Twin Sister Delights Chapter 2: Popping the Twins' Cherries by mypenname3000

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Twin Sister Delights

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Two: Popping the Twins' Cherries

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

My rump stung from Lee's slap. I shivered, unable to believe this had just happened. My body buzzed from the orgasm the naughty, American girl had given me while my twin sister, Kimiko, whimpered and shivered before me, my face pressed into her silky bush, her tangy, incestuous juices smeared across my lips and cheeks.

I had just eaten my twin sister's pussy and... enjoyed it. She'd ordered me to eat her pussy, and... I'd done it.

I'd always followed Kimiko's lead. My identical twin sister was older than me by ten minutes. It felt right all my life to listen to her. To do what she suggested. I just... I just never knew she wanted me to eat her pussy. That she had such incestuous, lesbian desires lurking in her.

Or that I could pleasure her with my mouth.

“Oh, onee-chan,” whimpered Kimiko, calling me “sister” in our native Japanese. We referred to each other that way. I used to call her onee-san, a polite way to address my sister, showing her respect. But now... now I was calling her onee-sama. Sister-Mistress. “Oh, you made me cum so hard. That was wonderful. Thank you.”

“Arigato!” Lee giggled. “I know that Japanese word, too. Mmm, yes, but Minako, you should be thanking your twin sister for letting you eat her pussy. For letting you pleasure her.”

My cheeks warmed then I gasped as Lee smacked my rump again. “Minako is thankful for being allowed to eat your pussy, onee-sama.”

I couldn't believe I just said that. What was wrong with me? But... seeing the effect my words had on Kimiko made me shudder. Her face glowed. My cheeks burned. My pussy itched. Saying those words made me feel so wicked. Such a naughty... slut. A naughty slut-sister who worshiped her twin's pussy.

Yummy pussy.

“That's it,” Lee said. “That's how I speak to my big brother.” Lee paused. “Well, no, I use pronouns to refer to myself.”

“Minako isn't comfortable using 'I,'” I said. I never had. Even though I was eighteen, I still talked in this childish manner. “Pronouns are different in Japanese than English.”

“Kimiko uses I,” Lee pointed out.

“She just talks that way because she wants a big brother to dominate her,” Kimiko said. “It's a way to sound cute and girlish. Especially for a little sister.” Kimiko stretched, her small breasts, identical to my own, jiggled. I found myself staring at her dusky-olive nipples wondering what it would be like to suck on them.

I blinked and then started to say, “Minako—”

A loud knock rapped our doors. My stomach clenched. Our mother was the only other person that lived in the house. “Girls,” she said in Japanese, “would you like some snacks and drinks for you and your guest?”

“Yes, okaasan,” Kimiko shouted. “Just give us a minute, we are trying on clothes with Lee-chan. Let us get dressed.”

“Okay. That sounds fun.”

My heart screamed in my chest as our mother retreated. I looked up at Kimiko, her delicate, olive cheeks darkened by a blush, her lips pursed. Then she glanced at our discarded clothing. Sometimes, twins didn't need to say a word to communicate.

Lee chortled as the pair of us darted for our clothing from our futon. I grabbed my panties, my silky, black hair dancing about my shoulder. I jabbed my slender thighs through the leg holes and slid them up my body. Dread built in my guts; this icy ball that swelled like a glacier in an ice age, swallowing more and more of the world as it crept through me. I breathed in, the air smelling of hot pussy.

“Ooh, you two look so panicked,” Lee said, sitting on our bed naked, her short, black hair framing a mischievous face. She rubbed at her stomach. It had slight swell to it that I hadn't noticed. It looked out of place since she had such a sleek, athletic body.

And then I remembered her calling herself a “pregnant slut.” Was that the start of a her pregnancy swell? Had her big brother, Clint, bred her? A wave of heat washed through me as I pulled up my leggings while my sister worked up the tight jeans she liked to wear.

“You need to get dressed, Lee-chan,” I gasped, snagging my dress.

“Right, right,” Lee said, rolling her eyes. “I'm used to going naked in our house. That's how Clint likes all his women.”

“All?” Kimiko asked.

“Yep. My mom, his mom, all our sisters, Pam's mom, even those lesbians who live with us go around naked,” Lee said, she grabbed her belly shirt, pulling it over her round breasts, her nipples prominent against the material.

“This girl is crazy,” I muttered to my sister in Japanese.

She nodded her head, a big smile on her face.

Lee pulled up a short skirt. She didn't have panties. She flashed her shaved snatch at me as she worked up her skirt while lying on our futon. As she humped her hips up into the air, the jeweled end of her butt plug flashed between her pale asscheeks.

