A dad and his daughter, part 3 by KittyGirl

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Fiction | Anal, Discipline, Incest, Male, Non-consensual sex, Teen Female, Written by women, Young

The next morning he awoke with his usual a.m. hard-on. Without thinking, he moved to jack off, and then checked himself. Why waste a load in his hand when he had his daughter's tight cunt as his cum receptacle? "Karen," he called, sliding his shorts off. After a moment he raised his voice and called again. "Karen!" This timehe heard her footsteps coming toward his room. His erection throbbed.

She slipped nervously into the room, eyes widening at the sight of her father lying nude with one hand gently caressing his rock-hard pole. "Y...yes, Dad?" she said querelously.

"Don't give me that, you little slut. I shouldn't have to call you more than once." He could see that her frightened eyes were fixed on his penis. "You know what I want you for. You'll do what I tell you. And don't think I'll be tired of that sweet tight pussy anytime soon. You are nothing but your father's cum rag, you got that? You are something for me to shoot my load in. That's it." Tears were glistening in her eyes and threatening to spill over- she couldn't believe her father meant to continue taking her. He smiled cruelly and gestured at his crotch. "Suck it," he commanded.

Tearfully and resignedly she got on the bed and lowered her face to her father's groin. He groaned aloud when she took his engorged prick into her mouth. He tangled one hand in her hair as her face bobbed up and down on him, forcing his cock further down her throat with every stroke. "Fuck yeah, Karen," he moaned. "Take Daddy's cock good and deep."

Her unwilling mouth felt wonderful around his dick, but he meant this blowjob more to establish mastery than to get off. That, and to get him lubed.

"That's enough, Karen," he said. She sat up quickly, afraid to incur more punishment. She was learning. That was so hot. He smiled. "Take your panties off- oh, but you're not wearing any, are you?" She blushed fiercely. "Come and sit on it, baby." His expression saw to it that she didn't hesitate. She swung one leg across his hips and used one soft little hand to aim his slick erection for her abused pussy. She winced and he groaned as she settled her cunt onto him. "Start moving, princess. Ride my cock." She obeyed immediately, sliding her tight teen slit up and down on his pole. He put his hands on her hips and thrust up into her as she came down on him.

Her cunt muscles sucked his cock like a mouth as he used his hips to speed her up. He felt his daughter's tears strike his chest even as he noticed that she was starting to work her hips in earnest. "You little whore," he growled. "You like this. You're enjoying being made to ride me." She shook her head desperately, but she'd always been a bad liar. "Talk to me, Karen," he ordered, thrusting harder up into her. "I know you want it. Tell me how badly. Ride Daddy's cock and tell me how much you love it!"

"No... please... Daddy..." she moaned tearfully, still bouncing on his dick. He reached out with one hand and used his thumb to roughly rub her clit. She gasped sharply and jammed her hips down hard, grinding on him in shuddering circles. Suddenly he felt her cunt clamp down hard on his dick. "Fuck! Fuck, yes!!" she screamed, digging her fingers into his shoulders. The realization that his daughter was cumming hard around his cock made it impossible for him to hold back any longer. It was like fireworks were going off in his brain and his balls. Arching his back, he burst inside his daughter, unloading bolt after bolt of hot baby-making cum deep into her womb.

She collapsed onto him, sobbing hard onto his neck, still twitching a bit from the aftereffects of her unwanted orgasm. He held her close with one arm, using the other hand to stroke her hair. "See, sweetheart?" he said tenderly. "Daddy knew you'd start to like it." She shuddered in revulsion, which made his cock stir inside her. He began to rock her gently, like a frightened child, which was made all the more perverse by the fact that his half-hard penis was still leaking cum inside her. "So we'll do this more, won't we?" he said, as she wept humiliated tears in his arms. "We'll play like this until you love it all the time. Or until your belly starts to get too big." He pressed himself more firmly into her, his cock firming once more at the thought of his child growing within his daughter. It was amazing- he hadn't managed this many erections, let alone orgasms, in twenty-four hours since... ever. Thank god for young incestuous pussy, he thought.

He didn't notice she was inhaling to speak until she'd already begun. "Daddy... no. You can't..." she trailed off at the burgeoning anger on his face, but steeled herself, swallowing her sobs. "Daddy, please, I'm begging you," she whispered in a defeated tone, beginning a speech that was obviously rehearsed. "You can... do this... if you want, but I can't have your baby. I'm too young, I have school, and it's just wrong. I'll do anything you want me to, but please let me go on birth con-"

She'd thought he might slap her or yell at her, but was not expecting it in the slightest when he flipped them over in a single sudden motion, so that she was below him, and started jamming himself into her once more. His expression of sheer rage, when she was able to focus on it again, made her sorry she'd spoken.

"You'll give me permission, will you?" he snarled in her ear, punching his cock into her cum-filled cunt in a way that made it obvious that his intent was to punish her, not pleasure himself, although the two seemed to be related. "You'll tell me what I can and can't do with my own flesh and blood, what's right and what's wrong, will you? What did I tell you, you little whore? You are a CUM-RAG. Your mother was as much of a little slut as you are, but this time I'm not going to be so stupid as to treat a whore like she means something. You can do what I tell you willingly, or you can do what I tell you anyway, and be sorry!" She lay motionless beneath him, eyes red and swollen, but otherwise unresponsive. He wanted her to react to him, and his words didn't seem to be making a difference, but he had an idea.

