. " Hello, Cindy!" " I have been expecting you!" I said, in a welcoming voice. She stood at the door intimidated, but then she is invited in.

I'm wearing a nice pair of expensive dark blue jeans, and a white polo shirt that is slightly unbuttoned at the top, so she can see how the shirt fit. She feels her pussy start to throb, and quickly remembered that she is wearing a lacey red thong. I smiled, at her and begin examining her figure, very discreetly. By this time her thong is soaking wet. Throughout the interview, she sees me examining all aspects of her. Her hair, smile, eyes, her body, you name it. Cindy is flattered, she is a little shy and reserved, she had another wild side to her behind closed doors. Halfway through the interview, I asked her if she wanted a drink, she needed one. I then proceeded to grab a bottle of wine. She is thrilled, but she notified me that she could not have more than one glass since she is driving by herself.

" Here" I said as I pour her a glass of the bubbly. " Thank you, Mr. Malone," She said willingly. " No need, call me John." I said. She is musing on the hard cock she needed to satisfy her need. Cindy walked away from the light coming through uncurtained doors. She is about to return to the sofa when she hears a noise behind her. Before she can turn around, I whispered in her ear; " You need to be fucked?" Before Cindy can scream, a large hand clamped over her mouth. " She recognized the voice and went to turn around. My hand on her arm prevented her; it is gentle but unyielding. " Don't turn around; I want to enjoy you without you seeing my face." I said. Cindy stammered " What...Let go of my arm." I whispered in her ear, " Oh, I know exactly what kind of woman you are, a little bird tells me that you have never been married and your not getting any." Cindy tried to pull away but I held her arm tightly, preventing her from turning round. She racked her brains, trying to think who might have told me about her. As though I had read her mind, I chuckled. " Trying to work out who told me, I wouldn't bother if I were you."

Cindy feels conflicting emotions at my sudden appearance. At first, she feels fear; all she knew is that I'm behind her and had approached silently. She relaxed a bit. She feels excitement; her musings about fucking me had come true. As I talked, I lowered my face to place a kiss at the base of her neck where it met her collarbone. She shivers, my lips feel as though they are on fire, and Cindy feels as if a branding iron has touched her skin.

She did not want to encourage me too much yet, so she stood still, trying not to react. As I pressed my face to her skin, I breathed in her scent. " You smell gorgeous," I whispered in her ear, " I love Chanel No5." I continued kissing down her neck and along an exposed shoulder provoking gasps and moans. I stood behind Cindy, my hands roaming freely across her body. Cindy feeling herself beginning to succumb to my touch. The way I had taken possession of her without her permission astounded her. For a moment, she is unable to speak. She feels my growing bulge pressing against her ass. It has been a long time since she has felt a man get aroused just from touching her. She needed a man's company, what better than John Malone. She feels her panties beginning to become damp with her moisture as my hands continue to explore her. Pulling her close to me, I cupped her breasts, testing their weight and firmness. As I did this Cindy's mouth opened and a low moan escaped, " ohhh yes, I love having my tits played with, don't stop!" Her skin has goosebumps and her heart is beating faster as I explored her curves, she feels her panties getting wet as her pussy juices begin to flow freely. Once, her last boyfriend used to do this, but not anymore. It has been two years since they broke up.

Cindy sees my face as I force her head against the bed, I reach above the bed and pulled a string that controlled the light, it hurt her eyes a little to be shocked into full brightness suddenly. She is shocked to see that I'm totally naked, her eyes are drawn to my huge cock, it is the biggest thing she has ever seen between a man's legs, ant it seems to have a sheen to it that made it look like I had already used it and recently too, I moved quickly to cover her body, it has been so long since she had sex that a normal sized man would have hurt her going in but this monster cock will literally tear her open. Slowly and nearly in a stealth like manner, furtiveness

in the snake like way of moving up to strike suddenly at its prey, pulling her panties off and moving her legs a part and slowly inserting my finger. I moved her legs until I'm positioned between them and my fully erect cock is able to press against the small cleft between the thirty three year old woman's perfectly shaped legs. I had noticed her legs when she was sitting earlier chatting. While moving Cindy into position I wanted, our legs

scissored between each other.

