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Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Teen Male, Young

-= This is the Sad ending of the series, choose your ending=-


"Good Morning Honey bunches.." I said as Aky was waking up.

"Mnn...morning"He said rubbing his eyes and stretching.

"I got a call from my parents...they'll be here by the evening..." I told him.

"Well...everything's clean... so what...?" He asked me.

"I don't think we'll be able do anything else today....and we need to put those stuff you got back..." I told him.

"Oh..yeah...the 'fun bag' " He said.

"That's how you call it?" I asked him.

"Pretty much..." He looked at me and sighed. " I kinda miss Mark..." He told me.

"Yeah me's just not the same..." I said. "But hey..I'm here with you!" I said tickling him.

"Hahaha! Yeah!" He said laughing before I stopped the tickling him and he looked deeply at me...his eyes were penetrating and deep...I loved him so much...and I felt that he also loved me...I leaned to kiss him again, he hugged me pulling me to bed, his tongue touching mine felt good...his whole body against mine felt good...I caressed his hair with my hand as we kissed, until we finally broke the kiss.

"I love you a lot...I mean...for real...not like..brothers love..." He said.

"For a long time I only saw myself as some kind of big brother look at us..."I said smiling.

"I don't care...I'd rather have a boyfriend than a brother..." He said.

"I can be both for you..." I said.

"Anything works with you..."He said.

"I hope you're right..." I said giving him a small kiss and getting up. "Gotta pee..." I said laughing.

"Great way of ruining the moment!" He said laughing along, we moved to the bathroom to pee, and as far as I knew, we had the afternoon just for us. We did the usual suff of morning...a little messing around, breakfast, watch TV then we were on.

"What do you wanna do now?" I asked him.

"Hum...I got a boner..." He answered.

"can't let that go to waste hum...?" I said rubbing him through his shorts.

"Yeah...we can't..."He said rubbing me."Can we try doing it here...?"

"I don't know...don't you think it's a bit...risky..?" I asked, only to be interrupted by him as he leaned over me kissing me, shutting my mouth...

"Fine...we can do it here..." I said after he broke the kiss. I ran my hand through his back, slowly taking off his shirt, he kissed me again trying to take my shirt off, I took it off and threw it on the floor as we continued to kiss, passionately...we were in love, and right now we were tasting, feeling not only felt good...but right..I broke the kiss one last time.

"Describe us both right now..." I said.

"Two horny boys in love that need eachother..." He told me.

"I was thinking exactly about that...."I said smiling.

"Except you need me more.." He said lifting his eyebrow.

"And you are right again..." I said pulling him into another kiss, we loved kissing but I was sure he wanted attention in another spot so I broke the kiss and got on my knees lowering his shorts and underwear. His dick was already pointing up and leaking pre cum...he could make much more pre cum that I could...and I liked that, I licked his shaft which caused him to twitch himself, I licked from the base to tip clearing it of pre cum and finally, I began sucking it, I deep throated him and he squirmed in pleasure but took it away from me. He kissed me again and made me lie down on my back as he took off my shorts and boxers.

"You don't have todo it..."I said.

"I want to..."He answered before licking my dick, it felt so good, I almost blew right away...his tongue plus his touch made me crazy, I loved him so much I wanted more..

"I want you...all of you...We're almost the same tall...this should be easy...." I said taking my dick away from him. "I want to feel you...inside me" I said blushing...I never blushed the last 2 times he asked me AND did it...but now...out of a sudden...I felt silly asking for it...

"Right do you wanna do it?" He asked.

"Any position you want..." I said.

"Then just lie on you back and spread your legs..." He said, I simply did as I was asked and soon he was rubbing my ass with his dick....he liked to tease, and I liked when he was so good, then I felt him sliding in, it went in so easily that I was almost surprised....

"I was....waiting for a chance to do something like this feels good inside warm..." He said between his thrusts.

"I thought you'd like doesn''s good...go faster if you want..." I said.

"I'll try doing it like you did me yesterday..." He said taking up his pace and going harder I moaned from his thrusts and grabbed his butt with my hands forcing more of him inside, he moaned as his 4 1/2 dick completely vanished inside me, it felt awsome, however, different from the other 2 times...I started fucking him back him back as he held my hips going faster and faster with each thrust he made, his body shook and he came inside me, I felt him pulsing a few times as his body kept shaking, apparently he had the best orgasm of his life, even though I hadn't come, I gave it no big deal...I knew I had pleased my perfect little boyfriend.

"Hey..we must take your stuff back fast..before someone arrive..." I said getting up as his soft dick slid from me.

