Laura and the female DJ. by bravebombadier

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Fiction | Female, First Time, Lesbian, Young

The Female DJ in Portugal Series.


The club wasn’t very busy this evening, there was some fiesta going on in Portimao. Consequently, I was feeling a bit down, I like a good crowd to work with.

When there aren’t enough punters, the requests tend to clash with each other, just not enough of them to pick and choose.

Romero, the Portuguese waiter, fetched me a drink, “Hi Dina, you okay? Bit quiet tonight, but we expected that. Not too many prospects for either of us either, huh!”

I liked him, which is a rarity, I’m not into guys. Romero was gay, and therefore, I had no competition from him, and he really was nice to me. He looked after me, drinks and things. He’d even sometimes come over, to point out a likely looking girl that I might want to take an interest in.

I wasn’t looking for a relationship, with me working in Portugal for nearly two years now, forming relationships with a holidaymaker could be awkward, once they were back home.

No, I much preferred one night stands, maybe a bit of a holiday fling for a few days, but nothing more.

I never seemed to have too much trouble finding the youngish late teen girls, I liked.

I was thought of as, drop-dead-gorgeous, and being a small celebrity locally, as the in DJ. They kind of flocked to me.

Having said all that, the past week had been sadly lacking in the romance department, and there didn’t seem much prospect at the moment either.

Romero turned back to me, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. There was a girl asking me about you earlier. Bit young for you though, I think.”

“Asking? What did she want to know?”

“Well, she didn’t actually say very much. Asked if your name was really Dina, were you here all the time. You know, just that sort of thing. She was a bit shy really.”

“Okay, you’ll let me know if you see her in, will you?”


Things had got a bit busier, and I was able to get more of an atmosphere going, I was beginning to enjoy myself.

There was a tap at the booth door, I held a hand up, indicating to wait for a moment until I finished cueing the next record. When I looked, my heart skipped, she was an angel, mind you a rather young angel.

I waved her in, she opened the door to inch her way in, there wasn’t a lot of room inside the DJ booth. She had a drink in her hand, which she held out to me, “Romero told me you like a brandy and lemonade, I got you one, hope you don’t mind.”

“Hey, that’s sweet of you, thank you. And what do I call you?”

“Oh, my name’s Laura. You’re Dina aren’t you.” She added with a sort of rush. She smiled shyly at me.

Oh wow! I thought, what a beautiful smile, it lit her face up. I guessed Romero was right, she only looked to be about sixteen, but her figure was something else. I drooled.

Find out her age, before you get too carried away, I told myself. “They let you buy a drink at the bar, did they? I’d have thought you were too young.”

She blushed, deep red, “Well actually, I’m eighteen, I know I don’t look it, so I had to show them ID.”

I told her to hang on a second, while I got the next record ready. I had to shuffle her around a bit, to get the one I wanted. I managed to brush against her several times in the process, once my arm even brushed her tits, I felt myself getting somewhat excited.

Laura looked a bit flustered, she was still blushing. “I suppose I’d better leave you, I’m getting in the way, aren’t I?”

Go for it! Kiddo, I thought. “No, you’re totally fine, don’t worry, anyway I like your company. As long as you don’t mind the squeeze, you’re okay Laura.”

“Thanks, I like to watch you work, I think you’re ever so good.” Then, as a sort of after-thought, she added, “The best I’ve ever seen actually.” She blushed again.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “You can keep coming with the compliments as long as you like, but I’m flattered.” I responded. “And here’s one for you then, I think you’re absolutely stunning, I can’t stop looking at you.”

“What me! I’m just, little Laura, the others are always taking the mick out of me, because of how young I look.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about any of them, whoever they are, I’m the one that counts around here, and if I say you’re gorgeous, then you are, okay.” I squeezed her shoulder.

She beamed at me, her hand came up and touched mine, “You’re very kind Dina, I do like you.”

I let my hand move around behind her head, to her far shoulder, and gave her a little hug, pulling her against me. Her hand went around my waist. So I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. “What me kind, you’re joking. I’m just finding you irresistible. Do you mind?”

“I’m not sure I understand Dina, do you mean like sexy or something?”