Cindy laid on the bed still as I progressed in moving her to the desired sexual posture I needed to be able to shove my cock up her thirty three year old pussy. Before easing my finger from the tightly gripping

pussy, I loved feeling it grip and release on a steady rhythm. The squeezing of the muscles of Cindy's pussy

is like a tempo of some instrument that maintained the same actions over and over, and so repetitive it never

altered its rhythm. I feel the interior of Cindy's pussy is soaking wet with her juices, and has coated my finger. Slowly I ease my finger from the tight pussy, now came the moment of truth as I move the thick

head of my cock to the tender and yet to be breached lips of her pussy. " Hot damn, I'm going to stretch your sweet tight pussy," I said as I feel the blunt end of my cock pushing open the puffy lips of her pussy. Just as I wedged the head of my cock half way into Cindy's tight cunt, she started to move, holding my body completely still, waiting a couple of minutes I once more start the sawing motion to gain a fraction of an inch at a time to get my cock all the way up the tender tight pussy until I stretch her slightly.

Damn, I want to lie on top of her and just fuck her, but if I don't get my cock lodged just right, she may

jerk her pussy and my cock will be pulled out of her tight glove. Finally I feel the head slip inside the

inner labia of her pussy, I knew I was safe. Moving so I'm getting on top of Cindy, my actions brings Cindy back to reality and she asks, " What... no... oh no...John you must stop, it has been a long time since I've done this, really your to hurts, take it out of me... oh it hurts, don't push in me like that!" While Cindy is trying to use her hands to push my body from between her legs, and at times striking me with her fists, I held her so she can't escape. " Take me Cindy; you've wanted this since you called me." " No, don't John, it hurts... stop your going into deep...augh no more, it hurts, take it out." " So now let me get that sweet tight pussy stretched." I said with a hint of sarcasm to my voice. " JOHN... STOP! I CAN'T... AUGH, NO!" Cindy cried as the pain of her pussy being split by the head of my thick cock is battering through the overly thick membrane of her tunnel until it slides to the entrance of her cervix.

When her tunnel is split and stretched, the thirty three year old woman suffered from having overly thick walls, and she shouted out, " NOOOOO... OH GOD IT HURTS... AUGHHHHH!" I listened as she cried out in pain as her tightness is split all around the head of my cock. I recalled hearing nearly the same words when I took other women. Telling Cindy, I had spoken the same thing to other women. " Fuck me back, move your butt up and take my

cock in your stretched pussy." " Please don't do it, make him stop...oh it hurts don't push so deep in me... no... take your finger out of my ass." Once more Cindy is screeching her desire and asking me to stop, " Augh no, aughhhh - my god it's killing me." Cindy continues sobbing as I jammed my cock into the slender woman's small cunt as

deep as I can with the end of my cock pushed up against her cervix when I shot my load of cum. Moving from between her legs whom I had just given her first fuck, I looked down and saw the bleeding that is seeping out, her blood mixed with my cum. When she placed her hand over her bald pussy, Cindy feels the wetness and when pulling her hand up, looked at the results of being fucked for her first time.

When Cindy rose from the bed, with my help, her legs wobbled, and her pussy feels as if it is on fire. For the youthful looking thirty three year old woman, she had suffered the minor pain of two more fucks and three fucks in fewer than two hours had given her knowledge of what sex would be like with me. She never had a man fuck her so many times in one night. During the third fuck she is ready to climax when I went off in her once more. " John, oh no, don't stop... I about ready..." Knowing she is telling me she is ready to climax for the first time with a male in a long time, I moved between her thighs and immediately went down on her, careless of blood and cum that is leaking from her pussy. Then it happened in only moments, " JOHN, IT IS HAPPENING... AUGHHHH, YESSSS, OH JOHN I LOVE YOU!" Cindy followed me into the bathroom, and I adjusted the shower for us and we stepped in under the spray

of the fairly cool water. She is teasing me rubbing her body against me. " Tell me, I'm guessing you masturbate, since you are single with no boyfriend fot two years, so that's how you climaxed before I fucked you?"

