The Seeding 4 by pars001

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Pregnant

The Seeding 4


John was wore, out had it not been for the vitamins that Helen had made him get, he thought that he'd be dead now. Holy shit! What a way to go! He had already cum 3 times, two from partial blow jobs from Millie, then after they had thrown themselves at each other. John had taken, or rather she had taken her virginity by impaling her self with her full weight.

Afterward they had gone to his bedroom and proceeded to make love for what seemed like hours. He wasn't about to complain hell no, but that litte nymph had almost fucked the shit out of him!

<I have confirmation from Mitch he is approaching home world he estimates another 4 of your hour units> Helen broke his train of thought, <I wish to thank you again, for the use of part of your container to help bring my race back, from the brink of extinction. The efforts that you have provided to me and my people, will make you a hero in their eyes. That is when they have them again.>

<That is all well and good, but I didn't do this to be a hero. I am doing this cause I feel it is right. That's all, ok? no statues, no cheering, no parades I am no hero.>

<Well John, if you feel that no reciprocation of your heroic efforts, is needed then we won't.>

<Thank you Helen, Are you well? is there anything I can do to help you more?>

Laughing Helen replied, <No john, the ..... ah yes! sex that you have been experiencing, has provided me with an ample amount of nutrients. I would say that I am a week ahead of where I thought I would be.>

<So you will be out seven days sooner?> John felt a little sad and glad at the same time, <How long will you have to wait, before you and Mitch can head back to home world?>

<Unlike Mitch, with the extra energy that you have provided, I shouldn't have to wait longer than a week. I believe that Mitch in his excitement, to get back to home world, exhausted his already low energy. The one day there on home world, actually was a recharge that had him at the same point coming back. The past 2 weeks he has rested and properly 'matured' his abilities. Now I feel that there isn't anything or one that could defeat him.>

John's mouth hung agape as he realized just what she had said. He was more powerful? Damn, John hoped that he was still on their side.

Two days later Helen told John that Mitch was back. Then just as suddenly Mitch was there with a blue cylinder at his throat.

"This is the essence container of Barkraminaton, he has allowed you to rename him, also he was a technician on home world"

<I am pleased to meet the only two beings capable of helping our race to live again.> The deep vibrating tones almost irratated John to the point that he felt angry, as did Millie.

"Why am I feeling so angry when he thinks to me?" Millie said, "His thoughts make me want to destroy his container with him in it." Mitch's mouth hung agape as he turned the cylinder and stared at it.

John could feel a heated conversation going on and it didn't seem good.

Speaking up John stepped forward, "If he dislikes us that much, then maybe you should let him die! I don't want something so angry and dark in Millie, yes, Barkraminaton, I have enhanced abilities also and I can tell. I may not be even half as strong as Mitch, but I will fight to defend what is mine!"

Millie stared at John, his? was he actually claiming her as his? her heart soared that ment that he really DID care about her!

John started to reach out when Helen spoke <Barkraminaton, if you are through now, I suggest that you apologise, John is still quite strong, low by our standards but still strong.>

<Helemathitalitic! you are here also. You always knew my true heart, yes I will apologise.>

<John and Millie, I most humbly apologise, I am always testing things and situations out. John, I am proud that you carry the life container, with Helen as you called her in it. The malice you felt is from 4500 of your year units, I was one of the second 100 to go into the capsules. I was supposed to be let out, if there was trouble. After a mere 1500 of your years, I began to sense the dying of our sun. I tried to warn them but, the only ones who heard were Mitch and Helen.

They stayed almost to the end of our world. Mitch, I believe was the very last to be encapsuled.>

John and Millie felt the anger go, John more so, now he felt the grief that the alien felt for the loss of many of his people.

Millie stepped forward and looked at John, it was his decision, to her she wasn't too sure and now she knew that John wouldn't let anything happen to her.

"John," she started, "I trust your judgement, I said I will do this, but if you feel it is unsafe then I won't go through with it." she kissed John to let him know he had her confidence.

<I want to know if you are truly sincere,> John started, <I will die as I told you, and if I do, so does Helen, if I feel the least amount of deceit from you, I will not hesitate to try and end you.>

<I am extremely proud of this race, Mitch you say that the others came here?>

<Yes, I'd say about 4900 of their years ago>

<Then I welcome you, please don't fear, I had to make sure. You are superior like Mitch said. to have our dna mixed with such a strong race, should help us rise to new heights!>

The excitement in his thoughts helped to ease his tension, but John still wasn't totally at ease.

