Fight For The House by thekid22566

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Fiction | BDSM, Extreme, Foot fetish, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Mature, Old Female, Torture, Violence

Fight For The House

You would think getting a call from your mother-in-law needing a favor would be torture, especially when she was technically your ex mother-in-law. In most cases maybe it would be but in the case of Violet and me, nothing could be farther from the truth. You see, even though my marriage ended, I kept up a relationship with her because she was one fabulous lady. I had more in common with her than my ex wife and that may have been part of our downfall but that is a different story. This is about helping out my incredible ex mother- in -law with a favor that ended up being the most exciting day of my life.

Ever since I got married some 15 years before, Violet and I got along. We had similar personalities and similar interests. My wife and her mother couldn't have been more different. My wife was shy, reserved and a bit prudish. Her mother Violet on the other hand was wild, fun loving and had an incredibly sexy look and attitude. Needless to say over 13 years of marriage I got more than one lecture on flirting with her mother but what can I say, even though my wife was pretty, Violet was hot!

After our marriage ended, Violet would still ask me for help from time to time and whenever I would, I would be rewarded with a big dinner and a fun conversation. I have to admit I have fantasized about Violet many times but even though we got along great and flirted continuously, I never got any real indication of her being attracted to me. As time went by I saw less and less of Violet, as a matter of fact, it had been about 6 months or so since our last conversation. She called asking for a favor as she needed a ride to go to a friend's funeral. I was doing nothing that Saturday so I agreed to help, not thrilled about attending a funeral but always willing to help Violet out.

I picked up Violet early that day and I was wowed at the sight. Violet had dropped a few pounds ( She was still a bit heavy but always a sexy B.B.W.), had her hair in a new sexy hairstyle and had a conservative though tight dress on for the service. Violet was now 65 years old but she looked better than ever to me. We had about half hour drive but that gave us time to catch up and her time to tell me the reason she had not talked to me much lately; She had been dating a rich former stockbroker and he is the one who had passed away. We went to the funeral and there were several people there. I normally would have noticed something brewing but I must admit I was not paying much attention to the service or the other guests as I trying to inconspicuously steal glances of Violets very shapely legs and red painted toes through her open toed heels. After the service, Violet asked me to take her to one more place if I didn't mind. On our way there she told me the rest of the story and the reason she wanted me to bring her here instead of her driving up alone.

The man who she was dating was named Robert and they had been dating for about 6 months. Robert was handsome, rich and very charming but there was only one problem; he had another girlfriend named Delores. Delores and Violet knew about each other as Robert was an open and honest man, he just couldn't decide who he wanted to be with. She had never met Delores before Robert's death but since he had both of their names down in his will they finally spoke, on a three way phone call with his lawyer. This is where the problems began.

Violet and Delores could not agree on anything. Robert had actually died over 2 weeks ago but both women wanted their way in regards to a funeral until the lawyer finally made the arrangements himself. Although that issue was finally settled there was one more glaring problem; Robert's house that he loved so much was left to both Delores and Violet as he planned on taking off one of the names of whichever one he ended up breaking up with. Unfortunately, Robert died before he could choose. The lawyer suggested selling the house and splitting the money but both women knew Robert loved this house and didn't want to sell. They assured the lawyer they would work it out between them and even though he was apprehensive, the lawyer said to let him know what they decided. The two women traded phone calls for a week, usually ending with one of them hanging up the phone in disgust. Violet told me she had finally come up with an agreement with Delores and they were to sign the papers today after the funeral.

Delores' son was driving her to the meeting at Robert's house so she wanted me there as moral support. Violet had never met Delores in person so she spent the funeral looking at every woman there, trying to find her rival. We pulled up to the house, a huge beautiful old house and went inside. Violet and I went into the living room which was huge, with only a few pieces of furniture in it and a soft shag carpet. Violet set up the paperwork on the dining room table and signed her name on it. A few minutes later I heard the door open and in walked a man about my age ( late 40's or early 50's) and a woman in her 60's who was pretty hot for her age as well. One thing you had to say was Robert had good taste in women and I would soon find out that she was very similar to Violet in many ways. The agreement they had come to was not a conventional settlement between two 60 something year old women as they agreed to fight for the house, not in court but woman to woman in a catfight .

