Pokemon. Kaori's Adventure by ArtemisDawnXXX

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Fiction | Bestiality, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Fan fiction, First Time, Oral Sex

*Author's note- I do not own Pokemon. This is technically a form a bestiality, if you don't like that, then you shouldn't read, if you do, then this should probably tickle your fancy, I hope so.*

My name is Kaori, and this is my story.

It started out like any other day, I was lounging in my room, listening to Fall Out Boy, my Houndoom curled up by my side. Few days ago I got back from training, got my first badge and everything, and feeling a little homesick, and wanting to show my dad and sister my first badge, I came home. It’s nice to relax in a nice warm bed compared to a bedroll in a tent. Then again, Houndoom always keeps me warm.

I pet his head, and he huffs at me, opening his eyes slightly. I smile at him, my best friend. I stretch and, realizing I have to pee, get up to go to the bathroom. I hear Houndoom situate himself, a light snore emitting from him again.

Coming back from the bathroom, I hear my sister, Kimiko, talking and, wondering who she is talking to, I listen by her door.

"So what was it like?" It sounds like Satoshi, her boyfriend.

"Well, I did like you said, it was pretty amazing. Next time you should watch." I hear her voice getting silky and roll my eyes, whore. Wondering what she's talking about, I listen closer.

"So you let your Charizard have its way with you huh?" He asks and I almost gasp, 'have his way with her. What?'

"Sure did, its been awhile since I let him breed, so he hopped on pretty willingly, he was kinda huge, but we made it work, had him eat me first though, the feel of that hot slick tongue on my cunt was awesome. I get horny just thinking about it."

"Hey don't forget about me now."

"Aww, come over here big boy, let me give IT a kiss."

I ran from the door before I could hear the first moan. I enter my room and practically slam the door shut behind me. My sister, had sex, with her CHARIZARD? What the flying fuck. Is that even a thing? I breathe deeply. Satoshi has always been a weird one, but still. I glance over at Houndoom and shudder, I wouldn't even think of doing THAT with him.

But in the back of my mind, the thought was kinda there, like a tumor, constant, just biding its time.


Over the next few days, all was well, although I couldn't look Kimiko in the eye, although I couldn't help but notice her sneaking away with her Charizard a few times since then, sometimes she looks like she's put on a bit of weight too...could that be from all of Charizard's cum?

At some point, a thought took over, 'Do other people do this?' So late at night, I shut myself up in my room, had Houndoom leave for a bit for the pretext that I wanted to try and watch a scary movie by myself, I always cling to him when I do, and he hates it, and got on my laptop. What I found both frightened me and...aroused me. I felt sick that it did, but I couldn't help it, it was thousands of pages of videos of woman fucking Pokemon, ranging from small ones like Pikachu, to bigger ones like Machamp, and there was also a lot of fan art of people fucking legendary Pokemon, like Kyogre or Dialga.

I stared amazed, and even clicked on a few videos, a Chansey sucking on her trainers dick, a Ursaring pounding a woman from behind, a Delcatty getting licked, there was even an expansive liking for Gloom and Trubbish. But what intrigued me was the Houndoom, there was a video of a woman getting fucked by her Houndoom her propped up against a bed keeping her upper half off the floor, while her ass sticks up in the air, with her describing every action, the feeling of it knotting her off when it came. At this time I just slipped my hand down my shorts and started rubbing my clit.

It was amazing to watch, her Houndoom's big pink dick sliding in and out of her pussy, she was eagerly bucking into him, moaning loudly, her hand between her thighs and rubbing her clit. Then her Houndoom stops, and just like they know each other's bodies and needs so well, she flips over sliding up on the bed with her bottom half hanging off a bit, and spreading her pussy and legs apart.

Her Houndoom mounts her again, and quickly drives his dog-dick into her, all the while she moans and rubs her clit, pulling on her nipples, her Houndoom even helps and lick the nipple she isn't tugging on.

The best shot was the end, the camera closes in on Houndoom's knot coming and implanting into his trainer's pussy, and then he stills as he bottoms out in her, for a few minutes they stay like that, then Houndoom's knot recedes and he pulls away, and cum just pours from her thoroughly fucked pussy.

I watched the video multiple times while I came over and over, with each passing time, imagining it’s me and my Houndoom doing what they were doing. It was at this point I cracked. I made a plan, I wasn't going to fuck him, but maybe have him lick me. I came up with a way to trick him. I never came so hard in my life thinking about what I was going to do.


Next few days I plotted, I waited until I was home alone, dad went to work, and my sister goes off by "herself" again. Yeah, just experimenting with more Pokemon.

I sit in my room with Houndoom, he's asleep, and I sneakily decided not to wear panties and wore a skirt today, while he's asleep. I stand and grab the honey I bought just for this, I screw open the cap, and start to slather my pussy with it. Afterwards, I hide the bottle, and wake up Houndoom. "Hey buddy, could you help me find the remote, I can't find it." He blinks at me and nods, getting up and hoping down off the bed and start searching. I act like I'm searching, right up to the point where I get down on my hands and knees.

I hear him moving around and then stop, he must have noticed, I hear him sniffing, I feel a cold nose prod me, I hold my breath as he sniffs me. 'Come on, will he do it, please, do it...' I cross my fingers, hoping.

I get my wish.

I feel his tongue go from my clit to my ass in one swipe, and I moan loudly, he pauses, and I hope he continues, when I feel his tongue lap at my hole again. I fall forward, my arms giving out, my ass up in the air, it feels good. I start grinding against his tongue, moaning more and more as he licks away the honey.

