Unexpected Love by Anonyboi

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I am taking a break from "John and Alex" to make a onepart story about a fantasy about this hot bi emo boy whos a year under. I am having writers block with the main stories because I had a fight with the person Alex is based off of and he is no longer my friend, so I don't want to write about me fucking my ex best friend. If anyone has any ideas how I can remove Alex from the main series w/o ruining it, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!

Ever since I first noticed him during lunch I couldn't stop staring. He was so cute. He was emo, poofy black hair straightened with a bit in the front bleached blonde. I had him in both my Lunches at school, and one day he and his "crew" sat at our table talking to my friend Jordan (Names are changed in this story too). Everyone calls Jordan Jesus because...well I never quite found out why, haha. His name is Nate and he's so fucking cute. He sat next to me and I slowly became part of their conversation. I randomly asked him why he paints his fingernails. "Why? See these hot chicks that surround me? I don't want em. I'm gay, haha." Nate said. I started to develop a semi boner. "That's awesome haha." I responded. "I guess. You're kinda cute, are you bi or gay at all?" He asked. I was shocked it'd be this easy. "I'm bi, why?" I responded. "I want to make out with you right now. I've noticed you stare at me during lunch. Youre cute. I like you. Let's go to the bathroom." he said. I got up and he grabbed my arm and walked me over. "So..what's your name cutie?" he asked me. "Alex." I responded. "Well Alex, Its nice to meet you. Alright were here cmon in." I followed him in. We went to the farthest stall and got in. We locked the door.

He was wearing a tight white shirt, and skinny black jeans. I felt like I was in heaven. "Alright Alex. You ready?" he asked. I nodded. He brought his lips to mine and I the same. His lips were incredibly soft, and he was so passionate with it. I was surprised he liked me. I'm 5 foot 7, normal weight, maybe a bit skinny but not as much as him. I have blonde hair and brown eyes, and my skins pale white, like his. After making out in the stall for a couple of minutes, I stripped his shirt off, revealing his skinny torso. "Well well aren't we skinny, Nate!" I said. He laughed. "I want more." I said. "Go for it." he responded. I got on my knees and slowly undid his tight jeans. When I finally got them down, I was face to face with a protruding boner trying to get free from his boxers. I pulled his boxers down and his cock sprang out. It was pretty big for such a skinny guy. 8 inches and decently thick. "Your cock is wonderful. I want it." I said. He rested his hands on my head as I opened my mouth and took his member past my lips. I've never blown anyone before so I just copied what I've seen in porn. I got all of his cock in me and started gagging. "Woah I can see it's your first time. Try this." he instructed me. I let his cock back out and immediately attacked it again, blowing half while stroking the rest. I also started fondling his balls, causing him to moan. "Shit you're a fast learner." he said. I sucked his clean-shaven balls for a minute, to intensify the awesomeness. His cock tasted awesome. I wanted more. "Shit dude I'm gonna cum you're great at this." he said. I began to blow him again and soon felt sweet liquid trickle down my throat. I swallowed. His cum tasted awesome, sweet and delicious. I continued until he was soft, and I redressed him. "Shit dude walk home with me after school. My parents kicked me out for terrible grades and shit so I have my own apartment they pay for haha." he said. Holy shit! He was inviting me to his home! "I'll have to ask my mom but it's probably a yes." I responded. He kissed me again and said "It's a plan. Meet me at Bus #325 out front. We can sit next to eachother." he said. I loved him. He was a fantasy come true. We walked back to the lunch table. Adam, Nates friend, noticed some cum on my chin. "Had some fun with Nate, didnt you!" he said. "This kids a master Adam. I'm taking him home with me." Nate said. We looked at eachother with love in our eyes and the bell rang for last period.

I couldnt focus at all last period. I was trying to believe what just happened actually happened. I'm way out of his league, yet he picked me!! His cock felt like heaven while he stuffed my mouth, I hope he'll return the favor at his home. Eventually class ended and I bolted to his bus. "Hey cutie!" he said. He pecked me on the cheek. He held my hand as we walked onto the bus together. We sat in an empty row, Adam was in the row next over.

