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True Story | Consensual Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Pregnant, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity, Young

Nicole and Jean were sitting in the living room sharing a bottle of wine. Jean’s husband, Richard, and I were kicking back listening to them reminisce about their childhood. Jean was eight years Nicole’s senior, but they shared a bedroom growing up. Jean, being 15 and sexually ready, wanted to experiment with her sister to get more familiar with the female body. Nicole was only 7 at the time, so she didn’t have any pubic hair or even beginning breast buds, but Jean didn’t mind.

Their mom, Dorothy, was a nurse and worked at night. Their dad, Frank, was going for pussy from Carol, the neighbor, almost every evening after preparing dinner for the girls. Jean and Nicole had the entire house to themselves most nights, so they took advantage of the time alone. The sisters would rub each other during bathes and showers, insert thin markers into each other’s anus, suck each other’s nipples and clitoris, and even included their Pomeranian, Toby, by having him lick peanut butter off their labia.

Richard and I were wide-eyed as we took in all the stories they discussed. Jean had Nicole break her hymen with a tapered candle shortly before she turned (not-so-Sweet) 16. Nicole was too young to be vaginally penetrated, but Jean wanted to experience what it would feel like being fucked. Nicole didn’t seem as interested in sex as Jean, but she said she played along because she enjoyed the attention and pleasure Jean gave her. As exciting as it was to hear, it got even more amazing after what happened about a year later from when they had begun playing around with each other.

They decided to include their friend and neighbor, Brandy, who is the daughter of Carol, Frank’s mistress. Brandy was going to be 13 in a few weeks, so she split the age difference of Nicole (8) and Jean (16). The three girls hung out quite often and Jean would drive them to the mall, school, and the movies. They were the female version of the 3 Musketeers. The siblings asked to have Brandy over for a slumber party. Frank quickly agreed since it meant he could be with Carol without having to worry about Brandy hearing them fuck. Dorothy didn’t mind because she would be working and not be bothered by them.

During the slumber party, Frank left to spend the night with Carol while the girls stayed up to watch TV, listen to music, talk about boys, and ultimately invite Brandy in the games the sisters had been playing. Brandy, wanting to be “older”, decided to get closer with Jean. Nicole didn’t mind. She told me she was happy just watching them make out while having Toby lick her. Well, that slumber party was all fun and games until 2 AM when Frank returned home to grab a six-pack from the fridge.

From his view in the hallway, he had seen his older daughter and his mistress’s daughter in a 69 position while his younger daughter was sitting half-naked on the dresser stool watching. He obviously was turned on watching a 12 year-old getting fingered and eaten by his daughter, but he was more concerned that his 9 year-old was observing this. Frank was afraid that if he told Carol what their daughters were doing, she would cut him off and not allow her to be around his girls any longer, so he decided to keep it a secret. Instead, he walked into the room to let the girls know he was aware of their situation and promised to keep it between them, but wanted to watch.

Jean was shocked to be found out, but relaxed when he said he just wanted to observe. Brandy started crying and said she was forced to it. Her budding breast heaving as she sobbed, she hid behind Jean who didn’t attempt to cover her nakedness from her father. Jean just leaned back on her knees with her lovely firm teenage breasts jutting out and her small bush of pubic hair matted with Brandy’s saliva for her daddy to notice. Nicole was oblivious to what kind of predicament she was in, so kept rubbing herself and petting Toby on her lap while a T-shirt covered her non-existent tits. Frank just stood in the doorway with a massive erection hidden in his jeans and told Brandy he wasn’t upset at her and wouldn’t tell her mother. He gave them a grin to reassure the girls it was okay, then turned out the bedroom light and returned to Carol. I’m guessing Carol was pounded that night like never before.

Jean and Brandy continued to have lesbian encounters over the next two months. Brandy had turned thirteen and felt she was ready for a boyfriend, and so was Jean. Frank, being a spectator during some of their weekend sessions, decided he would introduce them to the male sex organ and help them both. He told them he would take care of them soon.