Our mother knocked at the door. “Are you girls done playing dress-up?”

“Yes, okaasan,” Kimiko said as she smoothed her blouse.

I shivered and breathed through my nose and... It smelled like pussy in here. I licked my lips, feeling how sticky they were. I looked around as the door opened. I grabbed the edge of the blanket and rubbed at my mouth, trying to clean off my twin sister's cunt juices from my face.

“Hello,” our mother said in her accented English. She held a tray with three glasses full of milk tea with a plate of cookies spread out on it. “How wonderful to see that my daughters have made friends.”

“Hi,” Lee said, hopping to her feet, her skirt swirling around her legs. “I'm Lee! I live down the street with my family.”

“Oh, that's so nice. I am so glad that you're welcoming my daughters.”

“Thank you for the snacks, okaasan,” I said, moving before her and holding out my hands, my stomach tensing. Would mother recognize the odor permeating the room.

My mother handed over the tray, her round face furrowing, her delicate lips pursing. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled. “What is that... that smell, girls?”

I fought the little whimper, my throat so tight. I held the tray, the glasses rattling. Mother would be horrified to discover that we had lesbian sex. That we had committed incest.

“Oh, just some perfume that I was showing them,” Lee said, bounding up to me. She snagged a cookie off the tray. “Ooh, that looks good. Thank you, ma'am.”

“Oh, okay, it's... fragrant.” Mother gave Lee a smile. “And aren't you a polite one?”

“My brother told me to always be polite, ma'am.” Lee popped the cookie into her mouth, beaming with such innocence, her face still glistening with my own pussy juices.

My cheeks burned. I wanted to melt away from the shame and embarrassment. Everything had gone topsy-turvy so fast. I couldn't believe my twin sister had followed Lee's commands and dominated me into lesbian incest.

“What a smart brother you have.” Our mother smiled at Lee. “Well, girls, enjoy.” Then she backed out, giving a polite bow as she closed the door.

“Damn, your mom is a MILF!” Lee said. She shivered, pinching her nipples through her top. “Where's your father?”

“He's dead,” I said, looking down.

“Ooh, so she's lonely. Awesome!” Lee pulled on her nipples through her blouse, shuddering. “My brother is going to love me so much. Japanese twins and a MILF!”

My cheeks burned. This girl was so vulgar. So nasty. Why were we doing this? Why had my twin sister and I followed her orders? I just stood there, holding the tray, not sure what to do. Lee snagged one of the milk teas and gulped it down with gusto.

“Ooh, this is good,” she said and grabbed another cookie. She shoved it into her mouth and said, “I just love these cookies.”

“Would your brother... want to fuck us?” Kimiko asked, her voice tight.

“Onee-sama,” I said, gasping. “What are you asking?”

“Oh, yes, he's got such a thing for Japanese girls. Just like our dead dad. Got that yellow fever.” Lee winked at us before downing the rest of her drink. She let out a loud, satisfied “aaahhh,” and nodded her head. “So, wanna be fucked by him?”

“What?” I gasped.

Kimiko nodded her head.

The room spurn around me as my sister glanced at me, this look in her eyes speaking volumes. My heart fluttered. I shook my head at her, not violently, but a subtle shifting back and forth. This day was insane. Why did we have to move onto this street?

Why did my virgin pussy just get so hot?

“Okay,” Lee said, setting her glass on the tray. “Let's go!”

“Go?” I gasped. “Now?”

“Yep!” The American girl gave me that naughty grin. “Let's go, slut. You know you want my brother's dick slamming into your virgin pussy. I know how wet it made you watching my video.”

My hands gripped the tray. “Minako doesn't want to do this.”

“Minako will do this,” Kimiko said, giving me a hard look. “We're going with Lee, onee-chan.”

I opened my mouth to object only to say, “Yes, onee-sama.”

Submitting to her will sent a hot shiver through my body. I trembled, the glasses rattling on the tray more. I sat it down on my desk, which sat next to hers. I grabbed my milk tea and gulped it down, my throat working as I downed the creamy, cool drink. I shivered when I finished.

I was going to lose my virginity today...

My panties soaked my juices.

Lee grabbed the rest of the cookies, popping them into her mouth as she marched ahead of us through the house. Our mother was unpacking the living room, we had just moved in today after living the last three weeks in a hotel room. Our mother's employer had transferred her to California where they had a subsidiary because of her English skills.

“Going out, girls?” she asked in Japanese.

“Yes, okaasan,” Kimiko said, not sounding at all like we were doing anything naughty. “Lee wants to introduce us to her family.”