Sadie, one of Nates friends, asked him who I was. "This, Sadie, is Alex. He's my new boyfriend, and he's so cute." he announced. He immediately started kissing me, moving on to full blown making out. This time, he used his tongue and our tongues danced in his mouth. He moved me into a position of laying down on the seat with him on top, us still making out. I could feel his cock pressing against my pants through his. We continued in this position until we got to his stop. "Have fun." Adam said. "You'll really enjoy him." I nodded as Nate guided me off the bus. After the bus pulled away, Nate asked me something. "So Alex...I kinda might have rushed by calling you my boyfriend on the bus. I'm sorry." "Christ dude don't apologize. I will proudly call you my boyfriend." I responded. He pecked me on the cheek again and gave me a hug. It felt so warm, so loving. When we got to his room, he gave me the tour. "Master bedroom..king size bed." he turned to me and winked. We went to the kitchen. "This is where I eat..and spend most of my day." "What music do you listen to?" I said. "I like Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, and other music like that." he said. "I like BVB too haha!" I responded. "What kind of fan are you that is blonde? I'll fix that if you want." he said. "Sounds fun." he showed me the rest and followed me back to his bed. There, we started making out again. I stripped him naked and let him get on top. "Let's see what my boyfriend looks like naked. That'll tell me how hard it'll be to transform you." he said. He ripped my shirt off, literally ripped it, and moved down to my sweatpants. "Nice chest there Alex. You're as skinny as me!" he laughed. The feeling of his soft skin on mine was so exhillirating that I had a raging hard. "Now then..what's under those pants!" he said. He slipped my sweatpants off to reveal my boxers, stretching to the seam to contain my boner. "Wow you sure are eager!" he said. He stripped my boxers off and laid on top of me, boners touching one another. His cock felt so warm on mine, and it felt so right doing this. "Do you know how to 69?" he asked. I nodded. "Good. Show me." We got into position and we started blowing eachother. This was the first time someone else touched me, let alone blew me! I was oozing with precum and so was he. He liked what he saw. He passed his lips onto my rod and started blowing. Holy SHIT he was good! "Oh god...keep going!" I moaned. We continued blowing eachother until out dicks were ready. He got up and got a condom. "Forget it. Were not using it. I want to feel it." I said. He shrugged and put it back. "I'll go first so you can learn what to do babe, just follow along." he said. "Sit on the bed with your legs spread out. Just sit there and enjoy." he instructed. I sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread, awaiting his move. He got on top of me and slowly lowered himself down. Soon, my cock was deep in his ass, and he began to bob up and down with it. It felt like heaven. There was no greater feeling in my life then him riding me. "Shit I'm gonna cum quick. I'm sorry it's just my first time." I said. "Its..no problem..Alex..we'll work on it." he said, in-between moans. Soon after my warning, I let go my cum into his soft warm ass and he got off. "Felt good didn't it?" he said. "Good. I been practicing on this dildo for a while haha." he went to his closet and brought it out. "Have you ever used one?" he asked. I shook my head. "Well..this is gonna hurt like hell then." He sat on the bed as I did and I slowly descended. He only got the head in. "OW SHIT JESUS THIS HURTS LIKE FUCK!" I screamed. "Haha dude just breathe...the pain will go away soon." I slowly let more and more into me until his full 8 inches were up me. Soon, the immense pain began to feel amazing! "Shit yes this feels awesome!" I moaned. "Good, he leaned forward and licked my nipple quickly. It felt funny yet awesome. "Get on all fours on my bed, let's do a different position." I did as he said and felt his cock invade from behind. Instantly, he started thrusting insanely fast. "OH GOD! KEEEEP GOING NATE! FASTER HARDER!" I screamed, moaningly. He was now thrusting at an insanely fast speed until I felt his dick spasm behind me. "Alright Im gonna blow get on your knees." he said. I got on my knees and deepthroated him. "Aw yeah babe oh shit yes." he said. I felt him spasm again and he blew his load down my throat. Delicious again of course. We cleaned up. "How was that Alex?" he said. "Fucking awesome. Let's do that again soon." I said. "And we will. Oh we will." he grinned menacingly. "Let's just stay nude it aint like anybody's coming who ain't ready to see us naked." he joked. "Sounds like a plan." I said. "Okay now lets turn you into a real fan. You're already pale enough and your hairs long enough just take a nap in that chair. When you wake up you'll feel great!" he said. I sat in the chair and napped, letting him get to work. I was scared he'd do something horrible but it was too late. I HAD just slept with him!

"Wakey wakey Alex. All done." Nate said, extremely happily. I opened my eyes and looked in a mirror. I looked almost exactly like him, just a different hairstyle. Same bleach blonde spot, though. "I LOVE IT!" I said. "Call your mom and ask if you can spend the night. I'm too tired to fuck again but we can talk and shit." he said. I called my mom. "Hey mom can I move in with my boyfriend? Yes he lived on his own. He's 15, like me! Thanks bye!" I hung up. "I can live here. She'll bring my shit over." I said. "Wonderful. Let's order pizza, it's already 7 PM!" We got two mediums and a 2 liter soda. We spent the night talking about eachother, eating pizza, listening to badass music, and (best of all) we fell asleep him on top of me, both nude, making out. I can't wait for what the future lies in store for us.

Want more of this series instead of the old one? I kinda got bored writing it so this is more fun. The most recent "John and Alex" is probably the finale. I'll make it alex and John drift apart and John marries Jake. Ta da.

The work in this story belongs to Anonyboi on stories.xnxx.com. Prohibited to repost without my permission. Thank you. ^-^

Rating: 80%, Read 32421 times, Posted Sep 20, 2011

Fantasy | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Gay, Oral Sex, Romance, School, Teen, Teen Male, Virginity, Young


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