Best train ride ever! by randomjayjay

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We both had after school rehearsals till 7pm on Thursday. He was in music and me in drama. I got out early and found out my parents couldn't pick me up, meaning I would have to catch the train home. I stood there in the wind deciding what to do. My long straight brown hair blowing behind me. I had an athletic build with nice breasts. 

Today to school I wore my button up white blouse and skirt. I heard music and followed my ears to where the music class was still practicing. I looked in the window and saw him. Nathan stood facing me doing a solo. He was playing a very big instrument ( insert dirty thought here). He has shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  I have had a crush on him for a while now and was always looking for opportunities to be alone with him. 

The conductor waved his hands and said "that's enough for tonight. Thank you." 

Everyone packed away their instruments and left the class room. I undid a couple of buttons so I showed a bit of cleavage.  Nathan walked out and was shocked to see me. I saw his eyes dart down. Twice. 

" hey shari." he said smiling.

I smiled and asked " hey nathan. how are you getting home?" 

" train. How about yourself?"

" train too. I was hoping we could go together. I was scared of walking through freo at night"

" don't worry, I'll keep you safe" he said with a smile. 

We set off toward the train station making light conversation. 

When we got to the train station we noticed the train only had three people in it. We sat next to each other away from everyone else.

 The train had just started going when he said " I really like you shari. I think about you a lot." 

I sat there staring at him. 

" I know you probably don't feel the same way but I thought you should know. Just in case" he said. All I could do was stare, making him shift around in his seat.

I was so shocked. A million things passed through my mind, many of them were dirty things I wanted to do to him right there on the train. 

Five seconds had passed when he stood up and said " I'm sorry. I'll go over here so you can have some space, but close enough that you feel safe. " 

" NO! Stay. I need you close."

" She speaks." he said with a nervous smile. 

I stood up catching him off guard.

"what are yo..." I cut him off by reaching for his head and kissing him. It was an electrifying kiss. I felt it all the way in my toes. He put his bag back down and hugged me tightly into him. I ran my hands down his back and he did the same. He sat down on a chair and pulled me down so I was sitting across his lap, a knee either side of his waist. He reached under my skirt and felt along my ass going down my leg. When he got to my knee he went back up on the inside of my leg. His fingers brushed my pussy, I gasped and leaned his head on the glass pushing myself onto him. 

The over head voice said " next station McLain's field." there was six until he got off. It took about five minutes to get from station to station.

" do you think we will have time?" he asked me.

" plenty" I said with a seductive grin. 

He laid me down across the chairs and pulled my underwear off. He lifted my skirt up and gave me kisses up and down my pussy until finally shoving his tongue in. I gasped and thrusted towards him. He sped up his licks, taking time now and again to nibble on my clitoris. 

He felt so good between my legs. I grabbed my breast and squeezed. If he kept this up I would have an orgasm soon.

As if reading my thoughts he sped up, quickly bringing me to an orgasm. 

" I'm coming. Ohhh" I gasped. My juices flooded all over his face. He lapped them up while still rubbing my clitoris with his thumb, extending my orgasm.

When I calmed down I realised he had un Zipped his fly so his penis poked through the hole. I gazed at it and leant forward to suck on it.

It tasted so good. It was a little salty and musky. I tried to deep throat him but it just wasn't happening. He pulled his penis out of my mouth. I frowned at him.

" your so cute when you beg. You can have some more soon but let's get to business." he said.

He kissed me hard and passionately. He lay me down and lined up his penis with my count.  He hesitated just before entering and asked "condom?"

I answered " I'm on the pill."

He pushed it in slowly. I started to moan softly. He pulled almost all the way out and entered slowly again. I loved the feeling of the long slow strokes untill he started to speed up, making his strokes shorter and faster and then I loved that even more.  Soon we were panting and moaning softly. 

I said " I'm about to come. Keep doing that. Ohhh yeah. Mmmmmm." I could feel my pussy contract around his hard cock. I felt down and massaged his balls till he came too. 

 We came in unison until we were both out of breath. He laid on top of me and I just rejoiced in the feeling of his body so close to mine. Once we had rested he looked up and we realised his stop was next. He stood up and I sucked his penis clean. He shoved it back into his pants while cleaning my thighs with his tongue. He put his bag on his back while I looked for my panties. It took me a minute to realise he was holding them.

"can i have therm back please?" I asked holding out my hand.

He grabbed my hand, turned it over and kissed it. 

" no. I would like to keep them in memory of the best night of my life."

I kissed him hard as the doors opened for his station. 

" see you at school!" he said while leaving. 

" oh god I hope so." I said quietly.

Rating: 85%, Read 25838 times, Posted Jul 11, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, First Time, Oral Sex, Romance, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Written by women


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