<John, this is a private message, he has truly let all his anger go, I am strong enough now that he would be no match for me. I will continue to watch him closely now that I can see how you are feeling. To contact just me, stare at me and think straight at me. After time, you should have trained your mind doing it that way, to talk just to the one you are trying to talk to.>

John nodded and turned to Millie. "Though I am not that trusting of 'him', we did make a promise. Though many don't think it, we, are a very honorable race, I hope he knows that."

Millie layed down on the floor as the cylinder opened. The huge vision filled the room, <commencing removal of genetic reproduction material>

"Be careful of the baby," Millie shouted out, The three cocks melded into one and settled on Millie the cock began to push deeper and deeper. Millie's breath became ragged, she could feel her orgasm starting, almost as massive as the first time with John. The orgasm swelled higher, warmer, it began to consume her, building, but not cresting. Finally, she screamed out her pleasure, then passed out. John watched closely when the vision withdrew the cock from her. It stood just a moment, before it shrank to a ball of light and entered her abdomen.

Watching, Mitch was waving his hand over Millie's abdomen when he looked up "the procedure was a success, we have to await Millie's regaining consciousness before I can do a proper scan."

John went to stay near Millie, he wanted to be the first thing she saw when she woke up. An hour later Millie stirred from her slumber.

"Umm hello hunk" she smiled stretching up to lock her arms around John's neck and pull him down for a kiss.

John looked her over expecting to find something wrong, finally when he was satisfied, leaned in more and deepened the kiss even more.

"Was I out long?" she asked looking into John's eyes.

"Bout an hour, we've been watching over you the whole time, I finally got to see what happened." John replied holding Millie close. "I wanted to make sure nothing went wrong, plus I wanted my face to be the first thing you saw when you woke up."

Millie smiled, "I liked that, it was just the thing I needed,"

"I need to scan you again, everything depends on the present health of you and the container.

"Mitch please refrain from saying that," Millie said irratated that he still refered to a baby as a container, "couldn't you just call it a baby?"

"I apologise, it is what we call it. To us the body is merely a container," Mitch replied. "Now commencing full scan," Mitch waved his hand over Millie's abdomen, "All readings normal, all functions within parameters, now commencing lifeforce reading..... strong,"

<Mitch,> John thought. <please do an extra deep scan, to assess what he is like now. I want to know if he has plans to hurt Millie>

<Yes John, I have thought of this also, Helen and I are both prepared.>

<John, I trust Barkraminaton far more than many others. Please be assured that he will not hurt her.> Helen tried to reassure him.

Sighing John waited to hear what Mitch had to say.

"It appears that ALL scans are showing clear, I am happy to report that everything was successful in the transfer." Mitch said

"Good I was afraid that it might have failed, and they both were in danger" John replied watching as Millie stood, walking to him wrapping her arms around him she once again leaned into a deep kiss.

"We need to carry on like before, but Helen" John started, "I realise that you need the the hormones and chemicals I secret during sex. Is there anyway you can tone it down? I can't get as much done the way things are right now."

<Yes John, I will endeavour to 'tone down' as you put it, the secretions that I absorbed from you have me ahead of schedule.>

"Ahead how?" asked John.

<I should be able to emerge a week sooner. This will give me more time to 'mature' my abilities also.> Helen thought to John, she was so ready to get out and start research again.

"That's good to know but, I will also miss your conversations." John replied

<Thank you John the feeling is reciprocated. Though you knowledge is limited your speech patterns are pleasent.>

John shook his head, he didn't know if he should be insulted or flattered.

The First order of business, was to get her things from her place. As soon as they pulled up, John could see why her father was a frustrated man. Millie hadn't been lying, there was a lot of crying and hugging from all eleven females, when she announced that she was moving over to John's farm. It also seemed, that he got alot of stares at his crotch, from the older women. Hell a few of the older women seemed to be licking their chops, while he stood there waiting. Loading up John shook her father's hand again, while he told told John he was a lucky man. Thanking them all They headed back, John had to start the harvest and pepare for Helen's emergence, as she callled it.

Spending most of the rest of the week in the feilds Helen had indeed 'toned' it down his cock still stayed hard but the urge was cut way back to only 4 times a day now. Millie didn't seem to care. The third alien hadn't talked to Millie at all since she had started carring him.

"Mitch," started John, "We have to leave for town with the harvest, I am hoping that we don't have a repeat of last time."

"I don't believe they will detect us, I am reaching as far as I can to prevent detection." Finally finished They loaded up and headed out there was only a day left so John was anxious and worried about Helen.

Nearing town John grew extremely apprehensive the closer they got. The whole time there he kept his eyes open for any of the agents he saw before.

Surprisingly he once again made more, much more than he had first estimated.

They had concluded the day's business when John first spotted the men.