Delores's son Tim and I listened as the two women explained to us that they were talking about this on the phone when they got into a heated argument, Delores saying it was a shame Robert never got the both of them together or he would have seen her kick Violet's ass and the problem would have been solved right then. Violet, coming to hate her romantic rival just as much, suggested they meet up and decide it that way now. Delores quickly agreed so here they were. They had handpicked the two of us to be here to make sure everything stayed fair. They asked us both to stay out of it until it was settled. We both reluctantly agreed, I imagine Tim was like me in thinking that although a mature catfight was an incredibly sexy fantasy, these women were over 60 years old and we didn't want to see anyone hurt badly. I talked myself into it however, figuring how much damage could they really do at their age but I was soon to find out that rivalry and hate had no age limit and these ladies would fight as fierce as women one quarter their age.

After Delores also signed the agreement, the two women walked to opposite sides of the living room about 10 feet apart, each with her male counterpart right by her side. I was somewhat shocked as both women started to undress, Violet telling me that neither wanted to mess up their good dresses and nylons so they agreed to fight in bras and panties. I could hardly contain my hard on. I put Violet's dress, nylons and shoes next to the couch with me while Tim did the same for Delores. The fight was about to start and although still a bit apprehensive, I could not have been more excited.

As the two women stared at each other I took a good look at each one of them. I had never seen Violet in less than shorts and a blouse so I was in awe of how amazing she looked. Violet is about 5'4 and weighs about 185 lbs. She has short gray hair, medium size tits that drooped sightly but they were still sexier than most women half her age. Her legs were incredibly sexy, shapely and smooth with a milky creamy texture and her feet were very sexy as well, size 6 or so, manicured red toenails with soft soles. She was wearing a pair of white lacy panties with a matching white bra. Delores was equally as stunning as Violet. She stood about 5'5 or so and was about the same build and weight as Violet. Delores had short salt and pepper hair, her tits were also medium sized but even firmer than Violet's. Her legs were shapely as well but not quite as sexy as Violet's. Delores also had sexy manicured feet, hers painted a soft rose color which matched her lacy bra and pantie outfit. The women sized each other up and the silent tension was thick until finally someone spoke.

"I have been waiting for this day since Robert told me about you, " Delores said, " You old slut."

" I want nothing more than to tear your gray head bald you fucking tramp." Violet shot back.

" Well, here I am YOU FILTHY CUNT!" grumbled Delores.

" Lets go you cum swallowing dirty whore!" Violet yelled back. Tim and I were both a little shocked as we knew these women to be a bit wild but had never heard such language from the mouths of these sexy seniors.

Although a bit hesitant at first, their hatred for each other was boiling to the top and the two underwear clad grandmothers walked towards each other. Delores started with a stinging slap to Violet's face. Violet struck back with a slap of her own. Then the two women angrily grabbed each other's hair and yanked violently. The next few minutes were the most shocking and exciting moments of my life as Violet and Delores had little worry about being hurt, they were just out to hurt each other. Pulling out clumps of gray hair, slapping and punching each other's face, tits and stomachs, these women were doing some serious damage. The shocking part was that although clumps of hair were pulled out, blood was trickling from Violet's mouth and Delores' nose and they were both sweating profusely and breathing heavy, neither woman was backing off.

They stopped momentarily and then clashed again, this time hitting the floor on their knees. Tim almost jumped up and stopped them right then so he was clearly as worried as I was about the brutality of the battle. We did have the same worries but we definitely were not on friendly terms. We cheered them on and used scathing terms as we spoke about our counterpart's foe.

"Tear her ugly face up mom!" shouted Tim.

" Kick the slut's ass Violet!" I yelled.

" Scratch the whore's eyes out ma!" Tim fired off.

" The old cunt is getting tired Violet, yank her saggy tits off!" I exclaimed.

Every time we would yell something the women would fight that much harder and Violet would tell me later that she got that much more excited as well. The fight was getting more violent on the floor as both women faced off on their knees, claws out, tearing flesh as they were fighting like cats. Tim couldn't stand it anymore as his mom was getting torn up, he looked at me and said, " We gotta stop them before they kill each other." Although I was loving the fight, I agreed and we jumped up, got on the floor and pulled the exhausted, sweaty but still very angry women apart.

