A chance meeting with Cindy again by bob144333

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My friend Steve and I were wandering around at the town fair checking out the chicks ,when he stopped.He pointed and told me to check out the two girls that were sitting under a tent. “That blonde is hot “ he said “lets go talk to them ,you can have the brunette”.He was right the blonde looked very pretty and since I could only see the back of the brunette we flipped a coin.Steve slapped my back “next time buddy”he said “maybe the brunette is just as hot".

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we walked up to them and Cindy smiled “well hello stranger”she said with a smile.Cindy introduced me to her friend Toni and I introduced Steve , then they told us to sit down.It didn’t take long and we all were laughing and getting along fine together when the subject of Mike and Deb came up. “I am single again “Cindy said, then grabbed my hand and smiled when I said Deb is gone too.

I had changed jobs and it has been three months since I have talked to Cindy and I have missed her bright smile and the aroma of her perfume. “ I have missed you “I said to her, asking if she has a boyfriend . I was delighted when she said “no ,what about you” then chuckled “I hope you don’t have a boyfriend,I mean”. I spoke up “no girlfriends either” as we both sat there laughing, “Mike does though”she said.

Steve and Toni seemed to be getting along fine so we all decided to walk around while Cindy and I were holding hands along the way.Several times she would lean her head on my shoulder and whisper “I have sure missed you”.One time when she leaned against me I pulled her in front of me giving her a long sensual kiss. “Wow “she said when I let her go”I have missed them too” I then whispered in her ear”I have too”.

It was true I wanted to kiss her but I did it then because I saw Julie looking my way. I had to tell why I did “there is a girl watching us , a girl I had a one night stand with two weeks ago and she has been dogging me ever since.I did want to kiss you again “I said “maybe now she will believe me when I told her I had a girlfriend”.

I was surprised when Cindy put her arms around my neck again and she kissed me,”so do you”she said.We stood there making out in the middle of the fairground oblivious to others around us ,then Steve said for us to get a room.

The rest of the night went really nice even with Cindy continuing to ask me if I had a girlfriend. Finally I had to ask her to be my girlfriend and she just laughed “maybe”she said then “I was hoping you would ask”.Steve ended up taking Toni home and I took Cindy to my home where things really got heated up.

“You know I still think about us at the casino” she said as we walked in the house.” I tried to make it work with Mike,but anything he did wasn’t half as good as you.Inside the kitchen I held her close “same here “I said .I told her that I have dated several women and none compared to her,then we began making out standing in the middle of the room.

I lost track of how long we stood there passionately kissing and running our hands over each other's body. I had backed her up to the table and lifted her up still kissing her, then ran my hand under her shirt. She threw her head back taking a deep breath as I kissed on her chest”is the door locked”she asked. “Go check “she said ,I didn’t want to let go of her but reluctantly I did when she asked me again.

When I went and checked I turned around to find that Cindy had removed her jeans and was sitting with her legs apart “eat me now “she said.”I want you too”she said as I moved a chair over kissing her again before sitting down for my treat. Cindy had her hand on my head pushing me down while her other hand parted her lips.”Yes” she was saying over and over as I kissed and licked up the juices between her puffy lips.

I love everything about eating Cindy especially the way her pussy muscles squeeze out her juices on my tongue when she cums. The way she whimpers and pushes her hips up holding my head tight against her as she moans throughout her orgasms. The way she locks her legs around me while she shivers and shakes against my face not wanting me to move away.

Finally after a half hour or so she releases her grip on my head and allows me to move up kissing along the way to her breasts.She lifts up her shirt knowing that I was going to give them a few sucks and waits for my fingers to slip inside her wet pussy.Between sucking on her hard nipples and fingering her she has another orgasm before taking my hand away.”Lets go to bed”she said moving my mouth away from her breast . “I want you inside me” she said weakly as she tried to get her breathing back to normal.

I had to hold her as she struggled to stand and walk with me to my bedroom,finally I just lifted her up and carried her.”I think I love you “she said as she snuggled against me while I laid her down on the bed.She had the biggest smile on her face watching me strip and climb up on the bed. I helped her take her shirt off then moved between her spread legs as she welcomed me with open arms.

I took it slow even though she was so wet and I slipped easily deep inside her, I didn’t want to cum just yet. We were looking into each others eyes, smiling as we slowly fucked ,and I said “your beautiful” several times .I leaned down kissing her while her hands moved to my butt holding me as we began picking up the pace.Soon she was begging me to cum “cum with me “she saying as we both reached our peak and came together.

We both seemed to enjoy the sexual experience that we just had and were still smiling while we tried to relax.My cock was throbbing inside her as her pussy squeezed and released its grip on my cock.Then her eyes grew wide “oh shit “she said trying to push me off of her. “What” I asked “are you okay, did I hurt you “? I then sat back watching her fingers scoop my cum out of her pussy.”Oh shit”she kept saying drawing out the gobs of my cum before moving out from under me.

