Internet Partner III by eric+saxon

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Humiliation, Male, Prostitution

Since meeting Ben on the Internet my life has changed. I used to be a respectful society housewife. My husband made sure I had all the things a wife could want. I have a nice home, and a good car to drive me to the Mall to shop for clothes. The only shortcoming was my sex life.

Sam would only fuck me when I aroused him. The odd time I can interest him in sex he plays with my tits for a few minutes, fondles my pussy then mounts me and fucks me till he ejaculates, then he roles over and falls asleep. I’m left with a soggy, still horny pussy.

But all that changed when I got up the nerve to date Ben. He took me to sexual heights I had never imagined. He awoke in me the filthy slut I really want to be when I am in bed with a man. The things I have done astonished me.

I met Ben on the Internet. One thing led to another and we set up a meeting in a bar. I don’t know why I did it but I let an extra button on my blouse remain open exposing more cleavage than I ever dared before. Then I let Ben feel my tit right there in that bar, I opened his pants and took his cock (named Snake) in my hand, and I let him finger my pussy and then he took me home and fucked me. I had behaved like an actual slut in public.

The next time I met Ben he treated me like a sex slave. He made me undress in the hallway outside his apartment and suck his cock before he took me inside and spanked my naked ass raw. Then he fucked me and brutally sodomized me. Afterwards he took me to his bed and fucked me again. I went home with a raw pussy and throbbing ass, from both the spanking and the wonderful fuck in the ass. I felt elated!

There is no other way to describe my behaviour with Ben. As I said before I am a disgusting filthy slut / whore. If any of my society friends saw me they would be revolted by my tasteless and indiscreet behaviour. To be honest, I don’t care.

One afternoon I was at home. All I had on was a long man’s dress shirt that only just covoured my otherwise naked body. I felt kind of wicked with my braless breasts swaying every time I moved. My naked ass was only just hidden inches above the hem of the shirt. The phone rang. It was Ben.

“How is my favourite slut?” he asked. A chill went down my spine when he called me a slut. He knew how to press my buttons. I knew he wasn’t calling to discuss the weather. He came quickly to the point. “Meet me in the bar. I want to get laid.”

My pussy started to drool. “Yes Ben, I’ll be there in a half our.”

I put on a peasant skirt to hide my naked butt, slid my feet into some loafers, grabbed my purse and went out the door. All I knew was that Ben had called and I was going to get his cock in my pussy and maybe up my asshole as well. Nothing else mattered.

I arrived at the bar and went inside to meet my paramour. He was sitting at the same booth in the back and rose to his feet when I approached him. He kissed me and sat me in the booth.

Immediately his hand was under my skirt cruising along my thigh towards my pantieless hairy twat. Like the slut I had become, I eagerly spread my knees apart in welcome. His fingers found my moist slit and his eyes widened.

“No panties?” he questioned.

“When you called I was only wearing this shirt.” I explained. “You are lucky I remembered to put on the skirt.”

“My lucky day.” He joked. “I suppose you also forgot a bra?”

I undid all of the buttons and opened the garment flashing my hard nippled tits to his view. I held my pose for ten seconds at least, making sure he got a good look. I let the shirt fall closed but made no effort to close up the buttons. Although my breasts were covered, you could see my bare chest and tummy.

“What a slut!” He said under his breath. I proved his point by reaching for the bulge in his pants and massaging it.

“Julie since you are such a whore, I think I should pimp you out to another guy.” Ben said. “I’m going to sell you to a man and I want you to go out to his car and fuck him.”

My jaw dropped. “What?” I didn’t know whether to be shocked or angry.

“This will be the definitive act of degradation you can perform.” He explained.

Just then a man approached the booth. “So this is the girl you were telling me about, Ben?”

I made a move to close my shirt.

“Don’t do that.” Ben ordered. I let it fall open again. Turning to the man Ben said, “Hi John. Yes this is Julie.” I put out my hand. My shirt opened slightly almost revelling my whole breast.

John sat beside me, his eyes riveted on my flaunted tits. “Well she seems to be everything you described. How much?”

‘How much?’ I repeated in my mind as I looked at Ben with wide eyes.

“A hundred bucks.” Ben said ignoring my look.

