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True Story |

Coming of Age

This story starts the summer when I was 17 years old. My sister was 15. I had seen some pornos that my parents had hidden but didn't know I had found. They worked during the day so we usually had the house to ourselves. One day I was watching a movie and stroking myself when my sister suddenly came in. Panicking I tried to cover up and stop the video at the same time, unsuccessfully. She stopped in her tracks and asked “What are you doing!”

I said “Oh nothing you need to worry about.”

“But I want to know.” she said as she sat down aside of me. “Does rubbing you make you feel good?”

I said “Yes it does. We have to keep this a secret just between us no telling mom and dad.”

She said “Don't worry I wont say anything.” and then got up and left. I got dressed, put the movie back and went to my room to play a video game.

Nothing was said between either of us for a week. Then one day I was taking a shower and she must have sneaked down the stairs cause I didn't hear her. When I turned off the water and opened the curtain, she was sitting there, waiting for me. I quickly closed the curtain and reached for a towel but there wasn't any there.

She states “I have a few questions about what had happened last week.”

“Hand me a towel and I will answer them the best I can.” I said to her.

She started off by stating “Be honest and tell the truth.”

I said “I'll never lie to you about this, go ahead and ask.” I poked my head around the curtain as I said this holding out my hand for a towel.

“What you were doing was called jacking off, right?”

“YES.” I answered.

“What happens when you jack off?” She asked.

“Well I cum, a white fluid comes out. It feels really great.” I explained.

“Can I see it?” she asked. I dropped the towel I was trying to put around me.

“WHAT was that?” I asked as I put the towel around my waist.

“I want to see you cum.” she stated looking me in the eyes.

“Why the sudden interest? And why me?” I asked.

She said “Well some of my friends were all talking about having made out with a boy and they were touching them all over and made them feel good too.”

“Have you made out with any boys?” I questioned hoping the answer was NO.

“No I haven't done anything with a boy.” she said as she looked down at the floor. Slowly she looked back up and asked “Can I kiss you?”

“Yes, but not here, we should goto my room.” I said cautiously. She got up and went to my room. When I arrived a minute later she was sitting on the bed so I sat next to her. We leaned in and began to kiss, gently, tenderly at first.

She said “That was nice. Can we do it again?” I leaned back in to her and I thought I'd try my luck I let my tongue slide into her mouth touch hers. She jumped back.

I told her “That's called a French kiss.”

She said “I liked it lets try it again.”

We began kissing again with our tongues touching. Not wanting to press my luck I said “I think we shouldn't go to far.”

She said “OK.” and kept kissing me for a while longer. She stopped and said “That was great. I will keep this our secret.”

A few days went by and everything seemed normal, she didn't ask me anymore questions. Then one night came up to my room, I was on the 3rd floor,

She shook my shoulder, and said “I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you?”

I told her “Take the bed, I'll sleep on the floor.” She climbed into bed saying “Thanks.” and fell asleep. I woke up before she did. The sun was shining through my window. What I saw was an angel sleeping in my bed. Her skin glowed. She had kicked the sheet off herself and was sleeping without her top on. She had lovely tits, they were large for her age probably a b-cup. Her nipples were perky from the fan breeze hitting them. I looked for a while then slowly reached down and gently caressed her right one. She gently moaned. I began to caress it a little more, she rolled over onto her back then opened her eyes, seeing me she said “I thought I was dreaming, that feels good.” I bent down and kissed her for a few minutes while gently caressing her nipples.

I broke the kiss “We should get downstairs before someone comes to get us up since it was the weekend.”

“Can continue this later.” She questioned.

“I promise.” I said back to her and kissed her. She sat up and got dressed and went downstairs. At breakfast she told mom she had bad dream and didn't want to be in her room.

That weekend my parents went out and bought an AC unit for my room since it was on the 3rd floor. My sister was sleeping over at our cousin's house that weekend so I would have it all to myself. When she came home Sunday night she was told her that my room now has AC and could sleep there anytime she wanted. We watched TV for a while then sis said she was tired and went to bed. She claimed the bed. So that left me sleeping on the floor. We slept comfortably that night but didn't do anything because everyone was home.

