Ethan's Revenge Part II by HET3000

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Female, Group Sex, Male, Mind Control, Plumper, Threesome

That evening Ethan finished up what he was working on, and closed up shop. He grabbed the camcorder and jumped into his car. He drove down the street, recalling the events that had transpired with Bonnie earlier. Trying to figure out how is power worked. He parked in front of the local butcher's shop. As he walked in, he was greeted by Robert, "hey Ethan, what's going on."

Robert Carter, better known as fat Bob, is the owner of the butcher shop, that Ethan frequently visits. He stands 5'11", weighing 425 lbs., with jet black hair and green eyes.

Ethan walked up to the counter, grinning wide, "hey Bob, I'm doing pretty good." Fat Bob chuckled, "looks like it, what's with the shit-eating grin?" Ethan's grin faded a little, "well let's just say I had a good day at work." Robert looked down at the meat he was cutting, "uh huh, looks more like a great day." Ethan leaned over the counter and quietly said, "I have a special power to control women."

Robert looked up at him and started laughing hysterically, as his laughing began to fade, he said, "that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard." Ethan looked at him, befuddled, "I'm serious man, I just had sex with an old college mate that made fun of my weight." Fat Bob chuckled again, "sure whatever you say man." Ethan noticed the sarcasm of his statement, "I'm dead serious, I even have it on video." Robert looked at him sternly, "prove it."

Ethan went out to his car and retrieved the camera, walking back in loading the video to show him. As he started it, he handed the camera to Robert. Robert intently watched Bonnie sucking on Ethan's cock, then looked at Ethan, "ok so you had sex with this girl, but that doesn't mean you were controlling her." Ethan scoffed, "do you think a girl like that would ever have sex with a guy like me?" Fat Bob shrugged his shoulders, "I've heard about it happening before."

Ethan contemplated his next statement, "I tell you what, I have her address, I can prove it to you." Robert's face lit up, "oh really, let me close up shop then."

After Robert picked up what he was working on, he locked everything up, and got into Ethan's car. Ethan drove back to his shop and retrieved Bonnie's ticket, jotting down her address, and returning to the car. As he got in, he said, "well she only lives a few miles away." Robert nodded, still watching the video of Ethan fucking Bonnie, "wow you even got to poke her in the butt." Ethan smiled wide as he drove down the street.

Robert watched the video to the end, as Ethan drove down the street. "Oh my god, she let you cum in her ass?" Robert exclaimed, shutting the camera off. Ethan looked at him, "I told you I was in control of her." Robert chuckled and looked back forward, "we'll see about that."

They found her house and parked on the street out front. They both exited the car and Ethan led the way to her door. Ethan rang the doorbell and they patiently waited. Finally they heard a rustling at the door, and it unlocking. As Bonnie opened the door, Ethan smiled at her. "What the fuck are you doing here?" She asked angrily, "and what the hell, bringing another fat ass with you?" She was wearing a t-shirt and tight jean shorts.

Fat Bob started to say something, but Ethan cut him off, "he didn't believe you and I went to college together." Bonnie put her hand on her hip, "so you decided to just show up at my door to prove it." Ethan nodded, as fat Bob blurted, "and to prove he had sex with you." Bonnie looked at them stunned, "we never had sex, what the hell is that fat ass mother fucker talking about?" Ethan shrugged his shoulders, "I have no idea, I never said we did."

Fat Bob chuckled, "you did too, you even have it on video." Before Bob had got it all out, Ethan opened the screen door and grabbed Bonnie's hand, sending her into the trance again, so she didn't hear it all or remember it.

Ethan turned to fat Bob, "I forgot to tell you, she can't remember what happened either." Bob looked at him, "no way man." Ethan nodded as he turned back to Bonnie and snapped his fingers at her. She looked at them and said, "we did not have sex, I wouldn't have sex with a fat tub of lard like him." Ethan again wanted to choke her at the statement, but restrained himself again, "can we come in, I need to talk to you about your car," he lied.

Bonnie looked at him sternly , "what's wrong with my car?" Ethan chuckled, "nothing bad, just wanted to discuss some things." Bonnie scoffed, "ok, but we gotta make it quick, I'm getting ready to go out tonight." Ethan nodded as he entered the house, followed by fat Bob.

Bonnie led them into the front room and before she could walk over to the couch, Ethan grabbed her arm, sending her into the trance again. She stood in the middle of the front room, as Ethan and Bob walked around her. Ethan looked at fat Bob and said, "now I haven't quite figured out how this power works yet." Bob nodded in acknowledgement, "what are we going to do to her?" Ethan looked at him, dumbfounded, "you're going to fuck this skinny bitch while I record it."

