my girlfriends extra curricular activities are exposed_(1) by coctopus74

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True Story |

My Girlfriend of 9 years. CHLÖe is caught at her art studio fucking her work crush matt. When confronted she takes sick pleasure confessing in great detail and brutal honesty how she enjoyed fucking him and humiliating me and how she got off multiple times which she credits to his huge uncircumcised cock

Me: you were too distracted by matt playing with your pussy under your dress as you were kissing to notice me crouched in the bushes right in front of the building next door to

the studio . I knew you’d eventually show up at your studio because after admitting to me your interest to fuck him without pause named that as solution to having no other location that could offer such ideal conditions for you to have the kind of time you needed to have that cock without fear of interruption or because you'd done it before and had been going there to fuck him without a care until I unexpectedly and inconveniently for you was told about his late night visits to your house from Stella. I know You never imagined that you'd have to explain hooking up with this dude. At the same time with a pathetic attempt at being repeatedly used every opportunity when in my company to suggest things I should do that would remove me from the picture and making a point to ensure I felt alienated from you as you faithfully maintained the appearance of whatever de***********ion you'd given about your situation during the time i had been in jail and since i had gotten out.

It's clear that all the lies I'd recently caught you in along with the glaring inconsistencies in your behavior plus your complete indifference toward me were all due to my unexpected discovery of a long standing involvement and intention to continue seeing him without the least consideration for me or what it would cost.

This much was confirmed when I the two of you make out prior to you lead him inside your art studio gate. As I heard the sound of the lock turning, I wondered what kept me from putting a stop to it right there. I was frozen and I imagined how this all happened without me knowing… meeting at work, gradually developing an infatuation then harmless conversation and flirtation but at some point in time unknown to me, this became a collective effort to allow you to keep fucking him and for me to remain ignorant of it. Insulated from suspicion by hooking up with someone from work guaranteed that you could explore your options without the slightest worry of it getting back to me & also provided the advantage of having the freedom to indulge in taking matts cock as often as you wanted as long as any excuses that you had to make were within the context of work. Plus, this cock was attached to a far more desirable partner for you by all considered.

So as I imagined you doing all of that behind my back, I got so horny all I wanted to do was to watch you loving the feel of being fucked by his cock and you'd react being fucked by a cock other than mine. I wanted to see first hand how you handled being fucked by a long thick uncut dick pumping into you balls deep. And to hear you tell him to show me how he fucks you better than I ever fucked you and send him into a frenzy of deep thrusts making his pole disappear deep into your fat ass leaving only his big swollen balls hanging out of your dripping cunt as you were fucked to a howling orgasm. And knowing how accepting I am I wonder what motivated you to choose to lie about seeing him and keep this all to yourself?

Chloe: okay FINE drew!!! So that's what this is about? I told you already that if the chance presented itself i planned to fuck him,but now you’re pissed because you couldn't watch his big dick go into me, and to see me coming like you could never make me by a cock that makes yours look like a child's in comparison. Or see me have squirting orgasms , I know you've never seen that. I didnt even know i could come like that until i fucked a big enough dick to hit that spot. wow! and you couldnt honestly expect me to ask if “its cool if my ex watches us fuck” it’s just not something I could bust out with after everything I had said to him about not wanting you . So it's mainly because i feel sorry for you but I'm also tired of being harassed about this. So I'll share everything I did with Matt that night and everything from first meeting him up to now, so don't get too upset because I won’t be holding anything back!

So do you wanna hear how Matt sucked my pussy before he fucked me senseless with the longest dick I've ever taken? Or like to know how I started things off by sitting him in the little orange arm-chair and took off all my clothes while he watched.

Me: well I feel you owe me some kind of explanation and you have been missing for the last 3 days. I’m pissed that less than a day passed between having to find out not kkonly is there someone you’d been seeing secretly, but this was followed by your admitting that you'd totally fuck him if that became an option and that before he left last night you'd arranged to go out

tonight awell....Then, perhaps out of concern I would interfere, cast doubt on being certain it would happen yet you already had made plans for later that same night and i think you knew already that the plan was to use this time to fuck but it suited your purpose better if I had some doubt that your so-called "date" was made just to facilitate you getting that cock. I can't believe You chose to be a lying, greedy conniving bitch when you could've just been up front and agree to let me watch as you got drilled by the first cock (besides mine) you’d had in nine years. On top of that the biggest longest cock that pussy had ever taken. Based on that alone I would’ve been happy to accommodate & assist the two of you in whatever plans you wanted to make so as to give you as much time you wanted to get off with and enjoy such a nice big dick, you could have it as much and as often as you craved it if you were willing to tell me what happened or to take pics of how you did it and send them. Instead I was left wondering how many times he got you off? How did it feel fucking a cock that big and does he know how special your tight pretty pussy is?

