Damn True Story Of Pussy Love by Londebaaz

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Damn True Story Of Pussy Love


Honestly, it never happened to me earlier but now it was getting on my nerves. For the last over 2 weeks I was on an ass fucking spree like binging. Luckily, every faggot boy, I knew and called was mine and I fucked and fucked and fucked all of them to satisfy my cock and now for little over a week, I had wanted to fuck a pussy. I dare not say, I had started hating or unloving the gay ass but now I needed pussy and nothing but pussy.

I do not know, about other bisexuals, but somehow I had my clock set in a way that I would want a cunt or an ass, when I wanted. Nothing else could quench my cock’s desire to satisfaction and then like a miracle, I would need the other. It had been going on for ever since I was sexually active. No problem there.

I never knew that I was committing some big mistake when I chose to go home instead of staying at college dorm for the break between the semesters for only a week. Now I was at home and it seemed that no girls, no women in my neighborhood wanted to get fucked. I still had 5 days to go and I was already thinking to go back early but I knew my parents, my mom would never let me go. I hated myself that I had announced to be home for full week and now asking for permission to go back earlier was subject to many questions. I was in my room and just had a t shirt and cut jeans shorts on, that was stretching with the pressure of my erection.

I sat alone, counting my choices. My mom was there. She was in her mid-40 but did not look a day over 30. I knew, my dad must have totally re-designed her pussy in the last 20 years plus after the birth of 3, now she must be fitting loose even on the dad’s pole. Supposing, if she agreed to let me in her, it was a tasteless sin. My elder brother’s wife was also a choice but I had no clue, how could I get her for fucking when every evening my brother was home and I believe they fucked every night after dinner. Oh yes, my younger sister but, although I never understood the logic that an unknown guy could fuck her and it was ok because it was a consensual affair but I was not allowed to fuck her; consensual or not. It was not illegal but still rejected by the society, perhaps more than anything else. I had no choice and I was getting frustrated beyond limits. I wanted to masturbate but then no, I did not want to masturbate. I needed pussy to enter, fuck and release my seed in her. Damn!

I heard my mom asking me to go back, check and bring the eggs from the chicken cages. We lived on a ranch like set up with a vast acreage of land in the back of the house, my father had bought for peanuts and little by little, he had almost established a stable back there. Last time, when I was home, I saw a horse, couple of cows, 2—3 sheep, maybe a dozen of ducks in the pond and a dozen of hens and the roosters. I remember, I had bought a tiny, furry puppy and now it was a fully grown female dog serving as a watch dog mostly against the predatory animals. My dad had named her Roxy.

I was not allowed to keep a pet in the dormitory and although I had bought Roxy as a little puppy, I could not develop much relationship with dogs. Every time when I came home, I could not remember Roxy and sometimes, I did not go back in the stable to see her until it was a day or two already. Now, when my mom asked me to go back to bring some eggs home, I immediately remembered Roxy. An all-white, Shepherd with glowing fur, tall and very active dog. I rushed back to the stable area. As I entered the backyard, there was a little commotion. The sheep ran away, the ducks in the pond started quaking, the hens, though in the cages, started the panic run. I noticed Roxy at a little distance from the pond, standing near a big tree that had fallen serving our need for the wood to be used in the wood stove.

She was standing there, with her back to the tree and apparently, she was rubbing her pussy against the tree. I thought, she was marking her territory but then I remembered that it was the gender thing to do and only the male animals did it. She noticed me but did not bother to come running to me showing her affection towards me. She was at a distance and sun was shining in my eyes and I was unable to see her clearly. I called her.

She looked up towards me, continued doing what she was doing for another 10—15 seconds and then almost half-heartedly walked to me and as she got closer, I could see her very dejected face. Her eyes were wet and it was not impossible to read that she was about to cry and shed tears. I was very confused. Roxy came close and I patted on her head, rubbed her neck and back. It was then, I heard mom calling me from the kitchen window, telling me; she was waiting for the eggs urgently. I had to push Roxy away and while doing this rapid moves, Roxy almost turned and now her hind legs were towards me. With her tail raised and turned to a side, it was not difficult to see her cunt. It was swollen, engorged and as red as red would be defined by the dictionary. I had no clue, if she had some kind of infection or what. I was very upset to see Roxy stand still, as if she was showing me her swollen, inflamed, hurting pussy and quietly asking for help. As I moved quickly towards the cages of the chicken, instead of tending to her need, I saw her drop the head and fall down to the ground on those hind legs, crushing already painful looking cunt lips under her.

