The World's Best by heinem

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True Story | Authoritarian, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Teen Female

The World is your oyster

I woke up at 11 30am with the ring of my cell phone, I looked at my phone and saw that the caller was my dumb bitch of a neighbour. I pressed the button that put the phone on silent and lay back on my bed, stroking my dick which had started to tingle at the thought of my neighbour. She was a dumb bitch, but fuck was she hot. She had that perfect face that I thought of when I jacked off, and although she had a slightly flat chest, she had a behind that I thought existed only in my wildest dreams. I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the shower, but before I managed to get to it my phone rang again, it was her, again, I turned around and sat on my bed, reached for my phone, and answered it.

Half an hour later I was clean, dressed in fresh clothes and on my way home from the supermarket. I had an empty house for the whole day, so I decided to head down to the supermarket to buy some rum and a small keg of beer. I was almost home when I heard a voice call out my name; I turned round to see a big Moroccan guy getting out of a BMW M3. I assumed it was stolen. For a minute I thought I was in deep shit, but then I realised that it was my dealer, of drugs and pussy. This guy seemed to know all of the fittest chicks in the area, and when I was feeling low and all I wanted was some pussy to fuck, he would be able to get it for me. He tossed me a bag of weed, smiled, signalled and was gone two minutes later. Surprised, I looked at my hand, and then back at the road, and then back at my hand; I turned around, and walked home.

I got out of my apartment lift, and sitting at the door was my dumb hot bitch of a neighbour. Alexia. I have no idea why I think she is a bitch, but I have always had that impression of her. I invited her inside since I had nothing better to do and went to get some glasses and food. When I went back to the living room I almost dropped the shit I was carrying. Instant boner. Alexia had dropped the remote control, and the batteries had rolled under the couch which she was now trying to reach. Holy shit she looked good on all fours, a tight little skirt that had ridden up to show a red thong and some perfectly formed butt cheeks. The show didn’t last long though because she managed to reach the batteries and slot them back into the remote control. I moved towards her and sat down on the couch with my arm outstretched holding a glass of rum and coke. I sipped it slowly and then lit a cigarette whilst looking at her watch TV. She was definitely fuckable, and at the moment I couldn’t think of anything better to do than to push her onto the floor and take her from behind.

I shifted around a bit on the couch to try to hide the boner that had risen, but my trousers where too light, and it was blatantly visible. I finished my drink and put out my cigarette, and just leaned back onto the couch to watch TV with Alexia. She started to say something whilst she was facing the TV, and was about to continue when she turned around to face me until her eyes saw the bulge in my trousers. She looked up at me and licked her lips, then slipped her hands into my trousers and pulled out my rock-hard dick. She finished her drink in one go and crawled onto the floor. She moved my knees aside and started to lick the tip of my dick, then to my surprise took all 9 inches of my dick down her throat and back to the tip of my dick. Holy fucking shit I thought to myself, how the fuck did I not see this earlier? Every time I saw her I thought of her as a hot innocent chick who called me for problems and that shit. Fuck. I could get used to this. I pulled her unto the couch and stripped her naked. She was so hot. Her breasts where small but perfectly shaped, a type of round that one only found in mathematics books, her hips were slender, and her ass was indescribable. That ass deserved prizes, portraits, insurance policies and a dick in-between its cheeks.

I lay down and she positioned herself for a 69. I looked up as I saw her tight little pussy with a capital A shaven onto it descend upon my face, and moments later I felt a warm, wet feeling on my lips that I had been longing. My tongue wormed its way between her tight external lips and found her hardening clit. I played with it, toyed with it. With my tongue I would gently rub it, then back away, making Alexia beg for more. I resumed licking her with renewed vigour and enjoyed the muffled groans of pleasure that I heard from the other end of my body. She got up and turned around and looked into my eyes. There was silence. She lowered herself gently onto my dick, and started riding it. Shit, she isn’t a virgin either I thought to myself. She bent over me whilst still riding my dick and I grabbed her ass cheeks. I slowly caressed her butt cheeks and gave them and occasional grab from time to time, but the real focus of my attention was on my dick. I don’t know how she did it but with that tight little pussy and that slick tongue of hers she managed to milk my balls dry. But I wasn’t going to be stopped at that. We rolled off the couch and she landed on her hands and knees. Before she had the time to adjust herself, I pulled her towards me and thrust my dick inside her. I could not believe how good it felt. I repeatedly thrust my dick further and further into her, and every time I was rewarded with a spasm of her pussy that sent shivers down my spine and long, loud moans. She fell onto her elbows and begged me not to stop. I could feel her cumming repeatedly and I could feel the tightening feeling that my balls got when I was about to come. I gave her all I had, and fell exhausted onto the floor next to Alexia, who was still moaning with her eyes half closed.

I woke up several hours later. To my surprise, Alexia had left, but she left a note stuck to my dick with my own dried cum. I looked down at the note and read it. “You know where I live”. I chuckled to myself and lay back, thinking of how sweet my day had been, and knowing that I could now do this whenever I wanted. God it beat the pussy I got from the Moroccan, sure it was nice and all but with Alexia it seemed different. I looked around the living room and groaned. There was dried cum everywhere and my parents were due home in fifteen minutes, so I had some cleaning to do. I put all of the sheets from the couch into the washing machine, hid my booze, which was almost finished and took a shower.

