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Hi. It’s me, Kat. Some of you have loved these stories, so feeling particularly horny today; it seems like a good time to let my mind wander again….

I’m 5’3” with dark red hair and hazel eyes, athletically built, spent my youth as a runner and a gymnast. I’ve always had a tendency to ask “why not” and just do things rather than ask “why”. While it can cause trouble, it can also lead places that make me wet just thinking about the experience.

I’ve noticed y’all seem to like stories about teenagers, and families. Never fucked any of my family, but I did have a best friend in high school that had a big family…

Georgia and I spent a lot of time together, living on the same block from the time we started school until we graduated and went our separate ways. As we grew, we shared everything with each other. Georgia was the first person I kissed (other than Mom and Dad) and the first one I ever French kissed. Georgia was skinny as a kid, and blossomed into a beautiful young woman. While my body stayed taut and my breasts filled out nicely in a 34 B, Georgia got “all curvy” and sprouted to 5’10” with shoulder length raven hair, 36 C cups, and smoky brown eyes. We grew out of our kissing sessions as we grew older, but the attraction was still there, each of us shuddering as a random caress in friendship reminded us of what we had shared as kids.

In 10th grade, we were focused on a simple goal. We wanted to see a boy naked, touch his penis, make him cum, but not get pregnant, maybe not even have sex ….yet. Walking home on an early fall day, I was sharing how cute Wes in History was, and she was telling me about how sexy Bobby looked this year. Walking close together and giggling, we turned up her driveway and tossed our book bags on the floor in the family room. We heard her brothers come in, banging around the kitchen and swearing at each other, then laughing. Her older brother Kyle was a senior and had a steady girlfriend, but loved to make me feel like I was his girl, teasing me about never taking him up on a date. Kris was 13 months younger than us, and always smiled and said hello, then disappeared to the game room. Both boys were good looking and slender, with smiles that lit up the room and eyes that could hold your gaze easily.

Georgia and I huddled closer on the couch so they wouldn’t overhear our conversation about boys, which was basically centered on how big we thought each of our targets cocks were. I was holding my hands apart to show how long I thought Wes was while Georgia was using her thumb and forefinger to describe what she hoped Bobby looked like. I happened to glance up and catch Kris looking at us oddly, blushing as he moved away. I quickly grabbed Georgia’s hand and led her back to her bedroom, then told her I thought Kris knew what we were talking about.

“I didn’t want Kyle to come in and start teasing us if Kris told him” I whimpered “I just couldn’t stand the embarrassment”. Georgia hugged me close and we both trembled at what might happen. Kyle could tell his friends about the two cock obsessed 10th graders! What then? Georgia decided the only thing to do was to confront Kris and swear him to secrecy. After we were sure Kyle was outside, we slipped downstairs to the game room to talk with her little brother. Kris was absorbed in one of his shooter games, so we went to the corner of the couch to watch him play. Apparently our presence distracted him and he lost a life. Rather annoyed he turned to face us, and found to very serious female faces staring at him.

“What did I do, sis?” he asked in a small voice. “I’m already sorry and I don’t even know what happened.” Georgia slid over and took his hand. “Kris” she asked quietly “what did you see when you walked in on Kat and I in the family room this afternoon?” Kris blushed furiously and swallowed hard as he looked up. “Nuthin’” he lied, trying to avoid this conversation. I stood up and moved around behind him, resting my hand on his shoulder. “C’mon, little brother, spill it” I teased. “We know you saw something”

Kris shifted his weight and hunched over a little avoiding eye contact and practically whispered: “It looked like you two were talking about sex. Like you comparing the sizes of guys you’ve been with” Georgia and I looked at each other in a panic. “Did you tell Kyle? Did you tell anybody??” The questions were a surprise to Kris. He shook is head and swallowed hard again, shifting in his seat nervously. “I wouldn’t tell anyone, I was just surprised, that’s all. I didn’t know you two were having sex”

I laughed out loud at the phrasing and he caught it, joining me in the laughter, which quickly had all three of us in tears and hurting from the silliness. Catching my breath, I decided to level with j him. “Not having sex, Kris, your sister and I are just curious, that’s all. We’ve never seen a boy naked, or touched a boy… there” Georgia nodded and Kris looked at both of us quietly. “It’s no big deal, sis, Kat – it’s just a dick” he said. “No big deal for you, little brother” shot back Georgia “but a huge deal to two girls who want to make sure they know how to take care of their boyfriends in the future” “A very big deal to us, Kris” I chimed in “I want to be able to do whatever he wants, but be in control, do you understand?” He looked at us again and agreed, then got up and went to use the bathroom. As he stood up, I noticed a bulge he was trying hard to hide.