I studied her face a moment, wondering if I’d misjudged, no, I hadn’t, I just felt it. “That’s exactly what I mean Laura honey.”

“Oh! My coming to see you, I didn’t mean to suggest anything, I’m sorry if I made you think that. I...I, I do think I should go.” She stammered.

I grabbed her arm “No wait.” I got the next record on, then turned to her again. “Laura, I think you did, even if you never knew it, let’s face it, you didn’t come here to make a friend, you wanted to be near me, am I right, or not?” My fingers traced up her arm.

“I guess.” As she looked at the floor. “Maybe I did, all I know is that I’ve been watching you for a few days, and well, I just wanted to meet you, I didn’t know why” She looked up at me with a worried look.

“Laura, I know you’re young and inexperienced, it’s okay. Let me ask you a personal question, do you have a boyfriend?”

Hesitantly, in barely more than a whisper, “No I don’t, I’ve never had a boyfriend,” she said, then added quietly, “I’ve never had a girlfriend either.”

“Well honey, I’m here, I’m free, and I’m very willing if you want.” My hand slid down her back, and I squeezed her ass.

She jumped, well almost shot out of her shoes, but with no room and nowhere to go, all the jump achieved was to place my hand lower on her ass, I pressed my hand in between her cheeks a little. We were over to the side of the booth, well hidden from the punters, so I leaned down and put my lips to hers.

Her hands shot out sideways, her shoulders went back, her eyes were wide. But I held her to me, keeping my lips on hers. I pulled back a little, she looked at my lips. I could see she wasn’t frightened, just not sure.

I puckered my lips and smiled, then very slowly, she inched her face towards me, till her lips were just touching mine. Her eyes were still open, looking at me. So I closed mine and pushed my lips firmly to hers.

Then she was returning the kiss.

Meanwhile, I reached a hand, just in time, to press a button for the next record.

I eased my tongue out, and traced it along her lips, then teased them open. She didn’t resist, I delved in to find her tongue, then danced around it.

I squeezed harder, into the bottom of her ass, pulling her harder to me. my fingers just a fraction away from her pussy. Her arms went around my waist, to hold me.

I pulled back, I still had work to do. “You okay Laura? I saw her nod and smile, so I continued, “Much as I could do this all night, I’ve got a job to do, I won’t be able to concentrate with you here. Can I suggest, you go and find Romero, tell him he’s to put your drinks on my tab, and you can wait for me, you will wait for me, won’t you?”

She didn’t hesitate this time, but she gave me a big smile, “You know I will.” as she turned to leave, then, “Don’t you go chatting up any strange girls.” She grinned.


The next hour seemed to last forever, I’m not sure I was at my best, but the punters didn’t seem to notice. Mind I was still getting a distraction.

Laura was being plied with drinks by Romero, she’d found herself a seat, just to the left of my booth, where she sat on the other side of a table. I expect it was too many Malibu’s she’d had, but after a while, I could clearly see the white of her panties under the table.

I saw her wave several times when I looked her way, but I couldn’t be sure whether she was flashing at me on purpose. I don’t suppose so though, I thought.

Eventually, at last, I played the last record, as soon as I had it going, I left the booth, went over to Laura and held out my hands.

“Would you care to have this dance with me, Laura?” All very formal.

She looked around, and giggled, “What here? In front of everyone!”

“Several points there babe, one; it’s dark, two; they’re all half pissed, three; you won’t be the only one dancing with a girl, just take a look around, and four; who gives a shit anyway!”

This time, she laughed, and the next thing, she was in my arms. I danced her into the darkest corner, there I slowed.

I nuzzled her neck with my lips, her head went back. I cupped her ass cheek with one hand, then reached to her breast with the other, I heard her sigh. I could feel her nipple, through the material of her top, it was getting harder.

I whispered in her ear, “You can touch mine you know.” A hand came up my side, stopped next to my breast for a few moments, then almost jumped to take a hold.

I whispered to her again, “Just squeeze and rub it gently, my love.” She did, and I can tell you, it felt good.

My hand at her ass, edged her skirt up, I felt the hem, and I reached under to caress a cheek through her panties.