He slowed his movements. "I was saving this for a rainy day, but since you seem so excited about our brand-new relationship..." he said sarcastically as he pulled out of her sloppy twat. He slapped one exposed asscheek. "Over," he said. Other than rolling obediently to her hands and knees, she didn't react at all, even when he reached to catch the cum that had begun dripping from her torn and violated sex. There was a lot of it, and he didn't need to wait long before he had a goodly amount in his hand. Using the other hand, he began probing with one thumb at her asshole.

"NO!" The response was immediate- it was as if the word had been ripped from her gut. She fell flat down onto the bed, her body held rigid, but it seemed she'd learned better than to try to get away. Good girl, he thought sardonically.

"Fine," he said flatly. "Stay down there if you like while I'm lubing you, but you'll get up when I tell you to, AND you'll hold still." He applied some of the slimy substance to her resisting sphincter, carefully using one, then two fingers to press it into her. She whined wordlessly and tried to cringe away from the probing digits sliding in and out of her anus. He really had been saving her little asshole for another time, but the disobedient bitch needed a lesson, and her pussy was getting a little too loose and sloppy for one day... he couldn't even remember how many times he'd fucked it!

He added another finger, slowly trying to stretch and widen her ass and make sure he'd gotten enough cum inside it to keep this from being too painful for her. After all, she was his little girl, although he didn't plan for her to enjoy it... yet. "All right, Karen," he said gruffly. "Up."

He saw her muscles tense but she stayed where she was a second too long. He slapped her ass, leaving a visible handprint. "Get. Up." he said through clenched teeth. She scrambled to her knees. She was straining to keep herself from pulling away from him as he spread her asscheeks, and by way of acknowledging the effort he said, "This is happening whether you like it or not, but it'll hurt less if you relax." Without waiting to see whether she'd paid any attention to him, he placed his cockhead on her sphincter and began pushing his way inside.

Feeling the head of his prick popping its way into his daughter's anus was so intense he almost didn't hear her shriek of pain. It didn't have the psychological satisfaction of violating her vaginally, because he couldn't get her pregnant this way, but the sheer tightness! His cock almost felt trapped in her, except the tight heat of her ass made him not want to leave it anyway. He pressed in another half-inch producing another wail from his daughter, but her cries of pain were meaningless now- at least, more meaningless now than they had been before. He pulled back a bit, with difficulty, and then shoved half of his eight inches up into his daughters asshole, then started fucking her slowly, savoring the sensation, his daughter's tight ass seeming to want to drag his cum into it, squeezing him, milking him...

She was crying now, loudly and wordlessly, as if she knew that pleading was useless now that her father knew what it felt like to have his prick jammed all the way up inside her asshole. The sobs were emphasized every time he thrust into her ass, and it felt so right... he knew he'd not last long like this, she was too tight, this was too hot, and despite the number of times he'd cum already this was going to be the shortest session yet. He didn't need to hear she liked it, but he did want something else.

"Who's fucking you, whore?" he gasped, trying to hold back the boiling in his balls. It felt too good, the little bitch beneath him was starting to slide out of focus... As if to keep her where he could see her, he grabbed her hair and pulled it back, hard. "Who do you belong to, bitch? Whose cock is in your ass? Whose cum dumpster are you?"

She was crying so hard she couldn't answer him, so he shoved himself into her harder, deeper, inviting a panicked scream. "DADDY! Daddy, please! Daddy...!" but she was cut off by a roar from her father as he rammed his full length up her ass and exploded, set off by hearing his little girl crying his name as he slammed his cock in and out of her anus, spasming over and over again as he shot what seemed to be an endless amount of semen deep into his daughter's bowels.

As the previous night, he let his weight fall on her and she collapsed to the bed, he gasping in ecstasy, she nearly hyperventilating with agony and humiliation. He rolled to his back and his penis pulled out of his daughter's ass. He could barely speak himself. "Not feeling up to cuddles right now, princess. Bring me a warm washcloth and then go get yourself cleaned up. And I'll be calling school tomorrow, don't you worry about that." She tottered out gingerly, still weeping quietly.

He'd have to disable the wireless internet and padlock the outside of her room while he was at it, he thought. He was probably okay for tonight, and then she could probably be trained to obey without question... and then there would be a baby in the house. He wondered if that'd be problematic, but the idea of his daughter with a swelling belly and milk-filled breasts made him dismiss it. A baby was far away. There was always adoption. Or it might be a girl...

His lips curved in an unconscious smile as he stretched and fell asleep.

This is actually more than I had originally written, but I could continue it if people are enjoying it! -KittyGirl

Rating: 85%, Read 133144 times, Posted May 29, 2014

Fiction | Anal, Discipline, Incest, Male, Non-consensual sex, Teen Female, Written by women, Young


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