Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 2 by NightFall-1

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“MUM… MUM…. WHERE ARE YOU?” Charles screams at the top of his lungs as he runs through the hallway of the local hospital, he passes patients and nurses alike, all he wants to know is where his Mum is.

He had been sitting at home enjoying the chance to watch a teen flick filled with tits, booze and stupidity when he heard the phone ring, he casually lifted himself off the couch and made his way over to the cream phone that was hanging on the wall, he picked up the receiver and placed it against his ear as he made a small giggle because of the events on the TV.

“Hello.” He said awaiting an answer.

“Hello is this Charles Wesner?” The voice sounded serious and to the point.

“It is.” Charles responded thinking that it might be another telemarketer.

“This is Constable Peter Greaves, I’m calling to in form you that your Mother has been assaulted and has been taken to the nearby hospital for treatment.” The phone slipped from his hand as she stood there frozen and stunned, bells rang in his mind as they repeated the Constables words over and over again, the impact of the phone hitting the floor brought him back to reality as he could hear the officer talking on the other end, he slowly reached down and lifted the phone once again to his ear, he wanted to hang it up, surely they had the wrong person, his Mother was safe and sound at the club, nothing would happen to her, she was his Mother, but as the officer continued to speak the truth slowly dug into his soul as the guilt, hatred and fear flowed through his veins.

He listen partly to the officer as he continued to communicate the events leading up to the assault, the other half of his mind was numb and in shock, finally the officer said goodbye and he hung up the phone, he legs gave out under him as he fell to his hands onto the cold floor, he watched as a drop of water fell onto the floor followed by more until puddle were starting to form, it was then he realized he was crying, he fell to his side grasping his mouth with his left hand as he wrapped his right arm around him.

He lay there for ten minutes balling and scared, what had he done, he had told her to go, he okayed the dress she wore, had his actions and choices been the reason his Mother had been attacked, rape the Officer had said, his Mother raped, he could not get the thought out of his mind, he felt cold inside like something had died, but then a warmth arose as his mind sparked, he need to get to her, he needed to get to his Mum. NOW.

He hired a cab and order him in a panic to the hospital even saying that he would pay more if the driver would get there faster, it took twenty long minutes before he arrived at the hospital, he poured all his money in the front seat, three hundred dollars, more than enough for the fair but he simple jumped out and ran inside, the driver drove off happy about his tip.

“MUM… MUM…. WHERE ARE YOU?” Charles screams at the top of his lungs as he runs through the hallway of the local hospital, he passes patients and nurses alike, all he wants to know is where his Mum is.

He finally made his way to a counter as he pants and weaves trying to force air into his strained lungs.

“Can I help you sir?” Charles looks up to see a nurse sitting on the other side of the counter.

“I’m looking for my Mum Sue Wesner.” He said his breath still straining against his words, the nurse began to type away at the the keys of her computer searching for her, she stops to read the screen and looks up at him, she gives him the direction to her room.

“Thank you.” He says as he heads to the room where he would find his Mother.

His feelings once again attack him from all angles, he makes his way to the door leading into her room, from the door way he can see a figure huddled in a ball, the room is dark almost lightless except for a small lamp on a nearby wall, he can feel an unseen force stopping him from getting any closer, but with will he pushes past the field and slowly makes his way to his Mother’s side.

“Mum?” He says his voice shaky.

“Is that you Charles?” Her voice is almost silent.

“Yes Mum it’s me.” He sees her move slightly looking up at him, her eyes pierce his soul as he drops to the floor as a torrent of tears find their way through his eyes and onto the floor.

“Mum I’m so sorry, if I hadn’t told you to go out this wouldn’t have happened, forgive me.” He looked up at her once again into those eyes.

“This is all your fault Charles, you did this to me.” She turned away from him as the words she had spoken tore their way through him, she truly did blame him for what had happened, his mind was flooded with idea’s including suicide, he was unmoving, his face frozen with emotion as the tears continued to flow.

“I’m sorry Mum.” The words seemed to smoke past his lips like he wasn’t even speaking, he could feel his limbs again and slowly got back up on his feet, he shuffled closer to his Mother reaching out to touch her, but his hand once again felt that invisible force field, so he returned his hand to his side, he knew she didn’t want him there so he began to shuffle to the door.