Mom gave us a smile as she ripped the packing tape on the cardboard box. “Have fun.”

“We will, okaasan,” my twin said, giving me a naughty look that sent such a wicked shiver racing through my body ending at my pussy. I felt like my sister had become a stranger to me. I was utterly flabbergasted by her.

Though it was early November, it was pleasant out, the climate in California nicer than our home in Japan this time of year. Lee wore something more fit for summer than late fall. She moved ahead of us, her skirt flaring as she skipped and hopped. She seemed to be bursting with energy, like she had too much in her that just had to escape her.

Her house was just a few up the quiet street from ours. A young man stood in the yard holding the rake she'd been using when we met her. He was tall, maybe nineteen, with dark hair. He wore a tight t-shirt that showed off a strong physique that had my heart beating faster and faster. His eyes shot to us, dark and intense.

“Slut,” he said, and I recognized the voice from Lee's video. My cheeks burned even brighter realizing this was the owner of that cock I'd watched fucking Lee so hard in her college's bathroom.

While their classmates watched.

“Master,” Lee said, her voice sounding sweet and submissive.

“You've been naughty,” he said, holding up the rake. “What did I tell you to do?”

“Rake the front yards, Master, while wearing a butt plug,” she said, her head bowed. “But I had—”

“Did I tell you you could fuck off and do whatever you want?” he demanded, his voice strong, touched by anger, his eyes intense.

I wanted to grovel at his feet and ask his forgiveness.

“I was seducing twin Japanese girls for you, Master,” Lee said, pointing at us. “Look, look. They're virgins.”

Clint's eyes flicked over us. “And? You had a chore to complete. You didn't.”

“I'm so sorry, Master,” Lee said, falling to her knees before him. Her skirt rode up, exposing her naked rump.

I trembled and grabbed Kimiko's hand as Clint kept staring at us. My sister squeezed back, trembling beside me. All that confidence and dominance Lee showed her seemed to have evaporated from her. Beneath Clint's gaze, my twin and I felt... equal.

“Strip, slut,” Clint growled, not even looking at his younger sister as he kept staring at me and my twin.

I don't know why it shocked me that Lee immediately hopped to her feet and ripped off her blouse right there in the front yard where anyone could see her. Her round breasts bounced free, her nipples so hard and pink. Then she wiggled out of her skirt, pointing her naked rump and pussy right at the street as she slid the skirt down her waist.

“They are all crazy, onee-sama,” I whispered. “Let's go. Minako will... Minako will lick your pussy. If you want.” The words made my cheeks burn and my pussy clench. I... meant them. I... I liked licking her pussy.

“Hush,” she admonished. “Lee-chan invited us over to her house. We're not going to be rude.”

“Sorry, onee-sama.”

Clint grinned at us as his little sister—his pregnant little sister—held her clothes before him, her cheeks red, pussy juices running down her thighs. She was so turned on being naked in front of the street. He pinched her nipple, twisting it, making her whimper.

“I'm Clint,” he said. “Lee decided to be a disobedient slut to meet you.”

“Sorry,” my sister said, bowing.

I bowed with her.

“I'm Kimiko and this is my twin sister, Minako.”

“Good day to you... Clint-san,” I said, my cheeks on fire as his eyes raked across my body.

“Well, you should witness her punishment since she decided seducing you two was more important than obeying my orders.” He pinched Lee's nipple.

She gasped in pain, quivering, a look of ecstasy flashing across her features. It hurt her and yet... She looked like she loved it. My own nipples throbbed. Strange flutters rippled out of my pussy.

“Come along,” Clint ordered. It came so natural from his lips, so full of confidence. He didn't have any doubts that we'd disobey him. He just assumed we would follow his command, that it was the only way for the world to make any sense that we would submit to his will. He was so strong, so hunky; if we had a big brother like him...

Clint strolled to the front door of the reddish-brown house, leading his sister by the nipple, stretching out her nipple. She hurried after him, her butt plug flashing between her naked butt-cheeks. I felt like a leash bound me to Clint, pulling my twin and me after him across the leaf-strewn lawn.

Dried leaves crunched beneath our shoes as we approached the front door. I swallowed, wondering what would happen inside? Would we really lose our virginities today? Kimiko wanted this, but did I? I always thought I'd lose my virginity to a cute, older boy who'd love me and take care of me, so strong and gentle and protective...

“Minako is scared,” I whispered.

“So am I, onee-chan.” My twin sister squeezed my hand. “But I'm also so excited. Is your slutty cunt wet, onee-chan.”

