Loving Courtney 3 by George+in+Cincy

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Fiction | Anal, Consensual Sex, Male, Romance, Teen Female

It has been six months since Courtney and I had made love for the first time and nearly a year since we had first met. To our mutual pleasure, we had both declared our love for each other that same night and have been inseperable ever since. Courtney completed me in ways that none of my four ex-wives could have ever dreamed. With us, it has never been just about sex. Sure, we both love to please each other every chance we get, but with her there is just so much more.

While we haven't been too bold, we have gone out to dinner and movies and other recreational activities, but we generally stay close to home. Neither of us wants to take the chance of her getting caught or me being arrested. (Remember...Courtney is underaged and a runaway)

I purchased several textbooks in hopes of learning just where Courtney's education level was and found her almost where she should be at her age. Now seventeen, Courtney would most likely be a high school junior this coming fall and her knowledge was not far below that level. We began working each evening on English, History, Math and Science as I knew that those were the main topics she would need to pass the GED. Even though my day job is managing a moderately up-scale restaurant, all my college and grad school training is in education. Therefore, I was able to teach Courtney properly and she learned at a surprising rate. In fact, she was ready for the GED at our six-month anniversary.

Over these months, however, Courtney and I had talked about a number of things both concerning her education and us as a couple. We decided that it would be too risky for Courtney to take the GED before she turned eighteen in case someone got suspicious and did a bit of snooping. She asked me one night as we sat across from each other at the table after a wonderful dinner that she had prepared, "what do we do about us...I mean the future?" "What do you mean, Court?" I replied. (I already had the answer...she just didn't know it yet and I wanted her to inquire. That would make this so much more fun for both us us.) She said, "we can't pretend to be dad and daughter forever, can we? I really don't want to do that." "Of course not, Court. Once you are eighteen we can drop the pretense and just start being ourselves both in public AND in private".

"I will be so glad when that day comes. It won't be too long you know". She smiled in that disarming way of hers and I knew that this was the moment. I reached into the lower pocket of the cargo pants that I like to wear and discreetly removed the tiny, felt covered box that contained the gold and diamond ring I had bought for Courtney about a month ago. I had been waiting and anticipating the moment when everything would be perfect. I felt myself shaking a bit nonetheless as I rose from my chair, came around to her side of the table and dropped onto one knee. That crazy girl thought I was going to go down on her I guess because she stood and started to slip off her shorts and panties. I almost let her do it just for the shock value of what I was about to do, then, thinking better of it, I said, "Courtney, stop". I knew that would get her instant attention as I almost never called her Courtney..... most always, I just called her Court.

She sat once again and looked at me with both a bit of hurt and confusion on her face until I took the small box from behind my back, opened it and held it up so that she could see the beautiful diamond ring inside. For a brief moment she seemed puzzled and then both her eyes and mouth shot open wide. "Oh my God....does this mean..?". I replied quickly, "Courtney, you have just turned seventeen and in November I will be fifty. That is a big difference and I will be the first to admit it. Still, I am in really good health and we should have many good years together, but the simple fact is that you will still be a young woman when I am gone. That doesn't change the fact that I love you and care for you with all my heart and I would very much love to spend the rest of my life with you. Those things considered, Courtney, will you marry me?".

For a moment she said nothing. She just kept looking first at the ring then back at me. I saw tears well up in those lovely green eyes as she finally spoke. Just above a whisper she said, "Yes. I will take all the time I can get with you". Now, a bit more cheery she exclaimed, "and if I have anything to do with it, you're gonna live to be a hundred!".

With that she threw herself off the chair and shoved me flat onto my back on the dining room floor. For what seemed like the longest, yet sweetest time, we lay on the floor together holding and kissing each other like never before. Then we both surprised one another by simultaneously bursting into tears of joy.