" You said you wouldn't interfere!" Violet said though heavy breaths.

" Damn it, Tim. We are settling this now!." Delores exclaimed, also breathing heavily.

"Sorry mom but you are gonna kill each other, there must be another way." Tim replied.

" Well, we did discuss one other option. " Violet said.

" What's that?" I asked.

" You two boys could settle it for us." Delores answered.

" That is the other reason we asked you along," Violet explained, " We knew you might let us fight or might not but if not we knew you would be willing to fight for us, fight for our honor!"

I was stunned, I hadn't been in many fights in my life but had told Violet about a few of them so she may have thought I was an expert. I was definitely reluctant to this idea as we helped the women still sweaty, bloody and out of breath to the couch. Tim knelt down in front of his battered mother while I sat beside Violet.

" I will fight him for you mom, I will kick his ass for you!" Tim said as he stared at his mother. "Great, a mommy's boy who will do anything for her", I thought to myself. I adored Violet, but a fight? I was very unsure of this prospect when all of a sudden Violet turned towards me with a gleam in her eye.

" I know it is a lot to ask sweetie, but I would love to see you kick this mama's boy's ass." Violet purred as she slid her hand up and down my tie. Then she won me over with her next move, saying," I think it would be incredibly sexy to see you dominate him for me Dalton, extremely sexy." punctuating that last "extremely sexy" by running her hand on my crotch, feeling my hardness through my pants.

I was sold. "I'll do it." I exclaimed.

The women discussed it, the rules were simple, just like them there would be none. The losing man's partner would sign over the house. Both women eagerly volunteered us to strip out of our suits, not wanting to ruin them they said. Tim and I stripped down to our underwear and sized each other up in the process. I stood about 6'1 and weighed in at about 220 lbs. I was not in great shape but not bad, I knew Violet didn't take her eyes off me as I stripped down. Tim stood about 6'0 and was a little heavier than me, mostly in the gut. We both had brown hair with touches of gray but his was shoulder length with a beard and mustache while I was clean shaven with shorter clean cut hair. We both had hairy chests and legs as we stretched out a little, both unsure of what we got ourselves into but both determined to win, him for his mother and me for the object of my lustful intentions, Violet.

I had thought there relationship was a bit close for mother and son but it got a bit weirder when Delores made a final request. " Your son-in-law is handsome alright but I bet his cock doesn't compare to my Tim's."

I thought that was an odd thing to say but then Violet came to my defense with, " I haven't seen it yet but I guarantee Dalton is bigger and thicker than your little boy is." These women tried to one up the other at every turn.

" Take off your shorts Tim and fight him like that. Show him who has the better cock." Delores asked her son. Although they never touched each other sexually in front of us, it still was a bit odd how open the mother and son were.

Violet, not wanting to be outdone, stepped in front of me and put her fingers on he waistband of my boxer briefs," Will you fight naked for me?"

"Well, when you ask like that," I thought to myself as I nodded to my sexy mother-in-law, trembling slightly as she slid my underwear over my bulging cock and too my ankles. My cock grazed her cheek as I stepped out of my shorts. Violet winked at me and went over and sat next to her foe.

They both looked incredibly sexy despite still being sweaty with smeared blood on legs and arms, sporting messed up gray hairdos. They were sitting on the couch with their sweat soaked underwear, both eagerly anticipating our upcoming nude battle.

Tim looked at me and walked forward and I did the same. We put up our fists and started to box. Thankfully, Tim was as inexperienced as I was at the art of fighting. We would connect a time or two but mostly miss and circle each other when Delores yelled out, " Take him down son, kick his sorry ass!" Tim dove at my stomach and we hit the carpet. We were sweating profusely now which made it hard to gain an advantage as we wrestled, punched and rolled over the floor.

" Come on Dalton, punch him out." Violet yelled.

" You can do it Tim, get him down and pound the bastard." Delores screamed.

The two women were acting like over sexed horny teenagers, cheering us on, yelling how good we looked while insulting our opponent in viscous fashion.

" You look amazing Dalton sweetheart, break that pencil dick's face." Violet yelled.

" I told you were bigger Timmy, punish his tiny cock son; for your mother." Delores urged.