I swallowed. “Yes, onee-sama.”

“Good. Mine, too. I'm scared, but... I want this. I want you to share this with me. I've wanted this so badly.”

Clint led us into the house. The faint smell of lemon polish filled the air, the house clean, the hardwood floors polished. He led us towards stairs that led down into a basement, the walls plain cinder blocks, not painted. I shivered as he led us down into the cooler space, my skin pimpling with goose bumps. My small breasts, not constrained by a bra, jiggled, rubbing my hard nipples against my blouse. Tingles shot down to my snatch.

What would happen down here?

The stairs ended at a strange room, the floor covered in a thick carpet that felt soft beneath my bare feet. Strange implements abounded, chairs and stocks and other structures that held chains and manacles. Other restrains hung from the ceiling from heavy duty iron rings sunk into the joists of the floor above. Shelves covered in all manner of floggers and paddles and flails and whips covered one wall, opposite it were shelves with dildos and other toys that had such strange shapes, bumpy or bulging or round in spots.

“This is our family's play room,” Clint said. “I just finished it. Been working on it all year between college, work, and keeping my women satiated.” He twisted Lee's nipple, making her whimper. “Lee loves this room.”

“I do,” Lee groaned as he led her to an X-shaped structure with manacles hanging from all four ends.

“This is called a St. Andrew's Cross,” Clint said as he pushed Lee against it. She parted her legs and raised her arms spread-eagle, her wrists and ankles within binding grasp of the cross's restraints. “A naked sister looks so beautiful bound to it.”

I just trembled watching as he grabbed the black, leather cuffs and bound her wrist, pulling them tight. Lee trembled, looking so small and vulnerable beneath the powerful man. He was young, only a few years older than us, but he felt so mature. So strong.

A big brother.

He bent down, his hands roaming across her body. He paused to kiss the soft swell of her belly, a fatherly gesture. A wave of heat washed out of me. He'd bred his little sister. His cock had fucked her, filled her with his incestuous seed, and planted a baby in her belly.

I squeezed my twin's hands. “Onee-sama...”

“I know,” she whispered. “We are going to be bred by a big brother.”

I glanced at my sister as Clint finished binding Lee. I felt like I never knew Kimiko. I thought we were so close, but we'd never once talked about our masturbatory fantasies. Though we shared a room, a futon, all our lives, we'd never pleasured ourselves before the other. Did she think about having a big brother, too?

But she also thought about me licking her pussy? I never thought that? What other differences did we have?

Clint stood up and marched to the shelf. He grabbed a thick, pink dildo that appeared to be made of a shiny metal. He marched back to his sister and jammed it into her pregnant cunt. She moaned, the chains clinking. Clint twisted the base and it hummed to life.

A vibrator.

It churned away in Lee's cunt, only the black base sticking out of her cunt. Her juices flowed down her as my pussy clenched. What must that feel like to have that inside of me, humming away. Lee quivered and moaned, her face twisting in pleasure.

“No cumming, slut,” Clint growled. “A filthy, disobedient brat doesn't deserve any orgasms, does she?”

“No, Master,” she groaned, her body trembling. She bit her lip, her breasts jiggling as she trembled. “I was a disobedient brat. But I did it for your pleasure, Master.”

“I know,” he said, squeezing her breast.

“Minako thinks that's so cruel, onee-sama” I whispered. “Lee brought us here to please him, and he's punishing her.”

“She deserves it if she disobeyed her big brother, onee-chan,” my sister hissed back. “Be quiet. And stop speaking Japanese. You are being rude to our host. Apologize to him, onee-chan.”

My cheeks burned. I looked at Clint and then bowed. “Minako is very sorry for speaking in Japanese around you, Clint-san.”

“Minako, huh?” Clint asked, grinning at me. He advanced on us, a hungry beast staring at a pair of trembling gazelles.

“I am Kimiko,” my twin said bowing with me. “I'm ashamed that my sister was so rude to you.”

Clint's eyes flicked back and forth. “So, you're virgin twins?”

“We are,” Kimiko said. “We were not fortunate to have a big brother like Lee had you.”

Clint let out a growling sound. Then I noticed his jeans. He had a large bulge. My heart fluttered. That cock I saw fucking Lee on her video was in there. That big, thick, fleshy shaft that wanted to... wanted to fuck us.

“Strip,” he said, words blunt and strong. The authority brimmed in him, in the way he stood watching us, his eyes possessive, dominating.

“You heard him, onee-chan,” Kimiko said, pulling off her top and exposing her small breasts, her dusky-olive nipples hard, thrusting from her small areolas. “Now!”