After a few minutes of tears, we both started to compose ourselves and I gently rolled Courtney off of me and we both sat facing each other on the floor. I still had the box containing the ring in my hand and now took the ring from inside, took Courtney's left hand in mine and lovingly slipped it on. With that, the tears once again started to flow down her sweet, young face, but the smile beneath the tears could have melted concrete. I had never been so deeply or sincerely in love, and I was determined to prove it to her in every way.

She must have felt the same because she suddenly did something I never expected. She stood up, walked toward her chair, turned and looked at me and said, "when you came around the table, I thought you had something for me. What you gave me was unexpected and incredible and I love you for it. I'll gladdly wear your ring and marry you, but you still need to do more". I must have looked as puzzled to her as she did to me when I opened the ring box for her. There was that saucy smile again as she said,"now please give me what I THOUGHT you were coming around the table for". And with that she jerked her tight terrycloth shorts and white cotton panties down to her ankles and sat back on her chair.

I may be a lot older than Courtney, but I certainly didn't need an engraved invitation. I moved on my knees over in front of her and lifted her cute, bare feet out of her clothing. Starting at her knees I gently kissed up one creamy thigh and then the other, always stopping just short of her beautiful pussy. I knew from experience that she loved to be teased, but only to a degree. I didn't make her wait too long. In fact, I was dying to taste her lovely lips, her stiff little clit and her suculent nectar. I started licking gently at the very bottom of her outer lips, then moved upwards slowly through the thick, auburn bush that all but covered her. After a few rounds on each side, I lovingly opened her with my fingertips so that I could easily access her tender, inner lips. She moaned softly as my mouth came into contact with them for the first time and I loved the fact that I was pleasing her. I knew that her sweet clit was so sensitive that she would cum after just a few strokes of my tongue, so I tried my best to avoid it. Courtney would have none of that, however, as she grabbed my head around my ears and shoved her love button into my mouth. I blew softly on her clit then slowly licked it from the sides. I tried to prolong her pleasure, but she was too far gone. I guess the excitement of our engagement had gotten the better of her because after only a few strokes of my tongue she exploded into the biggest squirting orgasm I could recall. She just kept cumming even though I was barely even in contact with her pussy. My face, shirt and pants were all soaked by the time she finally subsided.

I grabbed the hem of my tee shirt and started to wipe my face when Courtney exclaimed, "Don't you dare. Kiss me first!" I have never known a girl that truly appreciated the taste of her own pussy, but Courtney did. Perhaps it stemmed from the fact that I had always told her that I loved the way she smelled and tasted. But she had never shied away after our first night. I obliged and kissed her lovingly and said, "What my fiance wants, she gets!"

That started the waterworks again as Courtney heard me refer to her as my fiance for the first time. She replied, "MY fiance gets what he wants, too. "I just want to be with you and make you happy, Court", I responded. "Well," she said waving her newly decorated left hand teasingly in front of my face, "You're stuck with me now!".

I got up off the floor and Courtney took my hand as we headed upstairs to our bedroom. Me still fully clothed and her with only her tank top still on, her shorts and panties were still lying on the dining room floor. As we walked into our room, she said, "Sweetie, I know that you love the fact that I'm not shaved, but I have to tell you something". "Ok, Court", I responded. "Sometimes when you are in me, some of my pussy hair gets pulled inside and that is not really comfortable to me". "What would you like to do about that, Court?". She said, "Would you please trim the hair ....just around my pussy, so that we don't have to worry about it hurting anymore? I know you love my bush, but if I'm trimmed, I will feel better when we make love."

"I do love the fact that you are natural down there, Court, but if it will make you feel better and highten your pleasure, I will do this for you." She smiled that sweet smile and said, " I just want the hair around my pussy shaved. Can we do that?". "Or course we can", I said.

I told Courtney to relax on the bed and went to the bathroom where I retreived a pair of scissors and my rotary razor, I know many girls shave with a blade razor, but my electric shaved really close and I thought it would be the best for her. I also brought a towel to place beneath her as we did this. When I returned to our bedroom, Courtney had removed her tank top and lay naked on our bed.

