Realising Our Fantasies Together by Beezlebubzzz

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Fiction | Authoritarian, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Pegging

I was stood, looking at myself in the mirror. Maria, my wife, had gone to pick up some groceries and I was left to my own devices, and I had decided to open the package that had come the day before. Two pairs of pantyhose, in different styles and colors, one a velvety purple with intricate web patterns, the other a dark black sheen with stripes running down it. I had always found pantyhose and stocking a huge turn on, and for a good while that was my go-to when ever I was watching porn. I even bought pairs for Maria over the years, and she gratefully wore them, but these were just for me.

My own shameful little secret. I had always wondered what they felt like enveloping my legs, but I had never acted on it, but I decided to try once. I shaved my legs and my groin the previous night, telling Maria I was just getting into good grooming, but what I really wanted to see was how feminine my legs looked in them. It didn't take long for me to strip down to nothing and place my foot in one of the legs, slowly drawing it up so it was taut over my calf, the web pattern stretching over it. I placed my other leg in doing the same, and slowly started drawing them up over my knees and my thighs, and placing the top of them firmly around my waist above the groin.

Ever since my toes felt the caress of nylon I was sporting the hardest erection I had in months, and I caught a glance of myself in the full length mirror My dick was pointing straight at it, my balls pulled up taut against the shaft, which was springing up and down in excitement, pre-cum leaking from the slit onto the timber floor below, causing little circles which looked like craters on th surface. I couldn't help but be hypnotized by the sight of my legs in the pantyhose. My legs didn't look particularly great, but they didn't look bad either, but it was just the fact it was my legs in pantyhose that had me captivated. I bent down, and started to caress the inside of my thighs, feeling the soft nylon on my legs, my forearm rubbing up against my turgid head, still leaking, the thin dribbles running down my arm, onto my hand and then on to the purple, and all I could do was rub it into the nylon, making the inside of my thighs tingle even more.

I decided to go even further. I had recently discovered the joys of shemale porn, which had fueled my interest in wearing pantyhose, and the sight of their socks cocks sitting on their balls as they were fucked from underneath was all I could get off to the last two months. I had bought the pantyhose wanting to know what they felt like to wear, and they felt wonderful, but I was beginning to wonder in my mind what it was like to be a trans-girl being fucked by a big cock. I turned around to look at my tight ass sitting above the webs of the legs and below the tightness of the garter, exposing it's whiteness for all to see. It's tightness was great, and it looked in the pantyhose like an ass I would have loved to fuck. I opened the cheeks with my hands to reveal the tight hole inside, and I bent over double, my hands on my ankles and my head looking through my legs to look at my unguarded asshole. I had also shaved that area and it turned me on how fuckable I looked in that position. I brought one hand up fro my ankle and through the legs, and I started prodding at my asshole, which was tight and wouldn't give to my probing finger. My pre-cum was leaking even harder, and I decided to take some on the tip of my finger and rub it against my opening. It was bliss, every nerve tingling as I slowly worked the tip of my finger in circles around it, and I couldn't stop myself from moaning lowly in pleasure. After a minute of doing this, I re-applied more of the fluids to my finger, and after applying them to my ass I started to push with earnest, and after a few pushed the tip shot in. I was shocked by the slight pain and discomfort, but was delirious with the thought I was fingering myself. My eyes were closed the whole time, but I opened them to watch as my finger worked it's way in and out as the pain and discomfort subsided, and as the pleasure increased my knees started to tremble, and I struggled to hold myself up as I heard the door open and a voice boom through the house.

“Hey honey, I'm back. We're having chicken and pasta for dinner tonight.”

I started panicking, and pulled my finger which was halfway in out suddenly, causing a load moan to escape from my lips.

“Honey, are you alright?”

I tried to regain my composure quickly as I threw on my underwear and pants over the pantyhose as I threw the other pair and the packaging quikly behind the bed. “Yeah, I'm fine, just stubbed my toe is all. I'll be down in a minute to help.”