He was selling me to John!!! The bargaining began. I should have been angry. I should have gotten up and left. I didn’t move. I wanted him to sell me. I knew I would go out to John’s car and fuck him.

Ben had asked for a hundred dollars, but John was arguing for less. Back and forth they went as if I was not there.

“Look at her.” John said motioning towards me with his hand. “Here she is sitting in a public bar with her bare tits on display.” He opened my shirt and jiggled my left breast. I made no move to stop him. “Ten dollars… my best offer.”

“Done.” Ben accepted.

TEN DOLLARS!!!! I was sold for ten dollars!!! I couldn’t believe my ears! Ohmygod I was so humiliated.

“Done.” John declared and shook Ben’s hand. The deal was sealed. Money exchanged hands. John got up from his seat and took me by the upper arm.

“C’mon slut!” was all he said as he pulled me after him.

Events happened so fast that I automatically followed along as ordered. My shirt was still open as he took me out the back exit of the bar into the bright sunlight. After a few steps I felt his hand on the collar of my shirt as he pulled it off my shoulders. I was now naked from the waist up, the sun feeling warm on my exposed flesh as I was led to a Chevy parked under a shade tree.

My shirt was tossed up on top of the car and John reached for the back door and swung it open. I turned to face my ‘John’ and sat down on the back seat. John opened his zipper and his semi hard cock appeared. Without any indecision I reached for it, and put his it into my mouth.

My tits swayed across my chest as I shamelessly bobbed my head up and down sucking his cock into hardness. When it seemed to be as thick as I could get it, I took a deep breath and swallowed it down into my throat. I heard him moan when I shook my head trying to make him cum.

Suddenly I felt him push me back. “I want to cum in your pussy.” He said with urgency.

I fell all the way back and he lifted my legs high in the air causing my skirt to slide down onto my tummy exposing my pantieless, hairy, twat.

Grasping me by the ankles he spread my legs wide open. I lay on my back as he entered my defenceless cunt. With a hard, cruel shove his prick buried itself to the hilt.

With no further dithering he began to fuck me. I threw my arms over my head and closed my eyes and just enjoyed the carnal sensations that swept through my body.

Although most of my body was supported by the car seat my naked hips were outside the vehicle being held in place by the man who was fucking my open, drooling cunt. I could feel the cool breeze on my exposed ass cheeks. If anyone had ventured into the back lot of the bar they would have a full view of my most private parts as John repeatedly shoved his turgid member home with vicious strokes.

The filthy whore was at it again. This time offering her sordid cunt up to a man who had paid ten dollars to her pimp for the pleasure of her favours. This time the slut was being fucked in the back seat of a Chevy. No need for a cheap hotel that rents rooms by the hour. That would be a high-class fuck for this whore. No a Chevy was good enough for her. How disgusting! How revolting! How nauseating!

John grunted and sweated as he fucked my dirty cunt. As squalid as all this was I knew that it was just right for this society girl. I would not give up this for the world. I thought about what I was doing and what a slut I had become, but what was most surprising to me was how much I loved it. I loved being used. I loved being fucked. I loved swallowing cum. I loved being stretched.

Suddenly he shoved his dork all the way home and groaned as he shot his seed deep in my cunt. I had not even come close to a climax. He was done. He pulled his shrivelling cock out of my body and let my feet drop to the ground. My shirt was thrown in my face.

“Get the fuck out of my car you fucking pig.” He said.

I stood up and he slammed the door shut and walked away. Getting into the car he started the engine and drove away. I was left standing bare chested with his cum dribbling down my legs. I had never felt so pathetic.

I put my shirt on and only buttoned it once so my boobs were almost decently confined. Going back inside the bar I went to the washroom to clean up.

When I went back to my seat with Ben, I put my head in my hands and sobbed. The ‘ten dollar whore’ was completely crushed. I had been tarnished even further than I had imagined I ever could be.

“I’m sorry Julie….” Ben began, but I cut him off.

“Don’t apologise Ben, I allowed that to happen. I went along with it because I wanted the thrill. It backfired.”

“Come, I’ll take you home.” He offered.

“Your home or mine ……?”

Ben took me to his apartment. When we got to the door I stopped and removed my shirt and unbuttoned my skirt. I slid it down my naked hips and pooled at my feet. When I stepped out of my shoes, I was nude, just the way my Master wanted me. Then I knelt down outside his door nakedly awaiting my Master’s requirements.