After a bit, thumb found the elastic at her pantywaist, I hooked and eased them down a little, now my hand slid inside, and I had her bare cheek in my hand. It felt fantastic under my gliding fingers.

Laura was now kissing my neck, as one hand continued to caress my breast. I felt encouraged, things were definitely looking good. I moved my hand, leaving her ass, but still inside her panties. Round her hip, then to her lower stomach.

I eased down, my fingers found the patch of hair on her mound, I could tell there was not a lot there, it felt well trimmed. I tickled my fingers around. I lowered my hand and formed a cup over her pussy.

She lifted her face and kissed me.

I pressed my hand to her pussy, my middle finger pushing between her lips. This time she moaned, quite loud. No one was near enough to hear. I reached into her, as far as I could, gently feeling around. I curled another finger alongside the first. Then, I slowly began to wank her.

She was moaning again, “Shush honey, not so loud.”

“I can’t help it, I’m sorry, ooooooooh shit!”

Suddenly, I remembered the heavy curtains to the side of my booth and the fact they shielded off an old storeroom. I guided her over, still wanking her on the way. We were on our own now, no one would hear or see us.

I pushed her against the wall and dropped to my knees. I raised her skirt, then pulled her panties down and lowered my mouth to her pussy. Her legs spread wider, as my tongue found its target, there it was protruding quite nicely for my lips to attack, to caress and suck.

My fingers were back inside her pussy, which was, by now, dripping wet, so, I worked my hand, faster and faster. She was now gripping my head hard.

Her shoulders were back against the wall, but her hips were thrust forward, shaking at my face. For a few seconds, she raised up onto the balls of her feet.

Then, her ass crashed back to the wall, my mouth followed, her head came down to her chest, her face contorted, and she was almost leaning over me, with her hands now leaning on my shoulders.

The climax ripped through her, as her pussy convulsed at my mouth. I think there were several orgasms, or maybe just one, very long one. My face was dripping, she’d squirted hard, soaking me.

Still, she hunched on my hand, until the jerks got gradually less.

She leaned back to the wall, I think she would have slid down, had I not held her.

Slowly she came back, awareness came to her face, she smiled her gorgeous smile, this time though, it was a dreamy smile.

Then she saw how wet I was. Her hand flew to her mouth, as she gasped. The other touched my shirt. “You’re all wet, did I do that? Did I pee on you? Oh God! I didn’t pee, did I?”

“Hey, babe, no you didn’t pee, you squirted when you came. It didn’t taste of pee, just your cum, It was brilliant, I loved it.”

With a huge look of relief, she leaned into me, her hands came up to wipe my face, then she was kissing me.

“Dina, what happened to me? What did you do? I thought I was going to die from pleasure. I have never experienced anything like it before. I just felt, I dunno, like uncontrolled sex throbbing through my body, taking me over. At one point, it frightened me because for a few moments I actually couldn’t breathe. Then I was lifted to somewhere I’ve never been. I’ve never used bad language, but I remember it clearly, blasting through my mind, ‘Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck my cunt Dinah’, I’m so shocked, I can’t believe it.”


I eased her back, “I’ll tell Romero, that I’m leaving by the fire exit, would you like to come back to mine? We can have a shower, or whatever else you fancy.”

“But Dina, I haven’t got any other clothes or anything.”

“Who needs clothes, honey, you up for it or what?”

She looked at me intently, “Where else would I go!” It wasn’t a question, more a statement.

My apartment was not much of a walk from the club. It was on the tenth floor with a brilliant view of the sea. We walked, holding hands, well Laura sort of skipped, swinging her other arm about. I could see she was happy, I was delighted.

In the gardens to my block, she pulled me aside. into the bushes. “Please kiss me again Dina, I want to feel you, just to know this is all real.”

I kissed her tenderly, a welling from deep inside me. It shocked me, knowing how I felt for this girl. I laid down to the grass, pulling her with me, lowering her body on top of mine. We just touched, exploring each other, caressing here and there, wherever it felt good.

At one point, Laura’s hand had caressed down the outside of my thigh, her hand came to the bare flesh of my leg. I saw her lift her head to look back, she touched the hem with her fingers and gave it a little pull. She gave me a questioning look, “Can I?”