The next morning I got up and had to use the bathroom. When I got done I went to get a drink but it was also to see if anyone else was home. The house was empty except for her and I. I grabbed her a drink too and went back to my room. When I got there she was awake and playing a video game. I put the drink in front of her and she then ran off to the bathroom. I took up the controller and continued her game.

She came back up and sat on the edge of the bed. From where I was sitting on the floor I could she she didn't have any panties on. I started to get hard. She asked “When are you going to show me how you jack off?”

“You really want to see that?” I asked.

“Yes, Yes I do.” she stated excitedly.

“OK, but you have to sit in the chair and don't get out of it!” I ordered. She moved off the bed and sat in the chair. I took off my clothes and lay on the bed stroking myself. Within a moment I was fully hard.

She said “WOW, It's bigger than I thought! How long does it take u to cum?

“It depends on how turned on I am and right now doing this for you really turns me on.” A few moments later I came hard that it landed on my chest. I grabbed some tissues to clean up.

After I had cleaned up She said “Thanks for doing that for me I enjoyed seeing that.” Then she got up, came over to me and kissed me then left.

Two days later day, I woke up and had a raging hard on. I began to stroke it thinking she was asleep. She shifted on the bed she said “I want to see it closer can I come down and sit beside you.”

“Sure but don't touch. Just watch.” I responded. She sat on the floor close to me. She took my hand and placed it on her tit. I began to caress her. She was enjoying my touching her as much as I was. She was beginning to press harder into my hand wanting me to rub her tits harder. She started to moan slightly and that sent me over the edge. “I'm gonna cum” I told her. She sat up so she could see it. I came so hard that I came all over my stomach and a drop hit her hand where she was sitting.

She commented “Wow, it is white just like you said. What does it taste like?”

“Try it and find out.” I said to her. She took her hand and licked the drop.

She said “It tastes slightly salty but its not bad.” I sat up and she began kissing me our tongues fighting with each other. I broke the kiss telling her I needed to clean up. She said hurry back and she lay down on the bed. I grabbed my clothes and went to clean up. When I got back from the bathroom she was laying under the covers.

“That was exciting I feel all tingly all over. Come make out with me.” she said seductively. Who was I to argue. I lifted the sheet and there she was completely naked. Surprised by this I stood there and looked at her. She definitely had beautiful tits, nipples that were puffy and dark aoureal that begged to be kissed. I threw the covers off and lay down beside her. I began kissing her gently, lovingly. I let my hand caress her cheek then trailed down to her tits. I began rubbing them then pinched a nipple. She let out a low moan. I bean to kiss her neck then trailed my kisses down to her tits. I first started by flicking my tongue across her nipple for a few minutes. Then I kissed her nipples alternating between them. I kept one hand on the nipple I wasn't kissing, caressing it. I went back up and began kissing her again. I stopped playing with her nipples and sat up looking at her.

“I think thats enough for today. Any questions?”

“Yes, I was getting tingly down there and it felt good. What was happening?” she asked

“You were getting turned on from me touching and kissing you. It means your getting ready for sex.” I told her.

“OH I'm not ready for that yet.” she stated with fear in her voice.

“I know. I'm not pressuring you to do anything you don't want to do.” I reassured her.

“Alright, I love you.” she told me.

“I love you too sis.” As she got up and got dressed.

Nothing happened for a week. She kept sleeping in my room, me on the floor her in my bed. Then one night she was restless, tossing and turning.

She quietly said “Are you awake?”

“Yes whats wrong?” I said.

“I can't sleep somethings been bothering me all week.” She replied.

“What's up you can tell me anything.” I reassured her.

“I was thinking of the day when u came. Will u let me make you to cum?” she asked cautiously

“You mean you want to jack me off?” I asked looking directly at her.

“Yes if you will let me.” she stated not looking away from me for a moment.

“Yes I would love that, but you know we can't right now.” I said quietly.

“I know, but you will let me do that, wont you?” She asked excitedly.

“Sure whenever u want just ask.” I reassured her again.

