My Favorite Ba by WildMan_66

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Fiction | Blowjob, Female, First Time, Teen Male, Young

Please be warned, this story contains subject matter that most will find offensive. It involves the so-called “rape” of young girls. You have been warned, so don’t be an asshole and read the story then post comments condemning it. The rest of you, enjoy J - Steven

“Fuck. I’m sooo bored. Why the fuck did I ever move here?” These were the thoughts going through my head as I lay in my bed in my mother’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I had moved there after my father and mine’s fighting had culminated in a fist fight in which I received a broken nose and he went to the hospital for a couple of days. I had immediately moved from my nice home in Colorado to this dump with no TV, no videogames, and no internet access. I had gone from being a popular football player in high school to the only teenage boy who speaks English and isn’t a gang member in a 3 mile radius. I was BORED.

Worst of all, I was home schooled. This meant no friends, no girls, and none of the pussy I used to get on a regular basis. The only girls I ever saw around here were the ones I baby sat for my moms friends. And I have to admit, I was strangely attracted to these very young girls around my neighborhood. In particular, there was one 9 year old girl Nadine, and her sister Cindy who was 7. Nadine was the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. At 16 I thought it was strange for me to be attracted to a girl so young, but I didn’t let it bother me too much. Her parents had a pool, so when I baby sat me, Nadine, and Cindy would spend most of our time in it. This meant I got to see both of them in their bathing suits. Nadine wore a blue and white striped two piece and Cindy would wear a solid yellow one piece. Nadine was usually the focus of the intent gaze I had at the pool. She was short, about 4’ 9”, and could not have weighed more than 80 pounds. She was nice and thin, and had just the tiniest little buds of breasts that you could only see when her swimsuit was wet. Also, when her swimsuit was wet, you could see the faintest outline of a pussy between her legs. Her straight brown hair went midway down her back, and she had a healthy tan. Her eyes were the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen, and she had a slight gap in the front of her bright white smile that made her even cuter. Cindy was even smaller, at about 4’ 4”, and weighing only 60 pounds. She looked very different from her sister. She was light skinned, almost pale. She had shining blonde hair that was cut short and only went midway down her neck. She had no breasts, but when she came out of the cold water, you could see hard nipples and a very small pussy through her suit. She did have her sisters blue eyes, but her teeth were perfect. These two girls were my version of “eye candy”. We would spend hours at the pool, and I would watch them and imagine all kinds of things to do.

At 16, I was already a large sized man. I was 5’11” and 280 pounds. I had a bit of pudge around the midsection, but nothing too big. I had been a defensive line man before I moved to this shit hole, and I also held the school squat and dead lift records. I was a large, strong person, and if my dad had realized this, we wouldn’t have fought. Needless to say, I was packing a bit of muscle on my frame. I had an average sized cock of 6” at that age, and it was of ordinary thickness. I had never had a complaint though. But sometimes all I could think about was my cock moving in and out of Nadine’s sweet mouth and then sliding into her virginal pussy. I would lay in bed and beat my meat until I came all over my chest thinking about her. I had to have her. All I needed was an opportunity………………………………................

One day when I came home from a little bit of weight lifting at the YMCA, I found my mom waiting for me.

“Nadine and Cindy’s uncle just died.” she said.

“That’s terrible” I replied. “How are they taking it?”

“They don’t know. They had never met that uncle anyway. But their parents are leaving for three days for the funeral. They asked me to watch her, but I’m going on the church retreat to the mountains this weekend. Can you watch them?”

My head was spinning. I had the prospect of babysitting these two innocent, beautiful girls for three whole days. Just be cool I thought. Act like you’re doing them a big favor. Don’t act too eager.

“Ugh, am I getting paid for this?” I asked while rolling my eyes with disgust.

“Of course. Does $300 for the three days sound okay? They already left plenty of money for food”.

Hot damn! I was getting paid too! I didn’t even need to think about this one. I said yes reluctantly, so my mom wouldn’t think anything was up, then went to my room to pack a few clothes and some porno magazines I had brought from Colorado. I also threw in the astroglide I had stashed for my jacking off, and then got in the car and went to their house.

When I got their, the parents had already left, and Nadine and Cindy were waiting for me on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants. They were wearing a matching outfit of a white tank top and short yellow shorts. Upon seeing me, they jumped up and exclaimed “Yay! Mr. Steven is here!” (Their parents had them call me Mr. Steven despite my being 16 to teach them manners). They each ran up and gave me a hug, and I could feel their bodies rubbing up against my cock. Take it easy. I thought to myself. You have plenty of time.