" Want to suck me and do me the honor of being your first blow job, Cindy?" I asked, and then added, " Or do you want to try butt fucking? My cock is hard and ready to do more than just tickle your anus. Would you like me to shove my cock the rest of the way up between your firm cheeks?" " You know what you need, Cindy?" I purred. Cindy knew what I was going to say. " You need a good amount of lovin' from the right type of man!" i didn't disappoint. " You need a good amount of lovin' from the right type of man!" " Yes, I know," replied Cindy. " Okay Cindy, as I finger your clit, I am going to insert 2 fingers in your pussy and rub the wet juice all around. Do you feel that? Do you like it, oh, I know you do." I continue to rub her pussy, spreading the musky wetness around. Then she feels my huge cock rub up and down her wet cunt. " I'm going to stick my meat deep in your pussy." Cindy feels the big head spear her open as she came.

She feels the veins in my huge cock rub on the sides of her sore vagina as I thrust in and out of her. " Cindy, oh, you are so tight, as I fuck your pussy. Can you feel me deep inside you?" She orgasmed while I continued to fuck her, my balls slapping against her clit, making her orgasm painful. All she can do is moan as the rhythmic, hot steel flesh saws in and out of her spasming pussy. I stopped, keeping my hard length still inside of her. I'm coated in her juices, and she smells the earthy musk of her cum. Slowly, I withdrew, leaving her pussy empty. Cindy whimpered and managed to form the words, " More, more, please." We go into the bedroom, Cindy is on her hands and knees on the bed. Laughing huskily that sent fresh new twinges into her pussy, I said, " Your wet pussy juice is going to make the next part much easier. See, I am spreading your wet juice all over your tight little ass. Oh, I know, you've never had anything in your ass before, but you are going to like it. Do you know why? It's because you are so loose and relaxed. The muscles will just open up for my huge cock and shove it in there. You are all wet and lubed and I am pressing my cock in your brown star. Do you feel it, do you like it. Oh, I can see that you do.

Cindy, never wanting to try anal before is shocked. She didn't realize that this is what I had planned. She feels me at her anus and starting to put my cock inside her and she tried to tense. But, she can't. She feels the fullness enter her, as I played with her clit some more, she orgasmed around my cock when it is only half way inside her. This orgasm is different, more intense and a fresh wave of wetness drips out of her. I laugh and withdrew my cock from her ass and rewetted myself with her fresh juices. I push again into her ass, this time not stopping until my balls touched her pussy and is fully sheathed in her. Cindy breathed slowly in and out, her ass stretched like it has never been before. There is no pain, only a fullness that she has never experienced before. " See, Cindy, I told you there wouldn't be any pain. Your ass feels so tight around my cock, it won't be long now, before I come inside you." With that, I start, slowly at first, thrusting and retreating, never leaving her ass. Cindy is crying from the multiple orgasms, or was it one long one that didn't stop? She can't tell. All she knew is that there is wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her and it all centered on her ass and my huge cock.

Cindy didn't know how long it was until she feels me thrust one final time, and feels me deep inside her, hot ropes of my semen spill inside her. She is starting to be able to move again and tenses her ass to hold me in. I gasped, and a fresh spurt hit her dark walls. That forced another orgasm out of her. I slowly withdrew and left her. I chuckled as it tensed back up to keep the white cum from seeping out. Cindy is able to move her head to the side and watch me walk around the side of the bed. She saw my penis marveling that beast had been inside her pussy and ass.

Rating: 58%, Read 5989 times, Posted Mar 19, 2015

Fantasy |


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