He looked back from the door way once more before moving back into the hallway, he took a few steps before collapsing to the floor as a fresh torrent of tears poured through him once again.

“You must be Charles?” He heard a woman’s voice as he turned his head to look up at her, she him with a hanky, he took it wiping his eyes and blowing his nose.

Despite how distressed he was he looked her over, she was an Aborigine woman in her mid forties, black hair tied up in a bun, no make up, she was a big woman with E cup breasts, she was dressed in a brown coat and skirt with a pale yellow blouse, she had black stockings and nice short heeled shoes.

“I… Am.” He said stuttering his answer, she helped him back onto his feet.

“I’m Gulara, come lets talk in my office.” She escorted him to her office which was nicely furnished in leather, various diplomas covered the walls, he sat in a seat before her desk.

“I over heard the conversation you had with your Mother, and I have to tell you what happened to her is not your fault.” She said taking a seat across from him, Charles felt numb still in shock.

“It is my fault, I told her to go out and this is what happened.” She sighed.

“Charles what happened to your Mother is not your doing, you didn’t wish this to happen did you?”

“No.” He responded.

“You didn’t organize for her to be assaulted?” She said trying to get her point across.

“No.” He answered once again.

“Then you aren’t to be blamed, it’s terrible what has happened to her but none of it is your fault, you only wanted what was best for her correct?” Charles nodded his head, tears once again started to glide down his cheeks.

“You have to be strong for your Mother, she needs you to be a man not a boy.” He released she was right, he wasn’t a child, a boy, he was a man even though age had not granted him the appearance of one, his heart became stone as he wiped away the tears, it was time to be strong.

“Forgive me Doctor.” She smiled at him realizing his mood had changed.

“It’s alright Charles, now we have to talk about your Mother’s condition are you alright to hear the details.” She asked with a worried sense of curiosity, she was sure the last thing he wanted to hear was the details regarding his Mother’s body.

“Yes, I’m ready.” He felt his stomach churn.

“We did a rape test and found that she had been assaulted both vaginaly and analy, what’s worse it that we found semen in both entrances, but we weren’t able to fine out how much was in her vaginal channel, she has developed a syndrome know as Vaginismus, it isn’t uncommon for women who have been assaulted for this to occur but the problem is that the pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle contracts so tight that nothing can penetrate the vargina, even our instruments, we have gotten out of her that there were three men which means there is a decent amount of semen in her channel that it could result in conception.” She explained.

“You mean she could get pregnant?” He asked his words strong and solid.

“Yes, there are a few treatments for this but it could be that she will have this syndrome for the rest of her life.” She said concerned.

“How can we treat this?” He asked bluntly.

“One way is with probes, these probes vary in size and diameter, and as she starts to trust and become relaxed with the concept of penetration again, but the first obstacle is the initial insertion, anything that attempt to penetrate her vagina will cause her muscle to contract resulting in pain and discomfort, she has no control over it which is why we couldn’t examine her further, the other problem is that the syndrome has some psychological connections, so until she comes to term with the assault any physical treatment will have no effect on her.” She took a breath checking his facial reactions to her information, he was set like stone, she could see him taking in all the information she was giving him.

“Tell me before the assault how sexually active was she?” He couldn’t help the surprised look on his face.

“Um.. Well… I know she would play with herself in the shower, I’ve heard her on various occasions, but I don’t know how often.” He said looking down at the floor.

“How often would your Mother bring men or women back to the house for intercourse.” He rolled his eyes up at her.

“Unless she was doing it while I was at school then none.” He lifted his head looking at the Doctor his face a bit red from embarrassment.

“Sorry for making you feel a bit uncomfortable, but I have to ask these question.” She said with a small grin.

“It’s alright, so what does this mean?” He said trying to sound professional again.

“It means your going to have to keep a close eye on her, if she has been very sexually active up until now she might find it hard to be unable to continue, thus causing her depression to go even deeper.” She explained.

They continued to talk for another twenty minutes before making their way back to Sue’s room, they found her still in her ball in silence.