“Yes, onee-sama,” I gasped, grabbing the hem of my dress. I squeezed my eyes shut as I pulled it up and over my waist, showing off my panties. The superstition that a girl who let a boy see her panties would never find a husband shot through me.

I was showing off far, far more than my panties.

My little breasts came into view. I could feel his eyes on them. I dropped my dress, my hands going to my tits, my hard nipples poking into my palms. I shuddered there, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. I heard my sister taking off her jeans, the rustle of denim beside her.

“Panties are clothing, too, onee-chan,” my sister said, her voice soft. “And stop hiding your tits from Clint-san's gaze. He wishes to see our naked bodies.”

I let out a whimper, obeying my twin sister. My hands slid down from my breasts, sweaty palms rubbing on my smooth belly to my panties. I still kept my eyes closed, but I could see Clint in my mind, grinning like a wolf. He would feast on us both. I just knew it.

A dizzy exhilaration washed out of my pussy as I hooked the waistband of my panties. I pushed them of my hips and rump, exposing my thick, black bush. The tangy scent of my pussy, smelling with the same delicious delight as my twin's, filled my nose as I bent down, firm tits jiggling. I stepped out of my panties, my breathing quickened.

I sucked in quick, short breasts, trembling there, forcing my hands to be at my side, just feeling Clint staring at me, hungering for me. I wanted to whimper. I sensed Clint advancing on us, his steps heavy, his gaze rippling up and down our bodies. I whimpered, the strangled sound rising out of my throat.

“What a delicious treat you brought me, slut,” Clint said.

“I knew you'd love them, Master,” Lee moaned, her voice tight. “It's worth being punished to make you happy, Master.”

She meant those words. I could feel the sincerity of them. She truly loved her brother and just wanted to make him happy. She knew when she abandoned the rake that it would end with her being punished. She accepted that to make her big brother happy.

She loved him so much.

My eyes opened.

I gasped. Clint stood right before us, his shirt off. He had a body tanned by the sun, his body muscular. Not from someone who went to a gym, but from someone who played sports and did work around the house. He had such a power about him. He was so tall, the gaijin towering over my twin sister and I.

I trembled as his hands worked at his belt. The buckle clinked and the leather rasped. He drew it through his loops, a whisking sound tightening my stomach. He dropped it then unsnapped his jeans. My eyes locked on his bulge.

I was about to see my first live cock.

My sister took my hands. I felt her nervousness. She was so strong and yet... she was like me. She wanted a big brother and yet was frightened by what would happen. I squeezed her hand, wanting to reassure her, wanting her to be comfortable.

I wanted to make her happy. Like Lee did for her brother.

Clint had thick, muscular thighs, coated in strong hair. I quivered, his cock tenting the front of his boxers. Only a thin layer of clothing separated me from witnessing a dick in real life. My breathing quickened. Waves of darkness washed across my vision. My heart fluttered as he stepped out of his jeans.

“Oh, Minako, is about to pop a gasket,” Lee moaned from the cross. “Ooh, she wants to see your cock so bad, Master.”

“They both do,” Clint said. “A pair of cute gazelles eager to be feasted upon, aren't you?”

I whimpered.

“We are,” twin sister said. “This is what I've wanted. You're real. Just like I heard about, Clint-san.”

Clint froze as he straightened. He studied her. “You... heard about me?”

I stared at my sister. “Minako doesn't understand how you could have heard about him. We just moved here. How could you have heard of him before, onee-sama?”

“Ooh, a plot twist,” Lee groaned, squirming on the cross. “Are you famous, Master?”

“There are... chatrooms,” Minako said. “On the dark web. Places that... little sisters can go and talk about fucking their big brothers.”

My jaw dropped as I stared at Kimiko. “Y-you expected this to happen? That we would... With Clint...?”

“I so wanted to have my own big brother,” Kimiko said. “Our own big brother, onee-chan. I told the girls in the chatroom and one befriended me. YunieSis. She was real popular in the group. She wasn't a little sister, but a big sister. But she let her younger brother, Clint-san, dominate her. She told us about his little sisters that he enjoyed. How he took them in hand. I... I believed that she was telling the truth. That she really was in an incestuous family.”

“But... but...” I shook my head. “You suggested to Mom that she take a look at this house. You were pushing her toward it. I just thought you like the neighborhood.”

“When I told YunieSis we were moving to the states, to here, she was so shocked. It was such a coincidence we were moving to her city. Then she suggested the house for sale on their street. And...” Kimiko shuddered, her face contorting in rapture. “I just had to make sure we lived here. I had to meet Clint-san. I hoped when we went out to the convenience store earlier that we'd come across him. And then we met Lee and...

