Ski Condo by texasman23

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Fiction | Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Wife

My wife, Cathy, and I have been married for 5 years now. When we started dating, we were somewhat adventurous in our sex life. We had the occasional sex in the car. When we traveled we would sometimes have sex on the balcony of the hotel room. Occasionally we would talk dirty. Of course, when we first met I didn’t think she would be that way. She is somewhat religious and pretty conservative. I learned quickly that, a few drinks in, she can get a little more adventurous…and horny.

Cathy is about 5’6” tall, dark hair, dark eyes, thin, with small a-cup breasts. I don’t mind at all…in fact, I really like them. She has great legs and a fantastic ass. I’m 6’ tall with dark hair and green eyes, and I’m in good shape.

This story takes place when we had been dating for about a year and a half. We decided to take a trip with some friends of ours, Kristin and Ken. Kristin and Cathy were good friends through work, and had gotten married a few months earlier. We went to Vail during the summer. We rented a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo for a few days. The plan was some hiking, biking, and just relaxing to get out of the Texas heat.

The first couple days were great. We enjoyed the amazing weather, spending plenty of time outdoors. We ate great food, hiked, biked, and drank. The first two nights, we ended up back at the condo. We each retired to our separate rooms, exhausted. Cathy and I managed to have pretty good sex the first night, trying to stay pretty quiet. The second night, we couldn’t even manage.

The next morning, however, we could hear Ken and Kristin going at it. We both woke up and started giggling. As we listened, I snuggled up behind her, and we quietly had sex.

Ten minutes later we were all in the kitchen making coffee and breakfast. We decided that there would be no rigorous activity that day. We were going to walk around the town, and enjoy the sunshine.

We spent the day shopping, eating, drinking, talking, laughing. It was a great day in Vail. We ended up just staying out for dinner. Of course, we went through a couple bottles of wine over dinner. I could tell Cathy was getting a little frisky, because she turned and kissed me, with tongue.

We all sauntered back to the condo, stopping to grab another couple bottles of wine on the way. We were back in the condo by 9:00, which was pretty early. Although we were pretty drunk, we weren’t exhausted like the previous days. We flipped the TV on and opened the first bottle. There was really nothing good on TV.

I noticed some board games and suggested we play. Most of the games were really childish, except Trivial Pursuit, so I picked that one. Then Ken had the idea I was hoping for…”Let’s play strip Trivial Pursuit.” I looked at Cathy as if to say “I’m in if you are.” She replied “OK, but only if we play as couple teams.” I know she did this because I am REALLY good at Trivial Pursuit.

So we all agreed. The rules were, when one team got a pie questions right, the other team had to take off one article of clothing. The girls had 6 articles on, and the guys 5. We decided that was fine since the guys tend to not mind nakedness as much. The other rule was when you got a pie question right, you had to drink half your glass of wine. We didn’t anyone sobering up too much and being uncomfortable.

So we started the game. We got a couple, they got a couple. Socks were all gone. Next, we got one right, and they had to shed the shirts. Kristin is attractive, not as thin as Cathy, but larger breasts. She had no problem tearing her shirt off. The drinks had really gotten to her. Next they got a pie question right, and we had to take our shirts off. I looked at Cathy, and she very willingly took hers off. Although she did make a comment about her small breasts. I said I loved them, and gave her a deep kiss.

Next we got one right, and they had to take pants off. Again, Ken and Kristin were quick to take them off. Kristin had some boy shorts on that gave her ass some shape. Ken had on plaid boxers. I actually didn’t want the game to end without Cathy taking more off, so I missed the next question on purpose. My plan worked, as Ken go the next pie question right. We had to take our pants off. I had on my white boxer briefs, while Cathy had her usually thong. Cathy made it even more enjoyable by standing up and bending over as she took off her pants. Ken got a great view of her ass, and a bit of her lips showing through.

Ken got the next question right. I only had on underwear, and Cathy had her bra and thong. We decided she would take off her bra, and I would leave my underwear on. Cathy reluctantly took off her bra, making another comment about her small breasts. I grabbed her nipples and told her to stop.