I smiled, “As if you need to ask my love, I’m all yours, whatever you want, take it.”

Her hand moved up, taking my skirt with it. The tickle of her fingers sent a shiver through me. She reached the top of my thigh, then she gasped, “You haven’t got any panties on Dina!”

“I took them off before I left the booth, I was hoping you’d find out, and now you have, that’s how you make me feel.” I loved her girlie giggle.

She felt the tiny patch of hair I have, “What do I do Dina, I don’t know, you need to show me, I so want to please you.”

“Honey, you play with yourself right, so you already know where it feels good, just do the same to me, it’ll work, you’ll see. Now kiss me and touch me.”

She did, she kissed me, I let her lead. I felt her hand slowly moving down between my thighs, I eased my legs wider apart. She found my pussy lips, more like flaps really. I felt her exploring them, understanding them. She separated them, spreading me wide, she caressed along the inside.

I could tell that she knew where my clit was, as when she was ready, her fingers went straight to it, she didn’t need to search.

Mind you, it wouldn’t take a lot of searching for, it’s too big for that. One of my ex-girlfriends told me, that it was no wonder I was a lesbian who took the initiative, I almost had a cock when it was fully enlarged.

I heard her, very quietly say “Wow!” When her fingers closed around it, she used two fingers to start wanking at it.

I pushed her head downward, “Go on, kiss it for me lover.”

Her went down, she seemed to just watch her fingers playing though. “Laura please,” I begged.

I felt her tongue just tentatively touch the end, then she twirled it around, her tongue withdrew, I thought, she’s tasting and wondering. My thoughts were interrupted, her whole mouth came down over it, her tongue was back, teasing harder at me.

My hips lifted to her, and then she sucked. Oh God! I needed this so bad. “Finger me inside Laura, as many fingers as you like.” I felt a bunch, three maybe four, pushing me wide, my pussy expanded to take them.

I felt her sort of, jiggling about, shit she was adding more. For just a moment, it hurt, but I knew she was being careful with me, she eased in but slowly, then pausing for a bit, till more pressure. I’d never taken anything as big before.

“You okay Dina?”

“Yeah, I’m okay, how the fuck many have you got in there?”

“Actually all five, like my whole wrist, I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“I’m good you little slut, You’ve got them in, so now fuck me with them, but don’t stop sucking my cl.......” I trailed off, I couldn’t speak anymore, I didn’t want to, I just wanted her to fuck me good.

She fucked her wrist in and out real slow, and the way she worked my clit, was driving me wild. My mound banged up into her face, I heard an ‘ouch’ but she didn’t stop. I could hear my pussy making a squelching noise, I knew I was so wet.

Her wrist now felt easier inside me, my vagina was coping. I was close to getting there, my body was so sensitive it was aware of every little contact. “Now Laura, fuck me faster, as deep as you can.”

I couldn’t be possible, I could feel her arm going down into me, my pussy was stretched so wide. I didn’t care, I was gone, I was cumming, in waves, I was cumming,

Slowly I came down to earth.

Laura was still lying between my legs, she looked exhausted from all her efforts.

“You can take that bloody great big cock out of me now if you wouldn’t mind babe.”

A moment later, and she was lying beside me. I took her in my arms and cradled her. I kissed her closed eyes. “My baby,” I whispered to her.

She smiled, her hand fondling my breast.

“How far did you get that bloody thing in?” I asked her.

She sniffed up her arm, then tasted with her tongue. “About halfway to my elbow maybe, did I do wrong?” She looked worried.

“No, you didn’t do wrong, you did what I thought was impossible, but I loved it, every bloody inch of it.”

I said we should get ourselves decent, and move indoors.

In the lift, I asked, “Why don’t I send out for a pizza, coz I’m starving. A bite to eat, a nice glass of wine, a shower, and then we can fuck some more, whaddya think lover?”

Laura looked at me with starry eyes, “Anything you say is totally fine with me, I think you know that now.”

I sure did.

She was gonna have a good holiday, I’d see to that!

The end.

Rating: 92%, Read 10726 times, Posted Oct 01, 2018

Fiction | Female, First Time, Lesbian, Young


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