“Georgia… I have an idea” I looked at her and realized she was thinking the same thing, as she watched her little brother practically limp to the bathroom. When Kris returned, we got him to swear to never tell anyone about that afternoon. He quickly agreed, so I asked him the next question. “Kris…. Can you tell us how to touch a boy? I swear, no one will ever know, but we really need answers!” I stroked his arm and smiled, “You would be doing us such a huge favor, little brother” Georgia said as she sat down across from him. Kris thought for a minute, and I decided to take it a step further. “I think it would be easier if you showed us, don’t you, Georgia?” She smiled and nodded. “Will you show us, please, Kris?”

He stood up, his hands shaking and breathing labored, fumbling with his belt and zipper. Georgia reached out and took his hands away and I unbuckled and unzipped him, marveling at how hard his crotch was underneath. Georgia peeled down his jeans, leaving him standing in front of us in his boxers, with a very obvious tent that was pulsing.

“Show us, Kris… how do you touch it when it’s so hard like that?” He reached in and pulled out the first cock we had seen. About z six inches long and chubby, it rested in his hand as he fingered the tip. “This is very sensitive, if I play with this too much, I’ll cum really fast and won’t get to enjoy it as much” His fingers slid around the head and he groaned. “The head is so sensitive” and then stroked slowly up and down the shaft. I looked up at him as he explained that stroking the shaft felt good, but let him last longer and enjoy the feeling more. I watched him hold out his balls for our examination, explaining how tender they were, and how tickling them made him squirm. Before I could act, Georgia’s fingers reached over to tickle the fuzzy sack first, and looking at me with pure lust in her eyes as she did.

I put my fingertip on the end of Kris’ cock and felt wet warmth, his precum leaking onto my finger. He looked down at both of us and moved his hands out of the way, telling us what felt good and what felt even better. I pulled down his boxers and sat behind him. Letting my hand stroke his shaft like his own did and inhaling his scents. Georgia sat directly in front of him, I felt our fingers cross paths as we explored. Feeling very adventurous, I used my free hand to trace up and down Kris’ ass, allowing my finger to slip up and down his crack and rub between his legs. He sighed and shivered, announcing that the new sensations I was giving him were awesome. I heard a gasp and what sounded like a kiss, looking around his hips to see Georgia, tentatively licking her brother’s cock head, then taking it in her mouth as she looked at me. Letting it pop out, she let me w switch places with her so I could try. As I took him in, I heard a little yelp as Georgia let her finger go a bit deeper than mine had. He tasted so warm and a little salty, but I wanted to watch him cum, not have him cum in my mouth. “Kris, we want to see you cum” I said as I let my tongue run around his head one more time. Can you cum for us?”

Georgia moved around to the front to watch the show with me, and our hands found each others. I looked over and kissed her, surprised by the depth and passion of the kiss I received in return, then turned to watch Kris complete the job. His hand flew up and down his cock and the slapping of his balls kept time with the pace he set. He told us he was going to cum and to move, but it was a bit too late. The first load hit g Georgia on the cheek, the next splattered on my neck, the next few just made a bigger mess of both of us as Kris unloaded again and again, groaning and quivering as he did. I reached over and licked a little off of Georgia’s cheek, not unpleasant, but not tasty either. Georgia took her little brother’s still semi hard dick in her hand and kissed the tip, then stood up and kissed Kris like she had just kissed me. I stood and kissed him as she broke her kiss, the three of us joined by this “first time” and knowing it wouldn’t be our last.

Rating: 93%, Read 58035 times, Posted Oct 28, 2010

True Story |


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