“I am sorry “she said, holding me as tears began leaking from her eyes , I was comforting her kissing her still asking her if she is all right. Finally she said “please don’t think I am trying to trap you” she said . “I promise I forgotten or I guess that I just wasn’t planning to have sex with any one ,but I am not on birth control’. I held her “it will be okay” I said “I do love you” as she hurried to the bathroom leaving me to think about what we just did.

I waited a few minutes then followed her into the bathroom “will you marry me “I said seeing that she had been crying. She looked up into the mirror “are you serious , you want to marry me, why just because you are worried I may be pregnant”.I ran my hand up and down her back”no because I do love you. I was in love with you from that first night at the casino “I said kissing on her shoulders as I rubbed her back.”I wanted to tell you , but you said you were going to try to make it work with Mike. I quit my job because I couldn’t be around you all the time. It hurt me to be that close to you and not have you” I said.

It took some time to convince Cindy that she was the only woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with .I gave her a bathrobe and walked her out to the living room where I turned on some music before mixing her and I a drink.

”You know”Cindy said “after you quit I would sit at my desk thinking about you.I would think about those times when you would walk up behind me, rub my back , kiss my neck and whisper in my ear.You would tell me how beautiful I was ,you made me feel special.I thought a lot about that night when we were alone and I let you make love to me . How you gently laid me down on my desk and licked my pussy then asked me if you could fuck me.You took your time making me feel at ease ,you were a fantastic lover making sure I enjoyed it.The way you treated me and respected me was the biggest reason why I left Mike “she said.

As she snuggled against she was telling me about the different guys she had been with in the short time after leaving Mike.Some were gentle and seemed respectable but when it came to sex they were rude when I asked them to use a condom.

I was on the pill but told them I wasn’t, a couple of them did use a condom. Even then it was a quickie , when finished got dressed and took me home.I would have to get myself off ,alone, thinking about you.Pretty sad huh”she said “and then there were others .

I gave them blow jobs and when it came to intercourse they said they would pull out ,but didn’t. When they came inside me all they said was that they said they were sorry. None of them mentioned marriage they only told me if I got pregnant they would pay for an abortion.

Did you really mean it when you said you would marry me”she asked.I took my arm away, leaned over and kissed her.I looked into he sparkling eyes , held her cheek and asked her again if she would marry me.

Cindy was so excited that when she reached up to put her arms around me she spilled her drink down the front of me. It didn’t matter, I took the glass away and pulled her tight against me and gave her a deep kiss.One kiss then led to another and soon I was on my back with her on top of me .She was the aggressor now, driving her tongue deep into my mouth while moving her body around on me.

I moved my hand under her robe and began rubbing up and down her back enjoying the feeling of her soft skin.She soon lifted herself up ,smiled and said “yes I will marry you “then began kissing and licking down my chest.She sucked around on my nipples then down to my navel .She looked up and gave me a devilish smile before taking my cock in her mouth.

She was on her knees giving me a fantastic blow job with her tiny ass in the air.I ran my hands through her hair watching her head bob up and down on my hard cock.”oh baby your doing great” I was saying to her each time she took my cock deep into her throat. After ten minutes or so I had to do something not to cum so I asked her to let me eat her. She moved around and sat down on my face stroking my cock while she slid her pussy around on my tongue.

I never gave it a thought that I came inside her earlier ,until I tasted my cum seeping out with her juices.It was too late anyways so I continued to lick and suck on her clit. I could hear her moans knowing she was enjoying what I was doing to her.

When she moved back to sucking on my cock I used my fingers to pull her puffy lips apart . I could see her gaping hole dripping with her fresh cum ,I then sucked them into my mouth.I was in heaven dipping my tongue inside her as her tongue licked around on my cock. She lifted her mouth away and moaned loudly when she came thus causing me to cum. She quickly sucked me back into her mouth stroking me until I finished.

After a few minutes of us cleaning up one another’s cum she moved around and laid beside me.I rubbed her cheek and kissed her “wow” be both said at the same time then giggled.”So will you come back to work for my dad”Cindy said “I am sure he will have you back”.

She kissed me when I said “yes, I did like working there and being close to you”.We laid there on the sofa for a short time until she said “I do need another drink though”.I handed her another drink and we sat there discussing how many children we would want, whose house we would live in .A lot of other small talk until we decided to go to bed .“I do have a condom.and will use it” I said as we laid down naked together.”Let's save it for the morning”she said and soon she was asleep in my arms

Rating: 89%, Read 2563 times, Posted Mar 16, 2021

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Pregnant, Romance


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