After school, before Carol came home and right after Jean’s mom left for work, Frank took Brandy and Jean to his room. He had never brought anyone in there, afraid that Dorothy may sense another female in the bedroom. Nicole stayed downstairs and worked on homework, being the studious girl she was. Being with two teenagers alone in his bedroom was risky, but it also heightened his libido. Within minutes, he was naked along with the 13 and 16 year-old girls. According to Jean, he had them lay side by side on the bed as he stood above them with his feet between their legs. He said he wanted to make them become women and was glad to help them discover their sexuality. I suppose seeing two naked girls laying in wait for a penis would put any man at full attention. He had the girls run their fingers on the underside of his dick. He then leaned over and massaged their breasts. Not to waste precious time, he asked them who wanted to go first. It was decided that Jean be allowed to go first since she was oldest and it was her dad. Frank gave his daughter a kiss on her lips as he inserted himself at the entrance to her womanhood. She held his shaft in her hand as he began to slowly penetrate himself into her vagina. She had already removed her hymen, but she said he was so large that it stretched her more than ever before and he had gotten deeper than any candle Nicole had put in her. Brandy laid beside Jean watching the looks on the father and daughter. He continued his assault on his offspring for about 3 minutes before he told her it was time to share and pulled out. Jean told Richard and I that she felt empty without her daddy inside. Frank moved over to Brandy and said it was her turn to become a woman. However, likely due to his excitement and the fact that she was a tight young teen who hadn’t been inserting anything other than a finger into her cunt, he didn’t last more than a few thrusts before he spilled his baby-making sperm into Brandy. Jean told us that her dad came inside Brandy thinking it was safer than unloading inside his own daughter. He thought she was less likely to get pregnant since she was younger. Brandy’s sexual curiosity and Frank’s irrational thinking got them both into a bind because Frank impregnated that thirteen year-old daughter of his mistress. Brandy was elated, but had to keep the pregnancy from her mom since she was also fucking Frank. Meanwhile, this 34 year-old man was concerned about how to explain himself to his wife and Carol.

Just nine weeks after getting knocked up, Brandy’s parents had to go to Germany for a business trip; then they were going to spend another week in Europe for a vacation, so they asked if Brandy could stay with the girls during those two weeks. Frank and his wife were happy to help them. Frank took full advantage of his access to Brandy who carried his baby in her barely-mature womb. He was getting hand jobs, blow jobs, and vaginal intercourse from Brandy during the first three days she stayed with them. Fate intervened while she was living with them, though. Brandy miscarried after just 2 ½ months of pregnancy, so it prevented a number of explanations. He took her to the health care clinic and she was put on bed rest for the rest of the week. Dorothy was told Brandy had a bad menstrual cycle and needed to relax for the week. That satisfied her curiosity and took everyone involved off the hook. Frank had dodged a bullet with Brandy’s miscarriage and he was scared to get Jean pregnant, so he backed off having any sex with her.

Jean, meanwhile, was getting jealous. She told her dad he was being unfair since she was left out of taking her father’s seed like her friend had. Feeling a bit guilty, Frank then promised her a baby with him after she finished high school. This quieted her protests, so she got herself on birth control pills so she could get laid until graduation. Frank was delighted to know she was taking precautions and soon got back to dumping his fatherly sperm into the baby oven of his own teenage daughter after she was safely on the pill. He never used a condom the entire time. Jean wasn’t sure why he refused to “wrap it up” with her and Brandy, though he later used them with Nicole. Perhaps Nicole can ask him next time they get together.