Looking at Mitch, <I see the men again, this time there are more, I believe they are trying to surround us> John thought they were in big trouble.

<I have seen them John, their detection equipment is more advanced this time, so only half of Helen is blocked, the rest is now but the still got a reading. I may have to delete the memories for a few hours, that might draw a little attention, though.>

Sighing John was really afraid now, he reached out and could see the tracking machines the agents were using. He could also see the energy they were tracking.

Looking at Mitch, John, got an idea, <Mitch, can you imprint the energy that they are detecting on an animal? If it leads them away then we'd have a chance to escape before they became the wiser.>

<Yes John, that would be simple> Mitch began to look at the animals nearby, finally choosing one on the outskirts of town. almost all the agents suddenly turned and headed the opposite direction.

Breathing a sigh of relief John noticed that only one of the agents had remained.

"I see that one is still here, Mitch." said John a bit shaken.

"I see, he believes that the animal is a diversion. This one appears to notice far more than the others." Mitch replied.

Loading up they began the 2 and a half hour trip back, Helen remained quiet through the whole day. They were finally a few miles out of town when she started to 'talk'.

<I am nearing the time, we must make haste, my emergence is eminent,> Helen thought, <I estimate maybe 2 hours at the most, Mitch have the nanomites standing by ALL of them .

Mitch began to send orders to the nanomites. John tried to safely increase speed to get them back sooner, they weren't even near his proprety yet.

An hour later they were on the long road leading to his place, Damnit! they still had a half an hour and he could feel Helen starting to get uncomfortable.

Luckily, they had reached his land, cutting across the now almost empth fields they shaved time off. John rushed in leaving everyone and thing out in the transport. Lying on the bed , Helen began to stir, again after a few more minutes with the others watching his abdomen opened. A wide eyed and mouthed Millie watched as Helen emerged from John. The opening closed up, and john was back on his feet after only 10 minutes. Millie grabbed a blanket to cover the naked shivering baby/alien.

Opening her eyes she spoke for the fist time, "It has been a long time since I have had orbs to see with. This is a fantastic body, so strong compared to my last one. Your race is indeed superior physically. I should be 'matured' enough to begin assissting you Millie in a day or two of your time."

Mitch looked on with pride and joy evident on his face, "Salutations my mate, long health to you. I am pleased that the proceedure procured you an extremely healthy container."

Looking at Mitch, Helen's face seemed to light up, "Salutations my mate, your container is growing stronger I see that you chose to keep the physical appearence that you had before, that is sufficient."

Reaching out to Millie, she waved her little hand over her abdomen, "It appears that Barkraminaton is progressing very well. It will be a full 4 weeks til his emergence."

<I am pleased for you both, soon our link will be complete for the fist time in over 4500 years. I have longed for the comfort of it.>

<May I call you Barry, Barkraminaton is too long to remember, for that matter to pronounce> Millie broke in.

<I am honored to accept that name. I must rest,> with that he was quiet.

"Mitch I am really worried about that agent, Are you sure that he didn't follow us? Till Helen is a little older, I am going to be fearful. Now that Millie is also carrying Barry, I'm even more afraid for her."

Mitch walked to the door, looking out he began to scan.

"I do detect his thoughts, he isn't that close but I am still detecting him. We will need to keep a constant vigil, it appears he is a scientist for the government. He has a fear that you are going to be invaded, he thinks that the readings they detected were a prelude to said invasion."

Sighing John walked next to Mitch, "It seems that we humans are always afraid of the unknown, but we are still pulled toward it. Well most of us, there are many that want to just stay stagnant."

John, Mitch and Millie continued to work the farm, ever watching around them. John noticed that he was gaining more control of the abilities each week. After a week he could now hover without the help of Mitch (but not too long). His control of the nanomites increased. His control of the defensive abilities Mitch had left in him also increased, though they were the hardest of all. After 2 weeks Helen was able to start her research. She did many examinations of Millie, pleased more each time when she was done.

"It appears that the container for Barry, and your... uh... baby? yes that's what you called it your baby, are progressing very well. I estimate that Barry will emerge in 2 more of your weeks. As for your Baby, I'd say another 18 of your weeks it should also emerge." Helen stated matter of factly.

Millie's mouth dropped agape, only 20 weeks? "What do you mean another 18 weeks? human gestation is at least 40 weeks!" Millie asked astounded.

"Your body has been modified by the nanomites, the baby's growth has been accelerated, all the functions of the body will be normal. The accelerated growth will stop 1 month after the baby's emergence. The appearence of the baby will trigger the slow down and stop of the acceleration." Helen said touting each thing off, like items on a shopping list.

