Beer Bottle suprise by Willmatron

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Fantasy | Anal, Boy, Coercion, Gay

This story is fiction, but it based on something I like to do.

For as long as I could remember I liked to stick things into my ass as a way of masturbating. I was a teenage boy who recently turned thirteen. I was thin with short brown hair and a toned body from running a lot.

My parents had left for the weekend and I was alone with my fifteen year old sister. The closest neighbor we had was a single thirty year old man who spent a lot of time with his friends. I noticed something when he took out the trash. Beer bottles. I saw that my sister was napping in her room. I snuck out front and grabbed one from the trashcan.

I didn’t want to risk disturbing her just in case she happened to wake up so I snuck into the garage. Seeing no one around I pulled off my pants and underwear. Not knowing anything about lubrication I simply sat the bottle down and lowered myself onto it. It hurt like it always did, but in an enjoyable way. My dick grew a little as I pushed the bottle into me. Within a couple of minutes I had the entire neck.

“So, that’s why you took my bottle,” said Darren, our neighbor. Before I could react he grabbed me and pushed onto my dad’s workout bench. With one hand he held me down, but I couldn’t believe what he was doing with the other. He reached around and stroked my dick. It became fully hard. Then used his knee to hold the bottle in. He carefully stroked my dick until I came. I usually have to pull the object out to cum.

I lay resting and he pulled me up and took off my shirt.

“Come with me,” he said. He was too strong to resist, but I tried. “If you don’t I’ll tell your parents you stole some of my beer.”

I followed him into his garage. He had an old couch. Darren placed the beer bottle on the floor. He then unzipped his pants. He stripped off his clothes to reveal a huge dick. It must have been a foot long.

“Eight inches of rock hard power,” he said. He readjusted the beer bottle. “Lower yourself down on it like before.”

Because I was afraid of him I did just that. It didn’t take long for me to get the neck into my asshole. Darren sat in front of me and grabbed my head. I tried to resist. He put my mouth to his now completely erect dick.

“Open up you’ll need to lube it up,” said Darren. I finally opened my mouth and the dick slid in. “Don’t use you teeth. Let your lips do all the work.”

I did and I started to get a feel for what I was doing. I was erect again. I couldn’t believe how it was making me feel. Darren pushed my up and down on the bottle. I came as the bottle was pushed as far as it could get. It was now starting to hurt.

He let me go and stood up. I figured out what he was going to do. Darren grabbed me and lifted me up and bent me over the couch. He pulled the bottle out. He ran his large dick up and down my as crack before sliding it between my cheeks. I grabbed the couch.

“Since you’re warmed up I won’t go easy on you,” he said. He thrust in violently. I gasped as it hurt. He slammed into me hard and repeatedly. It hurt, but now it was hurting in a good way. He grabbed my hips and thrust hard one last time and thrust hard. I felt him blast his load into my ass. “You’re very good.”

“Thank you,” I said. I just thanked a man for violating my ass.

“How long will your parents be gone?” Darren asked.

“At least until Monday,” I said. It was Friday.

“Good when your sister is asleep comeback here for a real show,”

I snuck back into the garage and put on my clothes and returned to the house, just as Lindsey was getting up. I limped a little and she looked at me strange. Like usual she ignored it.

It was about eight o’clock when I saw Lindsey talking on the phone. She talked to one of her friends a lot.

“Sure, I’ll be there,” she said. She looked at me. “I’m going out. Don’t tell mom and dad.” I promised I wouldn’t.

A few minutes later I was at Darren’s back door. He answered it wearing only shorts.

“Good take off your clothes,” he told me. I did it and my dick twitched a little. “Come with me to my bedroom.”

I walked in and saw what he had set up. A video camera sat near the bed. He had several sex toys laying on the bed. He pulled out a bottle of lube and handed it to me. Darren then pulled down his shorts. He got on his hands and knees on the bed with his hairless ass facing me.

“Too be fair I have to let you have me,” he said. “Put some lube on your finger and insert into my ass.” I squeezed out some lube and decided to put a drop on his asshole as well. “You learn quickly,” he said. He reached over and used a remote to turn on the video camera. That’s when I noticed there were several more in the room.

He arched his back up as I ran my finger back and forth into his asshole. My dick was getting hard. I inserted a second finger. I soon thought he was prepared. I stopped and lined my dick up with his asshole and plunged it in.

His ass was tight and hot, but he soon met my thrusts and we were soon enjoying each other. I quickly came.

"You were good," he said. I stepped back from the bed. I couldn't believe I just fucked a man and enjoyed it. "Now its my turn."

Don't be a afraid to tell me how this story is going and what direction it should take. I will later chapters longer. Don't post too negative of comments I tried to be as descriptive as possible with the themes.

Rating: 91%, Read 30602 times, Posted Jul 18, 2012

Fantasy | Anal, Boy, Coercion, Gay


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