Brandy started hanging around Nicole more after the miscarriage. Brandy showed Nicole all she had learned about sex with Frank and told Nicole she would instruct her if she ever wanted to try; she just needed to get a boy. Following a few days of contemplating, Nicole came home with Alan, a classmate that lived on the same block. Nicole told Alan she wanted to show him her new Nintendo game. He was 9 like Nicole and had no idea what was going to happen to him until Brandy locked the bedroom door and told him to get on the bed and take off his pants. Alan was trapped with Nicole and Brandy looking at him. Brandy stood at the foot of the bed wearing her training bra that was nicely filled out with young, white, expanding breast meat and bikini bottom panties. Nicole was wearing just a sundress and polka dot brief panties. Alan did as he was told and laid back. He removed his jeans and pulled down his whitey tighties. Brandy, being curious to see a young dick, started stroking him and told him he was going to be the luckiest 4th grader ever. His boner was beginning to grow, but it wasn’t much. Brandy instructed Nicole to take her underwear off and straddle him. She then guided his little prick toward her friend’s virgin opening. Sadly for Alan, though he was stiff for a boy his age, his nerves and total lack of experience caused him to never get hard enough to enter Nicole. After trying for over five minutes to get him into her, Nicole got frustrated. She stood up and turned around facing his feet, moving her bald cunt over his nose and lowering herself into a catcher’s position. She had him then lick her and Brandy since he couldn’t perform. Brandy told him where and how to lick on Nicole. He went back and forth between the bald cunt of Nicole and the fuzzy pussy of Brandy as they took turns sitting on his face so they could control the movement and replicate what would happen if they were riding a dick. Alan was happy to do that because it was fun and he didn’t have to move, and that was his first taste of a pussy. They never had him return for another session, though. If you are out there, Alan, Nicole says, “Thank you.”

Frank had returned to fucking Jean now that she was safely on the pill. This father had been getting pussy from his married neighbor, his neighbor’s 13 year-old daughter, and his own 17 year-old daughter. Over the summer before Jean’s senior year, she and Frank were naked and had been sucking and fucking in their swimming pool when Nicole and Dorothy returned from clothes shopping one Saturday. When Dorothy witnessed her husband and daughter naked in the pool, she just stared then called to him, “Don’t get her pregnant, Frank.” Jean, feeling her oats and sensing there was already a wedge driven between them, told her mom, “I’m on the pill, Mom. Besides, I’m sharing him with Carol!” That was the sentence that put the divorce into motion. By the end of that week, Jean went to live with Frank in a rented mobile home while Nicole stayed with her mom. Dorothy figured she wasn’t going to be able to control Jean, but she could still keep her 10 year-old close to the leash. The news of the week also brought an end to Carol’s marriage as her husband was notified by Dorothy.

Brandy stayed with her wealthy dad, though she would spend the summers with Carol who moved in with Frank and Jean. Frank attempted to reunite with Brandy, but she had become more infatuated with Carol. By this time, Brandy was 15 and began having a lesbian incestuous relationship with her mom. When I heard this, it suddenly all made sense why Carol spent so much attention on “helping Brandy move into her new apartment” when Nicole had visited Frank two years ago when she was pregnant with our second child. Apparently, Carol is bisexual and continues to have a relationship with her daughter, a dozen years after she began, though I don’t know if Frank is aware of it.

Following high school graduation, Jean got off the pill in order to fulfill her daddy’s promise to impregnate her with his baby. Jean told us she and her father had hot, passionate sex in every room of the mobile home, on the trampoline outside at night, and even in the living room while Carol was just yards away making dinner for them. Jean thought it was romantic and daringly erotic allowing her eggs to be washed in her dad’s love juice, especially outdoors and so close to Carol. However, Brandy told her mom what they had been planning, so when Carol learned that Frank and Jean were hoping to mate, and since she was living with them, she just accepted the fact that there would soon be another mouth to feed in the house.

Hearing this from Jean as she took another drink of wine, Nicole and I now were able to understand why Carol didn’t seem fazed when she walked in shortly after Nicole and Frank had their second round of father-daughter love making in their living room during her visit two years earlier. Carol must have realized that her new husband was planting his potent parental seed into his two girls, but she didn’t care since it wasn’t her business if he was having unprotected sex with his own daughters.

For over six months after she was free from the birth control pill, Frank and Jean tried in vain to get his incestuous sperm to reach the eggs in the body of the girl he had created with the same sperm-laden semen eighteen years earlier. Jean went to the doctor and discovered she was barren. This news affected Frank because he realized he could’ve had unprotected sex with his hot daughter two years earlier and felt bad that he couldn’t give her what he had promised - a baby. Jean was devastated and blamed the birth control pills for her condition. Luckily for him, he was able to come through five years later. After the birth of his baby boy he made with Nicole when she turned sixteen, Jean was thrilled to raise her dad’s baby, although it is also her sister’s.