The Doctor gave him a pat on the shoulder and continued on her way, Charles entered the room once again and sat by his Mother.

“Mum the Doctor said we can go home.” She moved looking up at him.

“Why would I want to go home with you, you did this to me?” Her anger filled every word.

“Mum I’m sorry, truly I am, but I won’t let anything else happen to you…. Now come on lets go home.” He said putting his arms out to aid her.

“I can do it myself.” She said standing up, she was wearing a hospital gown since hers was torn to pieces, she began to head to the door and Charles took her by the arm, she pushed him away looking at him with a fury, she continued on her way as Charles followed behind her.

They collected her things and made their way home.

Once home they made their ways to the rooms and didn’t speak another word, in the darkness of her room the events of the rape continued to attack her memory, every time she closed her eyes she could see and feel them taking her again and again, out of reaction she reached down and cupped her mound in an attempt to comfort herself, that was when she felt it, it was like her belly was dipped in acid as she screamed out in agony, she fell to the floor still grasping herself, not being able to let herself go.

Charles rushed into the room barging through the door finding her on the floor, he reached down and pulled her hand away from her crutch, she shook there convulsing from the pain, he lifted her up and wrapped his arms tight around her.

“It’s alright Mum I’m here.” He said trying to calm her.

“Charles it hurts, god it hurts.” She said as tears began to pour from her eyes.

They sat there for awhile until the pain subsided, he explained to her what the Doctor had told him, she kept quiet listening to every word, he continued to hold her as he told her this.

“Charles, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have blamed you.” She said her rage turning to sorrow.

“It’s alright Mum, no matter what happens I’m here for you.” He lifted her up from the floor and helped her back onto her bed, she lay back closing her eyes, he stood there for a few moments watching her before he turned to leave the room.

“Charles.” She called out stopping him in his stride, he turned to look at her.

“Yes Mum?” He asked.

“I don’t want to be alone tonight.” He smiled and nodded his head, he lay on the bed where his Father had once laid, he held his arms out and she snuggled up to him as she closed her eyes allowing her the peace of sleep, he pulled the sheet over them and rested his head on hers, he closed his eyes allowing himself to sleep.

Several times during the night Sue would wake up screaming as the memories once again invaded her dreams, each time Charles held her to him, calming her each time with a kiss on the forehead like she would do when he was young and had just had a nightmare.

Morning came and Charles could feel something absent, his eyes opened wide not finding his Mother lying by his side, he leapt out of bed in search for her.

“MUM WHERE ARE YOU?!!!” He screamed.

“In here honey.” He ran for her voice finding her in the kitchen, she stood there before the stove making his breakfast like she always did, when she saw his panting she got worried.

“What’s wrong honey.” He walked over to her and held her tight.

“I though I lost you.” He said as he began to cry.

“I’m just making you breakfast Charles, keeping busy helps me keep my mind from going over the events of last night.” He released her and sat in his seat at the kitchen table.

“You know if you need to talk I’m here.” She smiled as she looked over to him.

“I know honey just not now, speaking of which we got a call from Doctor Gulara, she wants us to come in for a chat, I told her you have school so we have an appointment this afternoon around 4:30, is that alright.” He nodded his head giving her a simple smile of acceptance.

“Of course Mum, anything that helps you get better.”

Charles couldn’t think about anything else except his Mum at home all alone, more than once he had though about heading home instead, but he knew what she would say, that she was fine and that he shouldn’t worry, but he knew it was all a facade, deep in her soul she was in agony as she fought with the memory of what had happened to her, she was trying to be strong for him and he in return.

“Earth to Charles are you all right?” Mel asked getting him off his train of thought.

“A recent family issue has my full attention that’s all.” He dare not tell her the details of the attack or even about the attack itself, he still felt incredibly guilty for allowing her to go, that it was his consent and idea that allowed her to be there in the first place.

“You know if you ever want to talk I’m here.” He turned to look at her and place his hand on hers.

“You’re a good friend Mel, but this is something that me and Mum have to deal with.” His mind once again left the premises as he continued to look out the nearby window.