After handing the eggs to mom, as I turned to get out of kitchen, an extremely dirty thought came to my mind. Maybe, Roxy had no infection or neither she was in pain and her pussy was only puffed and engorged due to sexual arousal. Now I even thought that she was not marking her territory near the fallen tree but was only rubbing her pussy hard to treat the sexual itch and desire. What a shame, dad and my elder brother had not thought of getting a dog to fuck her on a permanent bases as they fucked their women. This was cruel. What could I do? SHOULD I DO IT?

No, that was absurd. I could take her to some veterinarian and see what could be done immediately but no, I could not do that. No never. Even thinking of such a behavior was bad. I walked faster towards the stable area. Soon as I got in, Roxy saw me and with much enthusiasm, she ran towards me. I hardly reached the fallen stump of the tree to stand there, having the tree limb at my back to lean onto. Roxy came close to me and stood there with her face towards my feet and her body fur almost scrubbing my naked leg out of the shorts. Once again, her pussy was towards my face and I could see that red swollen, large pussy. As I was leaning and bent, her bitch pussy was almost at my eye level and I could see her split lips glowing with the slick liquid leaking from the source inside her cunt. It was getting impossible to resist.

What the fuck!! I stretched my arm and my fingers touched her puffy pussy lips. It felt as soft, silky, warm, lax, smooth, sober, charming and welcoming as any pussy, I had fucked so far. I suddenly removed my hand and looked around. Of course there was nobody watching me but still, it was my good nature and cognizant mindfulness that was making me think twice. Fuck! I realized, being a good man had its merits and demerits. I had a class, personality and stock much beyond this. Yes it was a pussy, it felt like a pussy and surely, it would fuck like a pussy but………. I suddenly felt Roxy pushed back on my hand and my slightly extended thumb got fully rubbed on the split line, separating her cunt lips.

Damn! She was literally swaying her hips to get my thumb massaging her warm twat. Fuck! I had never had a sexual relationship with an animal before. I knew, I was not the first nor was I the only one. It was only hear say sort of thing and I did not know if it was even possible to have a physical sexual relationship with another species and I did not know what would be the emotional implication of this sort of sex. All my thoughts were shattered. Roxy had pushed herself back on my hand and if I did not struggle, much more of my hand than the thumb would be in her pussy. She was wet, viscous and gelatinous like the human pussy but I had never had a human pussy, so willing and resolute.

I was tangled in difficult kind of thoughts when I saw Roxy slowly turned her head over her shoulder to look back at me. Her face was definitely elongated than normal. She looked at me and I swear, if she could speak to me, she would say that I was not a human enough to torture her so much. She was begging that I should do what was necessary to remove the twitching and the itching of her pussy. With that she quickly moved up, turned around and then came closer to me. Now I could feel her wet nose at my crotch. She had positively smelled my raging hormones and the changes due to that. She was nudging at the front of my shorts evoking my erection to soar.

Knowing exactly, what she was doing; she got licking my legs and once again reached my groin area. With the kind of intricate attention she was giving me, what immediately came to my mind was that Roxy was surely a cock slut fuck whore in her earlier life before being reincarnated as a dog. She was so delicately rubbing her warm fur to my leg to provoke my sex and sniffing, nudging the front of my shorts to make sure, I was getting horny and the results were showing. Now, she had started licking the front of my shorts with enhanced vengeance. Her long extended tongue was wetting my shorts and I am sure, she could feel every time when her nose struck my extending dick. The hardness of my cock being roughly rubbed with careless licking lashes of Roxy got me worried. I could not comprehend if my cock was going to break or shatter or shall it be damaged some other way. I decided to take off my shorts.

