Destiny of a housewife by mr.wise

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Fantasm | BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Old Female, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports

I am an immigrant from India settled in the USA for almost 11 years ago. I am 31 years old and single. I am well educated and have a good job. I bought a single home with 4 bedrooms but I live alone. I am a very good guy in general but I am a very sadistic dominant in my sexual life. I had a couple of one-night stands but haven't had a steady relationship

I created a dominant profile in a BDSM site and with my pictures. I didn't get lucky for around 2 years, in the mean time I used to go to BDSM munches and had a couple of one-night stands but haven't had a steady relationship. I had a message in my account in the BDSM site with a heading Sir, and it was a simple message - that she wants to get to know me. I saw her profile she was 42 and married. And her profile said she is a masochist and she is looking for a monogamous relationship. I was confused. I replied back and we set up an online chat and she said her name is Katherine and she is married, no kids and currently living as a housewife. But she is looking for a younger dom and wants to have a monogamous relationship, she said she and her husband both are submissive and decided to find their doms.

She said she liked my profile, pictures, and fetishes. She said she is very much into master/slave lifestyle and submitting to a younger Dom makes her feel that she is a real slave as mature female submitting to a younger dom is not normal. And also she said she like Indian culture and she said she liked my tan color very much.

I said thanks, but I said I was looking for a sub my age and though I am a nice guy in general also I am a sadist and very strict in my BDSM life.

She said: she finds the concept of a 'mailed fist within a velvet glove' just what I need.

She said her husband found a mistress and he is in a relationship with her for 4 months, her husband had a huge inheritance money and he gets much more than needed for their living and after the mistress came to live in their house, she lives separately in a different room and has no physical contact with her husband, she lives there just by doing household things and cooking and live with this husbands money.

Her profile was full of degrading and humiliating fetishes - I was wondering that I must be lucky to find women who will have to live under my financial support, which will make her more vulnerable.

I asked for her picture - she sent to my email address -she looked like a cloning of actress Jennifer Connelly from the movie Noah. I was thinking I must be a lucky guy and thought luck started my way. We both set up a date and meet for coffee and she was very beautiful for her 42 years of age. We discussed our background and she has studied biology and got a degree and after marriage, she becomes a full-time housewife.

I said I am looking for a 24/7 slave - when I said the word slave her face was in humiliation. She sensed I am beginning to dominate her. She replied 24/7 is what I want as well.

I suddenly asked does your pussy get wet when I said the word slave. She was shocked turned around and looked either way and noticed that anyone is looking at us and then replied to me with a YES in a submissive voice.

I said your profile page said that you like to get humiliated, degraded.

She said yes again in a low voice.

And your limits are no scat, no blood.

She replied and also no puke.

I asked how about golden showers - she said she likes it.

I said I am very demanding and strict dom, and I expect honesty and complete obedience.

She smiled and said " I will be with full honesty"

I asked why do u smile?

She said this is a first time a younger male is dominating and demanding me.

I asked u have any plans for today.

She replied no and I asked her to come to my home, which she agreed.

When she got in my car, she was nerves

I asked why she is nervous, she said she was scared lightly - I replied " I am not going to bite you " and asked her to relax

When we reached home - I asked her to sit on the couch and I sat in front of her.

I asked: do u like me

She replied - she doesn't know me much, based on our first meeting you seem to be the guy I am looking for

I replied - but I am not sure you are the slave I am looking for

She said: why? In a worried tone

I said I am a sadistic master and pervert - though your profile said u like to get humiliated and degraded - I am much more than that.

She smiled and said I am as well

I replied: isn't?

She said: yes in a curious tone.

I stood up and went to my kitchen and brought a glass and kept on the table before her - I unzipped my pant and took my average size cock - she was staring at my cock with a lot of eagerness.

I took the glass and pissed in the glass till it is full and kept the glass in front of her and unzipped my pants and sat before her on the couch.

If you’re my type of slave - go and drink the glass full of my urine completely.

she looked at me for few seconds and to my surprise, took the glass and drank it completely and took the glass upward invertedly and checked all that every drop has been drunk completely. And she kept the glass on the table and looked at me with a sign of accomplishment.

I was surprised and felt lucky to get women like her beautiful and enthusiastic in drinking my urine.

I asked her to undress completely and stand. Which she did it with obedience. Her pale skin was turning me on. She was very slim and had average size breast and little trimmed pubic hair.

I went to her and pinched her both nipples hard - she endured the pain well and then I looked straight in her eyes and inspected her mouth by opening it and checking her teeth, I asked her to go on all 4s position in the table front of her, I then checked her breast, and then spread her ass cheeks and inspected her asshole, pussy and was inspecting her like a veterinarian, inspecting a dog.

I unzipped my pant and underwear and was with my polo shirt and sat on the couch - I asked her to get down the table and crawl like a dog and come to me - she came crawling.

I told her to bark like a dog, she quickly barked, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I lifted both my legs with sitting on the couch and ordered her to worship my asshole and make me cum just by licking my asshole.

She said will do sir, I suddenly stood up and slapped her very hard and said dogs don't talk,

She was taken by shock and tears came into her eyes, and then barked again with tears in her eyes.

Again I went to my position and ordered her to lick my ass. She came with tears in her eyes and spread my ass checks and took her tongue out and licked my asshole very hard with much pressure with her tongue.