Bob stepped back a little, "I don't know man." Ethan looked at him, a little angrily, "come on man, you heard what she just said, she'd never have sex with a fat ass." Bob nodded, "I know, but it's rape and I can't afford to go to jail for it." Ethan chuckled, "how is it rape if she can't remember it, plus I will have the video camera, and I will keep it safe." Bob slowly nodded, "ok, but that video better not ever get out." Ethan smiled, "I promise, ok wait here and don't touch her," he said as he went back out to his car and retrieved the camera.

Ethan came back in and entered the front room. Bob was sitting on the couch, looking at Bonnie standing there. "Ok here we go," Ethan said as he walked up in front of Bonnie. He looked at her and said, "Bonnie sit down on the couch, next to Robert." She didn't move or respond, standing there looking straight ahead. "Hmm, what the hell," Ethan said. Bob got up and stood next to him. "Bonnie sit down on the couch," Ethan commanded again. She still didn't budge.

Ethan stood there thinking about it for a bit, and said, "let me see your tits." Bonnie smiled at Ethan and said, "sure master," as grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, throwing it aside. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her red lace bra, wiggling her arms and let it fall to the floor. Fat Bob groaned at the sight of her firm tits, "oh my god man them are some nice tits." Bonnie cupped her tits in her hands and smiled at Ethan, "like what you see master?"

Ethan nodded at her, still trying to figure out why it worked when he asked to see her tits, but not when he told her to sit down. "Very nice tits slut, now sit down on the couch," Ethan said. Bonnie just stood, still cupping her tits, but not sitting down. "She's not responding to that, hmm, try sucking on her tits Bob," Ethan said.

Bob licked his lips as he moved closer to her and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Bonnie moaned as she pushed her chest out, giving him better access to her tits, yes suck on my nipples,mmm." Ethan stood there trying to figure this all out, watching his friend suck on her tits, moving from one nipple to the other, and back. Bonnie was moving her body around, urging him on. Ethan said, "ok stop now." Bob reluctantly pulled away from her tits and backed up.

"Ok Bonnie sit down on the couch," Ethan said once again. Bonnie smiled and stepped back and sat down on the couch, "yes master." Ethan was stunned, "what the hell." He stood there for a moment, "ok let me see your pussy." Again Bonnie smiled, as she undid her jean shorts and lifted her ass off of the couch and slid her shorts down, and kicked them aside, showing she wasn't wearing any panties. She sat back on the couch and brought her legs up and spread them wide apart, so she was doing the splits in front of them, her feet on each arm of the couch. "Wow," Bob said in amazement at her flexibility.

Bonnie smiled as she slowly ran her hand down her stomach and used her forefinger and middle finger to spread her slightly swollen pussy lips apart. Ethan moved closer, turning the camera on and focusing it on her, as he lightly dipped the tip of his finger into her entrance, feeling her wetness, "mmm, someone's excited."

Bonnie moaned softly, "only for you master." Bob looked on, as Ethan started moving his finger in and out of her pussy. Ethan zoomed the camera in on her pussy, and his chubby finger moving in and out. "Mmm, that feels good master," Bonnie moaned, moving her hands up to her tits and lightly fondling them.

Bob had unzipped his jeans, pulled his 7 1/2" dick out, and was slowly stroking it, as he watched. Ethan looked over at him and laughed to himself. Fat Bob's dick also was fatter than Ethan's, almost 3" diameter.

"Does my slut want a fat man's cock in her pussy?" Ethan asked, focusing the camera on Bonnie's face. "Mmm, yes, I want to get fucked hard please," Bonnie moaned. Ethan chuckled as he pulled his finger out of her and stepped back, "ok slut here comes the cock." He motioned Bob over and said, "you heard her, she wants to get fucked hard."

Bob licked his lips as he knelt down on the floor in front of her, holding his dick steady. He moved closer, feeling the head of his dick brush against Bonnie's slit. Bonnie moaned as she looked at fat Bob, "yes fuck me hard." Bob steadily pushed until the head of his dick slipped into her entrance, and he let out a long groan. Bonnie held her breath as Bob continued to push his cock into her, and let it out when his fat gut rested against her stomach.