Turns out I got the next one. Kristin had to take off her bra, and she had very nice tits. They were smaller than I would have thought, but very perky, with great nipples.

Now it was down to one more question and one couple would be completely naked. We both missed a couple. Meanwhile, I was reaching beneath the table and rubbing the inside of Cathy’s thighs. She kept pushing my hand away, but I kept touching. Eventually I just touched her pussy through her panties. She was soaking wet. Instead of pushing my hand away, she reached over and touched my cock through my underwear. Obviously it perked right up.

Finally we had to ask a question, and Kristin got it right. We had to take the underwear off. We both stood up (as agreed in the rules). You could tell I was already hard. We slowly dropped our underwear, and were standing there naked in front of our friends. It was a strange sensation, but very sexy, especially seeing Cathy standing there, with another guy staring at her.

We sat back down, since the game wasn’t yet over. However, as Ken and Kristin were rolling and trying to get to the center to win, I was still trying to fondle Cathy. She kept getting wetter and wetter. She reached over and grabbed my hard cock. This was all under the table, so Ken and Kristin couldn’t see.

Finally, Cathy couldn’t take it anymore. She was so wet, and I was fingering her clit. She finally stood up, grabbed my hand, walked over to the couch, laid down, and put my head between her legs. I couldn’t resist. I started eating her pussy right there. She was so wet, and it was such a turn on to be eating her in front of others. She looked at Kristin and apologized, but said she was just so turned on.

Cathy was so wet, and grabbing my hair. I was licking from her clit all the way to her ass and back. I counted at least 3 orgasms, and tasted them all. Finally she got up, threw me down, and went to town. She quickly had my whole cock in her mouth, and was sucking furiously. Her hands and mouth were working together. It was so good, but I didn’t want to cum yet.

I grabbed her and pulled her up. I turned her around so she could sit on my hard, wet cock backwards. When we both looked up, we saw Kristin sucking Ken’s cock. Kristin said it was so hot watching us they had to join in.

Cathy sat on my cock, slowly. Then back up. Then she started moving up and down. She turned her head and reached her tongue for mine. We kissed so passionately. She said “I need your cock so badly.” I reached my hands around and was grabbing at her nipples, and down to her pussy. I played with her clit while my cock moved in and out. Ken had now bent Kristin over a chair, and was fucking her from behind. It was so sexy to watch. They were also watching us. I was so glad they could see my cock going in and out.

I asked her what she wanted next, and she surprised me a bit. She said she wanted to watch me fuck Kristin. This got me so hot. I asked if she was serious, and she said yes. We both got up and kissed again. We walked over to Ken and Kristin, and I just grabbed Ken by the shoulder. Cathy then took hold of his hard cock and brought him over to her. I immediately inserted my cock into Kristin’s wet pussy. I reached around and fingered her clit, and whispered in her ear to turn around. She was a bit shocked when she did. I was fucking her hard, and her husband had his cock in Cathy. Kristin obviously liked it because she grabbed my ass and forced my harder.

Cathy had just told me not to cum inside Kristin. She wanted it. I was fucking Kristin so hard, but I had to think of my then girlfriend. She was getting hammered by Ken. I felt myself getting close, so I took one last pump, then stopped. I got up and walked over to my wife. I placed my cock near her and she grabbed it. Kristin came over and laid next to Cathy. Ken took his cock out of Cathy and put it near Kristin. Both girls started jerking our cocks in unison.

It only took a few seconds, and I was ready to burst. I started spewing cum all over Cathy’s chest. It went past her onto Kristin. Some of Ken’s cum went onto Cathy. It was all mingling together. It was incredibly sexy to see. I collapsed on Cathy. We kissed passionately, and I started rubbing the cum in all over.

We finally got up and headed to our separate rooms. Cathy and I took a shower, and ended up having sex again. We got in bed, and I asked if she was ok. She said she had never thought she would like that, but was so turned on. We talked about it, and fucked passionately one more time.

Rating: 78%, Read 9863 times, Posted Mar 03, 2011

Fiction | Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Wife


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