Chloe: are you kidding me?, I came more times than I can count in one night of fucking him than I have in the last five years struggling to get off with your (sorry but there's no other way to say this) pathetically tiny dick. God he knows how to fuck and how to work that big cock! So taking something as big as matt;s had me in tears I was coming so hard. didn’t you notice how flushed my face was when you saw me right after he left and my eyes were teary? I've been back to fuck him every night since so obviously I plan to continue fucking him in the future!

what sucked about that night was that you showed up uninvited and pounded on the gate like a jealous lunatic trying to cock block just because you knew I was going to fuck him. Well it didn’t work anyway, I was super annoyed with you but I I was too busy enjoying the fucking I was getting to be bothered with it until we were done

Me: Oh really? I'm supposed to believe it's so great that you were totally oblivious to my kicking and pounding the gate? Or that I didn't already figure as much when you didn't come out right away?

Well you wanted to know and, yes his cock is so good that all I can do is come over and over so I don’t know why you expectedt I could even stop taking a nine inch dick giving me the best fuck I've ever had so that I could come open the gate for you. Anyway…I initiated things by stripping completely naked for him, and Immediately he noticed my hairless pink pussy and couldn't keep his hands off of it. In case you were wondering, he has a much bigger cock than you and is undoubtedly the reason why I come so many more times and so much harder being fucked by him than I ever could with you. And sadly, you’ll never be able to since your lacking in the dick department only I wasn't aware of that until you went to jail and I had a couple of encounters with some real cocks and found out those are average yours is puny. It was an eye opener as well as a glimpse into what a large cock can do oh and then theres my latest fascination. The uncircumcised cock! Oh God the feeling of taking one of those in my ass just has me creaming thinking about it. So needless to say since Matt is super hung as well as uncut so having that at my disposal certainly has me satisfied and coming like I never imagined

Well your pussy should have what it wants to have and whatever satisfies it, but what sucks though is that your new appreciation for big cock has turned you into a lying cheating slut. So I'm sure that once he noticed your bald pussy that he knew it had been shaved with the expectation of being filled with his cock and what you wanted or more like needed by obviously having arranged such an ideal opportunity for that to happen

thats an understatement ...I had been wanting to fuck him so much longer than you might imagine. I told you we met each other at work but I never mentioned we were co workers for the whole 5 years i worked there. Over the years we've had a lot of opportunities to get pretty familiar. We have gone out to eat, attended work events, after work events at some bars, but recently things became sexual and we have come very close to fucking a couple times. Actually I might as well come out with it since it hardly matters now but i did suck him off a few times when you and i were still together and we began fucking when you were in jail. I really couldnt help myself. After seeing his gorgeous cock and imagining how something that big would feel fucking me. Plus you being out of the picture meant I wouldn't need to worry about you finding out. but regardless of that I don’t think you can imagine the temptation first seeing, then sucking and wanting to be fucked by that huge mouth-watering cock or to wait for a year to fuck your unimpressive and mediocre dick when I could be fucking this on a regular basis instead….It wasn't long before I got to make that choice

You should’ve gotten a clue when I wasn’t receptive to your numerous attempts to initiate fucking me that I was no longer interested in you But when it came to matt my pussy was on fire to feel what he had. S0 that night he came over we had made this date for the following night and i took an extra long time in the shower making sure to do a thorough job shaving my pussy just to be ready in case he wanted some pussy from me. i also wanted to be sure it would happen and nothing could interfere... It wasnt a mystery that I wanted him to fuck me but wasn’t sure if he would give it to me until that night

I don’t think it was even in question of IF he wanted you !! he just wasn’t sure that you were actually honest about being available but you had me occupied and you did enough to get your way as usual If you weren't turning me on so much id tell you what a fucking lying sneaky little whore you are for keeping this secret from me all this time and your premeditated intention to deceive me just to allow you to get a head start on fucking this guy.