Ethan moved to the side of Bob, focusing the camera on the scene in front of him. "Oh my god, your pussy feels so good," Bob groaned as he slowly began to withdraw from her pussy. Bonnie tried to wrap her legs around him, but his body was much to wide. When the head of his dick was just inside of her, he slammed back into her hard, his gut nearly crushing her. "Oh yes fuck meeeee," Bonnie cried out, as he started moving in and out of her, hard and fast.

Ethan kept the camera rolling on them, as he pulled his own hard dick out of his jeans and slowly stroked it. Bob was was fucking Bonnie as hard as he could, his fat swaying and jiggling with his movements, and her legs going out each time he crashed into her. "Hey Bob, I wanna watch her on top of you, riding your dick," Ethan said excitedly.

Bob slammed into her one more time, and looked at Ethan. Sweat was rolling down his forehead and cheeks, "ok, sure," Bob said, slowly withdrawing his dick from her pussy. Ethan focused the camera on her, now vacant, pussy, that was slightly agape and glistening. Her stomach was also glistening with sweat, Ethan didn't know if it was from her or Bob.

Bob laid down on the floor, the crotch of his jeans showing wetness, and his glistening member stuck out from his zipper. Ethan looked at Bonnie, "ok slut, get on his dick and ride him until he fills you up with his cum." Bonnie looked up at him and smiled, "yes master."

Ethan followed her with the camera, as she got up and stood over Bob's wide gut. She lowered herself down, trying to straddle him as best as she could, but couldn't do it without spreading her legs really wide. Bob held his dick steady as he watched Bonnie's pussy envelope the head of his dick and disappear behind his gut. She lowered herself down fully, her legs doing the splits again, sticking straight out of each side of Bob's hips.

Ethan set the camera on the floor, between Bob's fat legs, focusing it on her stretched pussy. Her pussy lips looked strained tight around Bob's cock, as she used her feet and legs to start pushing herself up. Ethan watched as her pussy tried to cling to Bob's exiting member, until she was almost all the way off of his dick, see a little bit of Bob's glans, then dropping herself back onto his dick.

Ethan left the camera there, as moved next Bonnie's right side, straddling her leg. "Suck my dick slut, you gotta make me cum as well," he yelled at her. Bonnie continued bouncing on Bob's cock, her tits bouncing with her movements, as she turned her head and grabbed Ethan's dick at the edge of his jeans and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking hard. Ethan groaned as she flicked her tongue against his sensitive head, sucking harder as she moved her hand up and down his shaft.

Bob was laying flat on floor, his groans getting louder and louder, as grabbed her bouncing tits and squeezed them hard. Bonnie moaned on Ethan's cock, sending vibrations throughout his body. Ethan put his hand on the back of her head and forcefully pulled her onto his dick, causing her to gag. He held her head there for a while, as she struggled to pull away. Finally he released her head, allowing her to back off and her catch her breath.

Bonnie was riding Bob's dick with reckless abandoned as she frigged her clit with her hand. She looked up at Ethan, saliva running down her chin, "can I cum master?" Ethan grabbed the sides her head and stooped down until his face was almost touching hers, "does my slut wanna cum? Does she wanna cum on the fat man's cock?" Bonnie almost cried, "yes master, I wanna cum all over this hard dick." Ethan said, almost yelling, "cum then slut, cum all over that fat man's cock."

Bonnie slammed down onto Bob's dick again as she cried out, "ohhhh." Her legs pushed her up, Bob's dick slipping out of her pussy, as she started cumming. Both of the men watched in amazement as pussy juice forcefully shot out of her pussy, flying into the air and splashing on the floor above Bob's head, on his face, and on his shirt. Her hips kept bucking hard, as she vigorously rubbed her clit, her pussy shooting more juice out and landing on Bob's face and chest again.

Ethan could not believe what he was witnessing, he had never seen a girl cum like this. Bonnie's hips were still bucking up, as a few more weaker squirts of pussy juice came out, landing on Bob's fat gut. As her orgasm began to wane, Bonnie's ass fell onto Bob's thick thighs, her breathing labored.

Bob and Ethan looked at each other with a stunned look on their faces. Bob's face and chest were soaked with her pussy juice, as he tried to wipe his face off. "That was incredible," Ethan said. "Did our slut like cumming?" Ethan asked Bonnie.

Bonnie looked at Ethan, wide a wide grin, she nodded, "yes, thank you master." Ethan smiled, "ok now it's our turn, time to make your two fat lovers cum." Bonnie nodded as she grabbed Bob's dick and guided it back into her pussy. She started bouncing up and down again, her pussy making squishing noises now, as she grabbed Ethan's dick and started sucking on it hard.