"But you didn't..." He said.

"We worry about that later...." I said.

"A-Alright..." He said getting dressed with me and grabbing his bag as we took it to his house to it's former place.

"Eventually you'll have to tell me where you got that Venus 2000 from..." I said.

"I have a cousin...I kinda...borrowed it...." He said.

"He must miss it a lot" I said laughing

"yup!' He replied laughing and as soon as we got back we had lunch.

"You better have a good taste of'll only have another one of these when I babysit you again..." I said smiling at him.

"Whatever man!" He said laughing.

"Maybe if you want I could cook you some meals one day or another..." I said.

"I'd like that" He said smiling.

We stopped eating and looked at eachother again...I've never felt like this towards anyone...he was someone who could touch me deep inside my heart...I felt his love for me...closer than friends...closer than brothers...We fastly left to the sofa and started making out was intense...something we couldn't hold...we kissed deeply as our tongues danced inside each other's mouths, it was perfect...

"It just came to didn't cum yet..." He said looking at me slowly lowering both our pants...

"I said don't worry...I don't care..." I explained.

"I do...I want it to be perfect...come on..." He said.

"....Fine...let's do it..." I said grabbing his head and pulling him for another kiss as he slowly lined up my dick with his entrance.

"Ready...?" He asked me.

"I should be the one asking that...." I said. He smiled as he lowered his hips against my dick as it slid in slowly fucking him, his moans echoed around the empty and silent house.

"Is it right now...?"I asked.

"Almost.... perfect...ah!" He said loweing himself completely, that made me shiver and shake, it came faster than expected and we kept ourselves on the sofa as I recovered from my amazing orgasm...

" was perfect..." Aky said smiling at me.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE!?" We heard, we were in shock, we looked at the door, My mother was watching us covering her mouth with her hands, something she brought along fell on the floor, my father had his eyes fixated on us, I felt the hate and anger on his look.

"Alex...Get your stuff and go to your house..NOW!" He screamed. Alex got up looking at me and getting dressed, he went up, got his bag and stopped looking at my dad by the door.

"Don't hurt him..please..." He said with his eyes teary.

"We'll SEE about that..After I talk to him..I'm talking to YOUR parents..." he said.

"His tears ran down his cheek as he walked home, his parents welcomed him and before they looked at my parents on the otherside of the street, the door was slammed shut.

"Get dressed!" My dad screamed as I fastly got dressed, however...I was not scared for some weird reason...

"This is DIS-GUS-TING! I Can't believe MY SON...My OWN SON did this to me...what kind of FREAK are you!?" He screamed at me....I showed no reaction...

"I'm Bi..and so is Alex..." I said coldly.

"THE HELL YOU ARE!" He said getting near me almost as if he was going to punch me.

"I'm not asking for permission dad...I AM bi..." I said facing him.

"You Stand like a like a man...But you're NOT one!!" He screamed at my face.

"Come it! I know you want to punch me...punch your son...let's see if it's worth it!" I dared him. He stepped a bit back laughing and pointing at me.

"I know what you are trying to do....but I'm not going to fall for are GROUNDED! To your room...NOW!" He screamed.

My mom said no word that day, nothing during dinner...nothing the next dad talked to Alex parents about we both...he was forbid of meeting me and talking to me...the last thing left for us to do was text eachother...everyday he typed something like "I miss u" that made my heart tighten...and when I looked at the window of my room...there he was...on the other side of the street....inside his room, looking at me...we could only wave hands since kisses were not visible...I found myself crying silently everyday at night...

Finally, one day...he left his house, my mom let me sneak out so I talked to him in a hidden place.

"'re forbidden of seeing me?" I asked.

"My dad says you might have hurt me in some way..." He said.

"I'm...I'm sorry...I should have been more careful..." I said.

"It's not your fault...I kinda talked you into doing that on the couch..." He said.

"Look...I gotta go home before my dad gets back...he'd pretty much kill me if he knew that I saw you..." I said.

"We're good bye kiss...?" He asked as I kissed him...I missed that kiss and soon we were back to our one knew that we had met...the day after...I got my celphone to check the messages from him...and what I read was disturbing to my heart..."I'm Moving out ='( " it said...that morning...I went to the pool and laid on the grass crying and sobbing expecting punishment from the sun...mostly..wanting a serious sunburn...then I head my mom coming to me and putting her hand on my back.

"I'm not going to judge you...believe me...your father is upset...he had plans for you...big plans..." She said.