“Okay!” She replied in her ever cheerful voice. I dodged a bullet with that one. I threw on a shirt and a pair of socks to hide the webbed patterns over my feet, and started to rub at the little pre-cum craters with my sole to clean them up, causing little wet streaks on the timber. I looked at myself in the mirror, looking somewhat stricken, and grabbed it by both sides and sighed, waiting for my breathing and heartrate to adjust to normal, before running downstairs.

Marie was standing at the counter unpacking the groceries, the summer shorts she was wearing hugging her ass as I could see her slender tanned legs under them. She was wearing a blouse without a bra, her small tits not showing through too obviously as she looked at me with dark amber eyes, the sunlight shimmering on her raven black hair tied back into a loose ponytail, a strand having fallen loose and hanging right next to her left eye. I was a really lucky man. By any standard she was a beautiful woman, but she was close to my idea of the perfect woman, even her small tits which hung tight against her. A cute button nose, sensuous lips, a great body, and maybe 5 feet and a few inches, but it was those amber eyes which held me in thrall. I had met her soon after graduating college as I started working as a community rep with an up and comer, and I had somehow managed to keep her interested for eight years. The sex was fantastic, and she was willing to do pretty much anything, and there were nights, even eight years later, where we fucked sometimes five times a night. So I really didn't know why I was doing my own thing with the pantyhose by myself. She started to look me up and down with her eyes.

“Hey honey, you okay? You're sweating.”

“I was just doing some cardio. You want me fighting fit, don't you?” I was just about holding myself together enough to lie to her. I should have thought about what I was going to say, even in an innocuous situation like that.

“But you are fighting fit enough already, don't you think?” She smiled and winked at me as she walked the two steps over and ran her fingers over my abs, and also over the garter. If she noticed, she didn't say anything. But it felt hot to wear the pantyhose around her without her knowing, in seconds I had a rager in my pants, straining to burst through, and I knew I had to get my release. She was in a playful mood, and I was wanting to see how far she was willing to go.

“Well, guess I will show you. Turn around, grab the counter and spread your legs.”

“What are you doing?” The smile on her face was telling me she already knew, but without an answer she did as I said.

“Close your eyes and don't move. Can you do that for me baby?”

“Anything for you.” She said it with a sigh of pleasure. I was surprised how quickly she was getting into it.

She was a good foot smaller than me and after making sure her eyes were closed, I took off my pants and underwear and grabbed her between the legs. Even through the shorts, she was wet and I slipped the shorts and her thong aside as I bent my knees and placed my dick at her entrance. She threw here head back as I rubbed my head against her shaved opening a few times. It was such a turn on to fuck her wearing the pantyhose on and without her knowing. We were both wet, and my dick slipped in easily to the hilt, all seven inches of it, and after pumping her a few times, I straightened my legs, lifting her off the ground. She moaned loudly in response. “Oh honey, I can fucking feel you!” I grabbed her silky smooth legs and had her wrap them around my ass, hoping that she wouldn't feel the thin strips of nylon, but she said nothing, only moaned as I grabbed her waist, took a step forward leaving her lying on her front on the counter as I fucked her. Pinning her down with one hand, I reached around and under her to fondle her tit through her blouse, her small nipple standing straight out as I brought her blouse down enough for her tits to spill out. I tweaked her nipple as I fucked her, and soon she was cumming on my dick, shaking as she came hard, and after a few pumps more I was shooting my load deep into her, my hand still around her soft tit.

“That was amazing honey. What got you into this mood?”

“Like I said. Cardio is a great thing.” Before she had a chance to turn around I had thrown off her legs and was quickly hopping into my pants and underwear, my socks having never come off. A minute passed before either of us said anything. “Need any help with the groceries?”

“No babes, you go and do more cardio for me and I'll see you later.” My cum was dripping onto the tiles from her pussy, which was still exposed, as were her tits, but she didn't seem to mind or notice. I grabbed her and stuck my tongue roughly in her mouth, pulling her against me, and she kissed back with eagerness, her tongue quickly probing all corners of my mouth as I felt her soft tits squashed against my trunk. I was quickly becoming hard again, and I pushed off and sauntered back upstairs to jack off to a tranny wearing stockings getting roughly fucked.