We settled on the couch watching cartoons. The girls said they were hungry so we ordered a pizza. After dinner, the girls said they wanted to watch a movie. We decided on “The Little Mermaid” then all snuggled up in blanket to watch it. Now Nadine was sitting next to me with my arm around her and her head on my chest. Cindy had decided she should lay on the couch with her head on my lap. And guess just where her head landed. That’s right, my cock. I could feel her hot breath going over my slowly hardening prick. I was really trying to focus on the movie and not the 7 year old inadvertently blowing on my cock so that it wouldn’t get much harder. However, I was fighting a losing battle. Occasionally she would move here head around, trying to snuggle in closer, and she was just grinding it against my cock. There was no way in hell I was going to keep this boner down. Then the inevitable happened. I heard Cindy’s sweet, innocent voice asking “Mr. Steven, what is that?”

I froze. Here it is, I thought to myself. Please let this go as planned.

“What’s what, sweetie?” I asked

“That” She said, pointing towards my crotch at the tent I was beginning to pitch in the blanket.

“oh, that. It’s nothing really. I don’t think you girls would be interested in that.” I said with a smirk on my face, knowing it would arouse their curiosity.

“Pleeeeeease Mr. Steven, will you show us? They whined in unison

“Are you really sure you wanna see it?” I asked mischievously

“Yes!” they exclaimed, and with that I removed the blanket, reached under my shorts, and pulled out my raging hard cock. A good amount of pre cum was already leaking out of the tip. Their eyes grew wide and they sat quietly staring at my manhood.

“Have you girls ever seen one of these before?” I asked with a grin on my face. Nadine was the one to break out of her stupor.

“Yes, but only once when our daddy was getting out of the shower. His was soft though,” she said quietly without taking her eyes off of my cock.

“Did you ask him what it is?”

“No, he didn’t know I was watching him. What is it? Girls don’t have one.” she said, this time actually looking at me in the face with those big beautiful eyes, which made my cock twitch.

“This is a cock,” I said as I slowly started jacking myself. They only get hard when the boy is with really pretty girls or looking at them. That’s why mine is hard now, because I’m with you two.” I looked at them while I said this, and they both blushed at the compliment. They both started watching me working my cock up and down, up and down, with a blank look on their face.

“Can you two keep a secret?” I asked. They both nodded their heads emphatically. “I’ll show you a whole bunch of things you can do with a cock, but you have to promise to do exactly as I say and you can’t tell anyone. Understand?” They were obviously taken aback by this statement. They were unsure of what they should do. They had never really wondered about the “birds and the bees” so to speak. They led very sheltered lives. The idea of a secret this big from their parents shocked them. But I knew their curiosity would get the better of them.

“Ok, we promise” they said together, looking at each other for confirmation. I could barely contain myself. This had gone so perfectly so far! I gathered myself and addressed the girls.

“Okay then. First of all, both of you have to take your clothes off. Don’t worry, I’ll take mine off too.” The girls looked at each other, perplexed. Then Nadine nodded her head, and slowly stood up. She removed her tank top, revealing her two tiny budding breasts, each much less than a handful, and perforated by a perfect little dark nipple on each one. She had no bra, she didn’t need one. Her stomach was so smooth and slim, and had the tiniest belly button. Next she went to take off her shorts. She was wearing plain white cotton panties, and you could almost see the outline of her pussy. She stopped there and looked at Cindy. Following her big sister’s example, Cindy stood and removed her top. She was completely flat, and her pale skin was a contrast to Nadine’s tan. She had two tiny pink nipples where her breasts would later be. When she took off her shorts, it was discovered that Cindy didn’t like to wear panties, and rarely did. Her young, tiny pussy was there in all of its splendor. It was completely hairless, and was little more than a slit between her legs. Upon seeing this, I instructed Nadine to remover her underwear. She did, revealing her youthful snatch. It had just the tiniest covering of peach fuzz, and was slightly more developed than her sisters. You could see the smallest clit under its hood at the top of her cunt. I quickly rose and dropped all of my clothes, completely revealing my cock and shaved balls. I was damn near cumming just seeing these perfect little bodies in front of me.

“Girls, your bodies are so pretty. You two are the prettiest girls I have ever seen.” I said, trying to get them to relax just a little bit. Once again, they simply blushed. I sat back down on the couch and beckoned for them to come and sit next to me. I started with Nadine. I slowly leaned in and gave her small kiss on her lips. She was surprised at first, but she relaxed and I began to kiss her more deeply. I put my tongue slowly into her mouth and she did the same, reluctantly at first, but soon you could tell she was enjoying herself. Her mouth was so small and wet and warm. I stopped, then turned to Cindy and did the same thing. But as I was kissing Cindy, I started running my hands all over her body. I started at her tiny nipples, gently pinching each one, then continuing down her stomach to her legs. I ran my hand up and down her whole leg, and started working my way towards her pussy. I tried to get closer to her cunt, but she squirmed away, and I stopped. Ok, save that for later I thought to myself.