I can't help myself, I reach up between my thighs and touch my clit and start rubbing circles. His tongue, so hot and rough against me, feels amazing, I can see why my sister did this with her Charizard, then again, she went farther, but still.

I'm moaning loudly now, not really caring if Houndoom figures out what I'm doing. I sit up slightly, so I can look between my legs and see him lick me, when I notice something. Houndoom is hard; I see his dick dangling down. 'Oh God, it touches the floor. He, he's horny, I made him horny. Then, he must realize...?'

Just then he stops licking, the honey, I notice, has been gone for awhile. He gets closer to me, bringing his front legs up and around my waist. I sit up and look back at him.

"Ho-houndoom, what are y-you doing?" I stammer, feeling the tip of his dick press near my pussy. He just huffs and gives me a 'What do you think I'm doing?' look.

"Houndoom, don't, stop now." He ignores me and presses in. His length slides into me, breaking past my virginity. It hurts, I've never had anything in my pussy before, I've masturbated a lot, but never that.

His dog-dick stretches me, he's fat and so long, he bottoms out against my cervix and stills. I'm too surprised to say anything or move. I feel his dick pulsing inside me. It...it feels...

He starts to move, his paws digging into my hips, his thrusting hard and methodical. He's obviously done this before. I clench around him and moan.

He pounds into me from behind, just like that video I watched, and I lose it, I moan in ecstasy, drool coming from my mouth. I hear him grunting as his dick slides in and out of my pussy, my cunt dripping wet, I look down between my legs again and see his dick pumping into me, I see my juices dripping down making a puddle onto the floor. I see his dick turning a purple color as it pounds into me, and I see a big ball coming down his shaft, he's about to cum.

I try to egg him on, wanting him to know how much I love the feeling.

"Hou-houndoom, I love the feeling of your dog-dick pounding into my dirty pussy. Fill me with your dog cum; fill my womb until I look pregnant with your puppies. Please Houndoom, knot me off and give me all that cum."

As I speak his pace goes faster, I hear him panting and yipping, I feel his mouth firmly close around my neck, keeping me still, his knot shoving itself into my pussy, stretching it out almost painfully, and with a final thrust, I feel his cum pour inside me.

It’s hot, almost too hot, I feel it fill my cunt and womb, if I press my hand to my stomach, it feels warm because of the heat of his cum. He stays there for a few minutes, twitching and jerking, his dick pulsing hard. I feel his knot retract and his dick flop out and I hear a thump as he plops onto the floor.

I slowly get up, his hot cum flowing down my leg, he came so much. I look down and I can actually see a little bulge in my belly, from where his cum swelled my womb. No wonder sis has been wear baggier shirts.

I turn towards Houndoom and he's giving me a look, his dick still out, though softening. Just then I get an idea I saw in another video. I shift close to him, and roll him onto his back. He complies, and I shift. Before I start I'm gonna ask what I've been wondering. "Did you know from the start, what I was doing?"

He just huffs and nods. I smile, silly me, I should know better.

I lean down and put his dick in my mouth. It’s hot, and a bit salty, smooth like velvet, and yet hard. As soon as I put it in my mouth, I feel him getting hard again. I laugh a little in my throat and the vibrations make him harder. I take him farther in, though I can't take him all in. I swirl my tongue around the tip and go like that from the base and up his shaft, making him whimper.

Getting him thoroughly saturated in my saliva I get another idea, I sit up for a moment, his whine asking me why I stopped, I smile at him as I take off my shirt and bra and wrap my double D breasts (I'm well endowed for my age) around his cock. I bring them up and down his shaft, and place the top most part into my mouth, both sucking him off and giving him a tit job.

I look at him and see his eyes roll into the back of his head. I swirl my tongue around the tip, taking my tits up and down his shaft, which is lubricated with my salvia, and left over cum and my juices. He tastes and feels so good, it actually makes me cum just doing this to him, I feel my juices and his cum running down my legs making a puddle on the floor.

His paw goes onto the back of my head, putting just a bit of pressure, telling me to take more of his dick into my mouth, I comply, and I feel him shake and whimper. I loose it then, I start rubbing my tits on his shaft hard and fast, wrapping them around his dick, keeping the blood engorged in his dog-dick. My mouth increases suction and I start to drag it up and down his shaft, as much as I can take, in my mouth, I hear him huffing and yipping, which is an amazing feat considering how loud I am moaning.

Just then he shoots up knocking me back, he goes into position quick, placing his dick between my breasts again, I wrap them around him and he thrusts into them, I wrap my mouth around the tip, and gag, he forces more in my mouth than I was taking, I have some tears come to my eyes, but I keep it going. It feels amazing, I reach down and rub my clit, egging him on with my eyes, telling him to fuck my tits and mouth harder, which he does. I cum over and over on my fingers as he fucks me, I feel his knot go between my tits, and just as he's about to cum I release him from my mouth.

His cum covers my face, and he pulls back slightly and shoots more onto my breasts and belly. I'm covered in his cum, I lick at what is around my lips, it’s hot, and a bit spicy.

"Your cum is delicious Houndoom." I hear him grunt as another shot lands on my tits. I giggle.

Just then I hear a crash and look up and almost scream. Kimiko is at the door, staring at us.


Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed, sorry it wasn't all that long. I promise there will be a prequel, told from Kimiko's POV, and a sequel to continue from where this left off. Make sure the rate & comment, thanks again guys

Rating: 88%, Read 23220 times, Posted Mar 08, 2015

Fiction | Bestiality, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Fan fiction, First Time, Oral Sex


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