My girlfriend castrated me by ottobeused

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Fantasy | BDSM, Discipline, Gay, Interracial, Torture

My Girlfriend castrated me…P story 1

Part one

My girlfriend castrated me for her black boyfriend. Hi my name is Steve and for the longest time I have loved being hurt by women; I can’t remember when I didn’t like a good whack on the ass or knee to the balls.

My Mother grew to hate men after her third husband left her for another man. Mom had two children my sister Sherry, and me from her last marriage. When I was six my daddy left; Mom says to be a black mans sissy bitch. After that Mom turned sour on men, and started spanking me for the smallest things. By the time I was ten Momma was really into whipping me, and she had my sister of twelve helping her hold me down. Mom would bet my ass with a strap she made from ten long leather boot laces that she had braded into a thick belt.

One day when my sister was holding my legs one of the laces broke on that whip, Mom stopped hitting me, and unwrapped the broken shoe lace handing it to my sister; “here baby girl tie this around his worthless balls for me,” Then Momma grabbed my scrotum and pulled my nuts up between my legs as Sherry tied the lace around them giggling as she pulled it so tight I was sure she would cut my balls off; that’s when the ball beatings stated. My sister pulled my balls back and up between my ass, pulling real hard on that piece of leather as Mom went back to whipping my butt, this time hitting my ball sack at the same time, the last thing I heard was Momma saying “ pull his worthless balls harder baby girl then I passed out from the pain.

Part 2

When my sister was fourteen she got dumped by her first boyfriend and that was my fault too. She came home everyday for a month and kicked me in the nuts. That’s how I grow to love getting kneed or kicked by females, Now I need and want my girlfriends to hurt me this way, to humiliate me, and tell me it’s all my fault.

I met Lisa after getting out of the Military, it had been one year home since I had a girl beat my ass or kick me in my balls. While Overseas I was stationed in S. Korea so it was not hard to find a whore willing to kick an American in his nuts, and even easier if he asked for it. Those little Asian girls really loved kicking me too, so much so at times they didn’t even charge me for the service. When I moved to Mount Vernon a year ago, I was missing that good kick to the balls, or those hard spanking I got from those beautiful Asian women; so I ran a online ad that read

“White male, 30 years old, looking for open minded female, any race to control me like Mommy did.”

Lisa an American born Asian called me five days later and we met at Huck’s right off of I-57. We talked and I told her most of my life story, I told her how my Daddy left my mom for a black man. She told me that she wasn‘t interested in dating me as she only dated well hung black guys because she liked long thick cock, not little pinky sized dicks like most white guy have; however she went on to say I just had to meet you as she was interested in knowing just how my Mother controlled me and why I still wanted a woman to do so at my age. Then she asked Steven do you have a little “dicklit,” I said Yes;

(I loved it, she didn’t know it at the time but she had already started to humiliate me).

She went on to tell me how my ad had intrigued her and that she had just broke up with her last boyfriend and really needed to put the hurt on some guy. Lisa wanted to know just what I wanting her to do to me like momma did? When I told her she smiled;

“Steven if you want me to beat your ass or kick your little boy balls I’ll do that and a lot more she said smiling at me from ear to ear”.

Soon after that we started meeting at the Motel 6 in town a few times a week. She didn’t know me and I didn’t know her, so it was somewhat a safe place to start my spankings and ball beating’s. I rented a room undressed down to my underwear, and waited for her to arrive. She would walk into the room, and the first thing she did was knee me hard in the nuts, and down I’d go. She’d pick up my belt and start beating my ass, once I could crawl I’d move onto the bed kneeling there as she pulled down my underwear and beat my bear butt, by the second week I had told her about my sisters. Lisa was really getting into kicking me in the nuts and beating me now, and after hearing about my sister she had my balls tied up, and pulled high up between my ass so she could beat on them as she whipped me until I cried like a baby for her to stop; I loved it, it was just like Mom and Sis use to do.

Part 3

By week three we where now dating if you could call it that; we’d go out an eat, and sometimes see a movie then we’d go to her place were she would give me what I needed; it was in that week that she told me she wanted to try something she’d seen online. When she showed me the banding tool and the tiny green castrating bands, I was hook and wanted her to band my balls.

I didn’t know it at the time but this was all in thier plans for me, you see she never broke-up with her last boyfriend, and it was his idea to start banded my balls, breaking me in for what he had been wanting to do to a white boy for a long time, and his girlfriend Lisa was going to get her man anything he want from me.

In week five Lisa had my balls banded up with two bands, and for the first time she tied my hands behide my back an tied a spreader bar to my ankles telling me she wanted to give me the full treatment today and didn’t want me getting up until my ass was red and my balls where sore and bleeding.

Lisa started right in by kicking me as hard as she could in my nuts from behind me, then she whipped my ass till it was bleeding, so far it was a great date, what I didn’t know was she had a lot more planed for this day. I was still kneeling no the floor crying from the abuse I craved when in walked this tall black male. I wiped my eyes and looked up to see Lisa breaking from a kiss and telling him,

“See I told you he liked me to beat his ass, and kick his little nuts; and he

really loved it when I banded he balls the first time just like you said he would”.