It was about a month later. I was lying in bed naked, stroking a hard-on looking at Maria parade around in lingerie, spinning around to show me her globes spilling out either side of her thong, as she slowly unhooked her bra and let it fall away to the floor, and she spun back around, her arm barred across her chest as she covered her nipples. I could see her pussy lips hanging out from her crotchless lace panties, and she was wearing a pair of frost white stockings below them. Her entire set was color mismatched, but I didn't mind. Ever since that day in the kitchen, our sex had become more intense, nothing more so than our foreplay sessions. We had started drawing them out to twenty minutes of nothing but teasing and stripping, and we were having the best sex of our lives when we got down to it.

She let her arm fall away from her chest, revealing her perky tits and dark nipples.

“Stop stroking yourself!” She had become more assertive in the bedroom, and I was loving it, obliging every command. “You're going to close your eyes and just lay there.”

“Yes ma'am.” I closed my eyes, and I could feel her soft footsteps approaching the bed, before I could fell the springs bounce beside me. Her small hand gripped me at the base of my dick, and she ever so slowly started to work her slim fingers up and down as her other hand was massaging my balls. I just lay there enjoying it as I felt her sensuous lips on my head, sliding over it before it was covered by her hot moist mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, working more of the shaft in each time, while she took a testicle between her fingers and softly massaged it. She started to work her tongue, gently licking the slit and the head before rolling it further down the shaft, before withdrawing it and repeating the process. It was heaven. She took her mouth off and moved the hand from the base to the tip, slowly massaging the head which was covered in her saliva, before using the saliva to work it up and down the shaft. Her head resumed its position, and she started taking more and more of me until she was choking on five inches. She increased the speed of her hands wanking my shaft and massaging my testes and within seconds I blew my load down her throat, she not wasting a single drop as my dick jerked in her mouth.

“That was amazing baby. You've got really good recently.” She lay her head down beside my rapidly shrinking dick, running a hand up and down my thigh as I kept my eyes closed.

“Are you trying to say I wasn't any good before?” She said playfully.

“Not at all. I'm saying you've gone from regional champion of dick sucking to undisputed world champion. How did you get so good?”

“I'll show you soon honey. You might be as good as me one day.” I felt her grab my dick, limp in her slender fingers, and something cold enveloped it, and as I opened my eyes in surprise I could see her closing a device on it, placing a padlock on the device and locking it, placing the key in the top of her stockings.

“Uh, baby, what are you doing?” She looked at me with those eyes, those eyes I always got lost in.

“I'm giving you a helping hand honey. You seriously don't think I didn't notice, did you?”

“Notice what?” I was getting anxious at this point.

“The envelope or the contents you seem to have had forgotten behind the bed. A pair of pantyhose.” I had become so enamored with the other pair had completely left my mind.

“They were for you to wear honey while I fuck you.”

“Don't lie to me babes.” She harshly flicked my testicle. “You let me help you, you'll get nothing but pleasure. But if you resist, I have to punish you. “She flicked my other testicle. It stung like a bitch. “I felt that pair you were wearing fucking me on the kitchen counter. It made me hot as fuck. So I help you with your fantasy, and you can help me with mine whether you like it or not. You're going to be my slut from now on.” We had never talked about our fantasies, we had never felt the need to, the sex was that good.

“What is your fantasy?” I was highly curious about it. After eight years, a facet of her I never knew. It had made me forget about the weirdness of the situation.

“I want to get caught nude or fucking by a complete stranger and make them cum.” I was panicking then. Did it mean that she had lost interest in me? I was head over heels in love with Maria. “But ever since I found out about you it has changed. I want us to get caught and I want us to make the stranger cum together. But before we can do that we have to go through with your training.” She pulled at the device. “This chastity cage is just the start. It means you can only fuck or jerk-off when I want you to, but it means you're free to get fucked anytime.” She got up off the bed and walked over to the room adjacent to ours. As she did I tried to pry off the cage with no luck, only pain. It was coiled about, and my dick was limp in it. She re-emerged carrying a small bundle, and I quickly withdrew my hands.