“And that's why you ignored Minako and kept letting Lee push us into doing naughty things?”

“All the naughty things I wanted you to do me.” Kimiko turned and took my other hand. She moved closer, our breasts and nipples on the verge of kissing. Her dark eyes stared into mine. “All the things I wanted to do to you.”

Before I could say anything, her lips found mine. I shuddered at the hot, gentle feel of her mouth moving on mine. Our breasts touched, nipples caressing. I found myself melting into her kiss, moving my lips, moaning into her mouth as such a heat fluttered through me.

My Sister-Mistress kissed me.

Her tongue wiggled into my mouth, caressing mine. I shuddered and shivered, our bodies pressing tighter and tighter. Her skin felt so hot and silky on mine. It made me squirm and groan. My hips wiggled from side to side, our flesh caressing each other, thighs rubbing together.

“Damn,” Lee groaned. “Oh, damn, this is so awesome! I can't believe it! YunieSis! And she didn't say a word.”

“No, she didn't,” Clint said, amusement in his tone.

“Oh, my god, I want to cum so hard, Master! Look at them! Twins! Japanese twins kissing right there. You have to be about to cream your boxers.”

“Yeah,” Clint growled and then shoved his boxers down.

Out of the corner of my eye, I witnessed his cock pop out on his underwear. I just moaned into my sister's lips as his shaft bounced at the periphery of my vision. My sister broke the kiss, her eyes staring down hot at it. I followed her gaze and—

My pussy clenched.

“Oh, my, that's so huge!” I gasped in Japanese without thought. “Onee-sama, that can't fit in me.”

“English, onee-chan,” she hissed. “And it can. Pussies stretch.”

“Yes, they do!” gasped Lee. “Oh, yes, yes, yes, you can take his dick. If Alicia can, anyone can.”

“I'll get you ready,” Clint said, his hands cupping my cheek and my sister's. I shuddered at the feel of his calloused hands. “Now lie down atop each other. I'll eat you both. I'll make you cum. I'll make losing your virginities a memory you treasure for the rest of your life.”

I believed him.

“Yes, Clint-san,” my twin and I moaned together.

Kimiko pulled me down to the carpet as she lowered herself. She stretched out on her back, dragging me on top of her. My heart raced as I settled my weight on her body, our flesh pressed tight like when we kissed. I stared into her dark, almond-shaped eyes, her thighs parting. Our silky bushes pressed together. I squirmed and—

“Onee-sama!” I gasped as our clits brushed each other, sparks flaring inside of me.

“Onee-chan,” she purred, staring up at me with hot eyes, her fingers stroking up and down my spine. “Are you ready?”

“Minako is ready,” I said, shocked by my confidence. I... wanted this. Clint wasn't our real big brother... but he was as close as we would get.

“Enjoy, Master!” Lee moaned. “And Kimiko and Minako, you twin-sluts are in for a treat! Clint's the best guy at eating pussy!”

“Not the best?” he asked as he knelt between our thighs.

“Well, can anyone beat Stefani? She just devours cunt!”

Who was Ste—

Clint grabbed my rump, driving that question out of my mind as he squeezed me with those strong hands. A guy touched my butt. Groped my naked butt. And he stared at my pussy as it rubbed against my twin sister's. Heat surged out of my pussy, my juices leaking out of my snatch.

“What a beautiful sight,” Clint growled.

I felt his breath wash across my pussy. A hot stimulation that sent delight running through me and made me whimper. I groaned, wiggling my hips, working my clit harder against my twin sister's. More incestuous sparks shot through me. Our nipples touched. My sister exhaled, her breath kissing my lips.

So I kissed her back. For real.

I moaned into her mouth as Clint's lips nuzzled into my bush. His tongue lapped at my pussy. So bold and strong, thicker than Lee's. Then Kimiko gasped beneath me as he moved lower. His tongue fluttered against both our clits, striking them, making me twitch and moan.

My tongue dueled with my sister's as Clint's tongue bathed our pussies. He dragged it up from her virgin pussy to mine, parting my folds and brushing my hymen. He pressed on my virginity, stretching my cherry, making my snatch clench.

“What a delicious treat you brought me, slut,” Clint groaned between licks.

“I knew you'd love them, Master!” Lee moaned, her voice so throaty. Her chains rattled as she thrashed. “Oh, god, I want to cum, Master!”