“You where so right baby, white guys really are sissy little Momma boys turned on by being dominated, you should see him beg me for it, he love it the more I kick and beat his worthless balls the more his tiny pinky dick leaks its worthless nut milk”

Part 4

Lisa sees me looking up at her and introduces me.

“Steve this is Lukas he’s my boyfriend we got back together a few weeks ago and he has been wanting to meet you, it was his idea to tie you up that way today. Lukas why don’t you sit and watch me work this pain pig into a crying sissy bitch, then you can help me like his sister did for his mommy, I got something in mind for him you’re going to love helping me with baby.”

Lukas sat in a chair right behide me as Lisa started beating my ass again, she stopped just long enough to tie a rope around my banded balls and handed it to her black boyfriend. Here baby pull this for me he‘ll love this and I think his little white balls need a good stretching, pull them as hard as you like while I whipped his ass. As Lisa started beating me again I could see between my legs, as she would hit me Lukas would pull that rope and when he did the castration band got tighter as my scrotum skin was pulled thinner. At first he didn’t pull all that hard but by the sixth lashing he was pulling my balls so hard I could feel it in my gut, and by the tenth hit I thought he would pull my balls off. It had now been about 20 minute since Lisa had banded my balls and they where real dark and numb, I knew the thin skin of my scrotum had to be sore and near the ripping point. I knew Lisa should be removing those bands by now but she had no plan to do so.

As I looked between my legs again Lukas now had his cock out, it was a the biggest cock I had ever seen, a dark thick pole of African man meat sticking out of his pants with a dark purple head the size of a golf ball. My that was a big cock; no it was massive four times as long and way thicker in size my tiny white oozing hard-on.

So there I was bent over, tied up, my balls being pulled by a black man as his Asian girlfriend whipped my sore white ass and banded balls, with tears running down my face and I was loving every minute. Thru my tears I asked Lisa to please remove the bands on my balls that I was really hurting now; to which she replied

“not today Steve you’re not leaving here with those today bitch.”

As I lay there weeping watching Lukas jerking off Lisa had got two more castration bands, she removed the rope and loaded them onto my nuts. Lukas now stood up and got down on his knees between my legs giving my balls a real good squeeze as he rubbed his hard black cock between my white cheeks. I cried out to Lisa, No, No, don’t let him do that! Am not gay, Please Lisa Nnnoooo.

((((-: I didn’t know it at the time but Lukas had told Lisa that to bitch-a-fi a white boy that’s not gay he would have to be forced / raped. However if you could trick him into sucking a cock on his own his battle would be lost in his mind, and turning him into a willing cock sucking little bottom bitch would be easy :-)))

“Just be a good bitch Steven you’re going to love black cock, I know Lukas will love doing you; now be a good boy for Mommy and tell Lukas what a big cock he has and how much you want to be his white boy bitch.”

“ Say it Steve or I’ll cut your balls off right now.”

No please no,

“just fuck him baby, fucking rip his white ass open.”


“Ok, Ok Steve stop whinnying you little bitch, if you’ll suck his cock so I can watch, and you do a real good job I’ll let you keep your little balls but he has to come in your mouth or the bands go back on and he gets to unload in your ass”

Deal……?You’ll cut the bands off and let me up,

“I’ll cut them off Steve but you don’t get up until Lukas is done.” Ok I’ll suck his cock, Lisa smiled back at Lukas they knew they had me right where they want me. I felt him get up as he used my hips to push up off the floor, he sat on the bed in front of me and I could not believe the size of his black cock, I was so glad that it was not going up my virgin ass.

“Now suck a real mans cock Steve I want to see you take all 10 inches down your throat, am going to set this camcorder up so I can watch this moment over and over again, if you’re a good boy Stevey I’ll have Lukas make you a copy.”

Part 5

Lisa started removing the castration bands, each one hurt more then the last; Lukas just kept smiled down at me as he slowly pumped his long hard cock “Tell me you want to suck my cock white boy, tell me how much you want to be my bitch”, I want to suck you cock, I need to suck your big black cock, please may I suck it? He laughed out load as Lisa cut the last band from my balls, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock to my lips, “open wide white boy it feeding time”.

Lisa sat in the chair just behind an to one side of me as I placed my virgin lips to that huge black cock; she watched me as her boyfriend started face fucking me, she rubbed her cunt as I was sucking my first cock ever.

“Suck it all the way down to his big black balls Stevey boy or the deals off.”

Then she give my aching balls a good kick, I was trying to do as she ordered but his cock was so thick and long I could only get a third of it into my mouth; that was until Lukas grabbed the back of my head again as Lisa kicked me harder, this time as I tried to scream in pain Lukas took that as his cue to force-feed my throat until my lips kissed his balls.

I love having a white boy suck my cock he said, as he held my lips pressed to his balls he pushed his hips up and I felt his cock jumping up and down deep in my throat, deep in my chest, I couldn‘t breath and was sure he was going to kill me with his cock.