Sue tried to get back into her routine to keep herself busy, she’d washed the breakfast dishes and made the beds, she’d worked out for an hour and now came the hard step, after working out she tended to have a shower, but after the reaction from last night she was incredibly worried that if she should accidentally trigger her symptom, it could result in her hitting her head on the tiles and that could result in something fatal.

She couldn’t stay in this smelly state so she made her way to the bathroom, she removed her clothes and turned on the water to just a relaxing heat, she stepped in and ran her hair through the water, she stood there for a few minutes allowing the water to pass over her tired muscles as she prepared herself, she reached for the soap and began to lather up her arms, she lathered up her hands and placed the soap back, she glided her right hand over her breasts while her left glided over his mid section, with ever passing of her nipple they became erect, she bit her lip trying to resist being turned on, she couldn’t help it as she cupped her breasts one in each hand lifting them up and allowing them to slide through her soap and water filled hands, she held them like they were infants, she could feel her juices starting to flow urging her to continue, she slowly uneasily moved her left hand down her belly and as it started to glide over her mound she felt the pain engulf her again as she fell hard to the shower floor, she screamed for all she was worth and tears poured from her eyes, she was able to move her hand away but the pain didn’t stop.

“CHARLES OH GOD CHARLES HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!” She screamed begging for help, but she knew there would be no answer as the pain continued to tare at her insides.

After a few minutes the pain finally subsided as she lay shaking on the floor of the shower, her face was red from the agony and her tears were endless, she curled up in a ball feeling sorrow and anguish as she continued to feel the mental pain left behind from her resent attack.

She lay there for an hour until she finally stood up, the water had gone cold, she turned it off and grabbed her towel, she patted herself down getting rid of the water however she left her crutch wet, she didn’t want another attack so soon.

For the remainder of the afternoon she felt disgusting, her panties were moist and wet from the shower water giving a feeling of a cold spot between her legs, her mind was now once again going over the events of the rape, she could feel the men pushing themselves inside her like a phantom pain as she heard phantom voices repeating what they had said, she laid on the couch watching the soaps, from the combined effects of the pain and her tears she slowly glided off to slumber.

“Mum?” Charles said as he placed his hand on her shoulder, she slowly opened her eyes catching sight of Charles, she thrust her arms around him holding him tight as she began to cry once again.

“Mum what’s wrong?” She explained to him the events that occurred earlier as she continued to cry, he held her tight comforting her the best he could.

“It’s alright Mum.” He said giving her a kiss on the forehead.

They arrived at Doctor Gulara’s office and took a seat nearby, the room had a few other patients waiting as well, Charles wondered how many of them had been affected with the trauma that his Mother had endured.

They had been sitting there for an hour before they finally made their way into her office.

“Please take a seat.” She said indicating to the seats before her, they sat down, but Sue was somewhat worried.

“How are you today Sue?” Doctor Gulara asked.

“Still a little in shock of what happened.” Sue replied, she saw Doctor Gulara making notes in a folder, without looking up she asked.

“How have you been coping with your condition, I assume you have tried to masturbate.” She said finally looking up, Sue’s face went red hearing this question with her son sitting by her side.

“I um I….” Was all she could get out.

“Come now Sue, Charles is aware of your self gratifications, so please answer the question.” With that Charles went red, as his Mother looked at him and then back at the Doctor.

“Well, I have tired once earlier today….” She began to cry. “I collapsed in my shower as the pain filled my body.” She said wiping away the tears.

“So did you achieve orgasm before this occurred?” Gulara asked as if it was a question that was asked everyday.

“No I didn’t, the feeling of not climaxing still fills me, every time my hand goes anywhere near my crutch, I’m hit with the pain.” She answered becoming a little more at ease.

“Well that’s what you here for today, I’m going to help you get over your problem and help you have a normal sex life again.” Gulara smiled and in response so did Sue. “ Now I’m going to have to examine you, I think it’s best if Charles waited outside.” He nodded his head and whispered to his Mother.

“I’ll be just outside..” He left the room and as he closed the door Gulara turned to Sue and said.

