Spain is just two doors away by Storylover

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I live in a newly build neighbourhood. All of the habitants are almost the same age as I am, except for one couple. This man has a Spanish wife, and eventhough she is older than I am (I'm 26, she's around 36), she is the hottest thing I have ever met. She certainly isn't the hottest thing I have ever seen, she's not that great looking, but she has that latina charm, and that latina ass! I'm a butt guy, I always look at the ass before I check out the other merchandize. I always enjoyed a nice, firm butt to look at, and Maria certainly has hottest one I've ever seen!

A few weeks ago, I was working in the garden, it was a very warm day, and I saw Maria walking in her own garden, in a tiny bikini that was made for her. She had a white top on that barely covered her nipples, and a thong that was disappearing between the tastiest cheeks I would ever see! I felt even hotter than before, I had only seen a bikini like that on some porn site on the internet, but I could never believe I would have a neighbour wearing such a hot (even slutty) outfit. When she saw me, she waved, and invited me over for a cool drink. I am not a fool, so I hurried over there, every excuse was good to have a closer look.

"Hi neighbour. How are you doing? It certainly is hot today. The perfect day to have a tan!" "You don't look like you need a tan, you have a nice colour by yourself! I bet you look great in everything with that tan of yours!" "Well, my husband used to like it when I wore colourful outfits, he thought I looked sexy in white." "He certainly is right, you look damn hot right now!" She started blushing. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable!" "No it's ok, it's just that ... never mind." "Come on, go on, you made me curious." "Well, lately my husband is always working, and he doesn't seem to have any time or energy left for me. In fact, since I give birth to Gina 2 years ago, he isn't interested in me anymore." "I find that hard to believe! If I had a wife as beautiful as you, I would never keep my hands off of her!" "You're so sweet! Would you like another glass of orange juice?" "Sure, thanks!" "Just sit back and enjoy the sun, I'll be right back!"

After about 5 minutes, Maria still wasn't back, and I decided to make sure if she was ok. When I came into the kitchen, I had the biggest surprise of the day! I saw Maria standing against the kitchen table while masturbating! I didn't know what to do. I thought it would be best to slowly go back to the garden, and pretend like nothing happened. But before I could return, Maria saw me standing there. "Get over here and help me out!" She didn't have to say that twice! I hurried over there, and took place behind her. I started rubbing her tits with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the other one. "Oooooooooh, that's it, you know what mama wants! Go on like that, keep on rubbing that pussy! Yeah baby, that's it! Ooooooooooooh!"

She turned around. "You have a nice touch! Now make me cum again, lick my pussy!" She sat on the table with her legs wide open, allowing me a good look at her wet pussy. I decided I would make it an afternoon she would never forget! I took off her top, exposing her nice, perky tits. I started licking them, and sucking on her already hard nipples. "You are making me so horny! Don't keep me waiting much longer, start licking me!" I went on my knees, and took off her thong. She had shaven her pussy, except for a little dot in a heart-shape. That was so damn sexy, I just had to taste her. So I started licking her thighs, and it made her shiver. I went on searching for her clit, and I knew immediatly when I found it! "Oooooooooooooooooh! That's it, suck me, lick me, make me cum! I want to cum on your face so hard!" She kept on screaming at me, until she was about to cum. I kept on licking her, and I rubbed a finger around her very wet pussy lips. "Put that finger in my dirty pussy! I want to feel it inside me." I stuck my tongue in her pussy, she tasted so sweet. "You dirty boy, I said I wanted to feel a finger inside me!" "Ok, if you want it that way. With my tongue in her pussy, I suddenly stuck my finger up her hot ass. She was all quiet now, but when she came after a few seconds, she screamed so loud that the entire neighbourhood must have heared her!

"Now get up the table, you little bitch! If you like my ass that much, I'll give you some more of it!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I ripped off my trousers, and hurried up the table. She took my cock in her mouth, and after making it wet, she put its head against her tightest hole, and jammed it in her ass. "Oh my god, it's so big! If I move now, you'll probably rip me open! My husband has such a small one, I can't even feel it when it's up my ass!" She sat still for a few moments, to get used to my hard dick up her ass. But suddenly she started riding me with so much fire and passion, I had to apply every trick in the book not to cum early. "Oooooh you feel so good! You have such a hard dick! I have never felt something like that! You are so big!" She started rubbing my balls, and that was too much for me! "You're making me cum!" She jumped off me, and started sucking my dick, until I exploded! She kept on swallowing load after load!

After that, we talked a lot, and I found out her husband always has to work late. That provides me with a lot of Spanish ass and pussy during the day!

Rating: 62%, Read 19542 times, Posted Mar 16, 2006

Fiction | Cheating, Latina


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