It must have been a real sight to see, I white man on his knees in front of a black man with his hands tied behind his back, legs spread wide by a spreader bar, his ass red from being whipped, his balls sore from being kicked, whipped and banded, as a tiny hot Asian girl masturbated to the sight of him on his knees willingly sucking the huge cock of her black boyfriend; and it was all me all my fault.

There I was willingly kneeling being Bitch-A-Fi’ed, sucking down my first cock; a massive black cock as my tiny hard dick leaked cum on the floor; I was being face fucked; throat fucked like a cheep boy bitch and I was starting to like it more and more.

How humiliatingly good it felt sucking a black mans cock.

I sucked him and he throat fucked my face for a good 15 minutes, now it was time, I could tell as his cock grow harder, I could feel it getting thicker in my throat; Lukas pulled his cock back to my lips, I got a gasp of air just before he forced it back down my throat again this time unloading his cum as he held my head down to his balls. I could feel that beautiful black meat pumping its African cum straight into my stomach. As he pulled back his load had such force that it shot out my nose.

Like most straight men I never thought I would suck a cock and like it so much, but I wanted more I wanted to be his cum-bag, so I locked my lips behind the bulb shaped head of that big black cock and suckled his sweet cream like a baby sucks its first bottle of sugar water.

As I sucked more of his hot cum into my mouth I thought why had I not done this before? Why do men get so hung up on being straight, what’s wrong with sucking a cock or two?

Men need blowjobs and women don’t do it enough so why shouldn’t I fill in where needed any man with a Bull cock like this one needs a good BJ .

Maybe it was just the size of this cock, or the fact I was sucking a black guy off like a little bitch that I was stating to love this so much, as I was sucking the last drop of man cum from Lukas I was suddenly snapped back into reality by Lisa pulling my scrotum down again, and I could feel my balls being pushed thru what I knew was another castration band.

“You were right baby getting him to suck your cock was easy. Sorry Steve but I know my man and he likes a good blow job as much as I like whipping your ass and kicking your balls, but he likes a good tight hole even more, so I’ll have to give up on kicking your little nuts and give my man what he wants and needs, you as a nut-less ass pussy boy.”

‘Sorry but we can’t have two Bulls in the house, although with your tiny dick you’re not much of a bull now are you Stevey?”

She was right and I knew it; as she put the second band on my balls Lukas got a new hard-on, he patted my head, got up and stepped between my leg, I put my head down on the floor and waited for what I knew was going to be my first pain filled ass fucking, and he was not going to go easy on me Lisa would make sure of that.

“ Do him now baby, this white boy likes pain so don’t go slow, really rip his ass up, show him who the slave bitch is now, he‘ll love it, Bitch-a-fi him for me baby.

I felt Lukas put his hands on both of my cheeks, he spread them wide as I looked between my legs I saw he was squatting between my legs, he was not on his knees but high over my back, he placed that hard black cock to my virgin white ass and pushed just the golf ball sized head inside me, damn that hurt. I was about be become a black mans boy toy, his fucking sex slave to use as he and Lisa wanted, I knew Lisa was right you can’t have two bulls in one pen so I would have to be Fixed. As that flashed thru my mind Lukas grabbed my hips and rammed his long cock deep into my ass, I screamed as it felt like he was ripping my ass apart, he wasted no time in pulling all the way out and ramming me full again to the cheering cry’s of Lisa.

“Fuck him baby fuck his ass, rip that white boy up, bitch-a-fi him baby he wants it, ride him cowboy, YEHA!”

Lukas fucked me deep and hard for 10 minuets before he told Lisa to do it, he was riding high up on my back his knees locked to my hips, his huge cock deep in my man pussy as he slowly butt pumping me, then I felt Lisa grab a-hold of my banded balls.

“Say when baby just say when you want me to fix him,”

a few more slow deep pumps on my ass and Lukas pulled back and rammed my ass again, on the third ram he almost knock me to the floor which made Lisa pull my balls even more; that new gut pain had my ass pussy clenching tight around his huge cock sending Lukas into his orgasm.

“Do it now Baby! Cut this white boys nuts off, castrate him baby, castrate this white bitch for me Lisa, take his worthless balls off;” and she did.

She pulled my balls back hard as he filled my ass with his hot African cum, still looking between my legs with blurred pain filled eyes I saw my scrotum filled with my manhood drop to the floor.

Lisa pick it up to show Lukas, it turned him on so much he rammed into my ass again sending us both to the floor, I was flat out with him deep in my ass; when I hit the floor I swear I felt his cock up in my throat.

I felt My blood coating my tiny still hard dick as it dripped down from my castrated manhood as Lukas sat up on my butt, he was sitting low on my ass with his cock still deep inside me, I could feel his big black balls hugging low between my legs where I once had balls.

That’s when I head Lukas say….

“See Lisa I told you when I saw that ad, bitch-a-fi’ing any white boy that would place an ad like that would be easy”.

“You got to fulfill your fantasy of castrating a man, I got to fuck me a white boy, Steve’y boy got five weeks of getting what his mommy gave him; its been a win-win for all of us; isn’t that right Steve’y boy?”

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Rating: 76%, Read 119128 times, Posted Feb 16, 2012

Fantasy | BDSM, Discipline, Gay, Interracial, Torture


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