“Alright.” she said with a slight giggle in her voice. I crawled up to the bed and kissed her good night.

The next morning I must have slept hard because when I woke up she was gone. I went to the bathroom then the kitchen. She wasn't in the house. I looked outside and saw her playing down the street with friends, so she was OK. I went to my room and played video games for a while. I must have been playing for longer than I thought because I was getting hungry so I went and made lunch. I looked for her and saw her still playing with friends. I called to her for lunch she came running into the house ate kissed me then ran back out to play. Nothing happened for the next few days.

Monday rolled around and as usual I got up did my bathroom thing made breakfast. While I was eating she came down. She got herself some cereal and ate while staring at me.

“What's on your evil little mind?” I asked.

“Can we do what we talked about today?” she asked.

“If you want to, sure.” I informed her.

She perked up and said “YES! I'll be upstairs when you're done cleaning up.” as she put her bowl in the sink. She headed up to my room and sat down playing a video game. She was sitting on the bed with nothing on. She said “Kiss me.” I walked over to her. I nelt down and began kissing her. She wrapped her arms around me. I started running my hands up and down her back. She told me “Lay down with me.” I took off my clothes and lay on the bed. She kissed me then she propped herself up on one arm and ran her hand down my chest and stomach. She lightly touched my hard cock.

She asked “How do I start?”

I said “Just wrap your hand around it like a coda can and gently move your hand up and down.”

She started to move her hand up and down, she was very gentle and slow in her movements.

I told her “Stroke me a little faster.”

I was in heaven from her touch. I could feel my cum building.

Then she asked “Can I taste it?”

“If you want to. Just let it come. I'll let you know when I'm about to come.” I said through the pleasure. She began pumping me faster. I started to moan and felt myself getting ready to release.

I grunted “Here it comes!”

She bent down and put her mouth over the head and began to suck. I came like there was no tomorrow. She took it all and swallowed. She sat up and looked at me asking "How was that?”

“That was great!” I said panting. “Where did u learn about that?”

She swallowed one last time and said “No where it just seemed right.”

“Well that was great.” I said exhausted. She lay down next to me and we stayed like that for a while. She sat up and asked me “Will it hurt when you put it in me?”

“It will a little at first then, you will enjoy it. I'll be very gentle when you want to take that step.” I said reassuring her again.

“I know you will be.” she kissed me and said “I'll let you know when I want to go there.”

“OK sis.” I said. She got up to leave. I grabbed her hand and kissed her then said “I love you.”

“I love you too.” she replied back.

A few days went by with nothing happening between us. Friday morning rolled around and I was woken up by her stroking me. What a pleasant surprise as she was completely nude. Once I was hard she took me into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. I began to moan from the pleasure. I reached out and began to play with her tits. Which caused her to moan too. This was too much excitement for me and within a few minutes I was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed all of it again.

“WOW sis that was totally awesome!” I got up to go to the bathroom because I now had to pee real bad.

She called out “Bring me something to drink.”

I went to the bathroom, then the kitchen and got each of us a soda. When I came back to my room she was laying on the bed totally nude moaning, rubbing and pinching her nipples. I walked over to her and began kissing her on the lips. I kissed my way down her neck to lick and suck her nipples. While I was sucking on her nipples I snaked one hand down to her smooth pussy and began to rub up and down feeling her getting wetter. I put a finger into her wet hole which caused her to moan and tense up at the same time.

I told her “Relax this will feel good.”

She moaned “It already does feel good.”

I began to slowly move my finger in and out causing her to moan even more. I slowly began to move faster. I slowed down then stopped. I began to rub her clit.

Through a moan she said “Oh that feels great keep doing that.” I then decided to get bold and I moved down between her legs and kissed her pussy lips. She let out a moan. I began to lick my tongue up and down, once I hit her clit with my tongue she clamped down on my head with her legs. She let go once I stopped licking her.

I looked up at her stating “That hurt a little.”

She said “It felt so good. I will try to be careful. Please do it again.” I bent my head back down and began licking her clit again only this time I put a finger in her wet pussy. After a few minutes she began to moan.