Covered with one hand, I lowered my zipper and let the thickly extended cock peek out, not in the open yet but still in the ever so thin and flimsy cotton underwear; while covering it with the other hand. My thought got a boost, Roxy was surely a cock whore before her rebirth as a dog. I could not evade her sight and as soon as my shorts came off and the cock came out, she decided to take the charge. She began licking particularly the area where cock head was hiding in the underwear. With the long wet tongue, she was swiping the wetness from under the balls. Her tongue would wrap around the hard shaft and pull it up particularly attempting to raise the balls up from their hiding in between the thighs. Every time, she came up empty, unable to pull the balls up, she was getting over zealous and it worried me that she will bite my cock and her sharp teeth would permanently damage my fucking machine. I had no choice.

Soon the underwear was off me and next second, Roxy had her tongue digging deep and she was licking the balls and my long shaft as well. She was yapping quietly in rhythm with my moans and enjoying to suck me at least as much as I was enjoying getting sucked by her. Truly, I was very much concerned that she might bite my balls and cock as well, otherwise I simply could not edge for so long and must have ejaculated by now. She was engulfing the total of my fucking system; I mean balls and the shaft as well, with the tongue and chuggle it inside her mouth. I was so overwhelmed with the immense joy but not even close to the shooting or releasing the tension. At moments I was also appreciating Roxy, the care she was showing to keep it safe from her teeth and also giving every possible service of love.

Every time she wrapped my total gizmo with her tongue and sucked it in, her wet nose was rubbing against my shaved pubic bone. I did not want to entice or encourage her to do it even deeper but simply out of habit, my hands got around her face, one hand under her lower jaw as if it was her chin and sure emboldened by my action, Roxy sucked me in much deeper and her tongue even gave a swirl to my balls as well as my hard cock shaft. Appreciating my hands around her face, she was now looking directly in my eyes and only if I could understand her verbiage but it was written all over her face, she was in dire need of my fuck juice. This was enough to put me at ease that Roxy shall not bite my cock or the balls and I started to play along with her. Every time, she sucked me in her mouth, I started pushing my hips up to provoke her for doing it faster and faster. Soon, not only she was sucking me faster but I was also fucking her face making the pace go up multi folds. Realizing that I could hit the thresh hold for ejaculation, my eyes were getting rolled back into my head and I had no control to keep my eyes open.

Soon her efforts made me feel very familiar kind of tingling in my balls and also a severe twitching in ever growing cock. I was very close and Roxy was going at it full force, although, lovingly but trying to pull my sex muscle out of my body and before anything damaging happened to my cock I began the last few humps in her face with deep groans and the flood gates opened up.

I had not fucked or masturbated for longer than my balls usually took to fill up the reservoir and it showed as I began to ejaculate. I think, I squirted at least a dozen or more thick ropes of my brew and very expertly, Roxy took it all to swallow as she kept massaging my cock for more and more of tasty nectar which finally came to an end. Roxy had swallowed all and now only as an evidence, some of the foamy mix of her saliva and my sex brew, was seen on her mouth. Surprisingly, even after a hard ejaculation, my cock was not at all limp and Roxy also saw it. She was wagging her tail with a sign of elation and before a wink of my eye, she turned around.

Once again her extremely swollen pussy lips were in front of my eyes. Very slowly and carefully, she backed up into my naked thighs and finally, she was hardly inches from the reach of my fingers. I felt her puffy pussy with my fingers. Aaahh fuck! What a lovely pussy. It was warm, it was sincere, and it was genuine and ready. It was open and willing for fucking to pursue and ensue as rapidly as possible. I decided to shed the second guessing and made up my mind to fuck her. My good nature was still with me and I was thinking the worst. I did not know, if human sperm could impregnate a dog or not and if one in a Zillion chance was yes; the puppies would have my face or the bottom but it was decided that Roxy was going to get fucked by me.