“You're going to put these on, and then we're going to have a little fun, okay honey?” It wasn't a question and she wasn't asking for my permission. I was beginning to feel if I had really hurt her by starting to wear pantyhose, but my mind was brought crashing down when she threw some of the bundle at my feet. A pair of red stockings and matching garter belt, a pair of crimson silk panties and a matching bra, and a long blonde wig. “You're going to want to put those on.” She was still holding a few items, but the one that caught my eye was the strap-on she was carrying. It was about six inches long and slender, made of black plastic. She started to put it on, and threw me a glance.

My mind was screaming for me to run away, but I started to put on the stockings and the garter belt, my dick small straining against the cage, It took a few minutes but I managed to attach them once I had them on, and then I slowly for the first time slipped up the panties. It was a thong, and I could feel it ride up my ass crack, and when I looked down I could see the bulge of the cage. The silk felt wonderful against my skin, and I shivered in delight. I picked up the wig and gingerly threw it over my head, trying to get the parting to face forward. I could feel a pressure on my thigh from behind, and when I turned it was Maria, who was holding the bra and bidding me to turn back around. The strap-on dildo was bobbing against my thigh.

“I'll fix the clasp for the bra and you should be ready to start training, slut.” She roughly pulled and pushed arms until the bra was on, before grabbing the cage and roughly pulling me towards the mirror. I could see myself from head to toe, and I looked like a completely different person.

“There's a reason I asked you shave everything. What do you think? Would you fuck yourself?”


“I want you to work your nipples for me.” She pulled the panties aside so I could see the cock in the cage, and there was nothing more I wanted to do than break free of it and fuck Maria as roughly as I ever had. I brought my hands under the bra, my fingers gliding over my nipples. You're going to take my cock tonight honey. But first you're going to suck it.” I was alarmed, but willing to go along with anything she wanted. She was stroking the dildo beside me, a look of pure lust on her face. She grabbed me by the testes and pulled hard until I was in so much pain that my knees buckled slightly, and she used that as an opportunity to put a hand on the top of my head and push me down to my knees. I was still slightly above the bobbing piece of plastic.

“Suck it bitch!” I knelt there, just looking at it, and after a few seconds she reached down and harshly tweaked a nipple. “Now take a taste whore, unless you don't want to come anytime soon.”

I looked up into her eyes, the serenity replaced by a maniacal intensity, and not looking away I stuck out a tongue and placed it on the plastic head. “Now work it around the head. Lick every inch.” I did as she commanded, her own nipples standing to attention like I had never see them do before. Her breathing was shallow. “Jerk it.” I moved my hand up and down its length. I was in a horny fugue, but in the back of my mind I was scared at the prospect of taking it. “Take those breeding balls in your mouth.” I did as she commanded, every few dozen seconds a new act to perform on the dildo. “Now stop.” She spun around. “Eat my asshole. Get your tongue in as far as you can.” We had never even done anal, and there she was asking for a rimjob. It was like she was a whole different woman.

I stuck my tongue out again, licking at her tight brown opening, circling her asshole with my tongue. She began moaning and pulled my head up against her ass. After getting the area nice and wet with my saliva, I started to probe with my tongue. There was a lot of resistance, but after a few minutes my tongue managed to wriggle it's way into her center.

“OH MY GOOOODDDDD!” Maria screamed at the top of her lungs, thrusting her ass at me. I reached around with both hands, and stared to play with her clit. “You better get....mmmm....used to fucking me with your tongue slut...mmmmmMMMMMM......because your dick won't see me for at least a week.” She started quivering, her screams building up to a crescendo until she collapsed onto me. She just crouched there against me, trying to catch her breath. She pushed off me, collapsed onto the bed and pointed at me and then quickly the bathroom.

I followed her instructions to find a device on the floor with a note. 'I need you clean babes. Use this enema. Pretty self explanatory.' I looked at it with trepidation, but I knew that the new Maria would react badly if I didn't. She had power over me now, and not just the cockcage. She could help me make my dreams come true. I did as the instructions for the device stated, enjoying the feeling of the tube going up my ass and the warm water filling it. After ten minutes I was done and went back to the bedroom where Maria was waiting for me.

“Are you clean slut?"

“Yes master.”