YEAH!..AND? so what if I did? I can’t say I regret lying and everything else I did now but did feel guilty at first especially after being fucked by that thing and cumming harder than I ever have in my life... And allowing you to go on believing that you could give me that when knowing that you could never fuck me like that with such a small cock but I didn't know. How to tell you at that point but I had already decided to move on so I didn't feel bad for too long.

thats good to know, but COME ON! for real? It couldnt be that amazing. I think Youre exaggerating this to make me jealous.

you can think Whatever makes this easier for you to accept but Im not so easily impressed. but HIS cock IS visually stunning, feels positively amazing, DWARFS YOURS & the way he fucks me makes me come SO HARD and MORE TIMES than I ever could imagine possible. This usually happens when he PINS MY LEGS OVER MY HEAD WITH HIS CHEST. Then pounds my pussy with that ten”inch cock as HARD, and deep as it will go I come so hard that my eyes roll back in my head and moan uncontrollably as I shudder through one orgasm after another. I have been fucking him every night since and have no plans to stop. Well, you wanted to know the truth. So I’m straight up giving it to you. So where was I…...

yes, back to his glorious dick which by the way I was bouncing my ass on this morning, I had to take this pic of it between sucking it and begging for him to give me a huge load of hot jizz in my pussy for the first time since that night at the studio.. Now you can see for yourself….It’s a gorgeous cock

Now, try to imagine how amazing it feels to be fucked by that. The first time i saw it flop out of his pants my pussy started leaking uncontrollably as I pictured it going in me. you saw that night, we went into the studio where nothing could disturb us. I didnt wear any bra or panties and i enjoyed letting him play with my pussy as he kiss while removing my dress. Once I was naked I sat on his lap and told him how bad ive needed his cock and assured him we were alone and he could do whatever he wanted to me. He said he’d waited a long time to see how far down my tattoo went on my chest as he began sucking one of my nipples… I could feel his dick was swelling in my hand, next I slid off his lap onto my knees. Then helped him pull off his pants, so that I could have a good look at what he had... I was acutely aware that his cock would be considerably bigger from my memory of the couple of times we fucked in my van. I had my hand wrapped around his shaft jerking it through his pants but couldnt believe what flopped out of those pants right in front of my face. When I saw his package I saw that there was yet one more thing I was not getting by being with you, and. from that point on i would find myself recalling how hot and satisfying it felt lto be fucked in my pussy by that juicy long cock usually while masturbating myself off to scenarios featuring variations of Matt fucking me nearly every day after that. This is a pic he took and sent me when I asked him how big it was the day after we first fucked. I was walking funny and was grateful for you being in jail. Although you probably wouldn't have tried anything but if you had I wouldn't have known what I would say because I don't think I could've hidden how swollen my pussy lips were and my cunt so sore from the beating it took from being fucked by something that big.

Sure whatever as much as I enjoy being reminded of all the lies you had been telling me I'm actually more interested to hear you tell me about what it was like fucking huge cock… ..

So you pulled his pants off so you could see what he had or more like what you’d be having very shortly seems a more accurate way to say that,

And WOW. holy shit!! Thats Matt's dick? goddamn, you werent joking. its huge! It’s no wonder you don’t want to risk losing any opportunity to have access to that beauty at all times.I never could've imagined he could have such a big dick.. Hes not exactly tall or large anywhere else. Well, lucky you. its no wonder now why you'd among other things prefer that over mine. so i guess your curiosity at that point was at least partially satisfied. Soon to be rewarded

Its a really breathtaking cock and surprisingly LONG too. I took it into my mouth & sucked it all the way down the shaft almost to his balls! It was so long i couldnt take its entire length & kept gagging each time i tried to.

Okay, so How long would you estimate his dick is? Or do you actually KNOW how long it is?

HA!! Shit, idk, its longer than yours when its soft than when yours is erect, like 5 to 6 inches does that sound right?

C’mon Chloe, your bullshitting me now because mine is 5 to 6”inches hard. This would make his dick when hard is at least 8” and possibly 10” or more inches so why are you having trouble telling me? You already said he had a much bigger dick than every guy youve ever fucked, so come out with it!