Clint ignored her throaty please for satisfaction as he licked and fluttered at our pussies, making me squirm and grind on Kimiko's body. Her flesh felt so warm beneath mine. I felt her heart beating beneath her firm breasts. Her fingers played with my spine, sliding her digits up and down it. My eyes squeezed shut. The heat billowed out of me.

I groaned into our kiss. We devoured each other's lips as we squirmed together. Our clits kept meeting, our hard nubs sliding past each other, sending sparks shooting through my cunt. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. My sister... Clint... They both swelled my growing passion.

“Onee-sama!” I gasped. “Clint-san is making Minako feel so good. And so is your pussy, onee-sama.”

“Good,” moaned Kimiko while Clint squeezed my ass again, his tongue fluttering against both our clits. “I want you to cum on his mouth. I want us both to explode and bathe him in our juices.”

“Yes!” I whimpered, trembling atop her, grinding my clit harder into hers.

She writhed beneath me, her face scrunching up. Her nose brushed mine as she trembled. Her fingernails scratched at my back as she groaned. I whimpered, humping back into her as Clint's tongue dragged up and down our pussies, brushing my virgin folds.

I wanted him in me. I wanted him to take my cherry. My snatch clenched as the heat swelled through me. I drank in all the sensations washing through my body. My sister's flesh beneath mine, our clit's touching, Clint's tongue, her fingers caressing my back.

“Minako is going to cum,” I moaned. “Oh, onee-sama, Minako is going to cum so hard.”

“Me, too!” she groaned, shuddering beneath me. “Let's bathe his face in our juices.”

“God, yes,” Clint growled, clenching his fingers hard into my butt-cheeks. “Bathe my faces, twin-sluts.”

“Yes, yes, cream my Master's faces with your juices!” Lee screamed, her chains clattering. “Do it!”

Her enthusiasm, and Clint's tongue brushing my clit as he licked up from Kimiko's snatch, set me off. My eyes squeezed shut as the explosion burst in the depths of my cunt. A shock wave of rapture shuddered through me.

“Iku!” I screamed out in Japanese.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, onee-chan!” Kimiko gasped, bucking beneath me.

I saw it in her face. My twin and I came together. I kissed her so hard as the shock wave of ecstasy slammed into my brain over and over. I trembled on her, Clint groaning, lapping up the incestuous flood of cum as I kissed my sister so hard, squirming on her body.

Then his mouth lifted from our bodies. I shivered and shuddered, grinding my clit into my sister's, keeping my orgasm alive. My body drank it in, my mind melting beneath the delight of sharing this wonderful moment with her.

She gasped, breaking the kiss. Her eyes widened.

“What is it, onee-chan?” I asked.

“His cock is pressing at the entrance to my pussy.”

I stared into my twin's face, that mirrored expression. I watched her forehead furrow. She groaned and trembled beneath me. Then she gasped. Her eyes bulged. Her body bucked hard beneath me, rubbing her clit against mine. A look of awe crossed her face as I felt Clint's belly smack into my rump.

“He's in you?” I asked.

“Yes!” she squeaked. “He's in me, onee-chan!”

I shuddered as I shared my twin losing her virginity. Clint groaned, almost a growl, as he fucked in and out of her cunt. She shivered beneath me, squirming and humping against his thrust. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, his stomach rubbed against my twat every time he buried into my twin.

Then he pulled away. Kimiko gasped in disappointment, her face twisting in anguish. The next moment something thick and hard and hot pressed through my bush and found my hymen. I whimpered.

“It'll be okay, onee-chan,” Kimiko said, her hands sliding down to grab my ass, squeezing my rump hard. “You'll love it.”

“You will, Minako!” Lee moaned.

“Yes!” Clint growled and thrust.

Kimiko stared up at me as my face twisted. My hymen stretched and stretched, resisting Clint's cock. A whimper of pain twanged through my pussy. I groaned louder and louder. He couldn't fit in me. He was too big. There was—

My cherry popped.

My eyes bulged.

Clint's cock slammed into my virgin cunt. He probed so deep into me. I moaned as a wave of pleasure, more intense than any I had ever felt, washed through me. My snatch clenched down on his dick filling me up. He stretched my twat. I felt stuffed to my limits.

“Minako has a penis in her!” I shouted in such a tight, girlish voice. “In her pussy, onee-sama.”

“Yes, you do,” she purred. “Mmm, Clint-san, fuck my sister. Make her feel so good on that dick.”

“She's going to explode,” Clint growled. “You both are.”

Then he fucked me.