I stopped kissing Cindy and turned to Nadine. She had a big smile on her face. She had clearly enjoyed making out for her first time. Cindy did not look as enthused. I grabbed Nadine, and lifted her, and put her on my lap so that she was straddling me. She leans in to kiss me, and I grab her and pull her closer. Our mouths become entwined, my hands caressing her back, then moving on to her tiny little tits. I fondle the little bit of flesh that is there, enjoying every sensation. She moans slightly as I grope her, and I’m surprised that a girl that young is enjoying this so much. While one hand stays on her breast, the other moves down to the terrific little cunt of hers. Unlike Cindy, she lets my fingers roam free. I begin to rub her clit, and her body shudders. I cannot believe that a 9yo girl can have orgasms, or really just pleasurable sensations from her cunt. I keep rubbing her clit, going faster and faster while our mouths are still locked. After a couple of minutes of this, her body shakes, and she pulls her mouth away to let out a loud cry of pleasure. I can feel her pussy get wetter, and I knew she had just cum for the first time in her life. She climbs off of me, and looks at me with a dreamy smile on her face.

“What just happened, Mr. Steven?” She asks quietly, with that smile on her face.

“Well Nadine, I you just had an orgasm. Most people call that cumming.” I said. Now at this point my cock was about to burst. I needed some release. Cindy had been sullenly watching, and now she had turned her attention back to the TV. Fine, if she didn’t want to be involved right now, I was perfectly content with Nadine, the object of my desire.

“Do you want to help me cum too, Nadine?” I asked quickly. She lost the dreamy smile and immediately perked up.

“Yes! How do I do that?” she asked eagerly. I instructed her to kneel down in front of me. I started jacking my cock up and down.

“Do you see how I do that?” I asked, indicating my stroking. “Can you do that for me?” Nadine nodded and I stopped jacking. She wrapped her little hand around my member. I almost came right then and there. She started moving her hand slowly up and down, up and down, following a steady rhythm. After about a minute of this, I was ready to cum, but I wanted to try something else. I looked at Nadine and said “Now try licking the tip of it. That clear stuff on it is pre cum. See how it tastes.” She did as instructed and stuck her tongue out and put it right on the tip of my cock. She then started slowly rotating it around the whole head, trying to get all of the pre cum off of my cock. Her tongue was so warm and wet, and it kept going over that special spot on the underside of the head that made me shudder.

“Mmmmmm, that feels so good Nadine. You’re doing a great job. Now try and put as much of my cock as you can into your mouth and suck on it like a lollipop. Be sure not to use your teeth though.”

She put her mouth over the head and slid her mouth further down. She caught me a little bit with her teeth, but just barely and I didn’t say anything. She managed to get three inches of my meat into her mouth. She was moving her tongue around, trying to taste all of my cock. It felt so incredible. Her mouth was so wet and hot. I couldn’t believe anything could feel so good. I could feel my balls just starting to boil while my cock was in this little girls mouth. She started making little slurping, suckling noises as she started to suck on my man meat. My cock was in a vacuum of heat and moisture. I started moving my hips up slightly, forcing another ½ inch past her lips. She gagged just a teeny bit, and her glands produced more and more saliva that was now running over my cock. I was so close to cumming. I tried to hold on as long as possible, but it was no use. My cock swelled up, and without any warning to Nadine, I started to shoot jet after jet of hot sticky jizz into her mouth. She had little choice but to try and swallow it. However it was too much for her and ropes of hot cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth onto her chest. I was in a stupor of pleasure. Nadine spat my cock out of her mouth, and it continued to twitch as spasms of pleasure racked my body. When I felt back to normal, I looked at Nadine. She was looking at me confusedly with a big mess of cum on her cheeks and her chest.

“Did you cum?” she asked sweetly. I nodded my head and stared at her. She looked so sexy. I leaned in and kissed her. I could taste my cum in her mouth, but it didn’t bother me. When we were done kissing, she looked at me and said, “That was fun. Do you have anything else for us to do?”

I replied “Lets get cleaned up first. But don’t worry. There is plenty left for us to do……………

To be continued…

Rating: 89%, Read 88275 times, Posted Dec 07, 2008

Fiction | Blowjob, Female, First Time, Teen Male, Young


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