“Mmmm, master, I like that. I really like that. Now crouch on the bed on all fours now, sissy.”

I was more excited than I had ever been. I walked over, trying to move sexily, my hips swaying, Maria and I not breaking eye contact once. I mounted the bed, slowly moving forward until I was in position. “Now close your eyes.” I did as she requested. I was trembling and couldn't stop myself.

She moved into position behind me and I felt something cold drop onto my asshole. “Spread your legs a bit more, I need you at the right height.” Her hand was around my scrotum as she said this. I spread, my ass lowering. I could feel her massaging whatever it was around the whole area before something small pushed into my core. I bucked against it, the discomfort making me squeal. The object started moving in and out slowly, leaving me empty before filling me up again. “You love my index finger, don't you sissy? What happen if I add my middle finger?” She withdrew her finger, and then two replaced it going in as far as the knuckle. She was finger fucking me then, and I loved it. I lowered my head and started to scream into the bed covers. I was so caught up in my own pleasure that I didn't notice that she had withdrew her fingers and placed the dildo at my entrance. In one long movement, she had it up to the hilt in me, and in my pleasure and pain, I was beating on the bed with both hands.

“You love my cock don't you baby?” She slowly started fucking me, withdrawing to the head before harshly plunging the whole length in and repeating the movement. I don't know why, but I really wanted to pee then, and if I could have wet myself I would have, I had lost all self control. Maria started picking up the pace, slapping me on the ass and calling me every kind of dirty name she could think of. She started poking at my cock through the holes in the cage, but I didn't care that I couldn't come, she was giving me more pleasure fucking me than I had ever fucking anyone else.

She started withdrawing it completely, leaving me feeling empty and begging for it, before going all in, and taking it out again. I was completely subservient to her. But she withdrew one last time, and never put it back. “ That's enough for today's taster slut. Did you like it?”

I was breathing harshly, but I still mumbled. “I love you Maria with my everything.”

“That's right.” She pushed me onto my side and sat facing me on the bed, her legs spread wide open. Below the dildo was an open patch with her pussy exposed.” I need to cum again. Tell me what you'd do with an eight inch cock.” She started rubbing her clit furiously. “Big purple head, thick, veiny, and it's yours to do with it as you want. Giant ballsack hanging low, full of cum just for you.”

“I'd start sucking him off. I'd start with my mouth over his head, my tongue licking very inch of it, before getting as many of those inches in my mouth as I could.” I was still breathing heavily, but I was horny enough to still be a willing participant. My wife wanking off to the thought of me sucking a cock was a real turn on. “I would suck on his balls one at a time, suck each one, before putting his dick back in my mouth and letting him blow a load, and I would swallow every single drop of that sweet cum.”

“No you wouldn't!” She was starting to breath heavily herself, her words just about coming out. I could see she was getting closer to the edge.” You've only lubed him up with your mouth.”

“I would get him to lay down, and I would kneel over him, and place the big purple tip at my asshole. I would hold it there, teasing him by rubbing the head up and down my ass. And then I'd lower myself over the head, and start squeezing on it as it sticks in me. And his head is stretching me further than anything I ever thought could. It's so painful, but I'm in ecstasy. And he gets impatient, and demands the good fucking I promised his cock, and he started fucking me in that position, his balls slapping against my ass with each quick thrust. He then grabs me by the hips.”

“MMMmmmm yeah baby, what.....does he do?”

“And lays me down on my stomach, and fucks me with his hand forcing my head against the bed. He cums in me, his dick pulsating, all eight inches of it in my ass, and it fills me. He pulls out, I reach around for his cum, which is gushing out of me and I scoop and eat all of it.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk yyyyeaaaaahhhhhh.” And finally she came, her head thrown back in pure abandon, her pussy spilling juices onto the bed sheets. And she fell back, her head over the side of the bed, her chest heaving. “I love you honey. And I'm going to make that story come true, and I'm going to be there.” And then as I was lying tired, wanting to jack my dick, there was nothing more that I wanted that for my story to come true too.

Will write a part 2 if enough people ask for it

Rating: 92%, Read 54641 times, Posted Feb 12, 2016

Fiction | Authoritarian, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Pegging


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