She said “Stop I feel like I'm about to pee.”

I looked up at her and told her “Just let it happen!”

I continued to finger her and lick her clit. She soaked my finger as she came letting out a long groan. As she calmed down from her first orgasm of her life I slowly crawled up and lay beside her. She turned her head to me and kissed me.

She said through labored breath “That was awesome!”

I told her “That was an orgasm and you will have many of them. Some will be intense some will be small.” She lay there quietly in my arms for a few moments then fell asleep. She woke about an hour later, I was sitting on the floor playing a video game. She came up behind me and hugged me.

“Can we do that again?” She asked.

I told her “Yes we can but we can you wait a while.”

She said “OK, I'm going outside for a while.” I gave her a kiss and she left.

I decided that day that I had to get some protection for the day we went all the way. I got my bike out and went for a ride. I wound up at the local park and took a break. I figured since I was this far I may as well head downtown and hit the drugstore there. I went in and just started looking around. I found the condoms and got a box. I went and paid for them and got a look from the lady behind the counter but she didn't say anything, then got on my bike and rode home. I put them in my hiding spot in my room.

Over the next few days nothing much happened except for us kissing at night when we went to bed. Tuesday rolled around and she woke me up by kissing me. I kissed her back pulling her into my arms and then down on the floor with me. While we were kissing she moved her hand and began to rub my cock making it fully hard.

She stopped kissing me and said “I want to taste it again.” She moved down my body kissing all the way. Once she got to my hard cock she took it in her mouth and slowly began to bob up and down. I had her move her bottom towards me so I could play with her pussy. I began to rub her pussy and she sucked me harder. I put a finger in her and she moaned with my cock in her mouth, which felt good. I began to match her movements on my cock with my finger in her wet pussy. We had a good rhythm going until my thumb bumped her clit and she came all over my finger. She increased her pace and I felt my cum begin to boil up. I told her I was about to cum and she took me deeper in her throat than she had last time as I came hard. She kept on sucking draining me, not missing a drop. After she had it all swallowed she turned around and lay on top of me for a few minutes. She began kissing me on the cheek then the lips. I started to get hard again. She liked feeling my hardening cock and began to grind her pussy on it. She was getting me wet from her grinding. We began kissing again passionately. She sat up and kept grinding on me. I reached up and started pinching her nipples. A moan escaped her mouth. She reached up and put her hands on mine to help rub her tits. She kept grinding on me for a few minutes when suddenly she rolled her head back and groaned as she came soaking me with her juices. Watching and hearing her cum sent me over the edge. I came with my cock trapped between us. She collapsed on top of me and fell asleep. She woke up 30 minutes later.

We got dressed and I went to make some thing for lunch. While we ate she asked “Could watch a movie today since its raining.”

I said “Sure whatever you want to watch pick something out.”

She said “I want to watch a movie like you had on when I saw u jerking off.”

This startled me, I stopped eating and said “Oh you want to watch one of those? OK Can we do that tomorrow when we wake up?”

She said “OK then tomorrow when we wake up.”

That night we slept peacefully. The next morning when we woke she went downstairs and turned on the TV. I went and got a porno from the hiding place. We sat on the couch and she snuggled up aside of me. The movie started slowly at first but then they started getting into it. The woman knelt down and began sucking on his hard cock. I was hard instantly from watching the movie. I could see she was rubbing her tits. Then in the movie they changed positions and he was now licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. My sister began to rub her pussy and came in no time. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked it.

After she was done licking her finger she turned to me and asked “Are you going to jack off?”

I said “I can't do it with you laying on me.” She got off the couch and sat on the floor and said “OK now u have enough room to get yourself off.”

I informed her “If I'm going to be naked then you have to be naked too.”

She removed her clothes and sat facing me. The movie changed positions the guy was now slamming his cock into the woman and she was moaning. I started to stroke myself. I noticed my sister was laying back rubbing her pussy and her tits watching the TV. Thats all it took, I groaned and came all over myself. She sat up looking at me and asked “When are we going to do that.”