The fighting was furious and violent, we punched stomachs and chests and tried to bend off limbs. We would occasionally get a good face shot in but when Delores made that last statement it changed the fight entirely. Tim swung at my face but I blocked it so he followed with a hard punch to my balls which were unprotected. I doubled up in pain and he pounded on my stomach and legs as Delores cheered him on. I tried to catch my wind but as I rolled over he was able to twist me around, exposing my cock again but this time he grabbed it and yanked it violently. I was moaning in pain and Violet tried to encourage me but he was doing some damage down there and my cock was burning with pain. Tim punched me in the gut again and went to punch me in the balls again, as well. Luckily I rolled over in time for him to catch my thigh instead, which still hurt but was not the deciding blow it could have been.

I was in a lot of pain but more than that, I was getting really pissed off. I started swinging at Tim wildly and finally caught him with a shot to the jaw. It stunned him long enough for me to drive my shoulder into his gut and tackle him from his position on his knees. I was punching his stomach and chest multiple times when I saw an opportunity I almost considered not taking. This was no ordinary afternoon though so when I saw his cock unprotected, I attacked. I had never touched another man's cock before but this had turned into a dirty cock fight and I was planning on coming out on top. I yanked his cock furiously one way and then the other as he yelled out in pain. We rolled over towards the couch but I had his cock clamped tight and I was mauling it in a punishing fashion. He was starting to struggle less and less while moaning more and more and I just knew he was going to give up soon. He was in no position to attack me but I had a vise grip hold on his rod, punishing him severely.

I was in total control when all of a sudden, THUMP! Everything went black for a second or two and then fuzzy which allowed Tim to roll away from me and out of the death grip I had on his now mangled penis.

Violet told me later of what happened in those few minutes and how things escalated towards a finish. Watching my death grip on her son's cock, Delores knew he was in a lot of pain. She then did what most mothers would do instinctively, she protected her son by taking both of her well manicured feet and kicking me right in the back of the head. Violet was furious and as Delores got up to tend to Tim who was rolling away, Violet tackled Delores and they fell right on top of me. Violet said they struggled on me for a minute then rolled off, continuing their vicious battle from earlier. They rolled around the carpet between Tim and I, both of us wounded from our battle. They scratched, punched and kicked furiously. I finally started to come too and saw the women back at it on the floor. They were breathing heavy again and they struggled, pushing and pulling their way to their knees facing each other. Delores then grabbed Violet's bra and ripped it off, Delores did the same and I was once again in awe of the amazingly sexy seniors, who were now locked up in a violent tit battle, twisting and digging their claws both aiming to draw blood.

They both were in severe pain and mutually backed off of the tit battle, rubbing wounded breasts, they rested momentarily before going back on the attack. This time Delores went for Violet's panties and Violet followed suit. The two pair of lacy panties didn't stand a chance as they were ripped off quickly and violently. They both had one thing on their mind now, they wrestled and got themselves in position and started mutual pussy attacks. My eye sight was clearing up just in time to see this incredible sight. Delores had a small trimmed up gray haired bush while Violet's was still brown and it was fuller and thicker than Delores'. Delores yanked pubic hair while Violet dug her fingers inside Delores pussy, causing her to scream out in pain. I was fixated on this but luckily I had kept an eye on Tim who, hearing his mother's cries, started to crawl towards Violet.

I sprung too my feet and launched myself forward as Tim started to grab Violet's hair. I drove my shoulder into his thighs, tackling him right next to where the women were having their pussy battle. We started in again, furiously grappling, punching and wrestling. All four of us now were nude, struggling around on the carpet, occasionally rubbing up against our counterparts as everyone struggled for dominance.

Thankfully Violet and I were in slightly better condition than our foes. We each were able to get on top of our exhausted foes, first me and then Violet soon after. I watched Violet pin down Delores' arms with her sexy legs, while I situated myself on Tim's chest,also pinning down his arms. Delores and Tim were both exhausted but still very obnoxious, shouting and cussing at us while trying to get free.

" Lets finish this Dalton baby, you need to save some energy for later." Violet panted.

" Okay Vi," I said, getting a second wind as I thought about what I might need energy for later.

I punched Tim twice in the jaw but then Violet shouted," Wait, Dalton dear, don't knock him out yet, you gotta make this a little more memorable for them sweetie."