John Walked over putting his arm around Millie, "you say the accelerated growth will stop after a month? how old will the baby be actually body wise?" John questioned

"I would say about a year," Helen answered as if this was an every day thing.

"You do realise that the baby will have it's own self, not a shell like your bodies," John stated.

"Yes, we are well aware of the differences, but John and Millie you must also realise that your children will be superior, in intelligence and longevity, They will aquire knowledge and learn very quickly. Know also, they will be fiercely loving of you and their mother." Helen looked over at John before continuing again,

"a gift from my people to you and Mille, your longevity has been extended as well as your intelligence. The abilities you and soon Millie have, will hopefully aid your people to further themselves and one day achieve greatness.

John was at a loss for words, he hadn't realised what they had done to him and Millie.

"So the accelerated growth won't hurt the health or development of the baby?" Millie asked afraid now for the child.

"No Millie, if anything it will help the baby to grow stronger and smarter." Helen replied.

Millie breathed a sigh of relief sitting Barry spoke up for the first time in 2 weeks,

<You estimate 2 more weeks? excellent, I see what you meant by having to adjust to the senses. I have learned of them but I am not able to reach them yet. Alas it is as you said, the senses have deteriorated much like our bodies.>

"You will gain an additional 50% of them at your present rate of growth" Helen said.

For the next 2 weeks, Mitch and John, kept watch on the agents that at times seemed to grow nearer. Finally the day came Barry and Helen announced that it was time. Millie went to lay down preparing for pain and blood even though there had been none with John. Mitch had been tracking the thoughts of a man, that John told him was an agent. Mitch thought nothing about it, till the man walked up to their door. John wasn't to pleased that the man had made it past his security this easily. Grabbing his plama rifle he walked to the door and out.

"I don't know you and I don't take very kindly to tresspassers," John growled pointing the barrel at the man's chest, "I don't know how you got past my warning sensors, but if you did then your government. I am an independent and you have no jurisdiction here, state your business and LEAVE!"

The man backed up slowly raising his hands, "I meant no harm sir. may I come in and tal..."

"No you fucking may not! I don't like people, why I'm out here, so the sons of bitches'll leave me the fuck alone. Talk now and fast or I'll be within my rights to vaporize you on the spot!"

"This is in response to an alien invasion, we have reason to believe that aliens are planning to invade us. If that is so, then independent or not, this is of planetary defense, hell defense of the human race."

"So what the fuck does this have to do with you bothering me and mine?" John snarled.

"Strange energy readings, alien energy readings, were detected near here, have you seen anything strange lately?" the strange little man asked.

"The only strange thing I have seen out here besides leech ferns, is your sorry fucking ass! Now get off my land you son of a bitch and leave me ALONE!"

Slamming the door John hope the act worked, "fetch me my bigger gun!" he yelled as the little man started running as fast as he could down the road and out of sight. Rushing back in the bedroom he watched as Helen lifted the baby Barry from Millie, he also watched as her abdomen began to close. As had been with him, there was no blood or pain and Millie was Happy. That part was over though she had never been in pain at all.

"Salutations, our mate," Helen and Mitch said together, "Finally the triad is whole again."

"I thank you my mates, the triad is healed. I wish to give you both, my thanks," Barry said turning to John and Millie, " without you both I and Helen might be no more. With our containers out of the system the others will have at least 10 more years, enough time for us to implement more power to keep them going. To procure more comtainers like these from us, I hail you two for helping to bring our race back from a slow death."

John and Millie were with the three as often as they could. learning all that they could. Having finally gotten the hang of his abilities, John started to strengthen his defenses. At the end of the two weeks they were prepared to leave. Having grown accustomed to them John knew it would be quiet there from now on.

"I wish you safe journey to homeward. I hope it won't take that long." John started.

"No, not now, I can make it in one of your hours, I have to take them or I could do it almost instantly." Mitch replied

"I see, I'd say good bye, but the last time we did, you were back in 2 weeks. So I'll just wish you good journey, til I see you again," John stated thinking he had a strange feeling that he WOULD see them again but he didn't know why.

With last minute details taken care of they gathered a few things, looked at the happy couple and poof! they were gone.

Millie sat feeling tired, then faintly at first she heard a voice. Looking around John came closer he had heard it too. Then suddenly it was clear <I love you mommy and daddy I hope to see you soon!" Luckily, John caught Millie as she passed out.

Hope you have enjoyed this one, had started to turn dark, so took a day to turn story around, took me longer to write this than any other. PARS001

also at present no plans to continue but who knows?

Rating: 94%, Read 115355 times, Posted Oct 21, 2014

Science-Fiction | Alien, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Pregnant


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