Last month, when Nicole announced to Jean that she was again pregnant with their father’s baby, Jean brought Richard and Louis out to visit us. It was then when I was really able to see that Nicole was certainly the mother of her “nephew” Louis. He looked just like Frank and Nicole. Jean and Richard had been dating when Louis was born, so he knew about Nicole and Frank’s incestuous relationship. Louis is nine now, and I wonder if Nicole looks at him thinking he would eventually make a good daddy with her. I hope she won’t continue the legacy of her father, though. I think she should leave well enough alone and allow Jean and Richard to keep raising him as if he is solely theirs.

So, here we are now, just after midnight. The sisters had now gone through three bottles of wine. Richard and I had polished off the rest of the whiskey. These events which spilled from the mouths of our wives were completely new to both Richard and me. It was extremely erotic hearing it all. The four of us were sexually charged and ready for action. Nicole wasn’t as drunk as Jean, being pregnant keeps her cognizant of her alcohol intake, but she was certainly having a nice buzz. She noticed the chubby not well hidden in my jogging shorts.

Following a quick squeeze of my prick through the fabric and a devilish grin, she asked Jean if she would let me fuck her so I could compare pussies. Jean said it would be fine if Richard could fuck Nicole at the same time. Nicole was okay with that because she was already pregnant with her daddy’s baby, so it wasn’t like she could get knocked up by Richard. Since I was fixed, Jean was safe, even though she is unable to have children. We had an evening of great wife swapping. It was strange seeing Nicole getting fucked by someone other than her dad or me. Jean, too, had only been fucked by her dad and Richard, so it was neat being only the third penis penetrating her womb. I sort of wished I hadn’t been fixed to see if I could successfully seed Jean where two others had failed, but it was awesome feeling the insides of a vagina that had never been expanded by a child. Jean felt so tight around my shaft that it felt like I was inside a high school virgin. She was just as kinky as her sister, telling me to ramrod her deep. I smelled the wine on her breath and kissed my sister in-law the way I kiss Nicole. She was in heaven as I pounded her cunt. We looked over to see Richard giving my pregnant wife a wonderful fuck from behind while he reached around and grabbed her soon-to-be milk-filled tit in his hand. Her head was on the carpet with her ass in the air as he thrust hard into Nicole trying to make her more pregnant. I felt sorry for him because he had not gotten the opportunity to impregnate anyone since he had always been loyal to Jean. Maybe, if Nicole is up to it, she will give them a baby like her first one, Louis. That way, Jean and Richard can have two children. Nicole was moaning that she could feel Richard against her cervix and it was driving her wild. He asked where she wanted him to come. Nicole said, “I don’t care. Where ever you want.” With that, Richard grunted and spewed his load into Nicole’s incestuously bred vaginal canal. The sight of his creamy semen leaking out of her sister’s baby hole involuntarily sent Jean scooting over to Nicole where she proceeded to clean out her sister, drinking Richard’s cum as Nicole planted her pussy on Jean’s face. Jean reached up and ran her hands over Nicole’s slightly distended bump of a belly. I still hadn’t cum, but repositioned myself back into Jean after she moved over. I was facing Nicole as she was being licked and sucked out by her sister while I pushed my prick into her childless uterus. Nonetheless, after witnessing such an incredible act of sisterly love, I pulled my prick out of Jean and launched my sperm-less load onto Jean’s belly and tits. Nicole reached down and rubbed it into her sister’s skin before sucking her fingers clean. I never thought I would be a part of such an erotic scene. I really wish now that I had recorded it. I doubt I will ever again be able to do that.

Nicole and I retreated to the bedroom while Jean and Richard recovered from their night on the pullout sofa bed. The next morning, it was as if nothing had happened between us, and I am fine with that. I just wonder if Frank will find out about it.

Rating: 86%, Read 114721 times, Posted Oct 03, 2008

True Story | Consensual Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Pregnant, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity, Young


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