She licked my asshole like as if that is the only purpose of her life, and she was licking with a passion for around 15 mins and I was stroking my cock and enjoying her rimming with light moan, and it's time I was about to cum, I pushed her head and stood up and came on my wooden floor. And sat down on my couch. Asked her to clean my cum off the floor with her tongue and swallow it. She licked the cum from floor clean and swallowed it. I asked her to get dressed and sit on the couch. She got dressed I went to her and sat next to her and hugged her and kissed her four head. And said I am proud of you and there were tears in her eyes. I asked what happened. She said the slap I gave her while ago made her realize that she belonged to me and I haven't been hit that hard till now by anyone. I said I am there for you and don't worry - it's destiny we meet now. I told her that go home and think for a week that you a relationship with me as a slave and I told my rules and training will be very hard and I will get complete control of you.

I told her to go home and think and if you're ready - tell me - we will prepare a slave contract for 1 year. And we will see how we like that 1 year. She said she is willing to sign. I told her to go home and take time for a week and discuss with ur husband. She told me he lives with his mistress in my house and she lives in a separate bedroom. Then I told her if you are interested after a week, tell her husband mistress and to her husband about your discussion and take the clothes you need and call me.

If you didn't call me I will understand.

If you call me after a week, from then you will be my slave.

And I took her in my car and dropped her in her home.

Returned back to my home and was thinking how lucky I am.

A week passed - I got a call from her -

I was excited to see her number and attended- she said " Master I,

My husband and my husband's mistress decided that you will be my perfect master" as you are a nice person in heart and sadistic in BDSM "

I replied her: Well that is a good decision. Prepare your clothes and be ready, I will come to your home at 5 and pick you up.

At 5 I went to her home, she received me at entrance and Introduced to Katherine's husband's mistress - she was Asian women with well-built body and slim structure - I was assuming that she might be a mix of Asian and white race - coz she looks like a white/Asian women she must be in her late 30s or early 40s . We shook hands and exchanged names her name was Alissa. I sat down opposite to her on the couch, saw a white male in mid-40s standing on all 4s with a chastity device over his cock and a dog butt plug tail. No one introduced me to him. Alissa said that he is my dog Peter - he barked twice. I thought to myself that he was well trained. Katherine came from a bedroom with two big suitcases and said she is ready - with black jeans and dark gray tops - she exactly resembled Jennifer Connelly from Noah. I stood up and said and said bye to Alissa and prepared to leave. Alissa said her dog to say bye to Katherine - hence dog Peter barked thrice - Katherine went near her husband kneels down and asked mistress Alissa permission to hug him before she leaves. For which Mistress Alissa agreed - she bent down and hugged her Husband and said bye to him. And got up and said thanks to Mistress. Mistress told me so when she visits my place there will be two dogs. She was referring that Katherine will be also trained like a dog. I smiled and said - of course. And left to my home.

Once reached room - I asked Katherine to follow me and showed her new room. And helped her in her luggage to her room.

Once her luggage is kept in her room. I showed her the entire house and she said she liked it.

I showed her my room at last. She admired my room and the ambiance with dim light and red tone.

I took the slave contract and asked her to read and sign. She read the whole contract and signed and gave the contract to me. I secured the contract in my locker.

I came closer to her and said to her that your officially my slave, and at that moment I caught her back of her neck and kissed her forcefully and like a greedy man kissing her and was tongue kissing her while crushing her Breast over her tops. And I stopped kissing looked straight into her eyes and told her to follow me.

I opened the shelf to show my toys - she was surprised to see a huge wide variety of toys. And I took the butt plug inflator and showed to her and asked her to open her mouth and inserted the butt plug inflator and started pumping it, it expanded in her mouth and I inserted deep into her throat, tears started rolling down her eyes and she began gasping for air and I didn't show mercy and her face become pale red and she struggled for life, I removed the gag instantly - she fell on the floor on her knees and held the floor with one of her hand and with other hand massaged her throat and Coughed and struggled to become normal and tears rolling down her eyes. I bent down and started removing her pants, she helped me in removing her pants. I asked her to get naked - which she instantly got naked. I asked up to get up and lie on the bed And ordered her to raise the legs and spread her ass cheeks and licked her asshole she was shivering when my tongue touched her asshole. And I took a small but plug and inserted in her asshole - it was little tight, but I managed to insert it, now I started to finger her pussy and it was wet, I took my cock and inserted it into her pussy and fucked her in a missionary position with looking into her eyes. I said to her " you are my bitch" I will use you when I want and where I want - all the while fucking. It was 15 mins I was banging my new slave with passion - and once I was about to cum I removed quickly and got up to cum in her face, by accident I came most of the cum into her hair. Her brunette hair was full of cum. I asked the bitch to get into the restroom and take a shower and clean. After a while, she came back after taking a shower still with the butt plug I inserted a while ago. I asked her how is it - you being dominated by a younger guy. She said she feels like a slave - as a young guy 10 yrs younger to me is controlling me - and I think that this is what she was looking for these years.

After that, I gave her a rules sheet and told her as a slave u will have to follow these rules.

To be Continued......

Rating: 85%, Read 18247 times, Posted Jun 28, 2017

Fantasm | BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Humiliation, Interracial, Male, Old Female, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports


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