I asked “Are you sure your ready.”

“Yes, I want you to be my first because I know your going to be gentle with me and you love me.” she said with lust in her eyes.

“Yes I do love you and I will be gentle with you. Lets wait until Monday.” I informed her

She said “OK. Monday is only 3 days away. I can wait that long.”

Monday rolled around and the typical morning routine happened bathroom, breakfast then we went back to my room. I put on the radio. I started by kissing her softly, there was passion in this kiss. She kissed me back with the same passion. She opened her mouth and snaked her tongue in my mouth. We kissed like this for a while. I lay her down on the bed caressing her tits. I kissed her neck on my way down to lick and suck on the nipples. I took a chance and bit her nipple gently.

She let out a moan stating “I liked that it felt good.”

I kissed my way over to her other nipple and did the same thing. I began sucking her nipple again as my hand caressed its way down to her pussy. Once reaching her pussy I found it already hot and wet with desire. I began to rub up and down on her clit and she started moaning again. She said that it felt great and not to stop. I stopped licking her nipples and began kissing my way down her stomach. I moved farther down on the bed so I was right between her legs. Her pussy was so wet I dove right in letting my tongue run along her pussy lips up to her clit. I flicked her clit a few times then I began to suck on it. She came instantly. She flooded me with her juices. I licked up and down for a while longer. I stood up and went to my hiding spot and got a condom.

When I came back to the bed she asked “What did I have.”

I told her “Protection.”

“Oh just be gentle with me.” she said slight fear in her voice.

I said “I will be, but its going to be you who decides how fast it goes and when you are ready for me to take your cherry.”

She said “Alright.” I lay on the bed on my back and put the condom on. I pulled her on top of me. She bends down and kisses me. She grinds on my cock. I place my cock at her hot wet entrance. She leans back down and kisses me.

I whisper to her “Take it slow, you are going to feel pressure when you do stop and get used to it.”

She began to slowly take me in. I feel the head of my cock hit her cherry.

She stops saying “I feels something and it hurts a little”

I say “Thats your cherry and has to be popped but not to worry once it is popped it will feel good but it will hurt a little when it pops.”

“OK how do I do it?” concern in her voice.

“You have to make sure you are ready for it, just move up and down till you are ready. When you think you are ready u need to come down hard to let my cock push through. Then stop, let yourself get used to it again. When your are ready to continue go ahead.” I told her with a reassuring loving voice.

She leaned back down and kisses me. Sitting back up she begins to move up and down on me. I reached up and began caressing her nipples.

She nods her head stating “I'm ready.” then she suddenly slams down on my hard cock. She yells out with pain and pleasure. Falling on top of me tears of joy streaming from her eyes.

I hug her asking “Are you OK?”

She said “Yes it feels wonderful.”

I tell her “Whenever your ready go ahead.”

A few moments later she sat back up and started a slow rhythm of up and down. I caressed her nipples and I fell myself getting close.

I inform her “I am close to cumming.” She begins to move faster. She starts to moan, I could tell she was close to cumming also. The moment finally arrived and I began to cum. I grunted filling her with my cum at the same time she begins to cum also throwing her head back she stopped riding me then collapsed on top of me. I hug and kiss her neck. She begins crying.

I ask her “What was wrong?”

She said “Nothing I love that you would make me feel this good and hope we can continue to do this.”

I say to her “We can do this whenever you want.” She rolled off me and fell asleep. Knowing I had just popped her cherry and she would be a mess I went to the bathroom got a wash cloth. Seeing she was still asleep when I got back to my room, I began to clean her up. She woke up an hour later I was caressing her back.

She moaned “That feels good don't stop.” She turned over sitting up kissing me. We made love again.

We made love two times a week over the rest of the summer. We tried different positions. She really fell in love with doggie style so we wound up doing that most of the time. Once school started we only found time to make love once a week. Later that summer my mom moved out and my sister went with her. We saw each other less and less but we still had fun when we would get together. Then just after the new year she moved to a different county and we stopped our relationship.

Rating: 96%, Read 103068 times, Posted Jun 17, 2011

True Story |


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