"it's my life...not his...I do what I want with it..." I said between my sobs.

"If you actually love Alex...I'm not going to stop one rules your feelings...but you should do something...before it is too late.." She said slowly taking her leave...I lifted my head and got into the water to refresh, I ran to my room and got dressed leaving downstairs where my dad was just getting in.

"Where do you think YOU'RE going...?" He asked.

"Shut up...I love him and I'm not gonna let it go!Screw your plans! From now's on ME!" I screamed pushing him out of the way, he looked at me with a look of deception. but acceptance.

"Alex!!" I screamed. His dad came to the door opening it.

"You are not seeing've done enough..." he said.

"Now I don't know if you'll understand...but you can't control feelings...and right now..we love eachother! I'm exposing myself here...only to tell him that I love him! The least you can do let me talk to him for mere 10 minutes!" I said. He looked at if his look told me to go away...but I continue there..after some minutes he sighed and called Alex down,"!0 minutes..." He said moving away from the door, Aky came in a flash and hugged me...

"I'm Sorry! I'm truly sorry....I shouldn't have started that feeling...I...I..."I couldn't speak...tears rolled down my cheeks, he looked at me, smiling but tears also ran down his cheeks.

"it's not your fault...I mean...if we love each would happen'm moving out for real...there's no way of stopping that..."He said crying, I hugged him tightly trying to calm him down....

"I know...but you just have to know...that no matter where you are...I will love you..." I said.

"Are you keep your promise...?Even if you get married one day...?" He asked.

"Of course I will...even if I get married....if I end up having kids and everything....I will always remember of you as my first love and boyfriend...forever...and as I said...I will drag you to my wedding as a bestman even if I gotta find you and tie you" i said shaking him a little, he laughed and looked at me wiping out his tears.

"Thanks...hum..I have something for you..." He said running up and coming back in 1 minute with a white envelope."Promise me you will only open it on the day I go away...and it's 5 days from today...and...text me everyday" He said smiling.

"Of course I will.."I said grabbing the envelope.

"10 minutes..."His father said from inside the living room.

" I gotta go..I' to you later..." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah....later..."He said smiling and closing the door.

I went back home as my dad looked at me with his arms folded...I passed through him as he got inside with me.

"You don't know the tro-" was all he managed to say before I faced him with a face of anger...

"I don't CARE! Look now...we ALL know what YOU want me to be...but I'm not going to be what YOU want...I'm gonna be me...besides...What the hell is wrong with you!? I'm Bi! Not gay! I can still get married if you so want it! Let me live MY LIFE!" I screamed as he sat on the couch....sighing...

"Very well what you want...I'm not going to judge you...not anymore..." he said....I almost felt bad for what I had just I went to my room and kept looking at nothingness....

The day had finally come...4 days later, I talked to him again...and offered myself to buy him an ice cream...his parents agreed and we went to eat, we talked about where he was going...his new school and others...we found Mark on the way which was shocked by the fact that he was moving away...after our little snack...we went to a hidden spot and kissed one last time...we went back to our homes and the day the morning of the next day...I watched my window waiting for the last time I'd see Aky....I was there 1 hour...2..when finally...they grabbed some bags and they were moving to the car...I ran down to the street.

"Need any help...?" I asked him..

"Yeah...a bit would be good..." He said handing me his bag....we loaded the car with their bags and soon...they were ready to leave...

"So...guess this is a good bye..."He said...I shook my head...

"Nah...we'll meet I'll just see you next time..."I extended my hand...but he simply jumped on me hugging me.

"Don't forget to text me everyday you hoe...." He said.

"I'd never forget that..."I said...I stood there as their car was turned on..and finally, the image of him waving at me from the back seat vanished togheter with the car...I went home and expent all my day texting him, he answered eachone pretty fast...and finally at night...when I sat on the bed, I remembered about the envelope, I opened it and there was 2 things inside...a note...and a photo of me, him and Mark inside my car...I was happy...I texted him again...

"Good night Aky...I love you.." I put the photo under my pillow, finally reading the note.

"Thanks for being so good to every a big bro, as a lover and as a boyfriend...don't worry, I'll never forget you...ever...I love you.." it said.

"Yeah....I love you too..."I said putting it on my desk finally receiving his answer...

"I know you do...thank you...good night..."he wrote...I closed my eyes finally sleeping before I heard a small was Alex...

"I love you hoe.." I heard...I smiled and slept....finally calm...

-=Bad ending, but not so much right?

Rating: 92%, Read 37146 times, Posted Feb 01, 2013

Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Teen Male, Young


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