Right then, Roxy once again looked at me over her shoulder with a look that I could read of her cussing me and asking, ‘what the fuck was I waiting for and to go ahead and put it inside her’. That was enough for removing any and all reluctance. With one hand slipping under her, I held her close to my groin while pulling the lose skin of my cock back with the other; making sure the sharp torpedo head was ready to launch the attack. Massaging the full length in my fist and making sure the hardness was good as steel, I targeted her pussy slit. Roxy almost helped me by wagging not only her tail but her hips as well and then I pushed forward.

What a fucking pleasure!! I did not have to struggle, her pussy was wet, slick and swollen ready for the fucking. I was in her well passed my helmet and as I sighed feeling her sizzling cunt wrapping my cock, Roxy also yelped, I hope, feeling the mass of my cock entering her cunt. She had only her natural and in-born instincts working for her because, I was almost sure that she was as pure and virgin as she could be but the mother nature being the same for all the creatures, she knew how to get fucked and as I wiggled and circled my hips with slightly increased push, she pushed back with the same urgency to fuck my cock and in lesser time than it would have taken for me to launch balls deep in my virgin younger sister, my balls were resting on her thick and swollen labia and Roxy was already humping on it without waiting a second. I figured that I did not have to wait to give her pussy the time for stretching and being familiar with a filling meat rod in her.

Soon we were both fucking in synch with each other. Our rhythm was set, our range of motion was established, our pace of force was determined and we were fucking as best as it could be. Roxy was making sure to push back and get the full length strokes in her cunt. I can swear, her pussy was almost rotating itself on my hard cock and every thrust in her was more delicious than the earlier one. I had both of my hands slip down to beneath her and grabbing her hind legs right at the joint as they were mixing with her body. It was affording me to fuck Roxy with deep thrusts of my full length and she was making sure by pushing her pussy back on my cock.

I had fucked plenty but out in the open, in our back yard; it was my first time. Fucking a real bitch was another first time. The thrill, the adventure and the excitement was peaking as we fucked. Strangely enough, I was fucking and loving it but I am sure, at least 10 minutes had passed and I had no tingling in my balls. There was no feeling of surging orgasm and I was loving the feeling of my low hanging balls slapping below her cunt and producing a musical note. The most new thing was that Roxy was now not pushing back on my shaft but she was literally thrusting and getting fucked, making me fuck her harder and faster. I had leaned over Roxy’s back and my both hands were now holding her front legs right by their joints with the rest of her body.

This was affording me a full feel of her back fur on my naked chest and giving me soothing comfort even though the heat of the day was also increasing. Suddenly I realized that Roxy had stopped struggling to suck me inside her pussy which she was doing for the last about 2 minutes and the clapping sound of my balls slapping her was no more there plus I was having a very vivid feeling of my balls being squeezed and hugged. I immediately rose from her back to feel a serious pull on my balls, which even hurt a little. It was amazing to see that Roxy had tried her best to pull my balls in her cunt in an attempt to knot me. Luckily, I was able to retrieve my balls from being lodged in her pussy hole for the next an hour or so.

Bitches, when fucked by their own species and after the male dog has delivered his cum in her pussy or sometimes even just before, he pushes a big ball like projection at the bottom end of the cock into her pussy; generally for the purpose of making sure that the sperm stays inside to make her pregnant. Roxy, not knowing that I could not be doing the same, when my balls got tight and close to the base of the shaft, took it as my knot and tried to suck my balls inside her cunt. I was able to pull my balls out of her cunt with much less effort because she had not taken me into ass to ass position as yet. Anyway, it was an immense delight to fuck Roxy and finally cum into her pussy. I had to entice her a bit to turn back again and suck me clean with her big wet tongue.

I was awestruck with the new experience of fucking a bitch pussy and I sure hope, Roxy must be happy too although, I did not knot into her cunt after or before shooting my essence in her. I loved it and did not find much of any difference between this pussy and the pussies I had fucked so far. Luckily, I never had such difficult time after that to fuck a human pussy but telling the truth, I sure, would had not dithered a bit to fuck Roxy again if needed to.


Rating: 50%, Read 6654 times, Posted Jan 06, 2021

True Story |


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