I came out of the shower with a towel draped around my waist, and headed to my room. I was putting on a pair of boxers and some tattered old sweatpants when I heard the doorbell ring. Expecting it to be my parents who were too lazy to find their keys, I went to open the door with a towel around my waist. I opened the door and my parents walked in, telling me to hurry up and get dressed formally because there were going to be guests for dinner and I had to look my best. I went back into my room and dressed relatively formal, and then sat down on my bed and played on the playstation2. Half an hour later my dad came in and told me to come introduce myself to the guest who had just arrived, and after a lot of groaning and complaining, I followed him out into the hallway. I was starting to set up my I-don’t-give-a-shit-about-your-life attitude that I usually put up when meeting my parents friends, but this time my plans were foiled by a pair of breasts. All I saw was a pair of breasts that protruded from a body that was hidden from sight by the open door.

I pulled the door further open and let my eyes fall upon the hottest woman I had ever seen. Alexia didn’t exist for me anymore; all I could think about was this thirty year old woman with two spheres attached to her chest. I knew I was staring but I couldn’t help it, and finally the staring competition between me and her boobs was ended by a solitary finger that was pointing upwards towards her face. I looked up to see a devilish smile, which got closer and closer to my face before going to my ear. In a whisper mixed with distant sound of music that my parents were playing, she said to me “ if this dinner party gets boring, I’m going to leave it up to you and your growing friend to entertain me” and with that, she put her hand over my hardening dick, smiled and went to greet my parents and other guests.

I went out for a cigarette with the excuse that I had forgotten something at one of my friend’s houses, and was walking around the block. I was about to put out my cigarette when I saw the woman who was at my house earlier. She seemed to be a bit drunk seeing as she was swaying a bit when she walked but all that was flushed from my head when she came up to me and asked me for a cigarette and a lighter. I nervously did as she requested and gave her a lit cigarette, and I lit one for myself as well. She looked so hot while she took long, slow drags of her cigarette, and I could feel my dick hardening with every puff she took. She looked away from her cigarette and her eyes rested upon me. I squirmed uncomfortably under her gaze because she has these eyes that were so penetrating, and I felt that they could see right into me and see my desires. She smiled at me and started to walk away, as she passed me turned around to look at her from the other side. I loved it. I was still checking her out when she called out to me, and ordered me to follow her, I was so taken over by lust I had no idea what the fuck I was doing and where the fuck I was going but I just went with her.

She turned a corner into a dark street covered by closed market stalls. It was 1 30 in the morning so there was no life around, and I was starting to think that either today would be the luckiest day of my life, or this bitch was going to beat me up, take my money and leave me for dead in the backstreets of my neighbourhood. I slipped in between two market stalls, and stopped. Fuck, I thought. This bitch is going to kill me. In a matter of seconds I had lost her, and she was now somewhere around me and I was getting pretty fucking scared. I walked slowly around, trying to act like I was looking for her while I was actually looking for a way to get out from these market stalls and find my way home. I crept down an alley, then turned a corner and nearly shat myself. Standing there in a blend of moonlight and streetlights was the woman. Despite me being so shit scared I still thought that she was hot. She walked towards me and put her palm onto my chest, gently pushing me back into the alley in-between the market stalls. She pushed me back until I walked into a pile of crates and I sat onto them. I had no idea what was going to happen but I hoped to god that I wasn’t going to end up dead. I sat still expecting the worst and looked at her.

She lowered her face to my crotch, and was just rubbing my dick and balls softly through my trousers whilst she came up to kiss me. She slipped her tongue in between my lips and started to play with my own tongue. Too caught up in the thought of her breasts being on either side of my dick, I felt my dick rise, and so did she. She leaned back and pulled my dick out of my trousers, smiling to herself as she saw 9 inches of hard dick rising to her face. Unlike Alexia, she did not play around with my dick beforehand; instead she went straight to my balls and started sucking those, whilst giving me a hand job. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and was thankful to any gods that existed that this was happening instead of being beaten up. I was brought back to the present when I could feel my balls tightening, and the shaft of my dick becoming larger to accommodate the flow of juice that was about to arrive. At that point the woman shot back, and caught my cum in her mouth, which she slid around her mouth with her teeth before swallowing it, with the telltale signs of satisfaction. I got up and was reaching for the back of her dress to pull down the zipper to free those enormous breasts from captivity, but she stopped my hands. Instead she led them to the bottom of her dress, which she rolled upwards to reveal her underwear. She was wearing a dark purple thong that was more netted than whole. She grabbed my hands and led my fingers to her wet pussy which she instructed me to massage, and if I was good enough I would be able to do more. I fingered with all the strength and speed I could hoping that I would be able to free those breasts and stick my dick in-between them, and was spurred on by the steady moans that got louder and louder the more I fingered her. She backed away and licked my fingers, and led them to her breasts. “Do you want to have these?” she asked with the same kind of smile she gave me first, I nodded so hard that I thought that I would break my neck, excited at what was to come. “Then come and get them”. I jumped forward and ripped her dress down the middle to be able to see her breats, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her breasts bounced loosely for the taking, i definitely took it. I was just about to turn her around to fuck her from behind when i heard a beeping sound. i stopped fucking the woman and looked around trying to localise the sound. fuck. it dawned on me. the whole place was rigged with alarms, to prevent people breaking into the market stalls, and any moment there would be police men here faster than a fly on shit. i pulled my dick into my trousers and kissed the woman goodbye, and hightailed home.

and had a wank.

the end.

Rating: 51%, Read 19322 times, Posted Jan 16, 2009

True Story | Authoritarian, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Teen Female


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