Alright, lol, here I go trying to save your feelings again. Ok! First off, I said a MUCH longer dick. Honestly its easily twice the size of yours. I would put it at 9 and a half to 10 inches and I love the feeling of having it all the way in my pussy pumping away as i come. I just didnt want you to think that my loss of interest in the relationship was all because of him fucking me better or that I'm getting drilled by a much bigger cock but that is a big reason I guess. So, okay he is way longer than you and definitely fatter around as well. Anyways, I made sure to coat his dick with spit and made it juicy with slobber as I sloppily sucked on that magnificent pole. It was going to need it to have a chance to get into my little pussy

Heres another pic of his gorgeous dick right before he fucked me this morning at his place. Since you were so interested in how big I thought it was I'll let you see for yourself and know that theres no comparing . It should be clear why I prefer fucking him.

Well, his dick is clearly much bigger and for that reason probably feels better. it sounds like you were making the most of sucking his big cock and becoming impatient dying to feel that cock of his thrusting into you balls deep? & were you concerned that he’d stretch your pussy or hurt you or youd have problems taking such a large dick?

Yeah, but he wasn't quite ready to fuck me yet, he wanted to treat me right and make me cum first. He knew just what to do. We switched places and now, as I lay back in the chair, he licked my clit and slipped two fingers inside of me. I love to feel something inside me while my clit is licked

wow, he sure knows how to build up the anticipation. so were you a little disappointed having to a wait a little bit longer to feel that cock inside of you?

Oh yes waiting was agonizing for sure! I wasso ready to feel that cock inside me, I wanted it so badly, my pussy was literally dripping wet in anticipation of taking this huge dick. It was a breathtaking specimen which as i imagined was a definite pussy pleaser. It filled me up completely and had me coming pretty quick. So,he continued licking me making his way up until our tongues were fucking and I could feel the head of his dick jabbing at my pussy, wanting to penetrate me. I was so soaked from wanting his big dick...

So i scooted down in the chair a little and let my legs hang over the arms of the chair, my smooth hairless pussy was glistening wet, fully exposed and prepared to feel that big dick penetrate me

oh so you were finally about to get the full effect of that big hard cock stretching you out as he thrusted into it repeatedly balls deep?

Well after taking some minutes to tease and work at the tight opening of my pussy and also to allow his erection to decrease i felt the uncircumcised head of his huge penis push into me I really had no idea what to expect so When he began working it in slowly rolling his pelvis and also feeling it quickly hardening at the same time was such a shock and rush. I got so fuckin tuned on as his pole continued to fill me, so nice and thick and hard as fuck. Then he took the breath right out of me as he suddenly dipped the entire length of that fat thing in deeper than any other dick id ever taken. And really the majority of those were nowhere close in comparison so yeah, it did hurt a bit at first as i let my muscles relax and my pussy to get used to accommodating a penis of this size, as a result it did cause me to get off involuntarily & my pussy to gush come all over his cock.

So it filled you up good right? I mean did he fuck you hard with it or was he gentle on the pussy?

It was so hot as I laid back and was filled and stretched by a swollen cock pumping into me while my pussy was begging for it. Oh and he was definitely was pounding me hard! I was taking all of it and squealing with every deep stroke

Was that pussy happy for such a big hard cock to be feeding it so good? Did it have a big head or even throughout, veiny, or what? I got the Pic you sent I can just look at it

His dick is nice and even. Then I wanted to have it my way, I sat him in the chair, so that I could impale myself with his erect penis while he licked and massaged my tits

Cuz i know the tit licking was making the pussy tingle, How did your pussy handle that?

You know how it handles it... It loves it.

I know but it was getting hit deeper than youre used to so probably Felt amazing as you bucked your ass up and down and hit the bottom of that dick

He liked my thick legs and grabbed them while I fucked him

There's no way your pussy wanted that to stop. But you wanted to feel him fuck you another way still. Am i right?

Yeah, I wanted to watch him fuck me, I wish I could've seen his dick entering me. I had to be satisfied with watching us in the mirror as he pumped that big dick deep into me from behind. I had bent over so that he could see my shaved pussy compelling him to pin me down and do what he pleased. I wanted him to take advantage and abuse it and fuck the shit out of it ...