“I’ll need you to be naked from the waist down.” Sue nodded and stood up, she slipped her shoes off using her feet, she was slightly self conscious as she began to slip her pants down, Gulara seemed to watch her with pleasure as a small smile started to creep onto her face, Sue knew there was still a wet spot from the shower on her panties and it seemed that Gulara’s eyes transfixed on that spot, unexpectedly Gulara licked her lips, this got Sue worried even more, she step out of her pants and hooked her fingers into her panties and began to slide them down her soft legs.

“You shave Sue, I didn’t expect that.” Gulara said as Sue’s mound was displayed to her, Sue had wished she hadn’t shaved because it seemed like Gulara was staring at her even harder than before.

She let her panties fall down her legs before stepping out of them too.

“Just put your clothes on the chair behind you.” Ordered Gulara, Sue turned and slowly started to bend over to collect her clothing, Sue could feel Gulara was staring at her as she thrust her ass back at her, her legs were slightly parted giving the women an ample look at her lips, she stood like that for a few second as she picked up her clothes and shoes, she looked back once through her legs as she heard Gulara moan, once again she saw her lick her lips, she stood up sharply and placed the items on the chair before turning around once again.

She wanted to cover herself but she knew if she did it would trigger her condition.

“Please lay on the bed and place your legs in the stirrups.” Gulara ordered, Sue made her way to the bed and positioned herself as she had been told, Gulara walked over to a dispenser and put on two rubber gloves before sitting on a stool at the end of the bed, Sue felt even more vulnerable as Gulara had a wide view of her sex.

“Okay Sue, I want to test how wide your area of sensitivity is so I’ll start by pressing against your right thigh and make my way closer to your vargina okay?”

“Okay.” Sue responded, she could feel the cold touch of Gulara’s hand press against her thigh, slowly she pressed against her skin getting closer and closer to her sex, in all honesty she was having a hard time lying there, she was still turned on a little and the feeling of hand getting closer to her pussy was starting to turn her on again, closer and closer Gulara’s fingers were closing in on their target, Sue could feel her pussy starting to become wet, finally Gulara’s fingers finally reached her outer labia.

“Your doing good Sue.” Gulara commented trying to help calm her patient, Gulara started to slide her right index finger around Sue’s slit making sure never to get too close.

The feeling of the Doctors finger dancing and gliding across her flesh made the hairs on the back of her head stand up as she felt the first sign of her juices begin to leak from her pussy and dibble down to the bed.

“I’m going to try and open your labia Sue, this might trigger your condition so be ready.” Sue nodded her head as she gripped the bed and held her eyes closed tightly.

Gulara placed her left hand onto Sue’s left lip and gently and slowly began to part her flower, Sue instantly could start to feel discomfort as a slight hint of pain began to come forth, but she held on tight as the Doctor continued to examine her, but soon the pain raged through her body as she screamed out in agony, she scrunched up into a ball and screamed out for Charles, there was nothing Gulara could do but wait for the pain to subside, Charles burst through the door and rushed to his Mothers side, he crushed her in his arms trying to absorb her pain.

“CHARLES IT HURTS, MAKE IT STOP!!” She screamed, after a few more moment the pain began to recede, and Sue began to stop shaking.

“It over Mum, it’s over.” Charles said as he kissed her forehead, she slowly sat up still a bit shaky.

“I’m sorry Sue.” Gulara said as she pulled the gloves from her hands and placed them into a biohazard bin, she looked back at Sue and then returned to her desk.

“She can get dressed now Charles.” Charles looked at his Mother who was still a wreak and said.

“Let’s get you dressed.” He helped her from the bed and while she supporting herself he collected her clothing, slowly he lifted one leg placing it into one of the panties leg holes and then did it with the other, he gently pulled them up her legs and put them into place, he did the same for her pants and then her shoes.

Charles helped his Mother to a chair and sat by her side in the other, they looked at Gulara and waited to hear what she had to say.

“As expected she is still highly sensitive to stimulation especially the closer one get to her vaginal opening, the first step we have to get past is her mental thinking, we have to get her subconscious to allow for penetration by dealing with the trauma of the attack, the other is slowly allowing her to feel pleasure to the point that she doesn’t fear penetration, once these issues are dealt with she might have a normal life again, however she might be like this for the rest of her life, but lets see what we can do first.” Gulara started writing on a pad before tarring off the page and handing it to Charles.