I gasped and shuddered, rocking atop my sister as Clint pumped his dick in and out of my cunt. My flesh clenched on him, increasing the friction. It felt incredible. So wonderful. My body squirmed and writhed, stirring my snatch around his thrusting shaft. I never wanted it to end. I wanted him to keep fucking me. To keep making me feel—

His cock ripped out of my cunt.

Kimiko moaned in delight as Clint's stomach smacked into my pussy. He fucked my twin sister hard. She shuddered beneath me, squirming and groaning. Her moans echoed through the dungeon basement, her nipples kissing mine, her clit grinding on my hard bud. Delight rippled through me as I watched her pleasure.

“He's fucking you so hard, onee-sama,” I moaned. “Isn't he?”

“Yes, onee-chan and—” Her eyes widened. “Oh, no!”

Clint slammed into my cunt. I whimpered in delight. “He's fucking Minako now! He's fucking Minako's naughty pussy, onee-sama!”

“He is! Ooh, yes, yes, you love it, slut! You're my sister-slut, aren't you?”

“Minako is, onee-sama. And Clint-san's slut, too.”

“My twin-whores!” grunted Clint, his balls smacking into my clit grinding on my sister's bud.

“Fuck them, Master! Fuck your twin-whores! Cum in their pussies! Breed them!”

My eyes widened. My cunt clenched down on Clint's dick.

He ripped it out of my snatch and rammed it into my twin sister's. Her face contorted in bliss. I couldn't resist kissing her. Hard. I shuddered, feeling his cock stretching out her pubic mound beneath me. I pressed harder against her. It was so naughty.

Then he was back in me. He fucked me so hard, pumping away. But only a few short strokes before he returned to my twin sister's. Her fingers dug into my butt-cheeks as Clint hammered her cunt. Our tongues danced around each other.

Then Clint was back in me, pounding me so hard. He thrust his dick over and over into me. My eyes squeezed shut, the pleasure rippling through me. Every time he fucked me, he built my orgasm. My unprotected, fertile pussy grew hotter and hotter.

I... I wanted him to breed me. I didn't have a big brother to do it, but I had Clint-san.

I had the same desires lurking inside of me that Kimiko did. She just was more proactive about them. More outgoing. She guided us to this moment, manipulating our mother so we could be fucked by this dominating man.

Our surrogate big brother.

My pussy clenched down hard on his dick when he slammed into my cunt for the dozenth or twentieth time. I lost track. I just whimpered and moaned into my twin sister's mouth, our tongues dueling each other as we shuddered in shared passion.

“Cum in their pussies, Master!” Lee howled. “Do it! Cum in their snatches! They're such naughty sluts! They need to be bred by you!”

Kimiko broke our kiss. “Yes, Clint-san, breed my twin sister. Breed me! Pump your cum into us!”

Clint groaned and switched back to my sister's cunt. “I'll plant a pair of babies in you both.”

“Yes!” Kimiko howled and then she came. She bucked beneath me.

Clint grunted, thrusting harder into her pussy. I stared into my sister's brown eyes, watching the passion bursting through her. She whimpered, something melting inside of her. I craved it. I ground my clit into hers, keeping my passion alive as I waited for Clint's cock to fuck me.

He ripped out of my sister, grunting. Something hot spurted against my bush before his cock slammed into me and...

His seed pumped into me. He groaned, his cum firing over and over into my snatch. He'd cum in my sister first then finished off in me. My pussy exploded with the delight of his hot jizz filling me up to the brim.

“Iku!” I howled.

“Yes, yes, he's breeding us, onee-chan!”

“Minako is being bred!”

My body bucked hard. Stars burst before me. Intense waves of darkness fuzzed across my vision. I howled and gasped, grinding my clit into my sister's. I stared into her eyes as the rapture melted my mind. Clint grunted and groaned as his cock fired a final time into me.

I kissed Kimiko hard. She held me tight, our bodies rubbing together. We both had Clint's cum in us. He might have bred us for real. A hot shudder ran through me. I gasped and moaned, my pleasure peaking in me.

Then it died into buzzing bliss.

Kimiko nuzzled her nose against me. “That was everything I dreamed of, onee-chan.”

“You were never in my fantasies, onee-sama, but I'm glad you were here for real.”

“Sister-slut,” she purred and gave me another kiss.

“They have a widowed MILF for a mother, too!” Lee said. “Ooh, I can't wait to see her down here, Master.”

My eyes bulged. “What? Our mother?”

“Yes!” my sister moaned, trembling beneath me.

Before I could recover from that shock, a new, throaty voice purred, “Well, well, well What's going on here?”

My entire world reeled. My sister wanted to have sex with our mother, too, and someone had just caught us being bred? What had happened to my life?

To be continued...

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