I asked her to raise her hips so that I could place the towel beneath her. She complied and I proceeded to gently clip the long, auburn curls from around her pussy. After clipping her close, I took my shaver and gently and lovingly removed the rest of the lush hair from around her beautiful lips. I brought her a mirror from our dresser so that she could see the results. She smiled at me and said, " this should feel even better".

"Want to try it out?" I asked. "Of course", she replied. "Why else would I ask you to do it?".

With that I lowered my lips to her for the second time that day and lovingly kissed her freshly shaved pussy. She responded at once by arching her sweet hips upward at me. The sensations she was getting must have been amplified by her lack of hair as she actually seemed more intense in her reactions than she ever had before. It took just a few moments of my oral ministrations before Courtney gave me another of her mind blowing squirting orgasms. My already wet clothes got a fresh coating of her delicious juices as her hips moved upward off our bed and she let go. God, I loved it when she came like this for me. I hope our married life will be like this.

After she came down, got her breathing under control once again, that sweet, saucy smile returned to her face and, without a single word she started to undress me. She removed my pussy-dampened shirt and pants, pulled off my socks and finally my briefs.It was all I could do to just stay still as she took my semi-hard cock into her hands, and then into her loving mouth. She must have decided not to tease too long because she released me after she had me hard as a rock and moved to the other side of the bed. I wondered what she was doing when she flipped over onto her stomach then rose up onto her arms and knees.

"Court?" "We've been together for months, but we've never done it like this. I want to try", she said. "OK, Sweetheart" I replied and moved onto my knees behind her. I positioned the head of my cock at the pretty pussy in front of me. As much as I liked Courtney natural, I had to admit to myself that her bald hole really looked great. The display in front of me was by far the sweetest thing I had ever seen. Courtney was looking back at me with a smile and her sweet, freshly shaven pussy and her little puckered asshole were right at my disposal. I slipped into her pussy with ease and she sighed and whispered my name. I gently stroked her for some time when she surprised me once again by saying, "Sweetie....lets try anal". I was shocked. This young girl had been a virgin until our first time six months ago. She must have planned this when she got onto her knees for me for the first time just a few moments ago. "Court," I said, "are you sure you want to do that?". "I love you, Baby. I want you to have all of me just like I get all of you. "But Court", I started to say, but she cut me off. "I want to....if I don't like it, I'll tell you and I know you'll stop". "Of course I will, Sweetheart".

I gently slid my cock out of Courtney's wet pussy and aligned it with her tight looking ass. God, I didn't want to hurt her, so I decided to do this VERY slowly. At the first sign of pain, I was going to stop. It was very tight at her asshole and I told Courtney that if she really wanted to do this she had to totally relax. She took a deep breath and I felt her body ease under me. I pushed forward slowly and felt the head of my cock slip into her.

I took it very slowly and gently. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was to hurt Courtney while we were loving each other. I pushed gently and felt my cock slowly enter her tight asshole. She cringed a bit, then sighed once again as I filled her. She looked back over her shoulder at me as I gently hit bottom and smiled. "It feels different, but good", she said. "I'm happy that you like it, Court". "I don't like it", she said, "I love it. Now I truly belong to you". That was all I needed and I felt my balls swell with love for this young girl. She was so damned tight and hot that I just couldn't take another minute without letting loose for her. I gripped her sweet hips called out her name and let loose into her ass. I have never come so much, even before I got 'fixed'. I shot rope after rope of hot cum deep into Courtney's tight asshole and she responeded by cumming once again herself. Her juices sprayed over my thighs and onto our bed as she let go.

After our wonderful orgasms, I softly pulled my cock from her tight ass and she sighed. I laid down on our now wet bed and took Courtney gently into my arms and kissed her lovingly. She responded and we lay there together for the longest time, bathed in our love for one another. "Court, I'm glad we're together". "Me too," she replied. Even though it was only early evening, we fell asleep in each others arms

Rating: 67%, Read 15077 times, Posted Mar 27, 2007

Fiction | Anal, Consensual Sex, Male, Romance, Teen Female


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