“This is the name of Psychiatrist I want your Mother to see, he is very good and has dealt with several cases like this in the past, the hard thing however is getting your Mothers body to accept stimulation again.” She looked at Sue as she continued to speak.

“You will need to find alternative means of satisfaction until your body get comfortable with the idea of penetration once more, this might take some time and may result in some depression, but with perseverance you will hopeful be able to enjoy sex once more.” They rose from the chairs and thanked Doctor Gulara.

They headed home and Sue went to her room to lie down, the two attacks on her body had taken much of her strength out of her and she decided sleep was what she needed, Charles sat by her side as he glided his fingers through her hair.

“That’s lovely dear.” She said as she closed her eyes.

“I remember you used to do this to me when I was sick or couldn’t sleep.” Charles watched over his Mother until she was asleep, he made his way to the lounge room and sat before the TV, he watched some Warehouse 13 on Austar before dosing off himself.

Happily she slept soundly, her dreams were empty of the trauma of the last 48 hours, she stretched and took in a deep breath, there was a strange scent in the air which instantly woke her up, she rose from the bed and made her way to the kitchen, she looked in the doorway to find Charles standing by the stove cooking dinner, the place was a mess, he could cook but only the bare necessities, she smiled as she knew he was trying to make her something special, whatever it was it smelt wonderful.

“What are you cooking?’ She said still in the door way.

“Curried sausages.” He said turned around to look at her, she walked over to him and looked at the pot he had been stirring. “It’s not thickening.” He said to her, she gave the pot a stir and said to him.

“You haven’t used enough gravy and too much water, add some more gravy then stir it a little more.” She said.

They ate dinner and enjoyed one another company, they talked like they never had before and it helped each other get their mind off the events of the last few days.

They made their way to their beds and Sue lay there silently above the sheets, it had been a long time since she had gotten herself off without penetration and in honesty she didn’t know how anymore.

She closed her eyes remembering what it was like when she would play with herself in front of her husband, every now and then he would stand at the foot of the bed masturbating to the sight of Sue feeling herself, sometimes that was all she needed to orgasm.

She glided her hands up her waist and cupped a breasts in each hand, she flicked her thumbs over her nipples feeling them harden from the cool night air, she squeezed her breasts hard making herself moan a little, she tried to keep the noise down as she didn’t want Charles to hear her, but she knew that keeping herself quiet was going to make this tougher.

She continued to tweak her nipples fighting the urge to glide her fingers to her mound, she force herself to moan louder, she could feel more juice begin to run from the tight opening of her lips, but no matter how hard she twisted, pull and squeezed her breasts and nipples it wasn’t enough, she began to glide her right hand over her bell and down to her mound, she wanted to thrust her fingers deep inside but she knew she couldn’t, she split her fingers and slid them up and down gently on her outer lips, she could feel herself getting turned on even more as she moved her left hand from one breast to the other, the urge to penetrate herself was becoming a war she was going to lose as she found her fingers trying to get closer and closer to her opening, but each time she forced them away again, her nipples were starting to get sough from all of the attention causing her body to lose interest in the actions.

Finally she gave up and thrust her finger at her pussy, they barely touched the flesh as her body was filled with agony again, she began to scream as she reached for her pillow to stifle her scream, she fell screaming onto the floor as tears began to pour once again from her eyes.

“MUM!!” Charles yelled as he entered the room scared, he ran to the side of the bed once again finding her screaming, once again he took her in his arms until she stopped screaming, he pulled the pillow away and found it covered in tears, his Mother’s face was red and tear ridden.

“Oh Charles I don’t know what to do.” She said crying into his shoulder, once again his own guilt resurfaced as his words and action played over once more in his mind, he to began to cry as he held his Mother even tighter.

“Mum I’m sorry, so sorry.” He said as she felt his and her body shake together as their memories enveloped then again.

Rating: 92%, Read 38226 times, Posted Jul 06, 2012

Fiction | Masturbation


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