Violet inched up her foes chest, shoving her sweaty, bushy cunt in Delores' face. Delores was gasping for air as Violet smothered her in her sweat soaked hair pie. I got off Tim momentarily, not wanting my cock anywhere near this fucker's mouth, I decided it would be a bit safer and even more humiliating to lower my sweaty ass over his fat mouth. I sat on his nose as Violet yelled, " Smother him with that sweet ass baby!!"

Violet backed up onto Delores' sore tits, grabbed her by the hair which was dripping in sweat and viciously jerked her head to the side making her face her son being smothered by my sweaty ass. Delores yelled for me to stop when Violet said, " You know how to make him stop bitch." Violet climbed off of her foe and gingerly walked to the table. Delores tried in vain to move but was sore and thoroughly exhausted. Violet got the paper and pen and forced Delores to sign over the house to her. After she signed it, I got off of an now semi-conscious Tim,a sweaty bloody mess sprawled out on the rug.

I had never done anything like this before and even though I was absolutely exhausted, beat up and very sore; I was also never so excited and horny in my entire life. Obviously Violet felt the same way as after putting the signed contract in her purse she walked towards me on the couch where I sat exhausted. I thought for sure she just wanted a place to sit down and rest but she had other intentions. We were both a sweaty, sticky and bloody mess from our respective battles but that made it even hotter and a bit animalistic as she lowered herself onto my lap with her arms around my neck pulling me in for the hottest kiss of my now middle aged life. I had never felt hornier as she kissed me passionately. Our tongues wrestling as furiously as the four of us had done earlier on the shag carpet of my cat fight goddess's new house. I slid my hands up and down her sweat soaked skin, rubbing her up and down from her saggy blood stained tits to her shapely cream colored legs. She instantly grabbed my hard cock, stroking it furiously as I tried to hold in the semen explosion this wildcat was destined to cause.

" I promise a day full of anything you want tomorrow sweetheart but now you gotta put this beautiful cock inside me and fuck me deeper and harder then you ever fucked my daughter." Violet whispered in my ear as she kept stroking my now throbbing cock .

That bit of naughtiness made it that much hotter and although I longed to kiss every inch of her naked body from her head to those tasty looking toes I did as I was told, rolling her softly onto the floor, spreading her legs wide and engulfed her glorious thick bush with my rock hard dick. I bounced in and out of her like a jackhammer as she screamed, " FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER, CUM INSIDE ME, EXPLODE INSIDE ME!"

She wanted me deep inside her so she wrapped her sweaty thighs around me and pulled me inside her over and over again; the next thrust harder than the last. I decided to take control and do something her daughter used to love for me to do, just before I shot my load inside her. I grabbed her thighs and got her to release her death grip around my waist and I put her left foot on my right shoulder and then her right foot on the other. I continued pumping her wildly, almost bending her in half so I could get my tongue on those sexy feet of hers. I started licking her feet all over, back and forth from one wrinkled sole to the other as Violet screamed in approval, obviously like mother like daughter. I then coaxed her to arch those delicious toes towards my mouth and sucked her toes, first one at a time and soon after all five tasty tootsies at once. I was so fucking turned on as Violet quivered beneath me, exploding in orgasms multiple times. My cock was becoming an active volcano and I could not hold it in any longer. I had her right foot completely in my mouth,swirling her tasty toes with my tongue as I exploded my warm sticky cum deep inside of her causing one last earth shattering orgasm to pulsate through Violet's tingling body. We trembled in each other's arms, our bodies melted together in sexual bliss as we had spent all those years as in-laws wondering what making love to each other would be like. We had finally fucked each other, as we had desired to do all of the years of my marriage to her daughter. It was the most amazing afternoon of my life.

We went upstairs, showered, fucked again and then slept awhile before coming back down a few hours later. When we came down our rivals were gone. Delores had written a note saying that even though she lost the house this wasn't finished. She wrote that in a month or so they would be back and this time it would be the two of us sprawled naked on the carpet with a double face full of their sweat soaked assholes. Violet and I looked at each other and said, " Anytime!"

Rating: 87%, Read 39900 times, Posted Jan 31, 2013

Fiction | BDSM, Extreme, Foot fetish, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Mature, Old Female, Torture, Violence


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