Bob was getting close to cumming, before she had cum, so he felt his balls pulling closer to his body again, as he grabbed her tits and yelled, "yeah bitch, make me cum, make me fill your pussy up with my hot load." Bonnie moaned on Ethan's cock, as she moved her head and hand, quickly up and down his shaft, sucking hard. Ethan had his hand on the back of her head, his hips moving with her movements, as he groaned, "oh yes slut, make us fill you up with our frothy loads, show us how much you like fucking fat guys.

When Bonnie slammed down onto Bob's dick, he grunted loudly and groaned, "oh fuuucckkk!" His dick throbbed hard as it grew bigger inside of her and shot deep into her pussy. "Fucking bitch," Bob groaned as he body shook and his dick throbbed and shot more cum into her.

As Bob started to cum, Ethan moved his hips faster, as he felt his cum boiling up. "Yeah slut, are you ready for my hot load in your throat," Ethan yelled, mouth-fucking her hard. Bonnie took his dick into her throat as she moaned in response. "Ohhh here it comes slut," Ethan cried out as his dick throbbed and shot his cum into her throat. Even though it was his second load of the day, it was still pretty forceful. It caused her to choke and pull back as his dick throbbed again and more cum spilled into her mouth, some of it running out around his dick and down her chin.

Bob's orgasm faded after he shot four times into her pussy, his cum seeping out around his wilting member and down his shaft. He was breathing heavy, as he watched Ethan finish cumming in her mouth. Ethan's cum was dripping off of her chin and landing on the floor below them. "Don't swallow it yet slut," Ethan said as he quickly grabbed the camera and focused it on her face. "Open your mouth, show me the fat man's load," Ethan said as he zoomed in.

Bonnie opened her mouth, a small pool of Ethan's cum on her tongue. "Ok slut, you can swallow it now," Ethan excitedly said. He recorded it as she closed her mouth and swallowed. "Open up now," Ethan commanded. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, showing there wasn't anymore cum. "Did my slut like the fat man's cum?" Ethan asked. Bonnie vigorously nodded, "yes master."

Ethan moved behind her, and down to one knee behind her, focusing the camera on Bonnie's and Bob's union. "Ok get off of his dick now," Ethan said as he zoomed the camera in. Bonnie slowly lifted herself up, Bob's limp dick falling limply onto his jeans. As Bonnie moved forward a little, her pussy lightly spasmed and pushed out a dollop of Bob's cum. It ran down her gaping pussy lips and dripped onto Bob's jeans.

Ethan kept recording as she climbed off of Bob and knelt next to him. "Look at the mess you made slut, you better clean up your lover," Ethan laughingly said. Bonnie smiled as she grabbed Bob's limp member and started licking up the cum that had just leaked out of her and onto his jeans. Then she took Bob's dick into her mouth and sucked and licked it clean. "That's a good slut, get his dick all clean," Ethan said, recording it all.

After Bob's dick was all cleaned off, including in his jeans, Bonnie looked at Ethan and said, "all done master." Ethan smiled, "ok slut, time to get dressed. Bonnie stood up and grabbed her shorts, quickly pulling them on and buttoning them up. She put her bra on and then pulled her t-shirt on.

"Sit down on the couch now slut," Ethan commanded. Bonnie followed the order, looking at him and the camera. "So did you like making your two fat lovers cum?" Ethan asked. Bonnie nodded, "yes master, thank you." Ethan shut the camera off and turned to Bob, handing him the camera, "go out to the car, so she doesn't see the mess on your shirt." Bob nodded and exited the house.

Ethan snapped his fingers at Bonnie, bringing her back to reality, "so what about my car?" She asked. Ethan smiled, "nevermind, come pick it up tomorrow afternoon." Bonnie looked at him awkwardly, "ok see you tomorrow." Ethan chuckled as he looked at her crotch, noticing a wet spot forming. "Yep," he said as he quickly turned and left.

As Ethan drove Bob home, they both remained silent, until Ethan said, "I think I figured out how my power works." Bob looked at him and laughingly asked, "what do you mean? It seemed to work fine." Ethan laughed, "yeah it did, but at first she didn't respond to me. But when I asked to see her tits, she obeyed. Then to get her to respond, you had to suck on her tits." Bob nodded, listening intently. "So she responds to sexual commands first, then to get her to respond to other commands she has to be turned on." Bob raised his head in acknowledgement, "that makes sense."

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.

Rating: 92%, Read 73191 times, Posted Oct 18, 2012

Fantasm | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Female, Group Sex, Male, Mind Control, Plumper, Threesome


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