So did he? from what you say It sounds like he was doing a pretty good job

my god yes! i dont know how ive managed to go so long without one! And this is a good one. After we had a nice time watching ourselves fuck. we took a rest and he licked my slit a little more, He wanted me to cum from his tongue this time. I wasnt sure if i had anything left after gushing all over his cock but it was feeling so good...

Well lets face it you were greedily savoring that cock As long as you could, your mouth and pussy were trying to soak up as much juicy cock as long as possible I only wish i could’ve seen you being fucked by such a big dick. I wouldn't mind it at all if that was possible. So get to the how you made each other come

Okay, i was getting to that.So he laid on the ground and we 69'ed each other. I was eating his cock so deep, gagging but loving it and loving hearing him moan as I bit just a little bit and played with the tip with my tongue. He was licking my pussy and finger fucking me and then started to slip a finger into my fat ass (which he also enjoyed giggling as he fucked it) and I started to feel my pussy cum, and I was being touched and caressed by his tongue and fingers. I came so hard and I think he was in love with how dirty and hot it was. I don't think he's used to that.

So he was sucking your pussy as he was finger fucking it and your ass?

Yes he was.. Oh god it was so hot. I went limp for a moment after cumming like that but my pussy was aching for his dick to fill it but i didnt need to ask he grabbed my ass cheeks and started fucking me again, this time he was pumping to cum. His cock felt so good so fat and juicy as it filled my little pussy I could feel it was ready. And There's nothing better than a cock on the verge of cumming

Right its so incredibly fat and just plows deep so it mustve looked and felt fabulous.

So you must have been just loving the feel of that dick being pounded into you from behind after just coming from that pussy eating. Plus with all the anticipation that lead up to getting to finally know the feel of such a awesome dick as this one. Wanting to use that pussy to milk it dry for so long

oh yeah, exactly., he fucked me as my knees burned on the rug and my ass was up in the air completely given over to his cock. It was so hard and fat, he could do whatever he wanted to me. He fucked me until he came so hard. He was very vocal and I loved hearing him cum as i felt his dick pulse as it spurted hot gooey come deep into my hungry vagina. I just knelt there with my pussy strained to latch onto last drops out of his dick. I dont know how to describe how incredible it was watching us in the mirror, a handful of my hair wrapped in his cleched fist pulling me back as he dominated my pussy and made me tell him who's dick was the best.

oh my just talking about that night has my pussy tingling and wet now. I was supposed to go to over to Matt's later but i doubt i can wait that long. It is a shame too because now that i’ve thought about it it may do you some good to see me fucked in a way you never could and see me come so hard my legs give out. I think i might enjoy making you watch as a younger hotter guy with a dick so big yours looks like a child’s next to it, owned my pussy while you jerked your little weiner. Don’t tell me you dont wish you could suck it you had the chance, or more. I noticed how you were drooling over those pics i sent you of it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I did when i saw it for the very first time. Oops i forgot to mention that, didnt I? I couldnt help myself. Anyway how much more tempting is it knowing firsthand it exceeds any expectations. my pussy is getting wet just remembering when I first saw it. Even if I hadnt been wanting it and he raped me i couldn’t do anything but love the feel of that big dick filling me and making me come. I'd be begging for more before it was even over. I wish you could see how hard i get off when he fucks me. Then watch how i work that cock and if you get real lucky, I may allow you to lick Matt's jizz as it drips from my pussy and suck his cock clean until its hard enough to plow my waiting ass.

I'm not sure if your being serious or if youre just fucking with me chloe, but Id be cool with anything or anyone you want to do if I can be there. I just cant believe you can take his huge dick fucking your ass let alone enjoy it.

If you knew what it felt like youd have no trouble believing. Theres no way you can imagine how incredible all of those nine fat inches of Matt's cock feels as it stretches your butthole and the head pulsing at the end of each deep thrust. But the best is when he comes The feeling of being filled by his big cock pulsing spurts of hot jizz deep into me drives me to amazing multiple orgasms. I'm sure you'll want to see all this for yourself though. If you’re a good boy when im getting fucked and not ask me dumb questions when hes fucking me or while im worshipping his cock I may be able to persuade Him to give you a chance to feel what i feel and let you suck him off and if he likes that i will have him fuck you so you can be even more jealous knowing im getting this every night and after that it's all mine again, and you had better not bother me anymore after that

Rating: 27%, Read 4331 times, Posted Jan 07, 2020

True Story |


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