The Night Shift_(0) by millsys_angelXXX

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True Story | Anal, Cheating, Domination, Male, Written by women

I can't tell you exactly when I first saw him looking, Millsy I mean. Maybe when me and Faith were rubbing up against each other on the sofa, putting on a show for the lads we worked with. She was beautiful, just sixteen with the most amazing deep brown eyes and great tits...the fact that we were always together didn't help, maybe he was looking at her.

It was the night that we were both put on shift alone together that I became aware that he wanted me. He stared at my arse, he stared at my tits, inbetween match of the day and sips of tea. I was sprawled on the sofa trying not to look too interested, and trying to avoid his stares, wondering if he knew how wet he was making my pussy just by looking at me, wondering if he was going to fuck me. He got up...finally some action!! He gave my tits another look, turned and wondered off into the sleep over room. 'Fuck' I thought to myself. A few seconds later he shouted me in too. 'Fee come're!'

He was stood by the bed I by rights should have then been asleep in. He sank down on to it and motioned for me to sit down. I obeyed and without another word he leaned in and kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth. Clearly he wasn't nervous because within seconds one of his hands was cupping my boob over the top of my tight tank top, fingers roughly massaging my nipple, which was gradually becoming harder. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, when a thought hit my mind. I pulled against the force of his other hand which was pulling the back of my neck to him. 'Your wife??' I spluttered. 'Fuck her, I want you! I know you fucked Carter too and he's married' He looked pissed off at the obvious hesitation on my face. He stood up dropped his jeans, turned to me, his hard cock proud in my face. Stroking my hair for a couple of seconds before roughly directing me towards his rock solid member. 'Besides look at what you did to me...' He whispered.

I opened my mouth taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, he was so long thick and hard, I could feel him hitting the back of my throat with force as I licked and sucked, one hand clamped on his arse for support, while he groaned. I could tell I had tears in my eyes before he even said a word. 'No need to want it too right?' He said stopping his thrusts to look into my eyes while I held his cock in my mouth. he must have been a mind reader because he did exactly what I wanted him to. He pulled his dick out of my mouth. Pushed my legs round onto the bed I didn't need telling to lay down as he crawled up between my legs, hittching my skirt up, pushing my thong aside, god my pussy was soaking. He grinned as he plunged his fingers inside me, looking up at my tear streaked face he stopped what he was doing and removed his fingers, motioning for me to sit up when they were free of my creamy snatch. 'suck your juice of my fingers' he ordered and I did. His eyes burning into me while I did so, a strange little smile on his face. I sucked his fingers with as much effort as I had given his cock, wishing he would fuck me...

I didn't have to wait long before he pushed me back down onto the bed, a hand on each of my wrists, his dick sliding inside me easily. I couldn't help moaning loudly as he screwed me, his hips thrusting hard against me, his breath warm on my neck. 'fuck me, do it faster...yeah.' my pussy cleanched tight around his dick as he picked up speed. My body felt like it was on fire, right on the brink of orgasm as he pulled himself right out of me, then rammed ever inch back in again. I was writhing in a fantastic orgasm when I saw Carter stood at the door with look of pure shock on his face. 'Don't let me stop you.' he spat...clearly Millsy didn't intend to let him stop anything, gripping tighter to my wrists, his finger nails digging into my skin as he came deep inside my cunt. I couldn't help but worry about Carter as Millsy shot me a smile before heading off to the ensuite shower.

I lay there tits hanging out of my top, skirt up for what seemed like ages before carter came in. 'I told him you were gagging for it...but I never thought you'd actually fuck my mate!' he said quietly. 'Excuse me, but its not like me and you are together now is it? You're married to Anna remember!' I returned. He ran his eyes over me and stopped at my cum filled pussy. 'It didn't bother you before.' His hand was running up my leg. Carter had really strong arms and I loved seeing the shadow of them bearing down on me when he fucked me a few weeks before. A shiver ran up my spine thinking about it.

He was toying his fingers up and down my pussy lips now, swirling them around my hole. 'Stand up' he requested. I did so. He knew I was a total sub, we'd actually flirted before our sex session! He put his hands forcefully on my hips spun me so I was facing the window sill and bent me over so I was resting on it. A clicking sound as his belt came down, and a few seconds later a hard cock brushing against my arse cheek. I noticed that Millsy had drawn blood where he had dug his nails in and I wondered what punishments Carter would dish out. 'I'm going to teach you, you don't fuck other guys without asking.'

A seering pain shot through me as he rammed his dick into my ass. I let out a cry. I was digging my own finger nails into my palms now! His hands firmly pulled my ass down on his cock. 'God your ass is so tight.' damn right it was, I hadn't had alot of anal sex and he was the only guy who had fucked it without lub. He was mercyless...pushing in so hard, and if I hadn't cried when Millsy almost chocked me on his cock, I was openly crying now. A hand slapped down on my arse cheek, burning spreading across my skin. The same hand reached around to my front, slid down my pussy and pinched my clit hard. 'I want you to fucking cum while I fuck you!' he yelled at me pinching my clit again, my pussy squeezed tight as I felt his long hard strokes into my ass, all 8 inches fucking me as hard as he could, his balls bamging off my cheeks, another pinch and his cock came out of my arse and and was rammed into my screaming pussy. I grinded my hips back into him. He groaned loudly. 'God you fuck like a bitch!' I could feel my juices combined with Millsy's running down my legs, but I wanted carters more than anything. 'Do me Carter, make me cum!' I begged him, as I held onto that window sill as tight as I could while he pumped. My pussy began to clench so tight around him, it was intense as I pushed back into him one last time, my body shaking, taken over with a blazing orgasm that made him empty his load inside me too.

'You won't be fucking anyone else without asking will you, bitch?' My ass was so sore I would have said anything...I didn't want it fucking dry again. 'No.' I whispered as he held me to him and I wondered if he knew I was lying.

Rating: 84%, Read 20983 times, Posted Nov 01, 2009

True Story | Anal, Cheating, Domination, Male, Written by women


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