Leaving me like this unprotected and out in the open to anyone who might enter the hallway of the apartment building. He went inside and retrieved the cardboard box.

“Put your slut rags in this.” He ordered curtly. When I had complied he ordered me to crawl into the bedroom and get up on the bed on my hands and knees.

He stood so I could watch as he slowly and deliberately removed his clothing. When he dropped his underwear I could see his hard cock grow another inch in excitement. He bent over and retrieved his pants and withdrew his thick leather belt from the loops.

“So you are such a slut that you fuck a man in his car.” He said in a low angry voice. He wanted me to own my transgression.

“Yes.” I murmured.

The belt slashed through the air and landed on my ass. “Yes what?” he yelled.

“Yes Master!” I screamed in shock and pain.

Again and again the leather belt landed on my naked ass. The pain from the blows was racing up my spine. I could feel my cheeks starting to burn with each vicious slash across my exposed buttocks. Tears were running down my face.

“Maybe this will teach you that there is a line of decency that even a slut like you can not cross.” He said punctuating his point with yet another wallop across my ass. “How much does a slut / whore like you charge to fuck in the back seat of a car?”

“T…ten…dollars!” I whimpered between blows.

“TEN DOLLARS!! What a slut! What a fucking slut!” Five more strokes of the belt landed on my flaming ass. “I hope this teaches you a lesson. You can’t go around opening your twat to everything in pants like the slut you are.”

“Yes Master, I won’t do it again. I promise.”

Even though the pain in my ass was appalling, my cunt was flowing as the juices of arousal leaked down my legs. An orgasm overtook my desecrated body and I could hardly keep my position on my hands and knees.

Ben put down his instrument of pain and moved behind me. He scooped up some of my juices and lubricated my puckering asshole with his hand. I could painfully feel his finger enter my back door as he primed the way for his thick cock.

“No Master not in my … ASS! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!” My protest came to late as he entered my stinging rectum with a slow deliberate thrust. I put my head down and whimpered as he began to sodomize my wicked body, tears rolling down my face. I was overwhelmed with a intermingling of pain and pleasure.

Although I was well familiar with the thickness of his member this time it felt like it was larger and seemed to be splitting me in two. It was a sensation I had come to relish since he first took my anal cherry only two or three weeks ago. Now combined with the punishment I had endured with every arduous stroke I was again coming close to losing what little control I had left. With little warning a furious orgasm shook my body as my Master penetrated my butt over and over again.

Barely able to maintain my position on my hands and knees, I dropped my head down and moaned. I could see my drooping tits swaying below my chest and smacking agonizingly together with each major stroke up my burning asshole from my Master’s breathtaking cock. Suddenly he reached out and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back.

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggg!!!!!” I screamed to the walls as the mixture of pain and pleasure shook my body. I could feel my juices escaping my boiling cunt and drooling down my leg as he relentlessly pounded into me again and again. Without warning he shoved his cock as deep into my rectum as he could go. I could feel his heavy scrotum resting against my drooling pussy lips. His thick member began to twitch deep inside my bum as he emptied his nuts into my shaking body.

He rolled off of me and collapsed on the bed gasping for air. Trying to catch my own breath I fell foreword beside him.

Lying there I began to reflect on what I had just been through. Today had been a totally degrading day. My Master had sold me to a man who paid ten dollars to fuck me in the back seat of his car. Then I was brought here. In punishment for my filthy deed I was banged in the ass after I had felt the sting of his leather belt on my buttocks. How much more degrading could I get? I felt so soiled so dirty. I wondered if I would ever be able to hold my head with pride again.

“Go and take a shower and get yourself cleaned up.” Ben said in a soft voice. “We’ll go someplace nice for diner. You have been through hell today and you deserve better.”

My mood changed in an instant. Ben did really care. I was not just his slut. I was more than just a fuck toy.

I quickly stepped into the shower and felt the cleansing water flow over my punished body. He stepped in behind me and was running soothing hands over my burning backside as he kissed me on the neck.


Two hours later we were dining in a quiet corner of a nice restaurant. After a quiet dinner Ben took me to his bed and lovingly fucked me again.

Rating: 82%, Read 22658 times, Posted Feb 13, 2008

True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Humiliation, Male, Prostitution


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